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Boredom is the europhiles secret weapon


									      27TH APRIL 2007                        THE REALITY BEHIND EUROPE                                   FORTNIGHTLY £1.30

            Boredom is the europhiles’
                 secret weapon
            If it were true that Europe needed a new treaty to be more ‘efficient’ there
                   would presumably be a backlog of legislation - but there isn’t

T    here is no doubt that many people
     are bored by the EU. Newspaper
editors, even eurosceptic ones, do not
                                             largely uncriticised: for more than a
                                             year UK ministers have argued that
                                             while they were of course opposed to
                                                                                            number of blocked proposals. But as
                                                                                            The Economist pointed out there is no
                                                                                            logjam. The fact is that decisions
bother to report its affairs except in the   an EU Constitution there was indeed a          continue to be taken unanimously
most superficial way and even some           case for measures to make an enlarged          without too much difficulty - would
doughty eurosceptic bloggers have            community of 27 nations work more              that it were otherwise. Recent
recently switched their attention to         e ff i c i e n t l y, especially since the     examples of agreements reached on
other matters. Such cries of protest that    newcomers were new to the ways of              controversial issues include the Open
arise as a result of further turns of the    the EU and would take time to adjust.          Skies aviation deal - despite British
integrationist ratchet come either from      Once the basic premise behind this             reservations - and Mrs Merkel’s
a tiny proportion of the population who      claim - that it is in Britain’s interest for   ‘historic’ climate change plan. Nor is
remain switched on to what is going on       the EU to work more efficiently - is           there a long list of projects being
or from those who suddenly find that         accepted the argument has a certain            blocked by the new members.
their economic interests are under           plausibility. After all an organisation          The Economist points to a study from
direct attack as a consequence of new        originally devised for a club of five          Sciences Po in Paris which shows that
EU regulations or directives.                cannot automatically be assumed to             overall, the EU has been adopting new
                                             work for 27 especially when many               rules and regulations 25 per cent more
         Critical Scrutiny                   decisions require unanimity.                   quickly since enlargement. Its authors
                                                                                            are said to have tracked thousands of
  This state of ennui suits the                    Institutional Paralysis                  proposals, both large and small. They
europhiles very well: there is no need                                                      conclude: “Contrary to much received
for Europhile think-tanks, books and           It is a claim which has been repeated        wisdom, the data gathered shows that
pamphlets: there is always the               by both Blair and Brown; indeed, on            enlargement       has    not…bro u g h t
possibility that these might provoke         occasions they have gone as far as             Europe’s machinery to a halt”. In their
interest in the subject - which is very      suggesting that without structural             search for ‘blockages’ they apparently
much against the europhile interest.         changes the EU would suffer from               find that the old members have
From the europhile point of view it is       institutional paralysis. Cameron,              opposed proposals more frequently
far better - to use Willie Whitelaw’s        displaying his customary vagueness,            than the new ones.
memorable phrase - to go round               has gone almost as far in the same
stirring up apathy. That way many            direction.                                                Further Claim
aspects of our relationship with the EU        It wasn’t until 12th April this year
are likely to remain unnoticed and the       that The Economist pointed out that             The real reason for the desperation
claims of ministers in relation to EU        there is no foundation for this claim. If      for the reintroduction of the
affairs to escape critical scrutiny as the   true there would be a backlog of               Constitution (although this is likely to
process of integration goes its heedless     legislative proposals concentrated in          go by the name of Basic Treaty) is, of
way.                                         those areas that need unanimous                course, that it promotes the objective
  Here is just one example of an             agreement by members. It might also            of ‘more Europe’. But the fact remains
obviously ministerial statement that         be the case that the new members               that the only case presently advanced
cannot be true, but which has gone           would be behind a disproportionate                                    Continued on p.2

