Intimus Vz 18.00 Industrial Shredder Spec Sheet

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Martin Yale Shredder "Z 18.00

Feeding conveyor H 500 / 4 m, desi!)ned as studded conveyor belt

- Little space requirement due to determination of the appropriate angle of gradient
- Ensures optimised feed to the pre-shredder based on experience of correct belt speed, distance and heigl11
   of studs.
- feed hopper capacity is about 220 Ibs paper being almost automatically fed into the machine

Belt width:                      500 mm
Conveying length:                4,000 mm
Drive:                           Electric geared motor 0.75 kW - 220 V - 60 Hz
Transmission:                    Simplex roller chain
Conveyor belt:                   Rubber with fabric and 70 mm high T-studs,
                                 distance betwteen studs 400 mm
Sound level:                     About 70 dBA
Description:                     With feed hopper and connection to the hopper of pre-shredder. Prepared electril
                                 wires with CEKON-plug connection to the shredder. Automatic monitoring of thE
                                 conveyor belt via central controlling unit

Primary shredder 38/54 paper

- easy cutting of complete document files with metal-parts
- pre-shredding provides continuous feeding of the security shredder
. optimal use of the capacity of the security shredder
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Cutting zone:            380 x 536 mm
Cutting cylinders:               2                                    Click Here --->
Working width:                   380 mm
Cutting width:                   30 mm strip cut
Sound level:                     about 70 dBA idling
Drive:                           electric geared motor with 9.2 kW - 220 V - 60 Hz
Jescription:                     Funnel made from sheet steel with connection to the feeding conveyor. Cuttin£
                                 cylinders out of single exchangeable knives and cams, knives are completel}
                                 hardened to s ecial specification and thus can be re-sharpened. The cutters are laid-
                                 out for the purpose of cutting paper, cardboard-material and metal parts as containec
                                 in whole files (ring binders). Outlet funnel made from steel with sensor agaills'
                                 overfilling and connection on to the conveyor belt to the ferrous-magnetic separatol
                                 device. Automatic monitoring of the pre-shredder via central controlling unit.

Security-shredder cross cut
. Depending on the execution up to 1,850 Ibs writing paper can be destroyed per Ilour,
  depending on feeding, power supply, material and grain

::':utting cylinders:            2
Norking width:                   500 mm
                                 11 R y 1t;3;t; mm

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