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									Soccer Shades
In England they call it the beautiful game. English football's Liverpool FC team manager of yesteryear, Bill Shankley said of it, "Some people believe
football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that." Judging by
the number of fans at the World Cup who's enthusiasm for their sport could be said to put the 'fan' in fanaticism, few would disagree. Not content with
the the usual overdressing and colored wigs, they're determined to be heard too, and have taken to blowing horns called vuvuzelas.

Soccer is probably the most natural of sports, because it requires no special equipment; no bats, no hoops, no helmets. Just an inflated ball and a pair
of feet. No goalposts? try chalk on a wall or a couple of sweaters. Kids around the world have been doing this for decades. You can play on virtually
any surface, in the street, on snow or in the desert. The rules are pretty straight forward, and their aren't too many of them so you don't need to be an
expert to tell what's going on. It's feet and heads on the ball; no hands or elbows, put it in the goal to score, and that's all you need to know.

From fairly humble roots, soccer has grown all around the world and it's become very big business. Popular teams have become very savvy at
marketing themselves, with some changing their team shirts regularly in the knowledge that ardent fans will always buy the latest.Â

Players in the European leagues can earn a lot of money, through wages and endorsements. Top of the current pile is Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal.
His transfer in 2009 from Manchester United to Madrid will net him $16 million dollars a year for six years. Not bad for a 24 year old! He's a stylish
dude with a lot to spend on clothes. He's modeled for Calvin Klein, showing off a six pack that needed no photo manipulation, and has been spotted in
Tom Ford Silvano sunglasses. They have an aviator shape, which is pretty appropriate for someone who spends so much time in the air jumping for

David Beckham is a player who has famously become a brand of his own. While no slouch on the pitch, he's certainly not the best player ever, but his
image is grander than anyone's. Credit has to go to Victoria Beckham for marrying him and helping to make the sum greater than the individual parts!
They're almost like royalty. Both are often in the news for what they do, and of course, what they wear. David has been snapped in many and varied
high-end stylish brands. He once almost managed to popularize the sarong, but it seems there's only so much you can influence the buying habits of
most men. Beckham used to be the poster boy for Police sunglasses but latterly has been spotted in Prada, and Raybans. David's also been snapped
sporting his wife's DVB line of designer sunglasses, but then that's the kind of thing you do for your spouse isn't it?

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