INSIDE: Why politicians support the transfer of powers p.2 - Sense from a former French Foreign Minister p.2 - Is there
really ‘a Huguenot invasion?’ Or is Ken simply bad at maths p.3 - Setting the record straight p.3 - What will the EU look
like in 20 years’ time? p.4 - Britain’s legal power to opt-out of continued EU economic and political integration p.5 - EU
policies damage environment p.5 - EU girls offer marriages for cash p.6                                         VOL 12 NO 14
                            Why politicians support the
                               transfer of powers
I t is a truism that politicians are
  people who like - even crave -
power. For this reason eurofacts has
                                            Ministers welcome the transfer of
                                            powers from the national level to the
                                            supranational because it means a big
                                                                                         becomes a powerful legislator at EU
                                                                                         level - one of an oligarchy, a committee
                                                                                         of lawmakers, making laws for 500
consequently been puzzled by the            increase in their own personal power,        million people as a member of the
readiness of British ministers to back      at the cost of a diminution in power for     exclusive club of the EU Council of
policies which drain power away from        their own Parliaments and fellow             Ministers, which is irremoveable as a
Westminster to Brussels.                    citizens. At national level if a Minister    group. Simultaneously senior national
 The following explanation of this          wants to get something done, he or she       civil servants, who prepare EU laws in
seemingly curious phenomenon - the          must have the support of that country’s      interaction with the Commission
most plausible that we have come            national Parliament. Remove that             bureaucracy,       are    freed    from
across - is provided by Anthony             particular policy area to Brussels           questioning by their fellow citizens.
Coughlan, the Secretary of the              however, where laws are made                 There is an intoxicating increase in
National     Platform,    the     Irish     primarily by the EU Council of               personal power for the politicians and
eurosceptic think-tank in his latest        Ministers, and the Minister in question,     bureaucrats concerned, and a
Newsletter:                                 who is part of the executive arm of          corresponding reduction in the power
                                            government at national level and             of their fellow citizens, national
 Government Ministers and aspiring          responsible to an elected parliament,        Parliaments and countries.

     Sense from a former French Foreign Minister
H     ubert Védrine was French foreign
      minister     in    the
government, in charge of French
                                            from American hubris, we have that
                                            other manifestation of western
                                            illusionism, the naivety of the
                                                                                         Arabs, the Brazilians and others are
                                                                                         ploughing their own furrows. All
                                                                                         continue to create the history of the
diplomacy during the last part of the       Europeans. Persuaded that they               world, when we Europeans imagine
Balkan wars. He is one of few recent        inhabit a world that is post-tragic,         that the march of events has stopped in
French foreign ministers to take a          post-historic, and (for the federalists      a universe where from now on the only
realistic view of the world around us.      among them) post-national, Europeans         thing that will count is our
In the teeth of official French             behave as if the entire planet consisted     proselytising for human rights,
europhilia he has never held back his       of boy scouts wanting nothing better         democracy and our own conception of
eurosceptic views. In an article in         than to cooperate for the well-being of      the market economy. It is time we came
Figaro Magazine on 10th March,              humanity, notably through the chimera        down from our Mount Olympus and
urging his compatriots to take on board     of the ‘international community’.            opened our eyes.
the rejection of the Constitution and         The ‘multipolar world’ favoured by           Hopefully someone in the FCO will
renew their faith in the French nation,     the Europeans is being built without         bring Mr Védrine’s article to the
he said this:-                              them, not to say against them. The           attention of the current British foreign
  At the opposite end of the spectrum       Chinese, the Russians, the Indians, the      secretary - but don’t hold your breath.

Continued from p.1

           Boredom is the europhiles’ secret weapon
for a new constitutional treaty by          a letter in the current issue of eurofacts   ‘reformers’ either lack the intellectual
British ministers is based on a fallacy.    (page 6), most members don’t want the        c l e a r-sightedness or the courage to
  Here is a further claim - which is        kind of Europe that Britain wants. So        recognise this, or have convinced
made by some eurosceptics - which as        how democratic would it actually be          themselves that they are playing a
a result of the present mood of ennui       for Britain to impose on its partners        clever tactical game which will enable
has not received critical examination.      what is, after all, a minority view?         them to get much of what they want at
It usually goes like this: yes, Europe      What Britain needs is a not a                some unspecified date in the future. In
lacks democratic accountability but the     substantially reformed EU - to suggest       doing so they contribute to the present
best way to fill the ‘democratic deficit’   that this is even a serious possibility is   mood of cynicism and ennui. An
is for Britain to lead a campaign for       to engage in wish-fulfilment - but a         honest debate would not be boring, but
greater democracy.                          reformation of our relations with            we are a long way from achieving even
  But as Frederick Forsyth points out in    Europe.         Unfortunately       many     that.

