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        Park “start and parkers”                                                                            I also think it’s a positive for       other hand, the media could do a
        It’s time for NASCAR to end “start and
        park” teams. It’s been said that
                                                     WRITE NOW                                           each series. Getting stars from
                                                                                                         other places involved keeps things
                                                                                                                                                   better job of putting things said in
                                                                                                                                                   the heat of the moment in their
        these teams are in the “business” of                                                             from getting stale and might make         proper perspective. F1 doesn’t need
        racing. But they are only field                                                                   people who tend to focus on just          this kind of phony excitement.
        fillers. If they are in the “business” of     If you grab the “most                               one type of racing take notice that          Ben Berrenson Dallas, Texas
        racing and they cannot compete in            entertaining” letter slot in the                    there’s a lot more to enjoy.
        NASCAR maybe they need to get into           September 2010 issue of RACER,                         Bucky Soles Albany, N.Y.               Soft on Loudon
        another line of business.                    we’ll send you an HPI Blitz radio                                                             I was glad to hear that IndyCar is
            I know of no other series that           control off-road truck.. HPI’s                      This week’s melodrama                     going back to New Hampshire next
                                                     renowned strength and
        allows this practice. Does the last-                                                             Formula 1 is having another great         year – a courageous act by a league
                                                     durability make the Blitz
        place team in any other sport play an                                                            season, but the media is determined       that has given away too many oval
                                                     friendly for the R/C newcomer
        inning or two, play a quarter, or a          or the skilled competitor.                          to push the racing into the               venues in search of the quick buck
        period and then give up? “Start and          So get writing!                                     background and focus on trumped-          from street circuits. I know they had
        park” teams do a disservice to the           www.hpiracing.com.                                  up melodrama. Last month it was           their problems drawing a crowd,
        fans, NASCAR, and themselves.                                                                    Webber and Vettel crashing into           but I think Bruton Smith and his
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            Michael White Evergreen Park, Ill.                                                           each other in Turkey, which the           team have shown they know how to
                                                     16842 Von Karman Ave., Ste. 125,
                                                     Irvine, CA 92606, or e-mail to                      internet experts tried to blow up         promote races, and I’m confident
        Legends in his own mind                      letters@racer.com                                   into a dark conspiracy. Now it’s          they will get the word out.
        NASCAR’s Sprint Cup kit car, follow-                                                             Alonso and “safety-car-gate.” Yes,            I know a lot of fans would rather
        Jimmie series has an opportunity to                                                              Alonso was understandably upset           see IndyCar back at Michigan and
        make an improvement. Replace the              And lastly, the fans, who will                     about getting the short end of the        California but, to my mind, the
        current car with Legends kit cars.         get more beating and banging.                         stick, and the next thing you know        races there with the IRL spec cars
        The benefits would be to:                      Why not? Everyone wins.                            the whole race is overshadowed.           were pretty dull. Mile tracks are a
            Car owners, via reduce
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