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									                                                tow vehicle and driver to haul around,                               various attractions in the Lincoln area.
        LEAVING THE LINE                        along with a crew to set it up), what                                Hey, sometimes we have spare time!
        NATIONAL SOLO            BY PAUL BROWN  we’ve got adds some more work to the                                     This also seems like a good time
                                                already busy crew, but fits in with the                               to announce that after a one-year
        THE LINCOLN                             existing equipment that already gets                                 trial, we now have a three-year
                                                hauled to every ProSolo and National                                 contract with Lincoln for the site
            sn’t it great when a plan comes     Tour, and becomes just another part of                               at Lincoln AirPark, which should
            together and benefits all parties    setting up before the event and                                      be great news for almost the entire
            involved? A fairly casual           tearing down afterward.                                              Solo community. Barring some
        conversation got more serious, and         That conversation I mentioned                                     completely unforeseen occurrence,
        eventually led to what most             earlier was basically a case of the                                  both SCCA and Lincoln have every
        competitors who have attended one of SCCA mentioning something they                                          hope that three years is just the
        the Tire Rack National Series events,   needed at the same time the Lincoln                                  beginning of a very long relationship.
        either a ProSolo or a National Tour,    Convention and Visitors Bureau                                           As a competitor who has seen the
        will have already seen: the Lincoln     mentioned that they might have                                       last four sites for the Solo National
        Drivers Center tent (which is attached  something to offer, given that both                                  Championships, I have to say that the
        to the tech trailer).                   SCCA and Lincoln are thinking that                                   Lincoln site is the best we’ve seen in
           What the Drivers Center means is     keeping the Solo National                                            the last 25 years. While I can’t say that
        that at any National Solo or ProSolo    Championships in Lincoln for as long                                 it’s not possible to fi nd a better site, I
        event, tech has an actual home – it’s   as possible seems like a great idea. In                              will say it seems unlikely – and if this
        not just a rolling toolbox pushed off   the end, the Lincoln Convention and                                  is the best site we ever see, we’re
        into some out of the way corner. After Visitors Bureau sponsored what is now                                 doing pretty darn well.
        some 20 years of having no good         known as the Lincoln Drivers Center.        
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