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					                     La Feuille du Bois
   Mars et avril

                           L'Alliance Française
  chaque                  Message du comité
   jour              Dear Friends,                                  variety of activities that are of interest to
                                                                    you that fall within our budget range
 suffit sa           It is with great anticipation that we invite   (which right now solely depends on your
                                                                    contribution). So far we are offering
                     you to join the Alliance Française.
   peine.                                                           conversation every month, family
                     Founded in Paris in 1883, the Alliance         activities, and a monthly newsletter, la
                     Française works to promote French              Feuille du Bois. We also have the
                     language and culture. This organization        possibility to have our own website
                     thrives not only in Paris but since its        through the Federation of Alliances
                     founding has expanded around the               Françaises USA.
                     world. Presently, over 1,135
                     associations may be found in 138               So far we have had a several successful
                     countries. The Alliance Française is the       activities: in January, the AF offered the
                     largest cultural network in the world.         Galette des Rois, a delicious treat.
                                                                    There were about 40 attending. In
                     The Boise Alliance Française is a              February we had Soirée crêpes at one
                     French club open to all who have               of the members’ home with 30
                     interest in anything French; may it be         attending. For the conversation at the
                     food, music, literature, language, culture     Café de Paris, we had 14 people,
                     and people.                                    talking in French! We are planning fun
                                                                    activities for this summer. Keep you
                     Since I became president of AF in              eyes open for our e-mails or letters.
                     January, many simple and ambitious
                     ideas for the Francophile community            Let's Dream Together and Make it
                     have come to mind. I have asked myself         Happen! As we grow and as everyone
                     “where, oh, where will I find the time and     participates, we could have:
                     money to accomplish all of this!” Well I
                     am a musketeer fan and anything in that            • special events (Francophone
                     time period. Yes, so much so that I took               guest speakers and
                     fencing lessons in Switzerland! So the                 performers)
                     adage “Un Pour Tous, Tous pour Un!”                • French Library
                     has popped into my mind over and over.             • our own building/room
                     The success of AF depends on each of               • French book club
                     us, may the contribution be small or               • French speaking summer camp
                     large, monetary or other. We can all                   for children of all ages
We’re on the Web!
                     contribute in different ways. We would             • organized trips
     See us at:      love and need to hear from you. Let us             • and much more
Under construction   know what you would like to see happen
                     with l’Alliance Française and how you          I look forward to meeting each one of
                     want to contribute to it. (Please read the     you.
                     “cotisation” section and fill out the
                     information sheet..) We would like to          Avec mes salutations sincères,
                     offer the Treasure Valley community a
                                                                                  Nadine Taylor
                                    La Feuille du Bois                                         Page 2

                                             Activités, rencontre et conversation
                                             Conversation :                        Activité et rencontre

                                              Café de Paris                        Samedi 12 avril, 2 PM.
                                             Capital Blvd., Boise.
                                      First Wednesday of each month.          Lunch at the restaurant LA VIE EN
                                             De 17h30 à 19h00.               ROSE, plan on buying your own lunch

                                        Living Water Bookstore                      Samedi 10 mai, 2 PM.
                                            & Coffee House
                                       138 S. Midland Blvd., Nampa            Games at the JULIA DAVIS PARK.
                                     Third Wednesday of each month.            Meeting place at the play ground,
                                            De 14h30 à 18h0.                 behind the Discovering Center and next
                                                                                          to the Lagoon.
                                                                                      Bring your own snack
Want to advertise in La
Feuille du Bois.                                                                In case of bad weather it will be
                                         Contacter Andrew Horning :
Contacter Laura Fuhriman:                        Contacter Kim Carter-Cram :
                                               (208) 855-9696              
(208) 453-2726

                                  Fundraisers pour l’Alliance Française
                                           Garage Sale in Mai                                 Tombola
                                                                              Starting in April we will have monthly
                                  Please bring your donations (anything in
                                                                              raffles during our activity. We will
                                  good condition) to Nadine's home
Scentsy,                                                                      appreciate any small prizes you have,
                                  before Mai 15th. We will need help also
                                                                              which will be "sold" during our raffles.
                                  for the days of the garage sale
Bougies "Scentationnelles"                                                    The money will go into l'Alliance
                                  (to be announced). The money will go
                                                                              Française treasury for future activities.
The "Hottest New Thing in         into l'Alliance Française treasury for
Candles...."                      future activities.
Dozens of styles                                                              Questions? Contacter anyone from the
Over 80 fragrances                Questions? Contacter Nadine Taylor:         comité.
No burning flames!       / 887-1615
Contact me for samples. Mention
this add for a discount
Votre Consultante