PAGE 2                                                                                                  eurofacts 27TH APRIL 2007
                Is there really ‘a Huguenot invasion?’
                    Or is Ken simply bad at maths?
W      hen was the last time you
       encountered a Frenchman in the
supermarket check-out or the pub?
                                            with London being the favourite
                                            destination for her fellow countrymen.
                                            London, she suggests is in fact the
                                                                                        registered to vote.
                                                                                          Around 43 per cent of foreign
                                                                                        nationals - let’s say 50 per cent in the
eurofacts’ own rich anecdotal               seventh biggest French city in the          case of the French - settle in London.
experience suggests that if you are a       world - which still puts it ahead of        That would suggest a total of 55,000 to
Londoner you are more likely to meet a      Nantes, Bordeaux, Montpellier, and          60,000 Frenchmen living in the UK
Pole, a Russian or an Australian.           Rennes.                                     capital.
  Why do we raise the question?               But are any of these figures remotely       The true figure, of course, could be
Because for whatever reason a variety       correct? Is the average Greater London      slightly higher - or lower - but it is
of     prominent       europhiles    and    Borough really home to around 10,000        impossible to justify or even take
publications have recently suggested        Frenchmen?                                  seriously the figures quoted by the
that as a result of ‘a new Huguenot           An unpublished paper from the think-      Mayor and Lord Wallace.
invasion’ there are now between             tank Futurus run by Anthony                   Why should europhiles be so keen
300,000 and 475,000 mostly young            Scholefield suggests that the ‘New          either to exaggerate the number of
French men and women living in              Hugenot invasion’ is simply a myth          French living in London, or simply to
London. If there are that many why          and the number of Frenchmen in              accept uncritically figures which look
don’t we bump into them more often?         London is a small fraction of those said    unrealistic as soon as you think about
  The figure of 300,000 has been            to have settled there.                      them?
quoted by Ken Livingstone as well as                                                      Perhaps it is because they like to
by the Guard i a n. Lord Wallace of                  Foreign Nationals
                                                                                        believe that London is the cultural
Saltaire, the arch-europhile Lib-Dem
                                                                                        cockpit of a multi-national European
peer, has suggested that there are            As Scholefield points out, the Labour
                                                                                        state in which young Brits and French
300,000 French “citizens and voters”        Force Survey of 2005 found that there
                                            were 1.5 million foreign nationals          combine to create a new European
in London - which when dependents
                                            working in the UK, of whom 682,000          consciousness and thus become the
are taken into account would mean a
                                            were in London. In the whole of the         first true European citizens. Or could it
total figure of around 350,000. Mark
Leonard of the Centre for European          UK the total number of French and           simply be that they are bad at maths?
Reform has referred to 300,000              German workers is put at 108,000 of           Dubious figures about the inflow of
“French workers” - which would mean         whom 70 per cent are thought to be          French immigrants prompts one other
that there are 450,000 French men,          French. Most of these are thought to be     reflection. After the stifling protection
women and children living in the            young, but if a further fifty per cent is   of the risk-averse French nanny-state it
capital. If true there are more French in   added on to cover dependents this           may well be that many young French
London than there are in Lyon and           gives a figure of 112,500 for the UK.       men and women do find London-life
London is now the third largest French      This would be compatible with a range       exciting and challenging. But evidently
city in the world (since London is          of other data. Eurostat estimated that      not all. Every year the French
sometimes said to be the third largest      there were 59,000 French nationals          consulate assists those who, in the
Polish city in the world one is bound to    living in the UK in 1990; allowing for      words of an official, “cannot adjust to
wonder whether London can still be the      an increase in net inflows along            the harshness of the Anglo-Saxon life-
largest British city in the world).         roughly similar lines to the increase of    style”. (i.e had run up debts and
  Writing in the 4th April edition of the   Britain immigration to France you           couldn’t afford the fare home). In 2004
New Statesman, Agnes Poirier, a             arrive at a roughly similar figure. We      the number was 300. But presumably
London-based French journalist and          also know that in January this year         the number assisted by mére and pére
author, refers to la génération Londres     109,000 French men and women were           after frantic telephone calls home is
and estimates that there are a total of     registered at the French embassy as UK      very much greater than this. C’est la
600,000 French citizens in the UK,          residents and that 60,000 had               vie.

