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					ARTIST                  TITLE                             LABEL

1000 H DJs              Supernaut (feat. NIN, Minustry)   Wax Trax!
16-17                   Human Distortion                  Digital Hardcore
16 Volt vs. Hate Dept   Remix Wars                        21 Circuitry
16 Volt                 Demography                        Cleopatra
16 Volt                 FullBlackHabit                    Metropolis
16 Volt                 LetDownCrush                      Re-Constriction
16 Volt                 Skin                              Re-Constriction
16 Volt                 Wisdom                            Re-Constriction
16 Volt                 Super Cool Nothing                Re-Constriction
Acumen Nation           Unkind + Revelations Per Minute
Aesop Rock              None Shall Pass                   Def Jux
A.F.I                   Decemberunderground
A.F.I                   Sing the Sorrow
Air                     Cherry Blossom Girl               Source / Astralwerks
Air                     Sexy Boy EP                       Source / Caroline
Aggression, The         Pure Liquid Ego                   Tinman
Aggression, The         White Line Override               Tinman
Album Leaf, The         Into the Blue Again
Alice In Chains         Facelift                          Columbia
Alice In Chains         Jar of Flies                      Columbia
Alice In Chains         Nothing Safe                      Columbia
Allen, Lily             It's Not Me, It's You             Parlophone / EMI
Amish Rake Fight        Fellow Prisoners                  Positron!
Amos, Tori              Strange Little Girls              Atlantic
Anything Box            Elektrodelica                     Jarrett
Apoptygma Berzerk       7                                 Metropolis
Apoptygma Berzerk       Deep Red                          Metropolis
Apoptygma Berzerk       Eclipse                           Metropolis
Apoptygma Berzerk       Harmonizer                        Metropolis
Apoptygma Berzerk       Soli Deo Gloria                   Metropolis
Apoptygma Berzerk       The Apocalyptic Manifesto         Metropolis
Apoptygma Berzerk       Until the End of the World        Metropolis
Apoptygma Berzerk       Welcome to Earth                  Metropolis
Apoptygma Berzerk       You and Me Against the World      Metropolis
Apparatus               Apparatus                         Re-Constriction
Aqualung                Strange & Beautiful
Aramchek                Benicassum E.P                    Rotters Golf Club
Asano, Tatsuhiko        Genny Haniver                     Geist / Digital Hardcore
Athenaeum               Athenaeum                         Atlantic
Athenaeum               Radiance                          Atlantic
At The Drive-In         Relationship of Command           Grand Royal
Atari Teenage Riot      60 Second Wipeout                 Digital Hardcore / Elektra
Atari Teenage Riot      Burn, Berlin, Burn                Digital Hardcore / Grand Royal
Atari Teenage Riot      Delete Yourself                   Digital Hardcore
Atari Teenage Riot      Destroy 2000 Years of Culture     Digital Hardcore
Atari Teenage Riot      Future of War                     Digital Hardcore
Atari Teenage Riot      Live at the Brixton Academy       Digital Hardcore
Atari Teenage Riot      Live in Philadelphia: 1997        Digital Hardcore
Atari Teenage Riot      Rage                              Digital Hardcore
Atari Teenage Riot      Rage E.P                          Digital Hardcore
Atari Teenage Riot      Rarities                          Digital Hardcore
Atari Teenage Riot      Revolution Action E.P             Digital Hardcore
Atari Teenage Riot      Sick to Death                     Digital Hardcore
Atari Teenage Riot      Too Dead for Me E.P               Digital Hardcore
Athlete                 Beyond The Neighborhood           Astralwerks
Athlete                 Tourist                           Astralwerks
Athlete                 Vehicles and Animals              Astralwerks
Atmosphere              Seven’s Travels                   Rythmesavers / Epitaph
Atomica Project, The    Metropolitan                      Positron!
Atomica Project, The    Gravity                           Positron!
Audio Bullys            Generation                        Astralwerks
Audioslave              Audioslave                        Interscope
Autechre                Quaristice                        Warp
Autechre                Tri Repete                        Wax Trax / TVT
Autolux                 Future Perfect
Avalanches. The         Since I Left You             Sire / Modular
Babyland                You Suck Crap                Brain Surgery
Badly Drawn Boy         The Hour of Bewilder Beast   XL
Bad Religion            Stranger Than Fiction        Atlantic
Band of Horses          Everything All the Time
Bassment Jaxx           Remedy                       Astralwerks
Battles                 Mirrored                     Ipecac
Beans                   Tomorrow Right Now           Warp
Beastie Boys            Check Your Head              Grand Royal / Capitol
Beastie Boys            Hello Nasty                  Grand Royal / Capitol
Beastie Boys            Ill Communication            Capitol
Beastie Boys            Licensed to Ill              Def Jam
Beastie Boys            Root Down                    Grand Royal / Capitol
Beastie Boys            To The 5 Burroughs           Capitol
Beautiful Assassins     Preamp                       Positron!