Nadine Taylor
  Page 3                                   La Feuille du Bois

     Parlez-vous français ?
Gallicisms in the English Language         local, loge, macabre, mannequin,
by Jon Winokur                             marionnette, massage, matinée,
Many French words have penetrated          mayonnaise, mémoire,façade, facile,
English so thoroughly, and have            fiancé, figurine, filet mignon, finesse,
become so indispensable to English         format, fondue, fort, forte, fuselage,
speakers, they hardly seem foreign:        galant, gigolo, grille, grippe, impasse,
amateur, ambiance, argot, avalanche,       insouciance, liqueur, local, loge,
banal, barrage, bastion, bayonet,          macabre, mannequin, marionnette,
bizarre, blasé, boulevard, bouquet,        massage, matinée, mayonnaise,
brochure, brunette, brusque, buffet,       mémoire, meringue, migraine,
bureau, burlesque, butte, café, cajole,    minuscule, mirage, morale, morgue,
camouflage, caprice, carafe, carrousel,    motif, mousse, musicale, mystique,
cassette, chalet, chandelier, chaperon,    naïveté, négligé, parfait, pâte, pavillon,
charade, chauffeur, chef, chevron, chic,   penchant, personnel, petite, physique,
cinéma, cliché, clientèle, clique,         pirouette, plaque, plateau, praline,
cologne, concierge, crèche, critique,      prestige, promenade, protégé, purée,
croquet, débris, début, débutante,         questionnaire, rappel, rapport, régime,
décor, deluxe, dépôt, détour,              renaissance, répertoire, reportage,
discothèque, divorcée, dossier, douche,    reprise, restaurant, résumé, rêverie,
élite, émigré, encore, entourage,          ricochet, riposte, rococo, rôle, rôtisserie,
entrepreneur, expertise, expose,           rouge, roulette, sachet, savant, séance,
façade, facile, fiancé, figurine, filet    silhouette, souffle, souvenir, suède,
mignon, finesse, format, fondue, fort,     suave, suite, surveillance, timbre,
forte, fuselage, galant, gigolo, grille,   tourniquet, trait, tutu, valet, venue,
grippe, impasse, insouciance, liqueur,     vogue, et cetera.

          Les petites annonces
Apartment situated in the heart of
Main features (3 rooms, 60 m 2)
- large living/dining room
- large master room
- second bedroom with sofa bed
                                           Want to put une petite annonce in
- kitchen with dishwasher, clothes dryer   La Feuille du Bois.
- bathroom with shower, with laundry
machine                                    Contacter Laura Fuhriman:
- all linen included             
                                           (208) 453-2726
- telephone, TV
Weekly tariff : 980 euros
please contact : André Pithois or

00 33 (0) 1 64 93 96 26
                         La Feuille du Bois                                                     Page 4

                                          Le coin cuisine
                       Blanquette d’Agneau                         shaking the pan gently, until all the
                       Lamb Blanquette                             liquid evaporates and the onions are
                       Serves 4                                    glazed and yellowed, about 5 minutes.
                                                                   Set aside.
                       Milk-fed lamb or kid is most often          In another small saucepan, combine the
                       prepared in a blanquette, which is a        mushrooms, the remaining ½
                       traditional Easter dish. Accompany          tablespoon butter, half of the lemon
                       with new potatoes or pilaf.                 juice, a pinch of salt and about 5
                                                                   tablespoons water . Bring to boil, cover
                       1 Lamb shoulder with bone, cut into         and boil for less tan 1 minute. Remove
                       8 equal pieces, about 3lb (1, 5 kg)         from the heat and set aside.
                       2 carrots peeled                            Remove the saucepan containing the
                       1 yellow onion stuck with 2 whole           meat from the heat. Discard the carrots,
                       cloves                                      the onion stuck with clovers and the
                       *Large bouquet garni                        bouquet garni. Add the glazed onions to
                       Salt                                        the meat. Drain the mushrooms’
                       1/2lb (250 gr) pickling onions              cooking liquid into a bowl and add the
                       1 tablespoon unsalted butter                mushrooms to the meat. Add the
                       Pinch of sugar                              remaining lemon juice and add the egg
                       5 oz (150 gr) fresh button                  yolk to the mushrooms’ liquid. Grind
                       mushrooms                                   over some pepper and using a wooden
Want to submit         Juice of 1 lemon                            spoon stir the mixture into the sauce
« une recette ».       4 egg yolks                                 pan. Return to low heat, stirring gently
                       Freshly ground pepper                       and continuously until the sauce coats
Contacter Laura
Fuhriman :             Whole nutmeg                                the spoon, about 10 minutes. It must not
                                                                   boil. To serve, transfer the lamb and /   In a large saucepan arrange the pieces      sauce to a warmer serving dish.
(208) 453-2726         of meat, carrots, yellow onion and
                       bouquets garni so that they may be          *A bouquet garni is a neatly tied bundle
                       immersed in a minimum of liquid, do not     of herbs which, without disintegrating
                       crowd. Pour in water to cover, add salt     into the dish, imparts all of its flavors
                       to taste and bring slowly to a boil. Skim   and is, at the same time, easily removed
                       off any froth and scum. Adjust the heat     after cooking. The usual elements are
                       to maintain a light simmer, cover with      thyme sprigs, bay leaf, parsley stems or
                       the lid ajar slightly and cook for 1 ½      preferable, parsley rood, and celery.
                       hours.                                      Winter savory or dried orange peel is
                       Meanwhile, put the pickling onions in a     often included. For a large bouquet, a
                       small saucepan of a size to contain         four-to-five-inch (10-12 cm) section of
                       them in a single layer. Add half of the     leek green can be taken apart and
                       butter, the sugar, a pinch of salt and      reformed to enclose the package,
                       enough water almost to cover them.          sheath like, before it is tied up, winding
                       Bring to a boil, reduce the heat to low,    the string several times around and tying
                       cover and simmer for about 8 minutes.       tightly.
                       Remove the lid, raise the heat and cook,

