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Nordic IT Opportunities Vertical Markets Vendor Shares and Forecast by bobbybrull


									Nordic IT Opportunities: Vertical Markets 2006 Vendor
Shares and 2007-2011 Forecast
The IT market varies dramatically across different vertical markets and industries. IT vendors addressing
vertical markets need to promote their visibility and raise their understanding of the market conditions in the
vertical markets to remain competitive. IDC Nordic’s vertical market studies provide insight into the market
by sizing and forecasting all vertical markets. Use the insight to make qualified forecasts and to manage your
expectations. The studies provide vendor positioning in each of the vertical segments. Which vendors are
you competing against?

The study is accompanied by a figure generator tool, which allows for easy-to-use analysis of the data. Via
the simple menu driven Excel sheet, survey data can be accessed and used for further analysis.

Markets Covered
This service covers the following segments:
• Business services                   • Finance                             • Manufacturing
• Central Government                  • Healthcare                          • Retail and Wholesale
• Communication                       • Local Government                    • Transport and Utilities

Subjects Analyzed
This report will address the following topics:
• Software vendor market shares by vertical              • Analysis and Forecast 2006-2011
• Hardware vendor market shares by vertical              • Market Development, Drivers and Inhibitors
• Services vendor market shares by vertical              • Key Trends and Solutions

Key Questions Answered
Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:
• What is the size of the different vertical markets? • Which verticals are high growth markets, which are
• Which products and services do the various            low growth?
  verticals require?                                  • Which IT vendors are strong in different vertical

Research Coverage

                                                              Geographical Coverage:       Sweden,
                                                              (in separate reports)        Denmark,
                                                              Delivery:                     Sep 2007
                                                              Price per report per Country: 3,300 €uros

      
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Further Leverage IDC's Industry Expertise With These Add-On Options
IDC offers a complete range of marketing communication solutions customized to complement your market intelli-
gence requirements. The array of products and services available to you includes:

 Go-to-market Services           Content
 Executive Brief                 IDC’s Executive Briefs are based on existing IDC research and are written for a
                                 user audience, profiling your company from a product offering landscape perspec-
                                 tive. Message is provided in an easy-to-read and informative 4-6-page document.
                                 Targeting CxO’s, IDC Executive Briefs support your marketing initiatives and edu-
                                 cate customers, providing an overview of a market, theme, product or service. It is
                                 perfect for executives who need quality information for decision-making.
 White papers                    An IDC white paper is an objective and authoritative publication developed in
                                 cooperation with a sponsoring vendor. Often used as part of an integrated market-
                                 ing campaign, IDC White Papers are designed to meet a client's specific needs and
                                 typically include an element of custom research.
 IDC Workbook                    A sales leave-behind incorporating easily accessible IDC thought leadership and an
                                 IDC analyst-created checklist of recommended buyer considerations when evaluat-
                                 ing related solutions.
 Vendor Spotlight                Market or technology thought leadership drawn mainly from published research,
                                 addressing a specific technology and/or business concern or need of your target
                                 audience. Includes a short profile of your company and its products, with a Chal-
                                 lenges subsection developed by the analyst
 Sales Education                 On-site or online education about prospects within specific vertical industries or
                                 other market segments to strengthen proposals, presentations, and sales ap-
                                 proaches. Sessions and materials generally cover budgets, spending plans, priori-
                                 ties, and more. For instance, IDC Sales Education: The Vertical Industry Buyer
                                 includes in-depth insights on the IT-related needs and plans of buyers for up to
                                 13 vertical industries. All Sales Education sessions provide optional add-on sales
                                 tools to engage and build relationships with prospects.
 Reprints                        A quantity of hard copy reprints of a single IDC research document for use as a
                                 leave-behind, event handout, in sales or marketing kits, or as a fulfillment piece for
                                 a promotional call-to-action.
 IDCInside Newsletter Services   Co-branded and IDC-branded industry newsletters presenting relevant IDC thought
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                                 your audience. We provide full newsletter production services for online and in-
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 Bullet-proofing                 IDC analyst(s) in-person meeting to work with your team in a dedicated, pre-
                                 launch session to test positioning and messaging, making recommendations
                                 based on their assessment of your offerings versus buyer needs, technology
                                 trends, and competitive offerings.

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