                              Setting the record straight
I n our front-page article “Cameron’s
  EU Speech adds to cloud of
                                            question was intended to draw
                                            attention specifically to the deep
                                            impracticality      of    Conservative
                                                                                        course, be repatriated by means of a
                                                                                        decision by the British parliament to
                                                                                        repeal the European Communities Act
unreality” (23rd March) we stated that
                                            proposals to repatriate powers that         1972. This is a very important matter,
“a repatriation of powers from the EU       depend on unanimous support from            which is set out in detail on page 5 and
can only take place as a result of          other EU members, taken by itself, this     if we have mislead readers about this
renegotiation”. While the article in        assertion is incorrect. Powers could, of    we apologise profusely.

eurofacts 27TH APRIL 2007                                                                                                PAGE 3
                  What will the European Union look
                       like in 20 years’ time?
         A scenario from a Europhile think-tank paints an amazingly rosy picture - but
                        only by excluding important aspects of reality

W       hat will the European Union be
        like in 2027. Well, according to
Charles Grant, the director of the
                                           and Italy’s exports priced out of
                                           international markets the political
                                           forces demanding the country’s
                                                                                      the advisory council of Grant’s think-
                                                                                      tank?) orchestrates an exercise in soft-
                                                                                      power more effective than any since
Centre for European Reform in an           withdrawal from the euro and the           Moses parted the Red Sea. Terrified of
essay to mark the 50th anniversary of      repudiation      of   debt      looked     facing sanctions and the appalling
the EU, it is going to be absolutely       unstoppable. Would other countries         prospect of losing a seat at European
terrific.* Reader, you will not guess      follow Italy’s example? The financial      tables, Putin lamely backs down and
the half of it: there is going to be       markets looked to Greece, Spain and        the Russian troops pull back.
rising economic growth, falling            Portugal as other countries that might       It is easy to make fun of Grant’s
unemployment and more efficient            follow Italy’s example by quitting the     scenario because of its inherent
labour markets, more democracy, a          euro. It was clear to many that the        implausibility, but it is still instructive
bigger world role for EU foreign policy    entire European project was about to       in its way. There is no mention at all of
and the triumphant fulfilment of the       implode. This was Europe’s darkest         the United States (was it in an
Lisbon goals. By 2027 the CAP will         hour.                                      isolationist sulk when Russia was
have been dismantled with countries                                                   threatening Georgia with military
taking responsibility for their own              Mass Demonstrations                  intervention or has it simply
agricultural policies, Commissioners                                                  disappeared under the sea as a result of
will be directly elected, the English        But    then     the    former      EU    Global Warming?). There is no
language will have been adopted as the     Commissioner Mario Monti, not              mention of NATO. There is no
sole working language of the               known hitherto as a miracle-worker,        reference to the rising economic and
Commission, and the French will have       formed an Italian government of            political influence of China and India.
reconciled themselves to Turkish           technocrats supported by moderates of      There is no reference to terrorist
membership. Around the world EU            left and right. This faced down mass       activities (although we are told that the
troops as well as European aid             demonstrations and civil unrest in         EU has developed an ‘eff e c t i v e
workers, policemen and administrators      order to introduce a reform package.       counter-terrorist agency’), rogue states,
will be busy ensuring that the             Grant does not actually say what the       or weapons of mass destruction. There
international order is safe, socially-     package included but somehow               is no mention of Iran’s nuclear
just      and    green.    Still   more    business confidence, investment, and       weapons programme.
extraordinarily, French politicians will   growth all picked up and Italy
have begun to act as reasonable human      remained in the euro.                           Demographic Problems
beings and under a Labour government         Nicholas Sarkozy who had begun his
David Milliband will be about to offer     first term as French president very          There is no mention of Europe’s
the British the wonderful opportunity      cautiously, is now inspired by Monti’s     chronic demographic problems or the
of joining the euro in a referendum.       example to liberalise the French labour    problems arising from Europe’s
                                           markets, to reform French public           unfunded pensions. Indeed there is
           Remarkable                      services and to cut back the role of the   scarcely a reference to any subject or
          Transformation                   state. There is a knock-on effect: EU      topic which poses a problem for the
                                           economies now grow at more than            EU or with which it is currently finding
  If you think that all of this is far-    three per cent.                            it difficult to live.
fetched in the extreme - confirmation        But Monti is not the only miracle          Grant is only able to weave his fairy
that most British europhiles have but a    worker. Increasingly concerned by the      story by excluding important aspects of
tenuous grasp of reality - then you will   belligerence and bullying of Vladimir      economic and political reality. Indeed,
find the description of the events which   Putin who has returned to office for a     his omissions tells us quite as much
lead to this remarkable transformation     third and increasingly authoritarian       about the shortcomings of the
of Europe’s economic and political         term, EU countries display a rare,         European project as any eurosceptic
prospects even more fanciful.              indeed unique coherence in foreign         polemic.
  The tipping point was the Italian        policy terms. When Putin threatens to
economic crisis of 2009 which brought      invade Georgia the EU foreign              * “The EU in 2027”, Propect
about the collapse of the centre-left      minister Carl Bildt (does Grant give       Magazine, Issue 133, April 2007
government. With foreign debt soaring      him the job because he is a member of      (