Beck                    Modern Guilt
Beck                    Odelay
Belly                   Star                         Sire / Reprise
Beta Band, The          Music: The Best of (2xCD)    Astralwerks
Beta Band, The          The Beta Band                Astralwerks
Better Than Ezra        Friction, Baby               Elektra
Better Than Ezra        Greatest Hits                Rhino / Elektra
Better Than Ezra        How Does Your Garden Grow?   Elektra
Big Wreck               The Pleasure and the Greed   Atlantic
Bile                    The Copy Machine             Underground, Inc
Black Dice              Broken Ear Record            Astralwerks
Black Keys              Attack and Release
Blectum From Blechdom   Haus de Snaus                Tigerbeat6
Bloc Party              Flux (CDS)
Bloc Party              Silent Alarm
Bloc Party              Weekend in the City
Blondie                 The Best of Blondie          Chrysalis
Blood Brothers          … Burn, Piano Island, Burn   ARTISTdirect
Bloodhound Gang         Hefty Fine
Bloodhound Gang         Hooray For Boobies
Bloodhound Gang         One Fierce Beer Coaster      Geffen
Bloodhound Gang         Use Your Fingers
Bomb 20                 Field Manual                 Digital Hardcore
Bomb 20                 Reality Surpasses Fiction    Make A Noise
Bounte                  One                          Positron!
Bravery, The            The Bravery
Bravery, The            Sun and the Moon
Breakbeat Era           Ultra Obscene                XL
Break Co-Op             The Sound Inside             Astralwerks
Broadcast               The Noise Made By People     Warp / Tommy Boy
Bug, The                Pressure                     Tigerbeat6
Bush                    Golden State                 Atlantic
Bush                    Razorblade Suitcase          Trauma / Interscope
Bush                    Sixteen Stone                Trauma / Interscope
Butthole Surfers        Electric Larryland           Capitol
Butthole Surfers        Independent Worm Saloon      Capitol
Caesars, The            Paper Tigers                 Astralwerks
Cake                    Comfort Eagle                Columbia
Cake                    Fashion Nugget               Columbia
Cake                    Motorcade of Generosity      Columbia
Cake                    Pressure Chief               Columbia
Cake                    Prolonging the Magic         Columbia
Cardigans, The          Best Of
Cassius                 1999                         Astralwerks
Catani, Patric          100 DPS                      Digital Hardcore
Catani, Patric          Attitude PC8                 Digital Hardcore
Catani, Patric          Snuff Out                    Digital Hardcore
Cave In                 Tides of Tomorrow            Hydra Head
Cex                     Being Ridden                 Temporary Residence
Cex                     Oops, I Did It Again         Tigerbeat6
Cex                           Role Model                                 Tigerbeat6
Cex                           Tall Dark and Handcuffed                   Tigerbeat6
Chemical Brothers, The        Dig Your Own Hole                          Astralwerks
Chemical Brothers, The        Push the Button                            Astralwerks
Chemical Brothers, The        We Are the Night                           Astralwerks
Chemlab                       Burn Out at the Hydrogen bar               Fifth Colvmn / Metal Blade
Chemlab                       Eastside Militia                           Fifth Colvmn
Chemlab                       Magnetic Field Remixes                     Fifth Colvmn
Chevelle                      Point #1                                   Squint
Chin, Meg Lee                 Piece and Love                             Invisible
Christ Analogue               Bitcrusher Remixes                         Architecture
Christ Analogue               Everyday is Distortion                     Flagrant
Christ Analogue               in Radiant Decay                           Re-Constriction
Christ Analogue               Texture ov Despise                         Manifest
Chromeo                       Fancy Footwork
Chromeo                       She’s In Control
Citizen King                  Mobile Estates                             Warner
Clay People                   Iron Icon EP                               Re-Constriction
Clay People                   Stone Ten Inches                           Re-Constriction
Clay People                   Clay People                                Re-Constriction
Cobra Killer                  Cobra Killer                               Digital Hardcore
Coheed and Cambria            Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV
Coldplay                      A Rush of Cold Blood to the Head           Capitol
Coldplay                      Parachutes                                 Capitol
Coldplay                      A Rush of Cold Blood to the Head           Capitol
Coldplay                      Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends Capitol
Coldplay                      X&Y                                        Capitol
Cold War Kids                 Robbers & Cowards
Collective Soul               Collective Soul                            Atlantic
Collective Soul               Blender                                    Atlantic
Collective Soul               Disciplined Breakdown                      Atlantic
Collective Soul               Dosage                                     Atlantic
Collective Soul               Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid Atlantic
Collins, Phil                 Hits                                       Atlantic
Concretes, The                In Colour                                  Astralwerks
Counting Crows                Films About Ghosts: Best of                Geffen
