Three Day Notice by tenice


Three day notice for non payment of rent

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									                              THREE DAY NOTICE


Tenant of premises at _____________________________.

TAKE NOTICE, you are indebted to the Landlord of the above described premises

in the sum of _____________, for rent of the premises from __________ to

_______________ and ________________ for late charges as of today’s date

with an additional $________ per day late fee for everyday hereafter that rent is not

paid. There is also a $_______ fee as stated in the lease for the landlord to place

this THREE DAY NOTICE on your door. The total owed as of this date

____________________ is ______________.

YOU ARE REQUIRED to pay the above sum and correct the above violations

within THREE DAYS after you receive this notice or surrender possession of the

Premises to the Landlord.

YOUR FAILURE TO COMPLY will result in the Landlord commencing eviction

proceedings to recover possession of the premises.

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