PAGE 4                                                                                                eurofacts 27TH APRIL 2007
       Britain’s legal power to opt-out of continued
          EU economic and political integration
                   There is no legal impediment to British withdrawal from the EU
                     or to seeking to achieve a looser relationship with Brussels
    Renegotiating EU Membership              countries in the world.                     1985. The Swiss Federal Government,
                                               Thus, neither on the grounds of           in its Europe 2006 Report on relations
  The draft EU Constitution, signed by       precedent, nor of EU or international       between Switzerland and the EU,
the Heads of Government of all               law, is there any impediment to a           concluded that EU members had, and
twenty-seven of the current EU               country like the United Kingdom             will continue to have, an unequivocal
member-states on 29th October 2004,          negotiating with the EU an                  right to withdraw.
is only the latest in a twenty-year series   arrangement which suits it best.              Finally, the draft EU Constitution,
of major renegotiations of the EU                                                        signed by the heads of government of
treaties: those resulting in the Treaty of         Leaving the EU altogether
                                                                                         all 27 current member-states of the EU
Nice (2001); the Treaty of Amsterdam;          Neither would there be any legal          on 29th October 2004, but not in force,
(1997); the Treaty of Maastricht (1992)      impediment to the UK leaving the EU         provides that any member-state may
and the Single European Act (1986).          altogether. So confirmed the British        withdraw:-
Each renegotiation has radically             Government, in the House of Lords, on         Article I-60: Vo l u n t a ry withdrawal
altered the nature of the EU. There is       8th February 2007, in the following         from the Union:
no legal reason why future EU                written answer to a written question:         Any Member State may decide to
renegotiations should not provide              Question:       Whether,        under     withdraw from the Union in
some or all member-states with a             international treaties presently in         accordance with its own constitutional
looser relationship with “Brussels” and      force, the United Kingdom would have        requirements.....
with each other than hitherto. Such          the legal power to withdraw from the
difficulties that might be encountered       European Union if Her Majesty’s                  The EU and its neighbours
are entirely of a political kind.            Government or Parliament so
                                             resolved. (HL 1863)                           The current EU treaties (at Article
  Flexibility is already built in to the                                                 300 TEC) and the draft Constitution (at
existing EU treaties. Fewer than half          Answer: Parliament may amend or
                                             repeal any existing Act of Parliament,      Article I-57) require the EU to
(thirteen out of twenty-seven) of the                                                    “develop a special relationship with
                                             including the European Communities
current member-states have adopted its                                                   neighbouring countries, aiming to
                                             Act 1972. There is no formal procedure
principal economic and political                                                         establish an area of prosperity and
                                             for withdrawal in the EU treaties, nor
project, the “single” currency. The EU                                                   good neighbourliness, founded on the
                                             are there any provisions in the treaties
has     long-standing       free    trade    or any other international tre a t i e s    values of the Union and characterised
arrangements with its near-neighbours        which affect the ultimate ability of the    by close and peaceful relations based
in Europe: for example, Turkey (a            UK to withdraw from the EU.                 on co-operation.....the Union may
member of the EU customs union),               This formal statement of the position     conclude specific agreements with the
Switzerland, Iceland and Norway (not         is consistent with the understanding of     countries concerned...”
members of the EU customs union).            the government of the day in 1975,            These provisions would apply to the
Outside Europe, the EU has a free trade      when, in its referendum on continuing       EU’s relations with the UK in the event
agreement with a NAFTA-member,               UK membership of the EU, withdrawal         that the latter withdrew from the EU
Mexico, and, once current negotiations       would have ensued had the result gone       altogether, placing the UK on a legal
are completed, will have free trade          the other way.                              footing vis-à-vis the EU no-less-
agreements with approximately 90               Greenland, then a province of             favourable than that of Switzerland or
other countries - around half of all the     Denmark, withdrew from the EU in            Norway.