Covergirl: Jared Louche       Covergirl                                  Invisible
Creeper Lagoon                Take Back Tomorrow …                       DreamWorks
Crystal Method, The           Vegas                                      Outpost
Cure, The                     Disintegration                             Elektra
Cure, The                     Show                                       Elektra
Curse of the Golden Vampire   Curse of the Golden Vampire                Digital Hardcore
Cut.Rate.Box                  Distemper                                  Self-Released
Daft Punk                     Alive 2007
Daft Punk                     Homework
Damage Manual                 Damage manual                              Invisible
Damage Manual                 7                                          Invisible
Dangerdoom                    The Mouse and the Mask                     Epitaph
Dangermouse                   Grey Album                                 Warp
David, Craig                  Born To Do It (Advance Copy)               Wildstar / Atlantic
dayinthelife…                 dayinthelife…                              TVT
Deathfunk                     Funk Riot Beat                             Digital Hardcore
Death Cab for Cutie           Plans
Death Cab for Cutie           Transatlanticism
Death In Vegas                Dead Elvis                                 Time Bomb / Concrete
Decemberists, The             The Crane Wife
De Babalon, Christoph         If You’re Into It, I’m Out of It           Digital Hardcore
De-Fragmentation                                                         Underground, Inc / Invisible
Deltron 3030                  Deltron 3030                               75 Ark
Deltron 3030                  The Instrumentals                          75 Ark
Depeche Mode                  101                                        Sire
Depeche Mode                  Black Celebration                          Sire
Depeche Mode                  Broken Frame                               Sire
Depeche Mode                  Catching Up with Depeche Mode              Sire
Depeche Mode                  Construction Time Again                    Sire
Depeche Mode                  Exciter                                    Mute / Reprise
Depeche Mode                         Music for the Masses                 Sire
Depeche Mode                         People are People                    Sire
Depeche Mode                         Playing the Angel                    Mute / Reprise
Depeche Mode                         Remixes: 81-04                       Mute / Reprise
Depeche Mode                         Singles: 81-85, 86-98                Mute / Reprise
Depeche Mode                         Some Great Reward                    Sire
Depeche Mode                         Songs of Faith & Devotion            Sire
Depeche Mode                         Songs of Faith & Devotion (Deluxe)   Sire / Reprise / Rhino
Depeche Mode                         Songs of Faith & Devotion Live       Sire
Depeche Mode                         Sounds of the Universe               Mute
Depeche Mode                         Speak and Spell                      Sire
Depeche Mode                         Touring the Angel (2xDVD / 1xCD)     Mute/Sire/Reprise
Depeche Mode                         Ultra                                Mute / Reprise
Depeche Mode                         Violator                             Sire
Devine, Kevin                        Put Your Ghost to Rest               Capitol
Diatribe                             Diatribe                             Re-Constriction
Die Krupps                           Odyssey of the Mind                  Cleopatra
Digitalism                           Idealism
Dinosaur Jr.                         Without a Sound                      Sire / Reprise
Dither                               UREI                                 M-Tronic
DJ 6666 feat. The Illegals           Death Breathing                      Digital Hardcore
DJ? Acucrack                         Mutant of Sound                      Slipdisc
DJ Logic                             The Anamoly                          Rope-A-Dope
DJ Logic                             Presents: Project Logic              Rope-A-Dope
DJ Shadow                            Entroducting                         Mo’ Wax
DJ Shadow                            Private Press, The                   RCA
DJ Shadow                            Preemptive Strike                    Mo’ Wax
Doves, The                           Lost Souls                           Astralwerks / Heavenly
Dr. Dog                              Easy Beat
Dramarama                            Live at the China Club               Chameleon
Duran Duran                          Decade                               Capitol
Duran Duran                          Greatest                             Capitol
Dystopia One                         Buscemi Tapes                        None of the Above
Earthphish                           Earthphish                           None
Ec8or                                All of Us Can be Rich                Digital Hardcore
Ec8or                                Dynamite EP                          Digital Hardcore
Ec8or                                Ec8or                                Digital Hardcore
Ec8or                                Horrible Plans of Flex Busterman     Digital Hardcore
Ec8or                                The One and Only High and Low        Digital Hardcore
Ec8or                                Spex is a Fat Bitch                  Digital Hardcore
Ec8or                                World Beaters                        Digital Hardcore
Eco-Hed                              Eco-Hed                              Positron!
