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Working Nights


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									I've worked night shifts for quite some time, and in all honesty, found it demanding to
adjust originally, but after time, believe I have found a superb pattern, and it's this
routine of doing things that I would like to share with you today.

Personally, I've found that coffee comes in great when working night shifts, as usually
during this time, one's body is slowing down and preparing itself for rest. Sometimes
you might need a pick me up, and coffee is excellent because of this, as it’ll supply
you with a burst of energy which should help you to stay awake and focus on the job
in hand. I wouldn’t suggest having one of these religiously, as like with everything,
too much of anything isn't good. Drink coffee, or take coffee tablets only when

As mentioned previously, during the night time, the body slows down, and so does
your metabolism. It’s best if you prepare what you’ll be eating in your night shift in
advance, this is to stave of the option of snacking on bad foods at the last moment,
and don't forget, you will be limited in your food options a result of the majority of
places being closed at night. Personally, I love to eat light foods during the night, so
I’ll have plenty of fruit, and home made sandwiches. It’s very easy to consume junk
food through the night, and doing so will effect your quality of life eventually, so I
recommend to straighten out your diet plan prior to starting your shift.

Hopefully, your job might be one in which you’re constantly kept busy, as otherwise
you might wish to nod off, and you’ll become extremely lethargic, particularly when
working nights. To offset this, keep yourself busy. Even if you haven’t got much
work on, find a way to keep yourself occupied so the time seems to go faster.

When working nights you’ll need to arrange your travel arrangements. If you drive,
you will be fine since you can drive yourself to work and back at the odd hours
required, however, if you depend upon public transport you could have an issue.
Before I had a driving license, I relied on public transport to do my night shift. It was
not a problem getting to work, as I started at 9pm, but it was a nightmare leaving
work at 5am as no public transport was in operation. Luckily, I had a friend who use
to drop me home, but you might not be so lucky, so remember this.

Lastly, you will need to consider your social life. When will you see your family and
friends if there working normal hours, and your working night shift? You’ll need to
make special arrangements so that you can accommodate everyone crucial to you, and
you’ll also need to restructure your daily life so as to be able to do what you normally
would, by way of example food shopping.
Personally, I loved working nights, as I worked on my own, and I found I could
truthfully work significantly better, and a lot more efficiently in this way, but as
mentioned above, there are a variety of areas to consider.

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