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Car Leasing Uk Contract Hire by jqv12004


Car Leasing Uk Contract Hire document sample

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									                                           GENERAL LEDGER CODES

      Type           Account Code    Description

      Income         B3      05     Other Fees                    Part Time Post Graduate
      Income         B3      07     Other Fees                    Grad Sch Masters Fee Income
      Income         B3      08     Other Fees                    Part Time Undergraduate
      Income         B3      10     Other Fees                    Registration Fee Part Time
      Income         B3      11     Other Fees                    Grad Sch Masters Regististion
      Income         B3      15     Other Fees                    Health Contract pre reg
      Income         B3      16     Other Fees                    Post Basic Midwifery
      Income         B3      17     Other Fees                    Post Registration Training
      Income         B3      18     Other Fees                    Nursing Bursaries
      Income         B3      19     Other Fees                    Research Bursaries
      Income         B3      20     Other Fees                    Worcester Information Project
      Income         B3      25     Other Fees                    Short Courses
      Income         B3      30     Other Fees                    Study Days
      Income         B3      35     Other Fees                    Maths Test
      Income         B3      36     Other Fees                    DC Test
      Income         B3      37     Other Fees                    English Test
      Income         B3      40     Other Fees                    NVQ Level 2
      Income         B3      45     Other Fees                    Validation Fees
      Income         B3      48     Other Fees                    Accreditation Fees
      Income         B3      95     Other Fees                    Remission Of Fees
      Income         B3      96     Other Fees                    Fee Waivers
      Income         B3      98     Other Fees                    College Top Slice

      Income         D2      05     Research Contracts            Research Projects
      Income         D2      10     Research Contracts            Pollen Forecasting
      Income         D2      98     Research Contracts            College Top Slice

      Income         F1      05     Accommodation Fees            Boarding Fees
      Income         F1      06     Accommodation Fees            Guest Room Fees
      Income         F1      07     Accommodation Fees            Warden Rental

      Income         F2      05     Lettings                      Room Only
      Income         F2      06     Lettings                      Residential
      Income         F2      10     Lettings                      Worcester Room
      Income         F2      11     Lettings                      Hereford Room
      Income         F2      12     Lettings                      Malvern Room
      Income         F2      13     Lettings                      Redditch Room
      Income         F2      14     Lettings                      Cotswold Suite
      Income         F2      15     Lettings                      Other Main Building Rooms

      Income         F3      05     Residential Machines          Washers & Driers
      Income         F3      06     Residential Machines          Telephones

      Income        G1       05     Materials                     Photocopying
      Income        G1       06     Materials                     Recharges
      Income        G1       07     Materials                     Sales
      Income        G1       08     Materials                     Catering
      Income        G1       09     Materials                     Equipment Hire
      Income        G1       10     Materials                     Lost Books
      Income        G1       11     Materials                     Fines
      Income        G1       12     Materials                     Membership Fees
      Income        G1       15     Materials                     Replacement Registration Card
      Income        G1       20     Materials                     Stamp Books
      Income        G1       22     Materials                     Student Clothing

b0f17810-9ab6-463e-88ae-c8712839b8a9.xls                                                          CODES
                                            GENERAL LEDGER CODES

      Type           Account Code    Description

      Income        G2       05     Fees                           Sports Centre
      Income        G2       10     Fees                           Permits
      Income        G2       11     Fees                           Car Parking Visitors Short
      Income        G2       12     Fees                           Car Parking Long Term 1
      Income        G2       13     Fees                           Car Park Clamping
      Income        G2       14     Fees                           Car Parking Woodbury
      Income        G2       15     Fees                           Creche Fees
      Income        G2       16     Fees                           Car Parking Long Term 2
      Income        G2       17     Fees                           Car Parking Long Term 3
      Income        G2       18     Fees                           Car Parking Conference Centre
      Income        G2       20     Fees                           Graduation
      Income        G2       22     Fees                           Creche Grant Payment
      Income        G2       25     Fees                           Conference
      Income        G2       26     Fees                           Car Parking - MARRC Building
      Income        G2       27     Fees                           Car Parking - Personnel
      Income        G2       28     Fees                           Car Parking - Halls of Residen
      Income        G2       29     Fees                           Car Parking - Sports Centre
      Income        G2       30     Fees                           Catering Contract
      Income        G2       35     Fees                           RESNET
      Income        G2       40     Fees                           Product Development