Einheit, Ammer                       Haage                                Invisible
Electric Company                     Exitos                               Tigerbeat6
Electric Company                     Greatest Hits                        Tigerbeat6
Elias, Hanin                         In Flames                            Digital Hardcore
Elias, Hanin                         In Flames E.P                        Digital Hardcore
Elias, Hanin                         In Flames – Remix E.P                Digital Hardcore
Elias, Hanin                         Show E.P                             Digital Hardcore
Eminem                               Marshall Mathers LP                  Interscope
Empire, Alec                         Destroyer                            Digital Hardcore
Empire, Alec                         Geist of                             Geist / Digital Hardcore
Empire, Alec                         Generation Star Wars                 Mille Plateaux
Empire, Alec                         The Golden Foretaste Of Heaven       Digital Hardcore / EYHO
Empire, Alec                         Hypermodem Jazz 2000.5               Mille Plateaux
Empire, Alec                         Les Otoiles Des Filles Mortes        Mille Plateaux
Empire, Alec                         Limited Editions 1990-1994           Mille Plateaux
Empire, Alec                         Low on Ice (the Iceland Sessions)    Mille Plateaux
Empire, Alec & El-P (Company Flow)   Shards of Pol Pottery                Digital Hardcore
Empire, Alec                         Miss Black America                   Digital Hardcore
Empire, Alec                         Squeeze the Trigger                  Digital Hardcore
Encryption                           Encryption                           None
Endo, Nic                            Cold Metal Perfection                Geist / Digital Hardcore
Endo, Nic                            White Heat                           Digital Hardcore
Erasure                              Best Of                              Sire / Reprise
Erasure                              Pop                                  Sire / Reprise
Eve 6                            Eve 6                                       RCA
Eve 6                            Horrorscope                                 RCA
Eve 6                            It’s All In Your Head                       RCA
Faint, The                       Danse Macabre – Remixes                     Astralwerks
Faith No More                    Angel Dust                                  Reprise
Far                              Tin Cans With Strings For You               Immortal / Epic
Far                              Water & Solutions                           Immortal / Epic
Fatboy Slim                      The Greatest Hits – Why Try Harder          Skint / Astralwerks
Fatboy Slim                      Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars Skint / Astralwerks
Fatboy Slim                      Palookaville                                Astralwerks
Fatboy Slim                      Star 69: What the Fuck (Remixes)            Skint / Astralwerks
Feist                            The Reminder
Fenix TX                         Lechuza                                     MCA
Fever                            Too Bad But True                            Digital Hardcore
Fiction Plane                    Everything Will Never Be OK (Advance) MCA
Fiction Plane                    Everything Will Never Be Ok                 MCA
Fiction Plane                    Left Side of the Brain                      Bieler Bros.
Filter                           Amalgamut                                   Reprise
Filter                           Anthems for the Damned
Filter                           Short Bus                                   Reprise
Filter                           Title of Records                            Reprise
Fiona Apple                      Tidal
Fishtank No. 9                   Itself                                      Cop International
Fleet Foxes                      Fleet Foxes
Foucault                         Foucault Loves Disco                        JJ
Foo Fighters                     In Your Honor
Franz Ferdinand                  Franz Ferdinand                             Domino
Franz Ferdinand                  You Could Have It So Much Better            Domino
Front 242                        Off                                         Epic
Gabriel, Petersel                So                                          Geffen
Gabriel, Peter                   Us                                          Geffen
Gaffin, Greg                     Cold as the Clay                            Anti-
Gahan, Dave                      Hourglass                                   Mute
Gahan, Dave                      Paper Monsters                              Mute
Garbage                          Greatist Hits
Gearwhore                        Drive                                       Astralwerks
Girl Talk                        Feed the Animals
Girl Talk                        Night Ripper
G. Love & Special Sauce          G. Love & Special Sauce                     Epic
Gnarles Barkley                  Odd Couple
Gnarles Barkley                  St. Elsewhere
Godflesh                         Us and Them                                 Earache
Gold Chains                      Gold Chains                                 Orthlorng Musak
Gold Chains                      StraightFromYourRadio                       Tigerbeat6
Gold Chains                      Young Miss America                          PIAS America
Good, The Bad & The Queen, The   The Good, The Bad & The Queen               Virgin
Gorillaz                         Demon Days                                  Virgin
Gorillaz                         Gorillaz (UK Version)                       Parlophone
Gravity Kills                    Gravity Kills                               TVT
Gravity Kills                    Manipulated                                 TVT
Gravity Kills                    Perversion                                  TVT
Guns n’ Roses                    Appetite for Destruction                    Geffen
Guns n’ Roses                    Greatest Hits                               Geffen
