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									  Rules &
                       PUBLIC HEALTH
                       Sulfur Dioxide Rule Will Improve Air Quality
                       EPA has issued a new final 1-hour health standard for sulfur dioxide (SO2) that aims to protect the public
                       from short-term exposure, which can cause respiratory difficulties and intensify asthma. The standard
                       is set at 75 ppb, which is a level that is meant to protect against exposures ranging from 5 minutes to
                       24 hours.
   Hotlinks               In addition, new monitoring requirements will ensure place-
                       ment where SO2 emissions impact populated areas, and the               OSHA Seeks Nominees
       ASSE            new rule will change the Air Quality Index, improving states’          for National Advisory
  American Society     ability to alert the public when short-term SO2 levels may             Committee
 of Safety Engineers
                       affect their health.                                                   OSHA is accepting membership nominations
                          According to EPA, the agency is revoking the current 24-            for the National Advisory Committee on
        CSB            hour and annual SO2 standards because short-term exposures             Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH).
                       are the greatest concern, and the current rules do not provide         The committee was established under the
   Safety & Hazard     additional health benefits.                                            OSH Act of 1970, and it advises the secre-
 Investigation Board                                                                          taries of labor, and health and human serv-
                          “We’re taking on an old problem in a new way, one                   ices on occupational safety and health        designed to give all American communities the clean air pro-           issues such as site-specific targeting, whistle-
                       tections they deserve,” says EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.           blower protection and continuing outreach
       DHHS            “Moving to a 1-hour standard and monitoring in the areas               to Latino workers.
Department of Health
                       with the highest SO2 levels is the most efficient and effective            OSHA is looking for nominees with
 & Human Services
                       way to protect against sulfur dioxide pollution in the air             industry expertise and those who are quali-
                                                                                              fied to represent workers, employers, the
                       we breathe.”                                                           public and SH&E professionals. Candidates
        DOE               For more information, visit          will fill two public, one management, one
Department of Energy                                                                              occupational safety and one occupational                                                                                    representative positions.
                       HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION                                                          Committee members serve 2-year terms
        DOL            Steel Erection Rule Amended to                                             and meet at least twice a year. The secretary
Department of Labor                                                                               of labor appoints committee members, two         Improve Highway Construction                                               of whom are designated by the secretary of
                       To protect workers and motorists during highway bridge con-                health and human services. Nominations are
        DOT            struction, OSHA has added a notification to its Steel Erection             due July 20, 2010, and can be submitted at
     Department of     standar
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