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Taking nothing away from Rally or Club Racing drivers, but autocrossers often make 20-plus-hour, round-trip drives for only a few minutes of actual seat time. Drivers lucky enough to have a win at either the Southern or Northern States Championships and win their class at the CENDiv Divisional will get the opportunity to compete for the Solo Triad at the Tire Rack Solo National Championships in September in Lincoln, Neb.

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									                                                                                                SARRC and Carolina Motorsports             was launched this year by the
                                                                                                Park will have Track Trials, PDX,          National Office. With the chance for a
                                                                                                CCPS and CCPS.                             discount coupon toward an event
                                                                                                    And remember: The September            entry, a contest was held to name the
                                                                                                events at Daytona have been canceled, newsletter – the name chosen was
                                                                                                due to repaving.                          “Solo Matters” (submitted by San
                                                                                                                                           Diego Region’s Steve Schmidt). After
                                                                                                CONTACT SUSAN H.YOUNG                      reading through the numerous
                                                                                                (386) 532-4907                             suggestions several times, SCCA’s Vice
                                                                                                youngpv@earthlink.net                      President of Competition Programs
                                                                                                                                           Development Howard Duncan noted,
                                                                                                 NORTH COAST NEWS                         “What was most interesting about
                                                                                                 GREAT LAKES DIVISION                      reading through these suggestions at
                                                                                                  BY NANCY SCHILLACE                       least 50 times was the sense of
                                                                                                                                           identity and community of the sport,
                                                                                                I.T.S BACK AT                              along with the depth of passion of the
                                                                                                MID OHIO
                                                                                                                                           Solo community.”
                                                                                                       he good news from Todd                 If you checked the “Solo” box
                                                                                                       Cholmondeley is that there’s        as an interest when signing
                                                                                                       something for everyone at the       up for or renewing your SCCA
                                                                                                Cincinnati Region I.T.Spec*tacular         membership, and supplied an e-mail
                                                                                                weekend July 30-Aug. 1 at Mid Ohio         address, you will be receiving
                                                                                                Sports Car Course. Participate in the      the Solo Matters newsletter.
                                                                                                PDX event on Friday, July 30, and
                                                                                                enjoy the opportunity to get your          PLANNING AHEAD
                                                                                                street car out on the track with an        Word from Lake Erie Communications
                                                                                                instructor and learn the line around       is that their seminar and awards
                                                                                                the challenging 2.4-mile course. You       banquet for the 2010 racing season
                                                                                                can also cheer on your favorite driver     will be held at the same location as it
                                                                                                as the Improved Touring classes are        was this year, and the date is already

                                                                                                featured for the fourth consecutive        set for Saturday March 19, 2011. The
                                                                                                year of exciting wheel-to-wheel racing event may feature the seminar and
                                                                                                over a three-day race weekend              banquet on Saturday and a safety day
                                                                                                championship. And, for the fi rst time      on Sunday. Information will be
                                                                                                in regional racing at Mid Ohio, all        posted to the LEC website
          Is a return to the        mid-1960s track record for a Jeffers-                       races will start on the backstretch, just (www.lakeeriecommunications.com )
          golden days of            Elva at Daytona.                                            like the pro races. Check out the          as available.
          SCCA-friendly race           Jeffers crewed for endurance racers                      Cincinnati Region’s website at
          circuits, like the late   at Sebring and Daytona, in 1965 on                          www.cincyscca.com for more details on CONTACT NANCY SCHILLACE
          Bridgehampton,            Jacobson’s MG, in 1966 on the Ferrari                       the PDX, other SCCA classes invited,
          possible?                 GTO of Larry Perkins, in 1967 on                            the Twilight Test & Tune hosted by
                                    Peter Clarke’s and Ed Nelson’s Ferrari                      Mid Ohio Friday evening and a very         THE FISH WRAP
                                    250LM and in 1968 on Ed Nelson’s                            special discount on the Mid Ohio Teen       CENTRAL DIVISION
                                    and Mike Hailwood’s Ford GT40.                              Defensive Driving School.                   BY SAM KARP
                                       Sadly, Jeffers passed away on Jan. 25.                       Even though we’re heading into the
                                    FAIRGROUNDS SHOWS                                           final stretch of the Club Racing season,    BIRDS FLY SOUTH
                                                                                                                                           FOR THE SUMMER
                                                                                                there’s still plenty of fun for the next
                                    “This spring, our members manned a
                                                                                                four mon
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