Guns n’ Roses                    Use Your Illusions 1 & 2                    Geffen
H3llbent                         0.01                                        Fifth Colvmn
H3llb3nt                         Hardcore Vanilla                            Invisible
H3llb3nt                         Helium                                      Re-Constriction
H3llb3nt                         Regurgitator                                Invisible
Haloblack                        Funkyhell                                   Fifth Colvmn
Haloblack                        Tension Filter                              Fifth Colvmn
Halomaker                        Suffer This Wish                            Outburn
Hanayo                           Gift                                        Geist / Digital Hardcore
Handsome Boy Modeling School     Fall Collection for the Discerning Listener Atlantic / Elektra
Handsome Boy Modeling School     So, How’s Your Girl?                        Tommy Boy
Hate Dept                        Meat Your Maker                             21 Circuitry
Hate Dept                        Omnipresent                                 Neurotic
Hate Dept                      Technical Difficulties              Restless
Head Automatica                Decadence
Heartworm                      Bleeding In Circles                 Digital Hardcore
Heavy Water Factory            Author of Pain                      Energy
Heavy Water Factory            Cries from Hell                     Energy
Helmet                         Aftertaste                          Interscope
Helmet                         Betty                               Interscope
Helmet                         Born Annoying (7” – 1989)           Amphetamine Reptile
Helmet                         Meantime                            Interscope
Helmet                         Monochrome                          Warcon
Helmet                         Size Matters                        Interscope
Helmet                         Strap It On                         Interscope
Helmet                         Unsung: Best of 1991-97             Interscope
Hercules and Love Affair       Hercules and Love Affair
Hole                           Celebrity Skin                      DGC
Hot Chip                       Coming on Strong                    Moshi Moshi / Astralwerks
Hot Chip                       Made in the Dark                    Astralwerks
Hot Chip                       Over and Over                       Astralwerks
Hot Chip                       The Warning                         Astralwerks
Ice                            Bad Blood                           Reprise
Idiot Stare                    The Hate Cage                       12 Inch
Impossible Recording Machine   Axioms                              Positron!
Impossible Recording Machine   Echo the Moon                       Positron!
Insight 23                     Obsess                              Fifth Colvmn
Interpol                       Antics
Interpol                       Out Love to Admire
Interpol                       Turn On The Bright Lights
Invertigo                      Desensitized                        Atlantic (unreleased)
INXS                           Greatest Hits                       Atlantic
Iron Lung Corporation          Ditch the Attitude, Pally           Crack Nation / Invisible
Iron Lung Corporation          Shiny Big Spears                    Re-Constriction
James                          Laid                                Fontana / Mercury
Jane’s Addiction               Nothing Shocking                    Warner
Jane’s Addiction               Ritual De Lo Habitual               Warner
Jega                           Spectrum                            Matador
Jimmy Eat World                Bleed American
Jimmy Eat World                Chase This Light
Jimmy Eat World                Futures
JJ72                           JJ72                                Columbia
Journey                        Greatest Hits
Joy Division                   Permanent                           Warner
Justice                        Cross
K-OS                           Joyful Rebellion                    Astralwerks
Kalma                          Embarrassed                         Disko Squid
Keane                          Hopes and Fears                     Interscope
Keane                          Perfect Symetry                     Interscope
Keane                          Under the Iron Sea                  Interscope
Kevorkian Death Cycle          Collection for Injection            Ras DVA
Kevorkian Death Cycle          Dark Skies                          Metropolis
Kid 606                        Don’t Sweat the Technics            Vinyl Communications
Kid 606                        Down With the Scene                 Ipecac
Kid 606                        GQ on the EQ                        Tigerbeat6
Kid 606                        PS I Love You                       Tigerbeat6 / Mille Plateaux
Kid 606                        PS You Love Me                      Tigerbeat 6 / Mille Plateaux
Kid 606                        Soccergirl EP                       Carpark
Kid Loco                       Kill Your Darlings                  East West / Warner
Kid Rock                       Cocky (Advance Copy)                Atlantic
Killers, The                   Day & Age
Killers, The                   Sam’s Town
Killing Floor                  Killing Floor                       Re-Constriction
Killing Floor                  Divide By Zero                      Re-Constriction
Kill Switch … Klick            Alt.                                Cleopatra
Kill Switch … Klick            Beat It to Fit, Paint it to Match   Cleopatra
Kill Switch … Klick            Degenerate                          Cleopatra
Kill Switch … Klick            Oddities and Versions               Cleopatra
Kings of Leon                  Only By the Night
Klart                         For Shavers Only                    Rotters Golf Club
Klaxons, The                  Myths of the Near Future
Klaxons, The                  Xan Valley – EP
KMFDM                         (symbols)                           TVT
KMFDM                         Adios                               TVT
KMFDM                         Angst                               TVT
