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         By Rozanne M. Andersen, CAE

By Members, For Members
Recent initiatives help ensure ACA International is a member-driven association

                             I  recently received a call from a longtime ACA
                                International member—a friend who calls
                                frequently with suggestions for improving ACA
                             and questions about the inner workings of the
                             organization. But this call was different. He was
                                                                                     not ignore their concerns. Though I cannot
                                                                                     guarantee all of their wishes will come true, I can
                                                                                     assure them their concerns will be heard,
                                                                                     reviewed, analyzed and brought before their
                                                                                     Executive Committee, appropriate ACA
                             calling on behalf of seven or eight members who         committees and staff so the time they spent on the
                             were growing increasingly dissatisfied with ACA.        phone with me is not without purpose.
                             My initial reaction was one of disappointment and           I am sharing this story with you because I want
                             angst. But after taking a breath, I realized this was   you to know you do make a difference and that
                                                 one of those moments that will      changes have taken place within ACA to make
                                                 help me better understand the       members’ voices the impetus for change and the
                                                 very heart of ACA—and I must        basis of all decisions.
                                                 embrace it.                             Over the past several months, we have
                                                     He explained each of these      undertaken three very important strategic
                                                 people were longtime ACA            planning sessions—one each for ACA
                                                 members who had served on the       International, the ACA International Education
                                                 ACA Board or committees.            Foundation and the ACA International Holding
                                                 Most had visited the ACA            Company—to help provide insight into your
                                                 headquarters and all of them        needs and desires.
                                                 have a passion for the credit and       While we routinely conduct strategic planning
                                                 collection industry and for their   for the association every few years, this was the
                                                 association. However, over the      first time the Foundation and the Holding
                                                 years, each had begun to feel       Company simultaneously went through the
                                                 increasingly disconnected from      process. The resulting plans will help ensure all
                                                 their association. They feel        arms of the association are working in harmony
                             under-represented and, most disturbing to me, out       and that the profit from these corporations is used
                             of place at their own ACA Convention.                   to expand and improve member benefits.
                                 Without hesitation we arranged two conference           Listening to participating members from the
                             calls to give me a chance to listen to these            respective ACA, Foundation and Holding
                             members’ concerns and address them candidly and         Company boards discuss their views of the
                             directly. The first call was the most difficult.        association and how it can meet the needs of the
                             Throughout the call I sensed a longing for the past     credit and collection industry was enlightening
                             and yet, at the same time, a willingness to help        and beneficial.
                             change the future.                                          By the time you read this article, the full ACA
                                 Accessibility to ACA compliance information         Board of Directors will have met in Washington,
                             was a major concern. They also commented on the         D.C., to review, discuss and vote on the
                             cost of the convention a
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