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 actual rating
                        Thursday, July 25                                              AQI            Rating
                        Western Mass.                                                  30             good
                        Central Mass.                                                  30             good
 information on         Eastern Mass.                                                  30             good
 ozone                  Southcoast and Cape                                            30             good

                        Friday, July 26                                                AQI            Rating
                        Western Mass.                                                  35             good
                        Central Mass.                                                  35             good
                        Eastern Mass.                                                  35             good
                        Southcoast and Cape                                            35             good

                       Forecast Discussion

                        Thursday July 25, 09:30 AM
                        High pressure over the Canadian Maritimes will maintain a cool dry easterly flow through Friday.
                        Onshore flow will keep the air clean, preventing much ozone production, through Friday.

                         Wednesday's Rating for Fine Particles in Boston: Good AQI 16
                       Previous Day's Actual Ozone Rating

                        Wednesday, July 24                                             AQI            Rating
                        Western Mass.                                                  33             good
                        Central Mass.                                                  27             good
                        Eastern Mass.                                                  22             good
                        Southcoast and Cape                                            21             good (1 of 4) [7/26/2002 11:16:28 AM]
MA DEP Daily Ozone Forecast

                       Health Guidelines

                        Ground-level ozone is an air pollutant. While ozone in the upper atmosphere protects us from the
                        sun's rays, at ground level it is a harmful lung irritant.
                        Like the weather, ozone concentrations change from day to day and even hour to hour. The highest
                        concentrations usually occur in the afternoon and early-evening hours on hot, sunny days.
                        Ozone affects everyone, but some people are more sensitive to its impacts than others. People with
                        existing respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema are more likely to be
                        affected. Even healthy people may feel the impacts of ozone when they are outdoors working,
                        playing or exercising and breathing ozone more deeply into their lungs.
                        Children are especially vulnerable because they spend time outdoors playing vigorously, their
                        lungs are still developing, and pound for pound, they breathe in more air than do adults.
                        The health effects associated with increased ozone concentrations vary among individuals but may
                        include: coughing; nose, and throat irritation; chest pain; aggravation of asthma; shortness of
                        breath; increased susceptibility to respiratory infection; decreased lung function; and other
                        respiratory ailments.
                        The Department of Environmental Protection provides air quality ratings for ozone each day from
                        May through September using the color categories and Air Quality Index numbers shown below. A
                        higher Air Quality Index number within the categories reflects a higher level of risk.

                        Air Quality Rating       Air Quality       Health Effects: Who is most at    Ways to Protect Your
                        for Ozone                Index (AQI)       risk?                             Health

                                                                   Ozone in this range does not      No precautions
                        Good                     0-50
                                                                   pose a risk.                      necessary
                        Moderate                     51-100        Ozone levels in this range may    Unusually sensitive
                                                                   cause respiratory symptoms in     people should consider
                                                                   some unusually sensitive          limiting prolonged
                                                                   people, especially those with     outdoor exertion during
                                                                   asthma or other respiratory       the afternoon and early
                                                                   problems.                         evening hours, when
                                                                                                     ozone concentrations are
                        Unhealthy for            101-150           As ozone concentrations           Everyone should limit
                        sensitive groups:                          exceed the national health        prolonged, strenuous
                        children, adults                           standard (an AQI above 100),      outdoor activity during
                        who work or                                both the severity of the health   the afternoon and early
                        exercise outdoors                          effects and the number of         evening hours, when
                        and people with                            people affected increase.         ozone concentrations are
                        respiratory                                While everyone is at risk from    usually highest. People
                        problems                                   ozone, individuals react          with asthma or other
                                                                   differently when exposed to       respiratory problems,
                                                                   various ozone concentrations      may benefit from staying
                                                                   Even some healthy adults may      indoors. To minimize
                                                                   experience problems at lower      exposure to ozone,
                                                                   unhealthy levels, while others    outdoor exercise and
                                                                   may not be affected until         children's outdoor
                                                                   higher levels are                 activities should be
                                                                   reached.However, certain          scheduled in the
                                                                   groups are particularly           morning hours when
                                                                   sensitive to ozone in the         ozone concentrations are
                                                                   unhealthy ranges, including:      lower.As ozone levels (2 of 4) [7/26/2002 11:16:28 AM]
MA DEP Daily Ozone Forecast

                        Unhealthy                151-200               q   Children, because they    increase, individuals
                                                                           are small, active, and    who experience
                                                                           growing;                  respiratory problems
                                                                                                     may wish to consult
                                                                       q   Outdoor workers and
                                                                                                     their doctors
                                                                           outdoor exercisers; and
                                                                       q   People with asthma and
                                                                           respiratory diseases.

                        Very unhealthy           201-300           More people are at greater risk. While most people can
                                                                                                    safely be outdoors,
                                                                                                    everyone should limit
                                                                                                    outdoor exertion.

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MA DEP Daily Ozone Forecast

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