KMFDM                         Blitz                               Metropolis
KMFDM                         Brimborium                          Metropolis
KMFDM                         Money                               TVT
KMFDM                         Nihil                               TVT
KMFDM                         Sin, Sex, and Salvation             TVT
KMFDM                         (Symbols)                           Wax Trax / TVT
KMFDM                         Tohuvabohu                          Metropolis
KMFDM                         WWIII                               Sanctuary
KMFDM                         Xtort                               TVT
Kooks, The                    Inside In/Inside Out                Astralwerks
Korn                          Korn                                Immortal / Epic
Korn                          Life is Peachy                      Immortal / Epic
Kravitz, Lenny                Greatest Hits
Ladytron                      604                                 Emperor Norton
Ladytron                      Commodore Rock                      Emperor Norton
Ladytron                      Light & Magic                       Emperor Norton
Ladytron                      Velocifero                          Nettwerk
Ladytron                      Witching Hour                       Island
LCD Soundsystem               LCD Soundsystem                     DFA
LCD Soundsystem               Sound of Silver                     DFA / Capitol
Lerche, Sondre                Duper Sessions                      Astralwerks
Lerche, Sondre                Faces Down                          Astralwerks
Lerche, Sondre                Two Way Monologue                   Astralwerks
Lesser                        DiscDiscDiscDiscDisc                Vinyl Communications
Lesser                        Gearhound                           Matador
Lesser                        Mensa Dance Squad                   Tigerbeat6
Like A Tim                    Yeah Right                          Geist
Linkin Park                   Hybrid Theory                       Warner
Linkin Park                   Meteora                             Warner
Linkin Park                   Minutes to Midnight                 Waarner
Little T and One Track Mike   Fome is Dape (Advance Copy)         Lava / Atlantic
Live                          Awake: Best of                      Radioactive
Live                          Throwing Copper                     Radioactive
Lo-Fidelity Allstars          How to Operate with a Blown Mind    Skint / Columbia
Lolita Storm                  GFSU                                Fatal / Digital Hardcore
Lolita Storm                  Hot Lips, Wet Pants                 Fatal / Digital Hardcore
Lovage                        Lovage                              75 Ark
Marilyn Manson                Antichrist Superstar                Nothing
Maroon 5                      It Won't Be Soon Before Long
Maroon 5                      Songs About Jane                    Octane
Marumari                      Supermogadon                        Carpark
Willy Mason                   Scraps                              Atsralwerks
Mason, Willy                  Where the Humans Eat                Astralwerks
Massive Attack                100 Window                          Virgin
Massive Attack                Blue Lines                          Virgin
Massive Attack                Collected                           Virgin
Massive Attack                Mezzanine                           Virgin
Massive Attack                No Protection                       Gyroscope
Massive Attack                Protection                          Virgin
Matisyahu                     Live at Stubb’s                     Epic / Or Music
MDFMK                         MDFMK                               Republic / Universal
Mesh                          Fragile                             Navarre / Jarrett
Metallica                     Metallica                           Elektra
MGMT                          Climbing to New Lows
MGMT                          Oracular Spectacular
MGMT                          Time to Pretend - EP
Michael, George               Ladies and Gentleman: The Best Of   Epic
Micronaut                     Europa                              Positron!
Micronaut                     Ganymede                            Positron!
Micronaut                     IO                                  Positron!
Micronaut                           Micronaut                                Positron!
Micronaut                           Slinky                                   Positron!
Mimetic                             Data Sensitive                           Parametric
Mineral                             End Serenading                           Crank
Mineral                             The Power of Failing                     Crank
Minion                              Depression, Love & Triumph               Frozen Empire
Ministry                            Land of Rape and Honey                   Sire / Warner
Ministry                            Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, The   Sire
Ministry                            Psalm 69                                 Sire
Miss Kitten                         Mixing Me                                Astralwerks
Mlada Fronta                        FE2O3                                    M-Tronic
Mlada Fronta                        Oxydes                                   Parametric
Moby                                Hotel                                    V2
Moby                                Play                                     V2
Morcheeba                           Back to Me
Morcheeba                           Big Calm                                 Sire
Morcheeba                           Who Can You trust
Morrissey                           Greatest Hits
Muse                                Absolution                               Maverick
Muse                                Black Holes and Revelations              Maverick
Muse                                Showbiz                                  Maverick
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult   Elektrik Inferno Live                    Underground Inc.
