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					                    East Cheshire NHS Trust
              Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust
          Annual Report 1st April 2005 to 31st March 2006
                Patient Advice & Liaison Service

To provide a visible point of contact for patients, their relatives and carers to make
comments or seek information, advice or assistance regarding healthcare services
across the whole of Eastern Cheshire. To liaise with staff, patients, their relatives and
carers to resolve concerns and facilitate change.


The Patient Advice & Liaison Service covers Macclesfield District General Hospital,
Congleton War Memorial Hospital, Knutsford Community Hospital, and community
Clinics. It also covers General Practices, Dental Practices, Opticians, Pharmacies,
Styal Prison, the David Lewis Centre and the community of Eastern Cheshire.

The PALS Team equate to 3.5 wte staff.

The PALS Office is situated in the Alderley Building, Blue Zone

CONTACT DETAILS – The PALS Team can be contacted as follows:

East Cheshire NHS Trust & Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust
Alderley Building
Blue Zone
Macclesfield District General Hospital
Victoria Road
Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 3BL

Office open 8am to 5pm – Monday to Friday
PALS Team available from 8am to 5pm – Monday to Friday
Available evenings and weekends when necessary for appointments and

PALS Comments Boxes are available throughout Macclesfield District General
Hospital, Congleton War Memorial Hospital, Knutsford Community Hospital and a
number of General Practices.

Telephone: 01625 661449
Freephone: 0800 1613997
Minicom: 01625 663723


The core functions are as detailed in Supporting the Implementation of Patient Advice
and Liaison Services: A resource pack. (Department of Health 2002).

They are to:

      Be identifiable and accessible to patients, their carers, friends and families.
      Provide on the spot help in every Trust with the power to negotiate immediate
       solutions or speedy resolution of problems.
      Act as a gateway to appropriate independent advice and advocacy support
       from local and national sources.
      Provide accurate information to patients, carers and families, about the Trust’s
       services, and about health related issues.
      Act as a catalyst for change and improvement by providing the Trust with
       information and feedback on problems arising and gaps in service.
      Operate within a local network with other PALS in the area and work across
       organisational boundaries.
      Support staff at all levels within the Trusts to develop a responsive culture.

In order to ensure a quality service seven core standards have been established
these are as follows:

Standard One        The PALS service is identifiable and accessible to everyone in the
                    Community covered by the two Trusts.

Standard Two        PALS will be seamless across the health and social care.

Standard Three      PALS will be sensitive and provides a confidential service that
                    meets individual needs.

Standard Four       PALS will have systems that make their findings known as part of
                    the routine monitoring in order to facilitate change.

Standard Five       PALS enables people to access information about the Trusts
                    services, and information about health and social care.

Standard Six        PALS plays a key role in bringing about culture change in the
                    NHS placing patients at the heart of service planning and delivery.

Standard Seven      PALS will actively seek the views of service users, carers and the
                    public to ensure effective services.

The annual usage of PALS has risen from 224 contacts in 2001/2 to 1,745 in 2005/6.

Patient Contacts

                                          Patient Contacts

          Apr- May- Jun-    Jul-     Aug- Sep- Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar-
           05   05   05      05       05   05   05   05   05   06   06   06

PALS and Complaints contacts.

                                       PALS and Complaints

                                                                               PALS Contacts
             1.9.01-       1.4.02-       1.4.03-       1.4.04-   1.4.05-
             31.3.02       31.3.03       31.3.04       31.3.05   31.3.06

All the PALS contacts are recorded on the PRISM database and cover over 40
categories of concern. These categories are also linked to the appropriate directorate,
ward or department for East Cheshire NHS Trust. The categories of concern are
linked to the appropriate GP practices, Dental practices, Opticians, Pharmacies and all
other areas within the Primary Care Trust.


The following means of communication are employed:-
    PALS Awareness sessions for hospital staff, GP Practices and Dental Practices
    PALS Awareness sessions at locations such as Women’s Institute meetings,
       Women’s Guilds, Salvation Army, School A Level Students,
    General Practice Flu Sessions
    Roadshows in shopping precincts in eastern Cheshire

      Displays in libraries and Town Halls throughout eastern Cheshire
      Regular mail shots of PALS Leaflets and Posters in the community including
       Leisure Centres, General Practices, Opticians, Pharmacies and Dental
       Practices, Styal Prison and the David Lewis Centre
      Advertising via Congleton Borough Council and Macclesfield Borough Council
       via mail drops to all dwellings in their boroughs.