      Income        G3       05     Projects                       Erasmus
      Income        G3       06     Projects                       Tempus
      Income        G3       07     Projects                       Socrates
      Income        G3       08     Projects                       Foreign Exchange
      Income        G3       09     Projects                       Equal Opportunity HE Network
      Income        G3       10     Projects                       Widening Participation
      Income        G3       11     Projects                       Intensive Programme
      Income        G3       15     Projects                       Strand 3 Funding
      Income        G3       20     Projects                       WHIP Modernastion Project
      Income        G3       25     Projects                       LTSN Income
      Income        G3       30     Projects                       Mainstream Disability Funding
      Income        G3       35     Projects                       Partnerships for Progression
      Income        G3       40     Projects                       Business - Charities Research
      Income        G3       45     Projects                       United Artists - Arts Council
      Income        G3       50     Projects                       TE3

      Income        G4       05     Staff                          Seconded Staff
      Income        G4       06     Staff                          Student Loan Admin Fee
      Income        G4       07     Staff                          Consultancy Fee
      Income        G4       08     Staff                          Recharged Travel & Subsistance
      Income        G4       09     Staff                          MHO AVC's
      Income        G4       10     Staff                          Basic Skills Training

      Income        G5       05     Partners                       Partner Institutions

      Income        G6       05     Rent                           Golf Foundation
      Income        G6       06     Rent                           British Cycling Federation
      Income        G6       07     Rent                           Collar & Tie
      Income        G6       08     Rent                           Archaeological Association
      Income        G6       09     Rent                           Waterstones
      Income        G6       10     Rent                           WM Sport & Disability
      Income        G6       11     Rent                           English Sports Council
      Income        G6       12     Rent                           Youth Sports Trust
      Income        G6       13     Rent                           RIGS Rent
      Income        G6       20     Rent                           Hire of Facilities
      Income        G7       00     Leasing
      Income        G7       05     Leasing                        Car Leasing

      Income        G8       05     Disposals                      Profit on Disposal of Assets

b0f17810-9ab6-463e-88ae-c8712839b8a9.xls                                                            CODES
                                           GENERAL LEDGER CODES

      Type           Account Code    Description

      Income        G9       05     Other Income                  Release Of DCG
      Income        G9       10     Other Income                  Contribution to Field Courses
      Income        G9       12     Other Income                  Council Tax Rebate
      Income        G9       20     Other Income                  Consultation Fees
      Income        G9       21     Other Income                  Training Courses
      Income        G9       98     Other Income                  College Top Slice
      Income        G9       99     Other Income                  Miscellaneous

      Income         H1      05     Interest Receivable           Interest on Investments

b0f17810-9ab6-463e-88ae-c8712839b8a9.xls                                                          CODES
                                           GENERAL LEDGER CODES

      Type           Account Code    Description

      Pay            I1      05     Academic Pay                  Salaried Staff Gross
      Pay            I1      08     Academic Pay                  Salaried Staff NI
      Pay            I1      09     Academic Pay                  Salaried Staff Pension
      Pay            I1      15     Academic Pay                  Hourly Paid Staff Gross
      Pay            I1      18     Academic Pay                  Hourly Paid Staff NI
      Pay            I1      19     Academic Pay                  Hourly Paid Staff SA

      Pay            I2      05     Non Academic Pay              Salaried Staff Gross
      Pay            I2      08     Non Academic Pay              Salaried Staff NI
      Pay            I2      09     Non Academic Pay              Salaried Staff Pension
      Pay            I2      10     Non Academic Pay              Waged Staff Gross
      Pay            I2      13     Non Academic Pay              Waged Staff NI
      Pay            I2      14     Non Academic Pay              Waged Staff Pension
      Pay            I2      15     Non Academic Pay              Temporary Staff Gross
      Pay            I2      18     Non Academic Pay              Temporary Staff NI

b0f17810-9ab6-463e-88ae-c8712839b8a9.xls                                                    CODES
                                           GENERAL LEDGER CODES

      Type           Account Code     Description

      Non Pay        J1      05     Staff Development             Academic
      Non Pay        J1      10     Staff Development             Non Academic
      Non Pay        J1      15     Staff Development             HR Strategy

      Non Pay        J2      05     Courses & Conferences         Academic
      Non Pay        J2      10     Courses & Conferences         Non Academic