                      EU policies damage environment
D    espite    its  environmentalist
     aspirations the EU currently
                                             energy efficient light bulb equivalent to
                                             60 watts can cost as much as £4.
                                             Without the antidumping duty and the
                                                                                         tariffs - sometimes as high as 48.5 per
                                                                                         cent. Open Europe’s estimate that a
imposes a 66.1 per cent tariff on low-                                                   standard high quality bicycle for
                                             VAT, the price would be 66p - a price       commuters could go from costing £250
energy light bulbs from China,
                                             cut of more than 80 per cent.
Vietnam, Pakistan and the Philippines,                                                   today to less than £80 without the anti-
according to a survey carried out by          While the Government is trying to          dumping tariffs and the VAT. This
Open Europe. This has substantially          encourage people to cycle to work,          could encourage far more people to try
driven up prices. Today, a single            bicycles are presently subject to steep     cycling to work.

eurofacts 27TH APRIL 2007                                                                                                  PAGE 5
           Tel: 08456 12 12 65 Fax: 08456 12 12 75 email:

              How to                       and competence.                             pushed the Lib-Dems into fourth place.
         Repatriate Powers                 FREDERICK FORSYTH                           G.F. MAIN
                                           Hertfordshire                               Sussex
Dear Sir,                                                                                     Population Problems
It has been a week or two since you                   Time to target
were kind enough to give the light of                                                  Dear Sir,
day to my piece on the nostrum of a
                                                                                       The United Nations Population
referendum to seek the British                                                         Division forecasts that the EU will lose
electorate’s view on the repatriation of   Dear Sir,
                                           A number of your correspondents have        64 million people of working age by
sovereign powers. Let me call it RSP.                                                  2050 and that the UK will have gained
                                           exercised their minds over whether a
Since then two things have happened,                                                   1.12 million in the same time frame
                                           strong UKIP performance would
both bruited in your issue of 23rd                                                     (eurofacts 6th April). Does anyone at
                                           extend the life of a corrupt and
March. One was David Cameron’s                                                         all give any credence to such reports?
                                           damaged Labour government by
Brussels speech in which, like so many     taking votes from the Conservatives. I        The world’s population has grown
predecessors he hoped he might             am not convinced that this is a valid       from 1.6 billion to 6.3 billion in the last
‘negotiate’ (oh yeah!!!) a root and        argument. Is there any point in jumping     100 years. The UK’s has grown from
branch reform of the EU. And Global        onto an escalator going the wrong           37 million to over 64 million in the
Vision was launched with, so far as I      way? The only difference now between        same time frame. The world’s
could see, the same highly optimistic      the big two is that the Labour escalator    population will exceed 9.5 billion by
ambition.                                  is moving into the EU faster and with       2050 and in many of the countries that
  Neither give the slightest indication    less noise than the Tory one! Every         I have worked in populations will
of what they would do if rebuffed or       Tory administration since 1970 has left     double in the next 25 years. The UK
what mandate they would have to            us further integrated into the EU than it   will have around 600,000 immigrants
brandish. What neither DC nor GV           found us.                                   this year and the last time I looked at
mention is that their ambition simply        However, surely the answer is for         the figure UK births exceeded deaths
cannot avoid RSP. It would be like         UKIP to target the Lib-Dems with a          by over 250,000. There will be massive
trying to go from West to East Berlin      clear focus on becoming the third           movements of people in the years
twenty years ago and not bump into the     largest party and perhaps the arbiter       ahead and the UK will remain a prime
Wall.                                      between the two in a hung Parliament.
                                                                                       destination. As members of the EU and
  Only a popular mandate in the form       This targeting would have many
                                                                                       signatories of the 1951 UN Charter for
of a jaw-dropping ‘Yes’ vote in a          advantages, not least because the Lib-
                                                                                       Refugees we have - in theory, at least
                                           Dems are the most pro-EU party
referendum (very achievable), a list of                                                - no control over our level of
                                           despite tending to be most strongly
national competences to be repatriated                                                 population.
                                           represented in the Celtic fringes - areas
and the strongest possible hint of UK                                                    These kinds of reports are used to
                                           which are most strongly anti-EU and
non-cooperation in financing the EU        where the Cons/Lab vote is often            justify mass immigration. However
will be taken seriously.                   negligible. Elsewhere the Lib-Dems          what is or is not an optimum
  That apart, we have no right to          are seen as a convenient receptacle for     population is a complex subject and
require the total reform of the EU         protest votes; in this area careful         not covered at all in this report. To
against the majority’s wishes (and the     scrutiny on policies such as those on       have any control over our level of
majority will be against us.) What both    drugs and the monarchy could yield          population and to decide for ourselves
DC and GV really seek is not a reform      significant advances. The UKIP              what is or is not an appropriate policy
of the EU but the reformation of our       bandwagon would consequently roll           for the UK we must first leave the EU
relationship with the EU. The latter,      faster - as it did during the last          PAUL RHODES
not the former, is absolutely our right    European Elections when UKIP                London

