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Who, not what, is holding you back?
The answer may surprise you
By Shari Bench

       ho’s holding you back? You          are 10 steps in eliminating the things                           positive and encouraging thoughts.

W      already spend time thinking
       about what you want in life,
but how often do you consider why
                                           in life that hold you back.

                                           1. Examine your thoughts
                                                                                                            Continue this process until you have
                                                                                                            retrained your thoughts to be natu-
                                                                                                            rally positive and encouraging
you have yet to achieve what you           How you think about yourself and
want? What is your barrier to what         your opportunities are in direct align-                          2. Clarity
you need on your route?                    ment with your results. Believe in                               Lack of clarity can weaken your prog-
     Maybe your company isn’t pro-         yourself and your ability to create                              ress. If you know you want to do some-
viding enough support. Maybe your          the results you want to achieve.                                 thing different but have not brought
DM has yet to really analyze your          Sometimes your thoughts are                                      clarity to the results you are trying to
route and offer advice. Maybe you          ingrained so deeply you are not                                  achieve, you are stifling your progress.
think customers are taking advantage       even aware of how negative they                                  Invest time in yourself and your future
through liberal interpretation of their    may be. Make a conscious effort to                               by allocating time to contemplate the
responsibilities with your TP arrang-      replay your thoughts during the day.                             results you wish to achieve. If you
ments. It’s time to realize that most of   Recognize negative thoughts and                                  have become frustrated and confused
your barriers are created by you. Here     discard them, then replace them with                             about what you really want, this is

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where you begin. Each day create an                          that take you out of the game: “It’s               responsibility to change your results.
environment (meditate, take a walk,                          too hard; it will take too long; I’m not           Eliminating blame releases a shadow
relax) where you can clear your mind                         smart enough; customers just don’t                 over your thoughts, and you begin to
and place yourself into your desired                         understand; change is not safe; the                see the accountability you have had
future.                                                      economy is so bad I should be grate-               all along and the opportunities that are
                                                             ful for what I have; I’ll start tomorrow.”         all around you.
3. Habits and choices                                              The reality is dealing with justifi-
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