                       Le coin cinéma
                                          We will let you know when movie
                                              theaters are showing a
                                               Francophone movie.
Page 5       La Feuille du Bois
                                                                    Page 5
               Le saviez-vous ?
         Did you know that Boise was named by        Want to submit a « Le saviez-vous ? »
         French-Canadian explorers under             article.
         Captain Boneville. When they first to the   Contacter Laura Fuhriman :
         valley in 1833, and saw the variety of
         trees lined the river they said : « Les / (208) 453-2726
         bois, regardez, les bois. » Boisé is
         actually the word for wooded.

                   Why become a member and
                   where does the money go ?
         Benefits :                                  The money goes to :
             • promotion of the language and             • support fun activities
                 culture of French-speaking              • printing & mailing of la Feuille du
                 countries.                                  Bois
             • support the francophile                   • $225 fees to the AF Headquarters
                 community                               • plastic ware supplies
             • improve your French Skills                • food and beverage
             • a safe place to network                   • any administration costs
             • create new friendship among               • any rentals (meeting place, etc)
                 people with same interests,             • food/beverages paid by AF for its
             • expose children to French                     members.
             • support to those who immigrate
                 to the USA                              Thank you for your support
             • serve the community
             • place for your petites annonces
             • place to advertize your business
             • provide fun activities                The Alliance Francaise is a non-profit
             • learn more about the French                       organization.
             •    reduced prices
             • some food and drink provided
                 by AF

             How to become a member ?
         It’s pledge time, to become or continue     Please write a check to The Boise
         to be a member of l’Alliance Française.     French Alliance to our treasurer Janine
         .                                           Lytle and mail it to 532 W. Edwards
         $10/year single                             Ave, Nampa, ID 83686. Please, include
         $20/year family                             the form « quelque questions ».

         We will accepte payment until May
                                            Contacts :
                   Présidente ♣ Nadine Taylor       Conversation ♣ Andrew Horning
                         (208) 887-1615                     (208) 855-9696

                     Trésorière ♣ Janine Lytle        Communication ♣ Kim Carter
                          (208) 466-0867                    (208) 284-4386

                                       Secrétaire ♣ Laura Fuhriman
                                             (208) 453-2726

                Did you like la Feuille du Bois ? wonderful ! You are going to
                 receive it every month in your e-mail, become member and
                  you will receive it in your mailbox. We will appreciate any
                comment and any help to make la Feuille du Bois looking it’s


16675 Old Friendship w.
  Caldwell, ID 83607
Quelques informations…
Prénom :
Nom :
Adresse :

Tel. :
e-mail :

How many (adult/children) are going to be members ? :

-What are your expectations de l'Alliance Française ?:

-Would you like to host an event at your home for 2008, which month?

-Would you like to organize an event?

-Would you like to present a French Topic, (culture, food, country, art, etc) which one?

-Would you like to help with the website?
-Would you like to contribute a recipe, article, etc. to the Feuille du Bois?
-Would you like to be the newsletter editor?
-Would you like to volunteer your help to the Alliance Française?

                              Invite your friends to join AF.