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									                                                                                                                                                                    Will PoWer: heavyWeighT conTender

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Phil Abbott/LAT
                                                                                                                                                     Dan Boyd/LAT
                As IndyCar heads back to street and
                road courses, Power insists he can’t
                 rely on them for the majority of his
                 points. His wins at Sao Paulo (TOP)
                     and St. Petersburg (FAR RIGHT)
                      were first class. (RIGHT) Roger
                 Penske states, “Will has nothing to
                                                         Drew Gibson/LAT

                   prove to us,” but his perfectionist                                                                             Phil Abbott/LAT

                  driver would doubtless disagree….

          to a full season for this year, so I kind of
          feel a bit honored that they’re on my car.
          Lowell McAdam [Verizon’s CEO] has been
                                                                           harnessing the power
          great because he gets this sport. He won’t                       Will has adopted the typical Team Penske professionalism
          think, ‘Good driver plus good car equals a
          win at each race!’ He’s a true enthusiast                                   So, how well has Will Power fit in to Team                     he didn’t rant at all. He was deeply frustrated
          who understands how luck can go                                             Penske? One of the best people to ask is                       after the race and wanted to bang his head
          against us some times. So he’s been 100                                     Penske team manager and Power’s race                           against a wall, but he never really sounds off.”
          percent behind me. Look at those ads he                          strategist, Clive Howell (BELOW, center).                                     “The other thing I’ve noticed is that Will also
          put in USA Today after we won.”                                      “We operate transparently and network all the                         takes whatever info you give him. I can talk to him
              So Power led the championship                                data. Any race engineer can look at any car’s data                        anywhere on the track at any time and he’ll process
          standings as the IZOD IndyCar Series                             and overlay speed graphs on a big screen in the                           it. He says, ‘The more information I’ve got, the
          headed back to five more road/street                             debrief room. One driver can see where the other                          better,’ – unless you remind him of something.
          courses. That’s a huge deal, right?                              two are better, so they can all raise their game.                         There was a moment at Barber where I got the
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