Instructions for Completing the Request for Proposal and Exhibits by mikelbyington


									  Instructions for Completing the Request for Proposal and Exhibits

Request for Proposal
Cover Sheet   Enter the USD, Private School or Public entity sponsor number and name and the
              actual date the RFP will be issued.

Page 1        Fill in the blank with the Sponsor's number and name.
              Check the boxes for programs to be included in the proposal.
              Specify any "other" programs on the blank line.

Page 4        Enter the sponsor number and name above the line at the top of the page.
              Complete the “Date/Time” in the Time Schedule using the following guidelines:
                  • Advertise RFP: Early March - Allow 60 days to solicit requests.
                  • Pre-proposal Conference, Visitation: Approximately 2 weeks after solicitation
                      period begins
                  • Deadline for Proposals, Proposal Opening: 60 days from beginning of
                      solicitation period. Early May is recommended.
                  • Contract Negotiation: Due date of proposal through end of May
                  • Award of Contract - No later than June 30 - Contract will be effective July 1.
                      (Remember that KSDE must approve the contract BEFORE it is awarded and
                      allow at least 2 weeks for the KSDE approval process)

Page 5        Fill in the blanks as follows.
              A. Name, address and phone number of RFP contact person
              B. Sponsor number and name
              C. Address for which the proposals will be submitted
              D. Time and date proposal is due
              E. Time and date proposals will be opened
              H. Name of person who schedules proposer site visits
              I. Pre-proposal conference date, time and location

Page 9        VIII. C. Menu Planning and Approval: Fill in the blanks.

Page 10       VIII. E. Menu Choices: If the Sponsor expects the contractor to provide menu choices,
              delete the words "(as appropriate)". If the contractor is not required to provide menu
              choices, change the words "as appropriate" to "not applicable".

Pages 14      XI B. Fee Structure: The fee structure, if different from that noted on the RFP, contact

              Section XII, A. and C Licenses, Permits, Taxes: Select CONTRACTOR or SPONSOR
              and delete other option.

Pages 15      Section XIII, A General Liability.: Ask your insurer to review and provide appropriate
              language and limits.
   Instructions for Completing the Request for Proposal and Exhibits
Request for Proposal, continued
Page 16          Section XIV, A Performance Security. is optional, but recommended. If you choose not
                 to require Performance Security, change the wording "Optional, but recommended" to
                 "Not applicable". Fill in the amount of the performance security if applicable.

                 Section XV, C Term of Contract: Insert one (2), two (2), three (3) or four (4) years and
                 delete the following text: (insert one, two, three, or four).

Page 17          Section XV, H Performance Security: Either delete the words "Insert as appropriate" or
                 change to "Not applicable".

Sponsor Exhibits
Exhibits         Complete each exhibit following the instructions on each form. Prior to issuing the
A. through I.    RFP, decide if the sponsor or the contractor will plan the 21 day cycle menu for which
                 the proposals will be based. Note that the 21 day cycle menu must be followed for the
                 first 21 serving days of the contract.

Contractor Exhibits
Exhibit L.       Delete any items that are not applicable and renumber list.

Exhibit N.       The fee structure that is used by the sponsor will have been indicated. Determine if
                 the fee will base on meal type or meal equivalents. Delete the fee structure section
                 that does not apply. Follow instructions in italics and bold type. The fee structure
                 selected on Exhibit N should be consistent with that listed in Section XI B. of the RFP.

KSDE Approval
KSDE must approve the RFP prior to advertising or soliciting bids from prospective vendors. When the
RFP and exhibits have been completed, send a copy to:
      Karen Works
      Child Nutrition Consultant
      1220 Neosho
      Humboldt, KS 66748
      Or an electronic copy to

If questions arise while completing of the Request for Proposal, contact Karen Works at 620-473-3772
or via email at

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