                     EU girls offer marriages for cash
       ccording to the People newspaper on 14th April immigrants from EU countries are offering to marry illegal
       immigrants in return for large sums of money. The newspaper reported that last year more than 500 Albanians
       applied for visas to stay after marrying EU nationals, and 41 were granted. It said that officials suspect that most of
the marriages were bogus. A People investigator posing as an illegal immigrant reportedly found four Polish girls willing
to marry him for sums of money ranging from £3,500 to £12,000.

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          The Bruges Group                     British Weights & Measures
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            020 7287 4414                              Association
                                                      020 8922 0089                    Better off Out Campaign
Tuesday 1st May, 7,00 pm                                                     
                                          Saturday 19th May, 1.30 pm                   British Declaration of Independence
“Celebrating the Act of Union and the                                        
creation of a Great Nation”               Speakers to be announced                     British Weights & Measures Assoc.
Reception                                 PUBLIC MEETING                               Bruges Group
7.00 - 7.30 pm Princess Alexander Hall    Victory Services Club, 63 Seymour  
                                          Street, London W2 2HF                        Campaign Against Euro-Federalism
Supper - 7.45 pm Hall of India            Admission                          
                                                                                       Campaign for an Independent Britain
                                          (details to be announced)
Speeches - 9.15 pm                                                           
                                                                                       Democracy Movement
The Countess of Mar                           The First Goldsmith Lecture    
Andrew Roberts, broadcaster and                      020 7247 2524                     EU Observer
                                                                                       EU Truth
Lord Tebbit, former Chairman of the       Tuesday 22nd May 2007, 7.00 pm
Conservative Party                                                                     European Commission (London)
                                          P rof Stephen Bush, Manchester     
TERCENTENARY DINNER                       University                                   European Foundation
O v e r-Seas House, 6 Park Place, St.     The Rt Hon Lord Tebbit CH          
James’s Street, London SW1A               Chairman, Dennis Delderfield                 European No Campaign
Admission £70 in advance                                                     
(tables of 10 are available - includes    PUBLIC MEETING                               Foreign Affairs
three course supper, wine and refresh-    Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Hall,  
ments)                                    Roberts Building, University College,        Freedom Association
                                                                                       Global Britain
                                          Admission £3
           Gresham College                                                   
                                          (From New Britain, 10 College East,
                                                                                       Global Vision
            020 7831 0575                 Gunthorpe Street, London E1 7RL)   
                                                                                       June Press (Publications)
Wednesday 2nd May, 1.00 pm                                                   
                                              SELECT COMMITTEES                        Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign
“Our New Constitution”                                                       
                                                      House of Lords                   New Alliance
Vernon Bogdanor, CBE.              FBA,               020-7219 3000          
Gresham Professor of Law                                                               Open Europe
                                          Tuesday 1st May, 4.15 pm
                                          Evidence will be heard on European
PUBLIC MEETING                                                                         Regional Assemblies
                                          Union documents from the Croation
Allen & Overy LLP, 40 Bank Street,        Ambassador, HE Mr Josip Paro.      
Docklands, London                                                                      Speak Out Campaign
Admission £14                             Tuesday 1st May, 4.15 pm           
                                          Evidence will be heard on the UK             Sovereignty
(Reservations Required)
                                          Economic Regulators from:          
                                          (a) a Rail Industry Panel;                   Statewatch
           Gresham College                (b) an Aviation Panel, witnesses to be
                                          confirmed.                                   The People’s “No” Campaign
            020 7831 0575
                                          Thursday 3rd May, 10.00 am                   United Kingdom Independence Party
Thursday 10th May, 6.00 pm                Evidence will be heard on the Inquiry into
                                          Labour Law from Mr Jim Fitzpatrick,
“Sixty Years On Leadership and            Minister for Employment Relations, DTI.
Change: Prime Ministers in the Post-                                                          DIARY OF EVENTS
                                          Tuesday 8th May, 4.15 pm
War World - Anthony Eden”
                                          Evidence will be heard on European           2007
                                          Union documents from witnesses to be
Dr David Carlton                          confirmed.                                   French            10th and 17th June
                                                                                       Parliamentary Election
PUBLIC MEETING                                 Note:Committee Meetings can
Staple Inn Hall, Holburn, London               change from Public to Private           Portugal takes over          1st July
Admission Free                                       without warning                   EU presidency