Navicon Torture Technologies        Power Romance                            Cranial Fracture
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin                God Fodder                               Columbia
NIGO                                Ape Sounds                               Mo’ Wax
Nine Inch Nails                     Broken                                   Interscope
Nine Inch Nails                     Downward Spiral                          Interscope
Nine Inch Nails                     Fixed                                    Interscope
Nine Inch Nails                     Fragile                                  Interscope
Nine Inch Nails                     Pretty Hate Machine                      TVT
Nine Inch Nails                     With Teeth                               Interscope
Nine Inch Nails                     Year Zero                                Nothing
Nintendo Teenage Robots             We Punk Einheit!                         Digital Hardcore
Nirvana                             In Utero                                 DGC
Nirvana                             Nevermind                                DGC
Noise Level 9                       Beta 3.0                                 No Label (Promotional Use)
Non-Aggression Pact                 9mm Grudge                               Re-Constriction
Non-Aggression Pact                 Broadcast Quality Belligerence           Re-Constriction
Northern State                      Dying in Stereo                          Startime
Numb                                Death on the Installment Plan            Re-Constriction
Numbers                             Numbers Life                             Tigerbeat6
Numbers                             Greatest Hits                            Tigerbeat6
Oasis                               Dig Out Your Soul
Oasis                               The Master Plan
Oasis                               What’s the Story Morning Glory?
Of Montreal                         Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?
Of Montreal                         Satantic Twins Vinyl
Of Montreal                         The Sunlandic Twins
One Line Drawing                    Sketchy EP #1                            Crank
One Line Drawing                    Visitor                                  Jade Tree
Orange 9mm                          Driver Not Included                      EastWest
Orton, Beth                         Comfort of Strangers                     Astralwerks
Orton, Beth                         The Other Side of Daybreak               Astralwerks
Pain Station                        Anxiety                                  Decibel
Pearl Jam                           Ten                                      Epic
Pearl Jam                           Vitalogy                                 Epic
Pearl Jam                           Vs                                       Epic
Peter, Bjorn And John               Falling Out
Peter, Bjorn And John               Writer’s Block
Petty, Tom                          Best of                                  MCA
Philadelphia Experiment             Philadelphia Experiment                  Rope-A-Dope
Phoenix                             It’s Never Been Like That                Astralwerks
Phylr                               Contra La Puerta                         Invisible
Pigface                             Best Of                                  Invisible
Pigface                             Easy Listening                           Invisible
Pitchshifter                        Submit                                   Mosh
Pizzicato Five             Unzipped EP (Advance)                Matador
Placebo                    Meds                                 Astralwerks
Placebo                    Meds (Special Edition)               Astralwerks
Placebo                    Sleeping With Ghosts                 Astralwerks
Placebo                    With You I’m Nothing                 Virgin
P.O.D                      Fundamental Elements of Southtown    Atlantic
P.O.D                      Satellite                            Atlantic
Poe                        Haunted                              Atlantic
Poe                        Hello                                Atlantic
Police, The                Singles                              A&M
Pop Will Eat Itself        Cure for Sanity                      BMG
Pop Will Eat Itself        Dos Dedos Mis Amigos                 Nothing
Pop Will Eat Itself        This is the Day … This is the Hour   BMG
Pop Will Eat Itself        Wise Up Suckers                      BMG
Porno for Pyros            Porno for Pyros                      Warner
Porthishead                Dummy                                Go! Discs
Portishead                 Third
Pounder                    E6                                   Invisible
Prince                     The Hits 2                           Paisley Park / Warner
Prick                      Prick                                Nothing
Progrex.IV                 Reinvention Operation                Full Contact
Project Pitchfork          Chaka Red                            Metropolis
Project Pitchfork          Eon:Eon                              Metropolis
Prophet Omega              Natural World                        Astralwerks
Quasimoto                  The Unseen                           Stones Throw
Quicksand                  Manic Compression                    Island
Radio 4                    Enemies Like This                    Astralwerks
Radio 4                    Enemies Like This – Remixes          Astralwerks
Radio 4 and Small Sins     On Tour EP                           Astralwerks
Radioactive Man            Uranium E.P                          Rotters Golf Club
Radiohead                  Amnesiac                             Capitol
Radiohead                  The Bends                            Capitol
Radiohead                  Hail to the Thief                    Capitol
Radiohead                  In Rainbows                          Self-released
Radiohead                  Kid A                                Capitol
Radiohead                  OK Computer                          Capitol
Radiohead                  Pablo Honey                          Capitol
Rage Against The Machine   Battle of Los Angeles                Epic
Rage Against The Machine   Evil Empire                          Epic
Rage Against The Machine   Rage Against The Machine             Epic
Rammstein                  Sehnsucht                            Slash
Randall, Chris             The Devil His Due                    Positron!
