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									                                                                                                                          Pa. On Sunday, an off-season visit by
        ON RALLYING                                                                                                       Punxsutawney Phil starts the
        ROADRALLY BY RICK BEATTIE                                                                                         RoadRally, which ends in Pittsburgh at
                                                                                                                          the Frick’s Car & Carriage Museum.
                                                                                                                             This event features a tradition that
            n the fi lm version of Fiddler on the                                                                          has otherwise vanished. NEDiv
           Roof, the central character, Tevye,                                                                            RoadRally steward Ted Goddard
            confronts societal traditions with                                                                            believes it is the last SCCA RoadRally
        the framing observation that, “You                                                                                run with a “covered odo” timed class.
        might say every one of us is a fiddler                                                                                Contestants run in this class by
        on the roof trying to scratch out a                                                                               covering their odometer and using
        pleasant, simple tune without                                                                                     only the speedometer and clocks or
        breaking his neck.”                                                                                               watches to stay on time. “When
            The traditions of writing are                                                                                 popular, it was a large, very
        seemingly contradictory. The                                                                                      competitive class,” noted Goddard.
        admonishment to fiction writers is “to        Although Heckler did win his class on        Chris Bean (left) and      A good covered odo competitor
        write what you know” but the reporter         the 1976 Steel Haul, the 1,162-point        Steve Gaddy (right),    could not only beat those running
        who writes about the familiar risks his       total this year is the team’s second        winners of the Steel    with the stock odometer, but also
        credibility. I’m close to the edge in         Steel Haul win. The score was a mere        Haul with rallymaster   compete favorably with those running
        writing about myself and my home              four points better than the second-         Chuck Larouere.         with specialized odometers. Many
        region, Steel Cities, but hope to retain      place Stock Class competitors.                                      rallyists developed an intuitive sense
        my integrity by following tradition.             This team limits their RoadRally                                 of whether or not they were on time
           Steel Cities’ long history of SCCA         choices geographically, but event                                   by honing their skills in this class.
        National Course rallies began in the          selection also depends on quality.                                     Unfortunately, due to waning
        early 1960s with the Tri River rallies.      “I’d travel to Pittsburgh for this caliber                           interest, New England Region’s class
        During the next decade, the Steel             of event, whether it was part of the                                reorganization a few years back all
        Haul débuted with Jack Chidester as           National series or not. The organizing                              but ended it as a separate class in
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