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 j                             THE JUNE PRESS - BOOKS
          The European Question and                                         Britain and the EU:                        EU: Papacy Reincarnated?
              the National Interest                                          Time to Move On                               by Mark Stout. £9.99
            by Jeremy Black. £16.99                                    by Christopher Hoskin. £3.95                 This book explores the origins and
      A leading historian’s interpretation of                       The European Union malaise and the              functioning of both the EU and the
      Britain’s relations with EU/EC/EEC.                            future direction for a nation state.         Medieval Papacy from a legal/political/
                                                                                                                   historical perspective and unearths a
             A Democratic Europe:                                     The Future is a Foreign Country                  startling number of parallels
           An Alternative to the EU                                       by Matthew Illsley. £10.00
            by Richard Body. £10.00                                Full of useful detail and quotes on how                        Video
    Sir Richard lays out the case for a truly                        and why we got into the EU mess. It
    democratic European Union as opposed                           leads to the conclusion that withdrawal                  Britain On The Brink
        to an undemocratic super power.                             from the EU is the only way forward.            by Sanity. DVD or VHS Video £5.00
                                                                                                                  Latest film starring Christopher Booker,
             The Great Deception:                                         Disappearing Britain                    Christopher Gill, John Bingley, Lindsay
       Can the European Union survive                                 The EU and the death of Local              Jenkins, Ian Milne & Vladimir Bukovsky.
             by Christopher Booker                                 Government by Lindsay Jenkins. £14.99
            & Richard North. £10.99                                 The detailed Brussels agenda for the         Better Off Out! Okay What Next?
      This book is the most comprehensive                            break-up of the United Kingdom.                      by Bruges Group DVD
               history of the EU.                                                                                Per Session Morning/Afternoon/Evening
                                                                      The Missing Heart of Europe                   £10.00 each Complete Set £25.00
        Living in a Fascist Country                                     Does Britain hold the key to             The 2006 Conference, held in the Great
         by Vernon Coleman. £15.99                                      the future of the Continent?                 Hall of King’s College, London.
    The disappearing freedom and privacy.                                by Thomas Kremer. £11.99
                                                                   Can nation states flourish? A European               Send payment to
      Hard Pounding: The Story Of The                               businessman’s view of the impact of               THE JUNE PRESS LTD
          UK Independence Party                                         divergent national cultures.                      PO BOX 119
           by Peter Gardner. £9.99                                                                                  TOTNES, DEVON TQ9 7WA
      An inside story of the rise of UKIP.                                     Corruption -
                                                                            The World’s Big C                            Tel: 08456 120 175
                      Iran                                          Cases, Causes, Consequences, Cures                Email:
            The Clash of Ambitions                                         by Ian Senior. £12.50
       by Houchang Nahavandi. £16.95                                Senior shows how corruption in the            WEB SALES
     A history of the people and influences                         EU is becoming worse and why the
     that have formed the Iran of today. It                            UK should not sign up to the                PLEASE ADD 10% P&P (UK ONLY)
     has a history of integrating invaders.                          proposed European Constitution.                20% for Europe 30% Rest of World

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