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CONTACT: Craig Lowe, Mayor
Telephone: 352-334-5015

  Mayor Lowe Condemns Actions of Radical Church; Reiterates Respect for Muslim Neighbors

GAINESVILLE, Fla.. – On Monday, Gainesville Mayor Craig Lowe spoke out against the Dove
World Outreach Center’s plans to burn copies of the Qur’an on September 11 saying, “As mayor
of Gainesville, I condemn the offensive behavior that has been directed at our Muslim neighbors
and those of the Islamic faith worldwide.”

Mayor Lowe continued by saying, “The Dove World Outreach Center is a tiny fringe group and
an embarrassment to our community. They are opposed Gainesville’s true character as a place
that values every person. We may be of different religions, sexual orientations, races, genders,
national origins, or ages, but all are welcome here in our efforts to build a better community both
locally and globally.”

Dove World Outreach has gained notoriety over the years through signs on its property declaring
“Islam is of the Devil” and a recent attempt to influence local elections.

Even as this small group continued to profess its message of intolerance, Mayor Lowe offered
his thoughts on Gainesville’s core values. “There will be those who seek to create anger instead
of reason,” he said, “but Gainesville values a sense of community that is inclusive rather than
exclusive and thrives on the contributions of people of good will from a myriad of backgrounds.
I hope every citizen of our City will join me in continuing to assert our community’s true


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