The PALS Team regularly attend meetings to highlight concerns received from
patients and carers and to work with the staff to facilitate change to provide improved
services for the patients.
 Meetings that are regularly attended by the PALS Team are:-

East Cheshire NHS Trust
Health Information Action Group
Patient Environment Action Team
Disability Equality Group
Discharge Action Team
Trust Patient Action Group
Patients Meals Group
PPI Committee
Clinical Effectiveness Group
Low Vision Group

Project Meetings
Smoke Free Hospital Group
Bedside TVs
David Lewis Centre
Workstream – Rehab/stroke Wards relocation

Eastern Cheshire PCT
Patient Issues Committee Meeting
PALS with Clinical Governance Lead Meeting

Project Meetings
Waters Green Surgery, Macclesfield

Facilitating Change at the Macclesfield District General Hospital
    Working with Wards and Departments to achieve charitable funding for:
    Endoscopy Treatment Unit – 3 Infusion Stands; 1 Graseby 500 Infusion Pump
    Ward 11 – 2 x Patient chairs to aid rehabilitation
    Day Case Unit – Digital Radio and CD player
    Orthopaedics Department – Water supply & electric power socket – Coffee
    Ward 5 – Literature Dispenser

      Ward 11 – Electric Rehab bed
      Sub Lab – Phlebotomy chairs
      Introducing and Updating Ward Booklets for Patients and Relatives
      Choose & Book – Contact for patients’ comments and concerns
      Bedside TVs – Working closely with Premier to integrate the ward booklets into
       the IT system
      Patient Property – Currently undertaking audit of procedures currently in place
      PRISM Software – Reviewing the current software and evaluating alternative
       software systems for integrated working for Risk Management, Complaints &
      Phlebotomy Clinic - Patient Satisfaction Survey


It is difficult to define the total impact of the PALS. This year we have had the
responsibility of collecting Informal Verbal Complaints. These comments provide
additional evidence to highlight concerns and facilitate change.

Working with patients and carers we are able to make changes to improve the patient
journey. For example the wife of a patient expressed concern that there was a lack of
information for both herself and her husband. We invited her to help us with the
information for the ward information booklets. We sent her a draft booklet and she
made additions and alterations for us. We are now working through all the wards,
producing booklets for every bedside and providing the information for inclusion in the
bedside televisions.

Attending the above-mentioned meetings gives an opportunity to highlight concerns
and compliments to assist in the facilitation of change and highlight best practice.

The PALS Befrienders play a vital role in visiting patients on the wards to provide a
welcome visitor to relieve the boredom. The Befrienders also contact PALS on behalf
of the patients if requested.

Through the patient or carer contacts, the Team are aware of the need for equipment
either new or replacement for the benefit of patients. The Team work with the staff to
produce bids for the Charitable Funds and have been very successful in achieving
many improvements. These provide a boost to the morale of the staff and a welcome
improvement in the care of the patients.

The PALS Team also assists with Patient and Public Involvement, regularly
undertaking tasks including patient information leaflets and posters, audits and
surveys, distribution of patient information etc.


       Waters Green Surgery – PALS will be in attendance Monday to Friday for 3-4
        hours each day.
       Raise the PALS profile by relocation to the District General Hospital with
        availability of an interview room.
       PALS to be included in the Staff Induction Programme to raise awareness that
        we are a valuable resource both for staff, patients and carers.
       Increase PALS awareness sessions across both Trusts
       Aim to increase the number of Wards and Departments recording Informal
        Verbal Complaints
       More roadshows and presentation to the community of eastern Cheshire
       Raise the profile of PALS data, so that it can be used more widely to facilitate
        change and the positive feedback to compliment best practice.
       Introduce more PALS Befrienders onto the Wards

The figure below details the management structure for PALS

                             Trust Board

                           Chief Executive

                             Val Aherne
                         Director of Service

                              Lyn Bailey
                           Patient & Public

                            Julia Slater
                           PALS Manager

     Elaine Abraham               Alison Furness        Sara Adams
   PALS Senior Officer            PALS Officer         PALS Officer

       Volunteers &