      Non Pay        J3      05     Travel & Subsistence          Travel & Subsistence
      Non Pay        J3      06     Travel & Subsistence          Travel & Subsistence (Taxable)
      Non Pay        J3      10     Travel & Subsistence          Flights
      Non Pay        J3      20     Travel & Subsistence          Accommodation / Hotels Rooms

      Non Pay        J4      05     Bursaries                     Research
      Non Pay        J5      00     Redundancy Payments
      Non Pay        J5      05     Redundancy Payments           Academic
      Non Pay        J5      10     Redundancy Payments           Non Academic
      Non Pay        J6      00     Other Staff expenses
      Non Pay        J6      10     Other Staff expenses          Other Staff Expenses
      Non Pay        J6      15     Other Staff expenses          Long Service Awards

      Non Pay        K1      05     Materials                     Books
      Non Pay        K1      10     Materials                     Periodicals & Journals
      Non Pay        K1      15     Materials                     External Printing
      Non Pay        K1      20     Materials                     Photocopy Charges
      Non Pay        K1      35     Materials                     Stationery & Office Supplies
      Non Pay        K1      40     Materials                     Materials & Consumables
      Non Pay        K1      45     Materials                     Hospitality
      Non Pay        K1      50     Materials                     Conference Catering
      Non Pay        K1      56     Materials                     Venue Finders

      Non Pay        K2      05     Equipment                     Financed By Revenue <£1000
      Non Pay        K2      10     Equipment                     Leased
      Non Pay        K2      15     Equipment                     Maintenance
      Non Pay        K2      20     Equipment                     Computer Maintenance
      Non Pay        K2      25     Equipment                     Computer Software & Upgrades
      Non Pay        K2      28     Equipment                     Network Installation
      Non Pay        K2      30     Equipment                     Furniture

      Non Pay        K3      05     Expense Claims                Governors Expenses
      Non Pay        K3      10     Expense Claims                Visiting Speakers
      Non Pay        K3      15     Expense Claims                External Examiners
      Non Pay        K3      20     Expense Claims                Consultancy

      Non Pay        K5      05     Student Claims                Nursing Student Bursary
      Non Pay        K5      10     Student Claims                Nursing Student Travel
      Non Pay        K5      15     Student Claims                Nursing Student Subsistance
      Non Pay        K5      20     Student Claims                ENB902 Travel
      Non Pay        K5      25     Student Claims                PGCE Student Bursary
      Non Pay        K5      30     Student Claims                Student Printing Claims

      Non Pay        K6      05     Facilities                    Hire
      Non Pay        K6      10     Facilities                    161 Henwick Road

      Non Pay        K7      05     Transport & Visits            Transport
      Non Pay        K7      10     Transport & Visits            Field Course
      Non Pay        K7      15     Transport & Visits            Placement Costs

      Non Pay        K8      05     Overheads                     Overheads
      Non Pay        K8      10     Overheads                     Overheads

b0f17810-9ab6-463e-88ae-c8712839b8a9.xls                                                           CODES
                                           GENERAL LEDGER CODES

      Type           Account Code    Description

      Non Pay        L1      05     Fees                            Validation/Registration Fee
      Non Pay        L1      10     Fees                            Tuition Fees Other Institution
      Non Pay        L1      11     Fees                            Payments to Partner Organisati
      Non Pay        L1      15     Fees                            Secondary Partnership
      Non Pay        L1      20     Fees                            Secondary Placement
      Non Pay        L1      25     Fees                            Primary Partnership
      Non Pay        L1      30     Fees                            Primary Placement
      Non Pay        L1      35     Fees                            Agents Commission

      Non Pay        L2      05     Grants                          SSSS
      Non Pay        L2      06     Grants                          SSSS Overspend
      Non Pay        L2      10     Grants                          Access Fund Grant
      Non Pay        L2      15     Grants                          Student Hardship Fund
      Non Pay        L2      20     Grants                          Opportunity Bursary

      Non Pay        L3      05     Marketing                       Promotional Literature
      Non Pay        L3      10     Marketing                       Advertising
      Non Pay        L3      15     Marketing                       PR & Photography
      Non Pay        L3      20     Marketing                       Market Research
      Non Pay        L3      25     Marketing                       Prospectuses
      Non Pay        L3      30     Marketing                       Careers Events (Sch Liasion)
      Non Pay        L3      32     Marketing                       Corporate Events
      Non Pay        L3      35     Marketing                       Open Day
      Non Pay        L4      00     Student Union
      Non Pay        L4      05     Student Union                   Grant

      Non Pay        L5      05     Subscriptions & Contributions   Subscriptions & Contributions

      Non Pay        L6      05     Communications                  Postage
      Non Pay        L6      10     Communications                  Stamp Books
      Non Pay        L6      15     Communications                  Telephones
      Non Pay        L6      20     Communications                  Telephone Coinboxes

      Non Pay        L7      05     Central Services                Recruitment
      Non Pay        L7      06     Central Services                Human Resources Strategy
      Non Pay        L7      10     Central Services                Occupational Health
      Non Pay        L7      15     Central Services                Health & Safety
      Non Pay        L7      20     Central Services                Counselling Service
      Non Pay        L7      25     Central Services                Legal Fees
      Non Pay        L7      26     Central Services                CRIMINAL RECORDS BUREAU
      Non Pay        L7      30     Central Services                Auditors Renumeration
      Non Pay        L7      35     Central Services                Bank Charges
      Non Pay        L7      40     Central Services                Interest Payable
      Non Pay        L7      41     Central Services                Internal Interest
      Non Pay        L7      45     Central Services                Provision for Bad Debts
      Non Pay        L7      50     Central Services                Cash in Transit
      Non Pay        L7      55     Central Services                Insurance
      Non Pay        L7      60     Central Services                Loss on Disposal of Assets
      Non Pay        L7      65     Central Services                Provision for Pensions
      Non Pay        L7      70     Central Services                Depreciation
      Non Pay        L7      74     Central Services                Loan Interest Inherited Debt
      Non Pay        L7      75     Central Services                Loan Interest Residence
      Non Pay        L7      76     Central Services                Loan Interest Academic Build
      Non Pay        L7      77     Central Services                Loan Interest Sports Hall
      Non Pay        L7      80     Central Services                License Fees
      Non Pay        L7      85     Central Services                Institutional Overheads

      Non Pay        L8      04     Contracted Services             contract cleaning
      Non Pay        L8      05     Contracted Services             Non Academic

b0f17810-9ab6-463e-88ae-c8712839b8a9.xls                                                             CODES
                                            GENERAL LEDGER CODES

      Type           Account Code    Description

      Non Pay        L8      10     Contracted Services            Academic
      Non Pay        L8      15     Contracted Services            Catering
      Non Pay        L8      20     Contracted Services            Contract Cleaning
      Non Pay        L8      25     Contracted Services            Contract Window Cleaning

      Non Pay       M1       05     Maintenance                    Provision for LT Maintenance
      Non Pay       M1       10     Maintenance                    Programmed Maintenance Build
      Non Pay       M1       15     Maintenance                    Supplies & Materials
      Non Pay       M1       20     Maintenance                    Minor Works
      Non Pay       M1       22     Maintenance                    Disability / Access Routes
      Non Pay       M1       23     Maintenance                    Halls - Refurbishment + Painti
      Non Pay       M1       25     Maintenance                    Principal's House

      Non Pay       M2       05     Fuel                           Gas
      Non Pay       M2       10     Fuel                           Electricity
      Non Pay       M3       00     Rates
      Non Pay       M3       05     Rates                          Rates
      Non Pay       M4       00     Water
      Non Pay       M4       05     Water                          Water

      Non Pay       M5       05     Fees                           Architects Fees

      Non Pay       M6       05     Cleaning & Domestic            Domestic Equipment
      Non Pay       M6       10     Cleaning & Domestic            Maintenance Contacts Equipment
      Non Pay       M6       15     Cleaning & Domestic            Domestic Materials/Consumables
      Non Pay       M6       20     Cleaning & Domestic            Clothing
      Non Pay       M6       25     Cleaning & Domestic            Laundry Costs

      Non Pay       M7       05     Contracted Services            Grounds Maintenance
      Non Pay       M7       10     Contracted Services            Security Services
      Non Pay       M7       15     Contracted Services            Trade Waste

      Non Pay       M8       05     Motor Vehicles                 Servicing + Maintenance
      Non Pay       M8       10     Motor Vehicles                 Petrol
      Non Pay       M8       15     Motor Vehicles                 Diesel

b0f17810-9ab6-463e-88ae-c8712839b8a9.xls                                                            CODES
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