Rapture, The               Pieces Of The People We Love
Razed in Black             Overflow                             Cleopatra
Rechenzentrum              The John Peel Session                Kitty-Yo
Rechenzentrum              Rechenzentrum                        Kitty-Yo
Red Hot Chili Peppers      Blood Sugar Sex Magik                Warner
Red Hot Chili Peppers      By the Way
Red Hot Chili Peppers      Californiacation                     Warner
Red Hot Chili Peppers      Mother’s Milk
Red Hot Chili Peppers      Stadium Arcadium
Red Reflection             Prelude to Annihilation              Frozen Empire
R.E.M                      Eponymous                            MCA
Ringer                     Pink Bunnies & Spiders
Ronson, Mark               Version                              RCA
Rope                       Hotel                                Geist
Rough Robot                Check the Rack                       Architecture
Royksopp                   Royksopp’s Night Out – Live EP       Astralwerks / Wall of Sound
Royksopp                   The Understanding                    Astralwerks / Wall of Sound
Rustic Overtones           Viva Nueva                           Tommy Boy
RX                         Bedside Toxicology                   Invisible
Scanalyzer                 Glitch                               Posimoto!
Scanalyzer                 On The One And The Zero              Positron!
Scanner                    Lauwarm                              Sulfur
Scapegoat Wax              Okeeblow                             Grand Royal
Scar Tissue                Separator                            21 Circuitry
Schizoid              We’re All Connected                         D-Trash Technologies
Seal                  Seal                                        Sire / Reprise
Semisonic             Feeling Strangely Fine                      MCA
Sexsmith, Ron         Retriever                                   Nettwerk
She-Satellites        Poison Lips                                 Geist
She Wants Revenge     She Wants Revenge
She Wants Revenge     This Is Forever
Shins, The            Wincing the Night Away
Shizuo                Give Up (Fuck Step ’98)                     Digital Hardcore
Shizuo                Shizuo vs. Shizor                           Digital Hardcore
Sia                   Coulour the Small One                       Astralwerks
Sigur Ros             Angaetis Burjan                             Pias America
Sister Machine Gun    6.0                                         Positron!
Sister Machine Gun    Burn                                        Wax Trax / TVT
Sister Machine Gun    Influence                                   Positron!
Sister Machine Gun    Metropolis                                  Wax Trax / TVT
Sister Machine Gun    Revolution                                  Positron!
Sister Machine Gun    Sins of the Flesh                           Wax Trax / TVT
Sister Machine Gun    Torture Technique                           Wax Trax / TVT
Sister Machine Gun    Transient 5.2                               Positron!
Size, Roni            Touching Down                               Full Cycle
Skold                 Dead God
Skold                 Neverland (Promo)
Skold                 Skold                                       RCA
Skold Vs. KMFDM       Skold vs. KMFDM                             KMFDM Records
Slave Unit            Slave Unit                                  COP International
Small Sins            Small Sins                                  Astralwerks
Smiths, The           Best of Vol. 1                              Sire / Reprise
Smiths, The           Best of Vol. 2                              Sire / Reprise
SMP                   Hacked                                      Invisible
SMP                   Stalemate                                   Re-Constriction
SMP                   Terminal                                    ADSR
SMP                   Ultimatum                                   Catastrophe
Sneaker Pimps         Becoming X                                  Virgin
Snow Patrol           Eyes Open
Snow Patrol           Final Straw
Society Burning       Entropy Lingua                              Re-Constriction
Society Burning       Tactiq                                      Re-Constriction
Sonic Subjunkies      Live at the Suicide Club (Berlin)           Digital Hardcore
Sonic Subjunkies      Molotov Lounge                              Iris Light
Soundgarden           A-Sides                                     A&M
Soundgarden           Superunknown                                A&M
Sounds, The           Dying To Say This To You
Spacehog              Resident Alien                              Sire
Spahn Ranch           Blackmail Starters Kit                      Cleopatra
Spahn Ranch           In Parts Assembled Solely                   Cleopatra
Sparklehorse          Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of the aAstralwerks
Spookey Ruben         Modes of Transportation: Vol. 1             TVT
Spookey Ruben         Wendy McDonald: Live in Japan               TVT
Stabbing Westward     Stabbing Westward                           Koch
Stabbing Westward     Wither, Blister, Burn + Peel                Columbia
Stage                 Historical Underdosing                      Dive
Stage                 Stage                                       Maverick
Star 69               (What the Fuck) – The Remixes               Astralwerks
Stars As Eyes         Freedom Rock                                Tigerbeat6
Starsailor            Love is Here                                Capitol
Sting                 Ten Summoner’s Tales                        A&M
Sting                 Best of                                     A&M
Stone Temple Pilots   Core                                        Atlantic
Stone Temple Pilots   No. 4                                       Atlantic
Stone Temple Pilots   Purple                                      Atlantic
Stone Temple Pilots   Tiny Music …                                Atlantic
Streets, The          A Grand Don’t Come For Free                 Vice
Streets, The          The Hardest Way To Make An Easy LivingVice
Streets. The          Original Pirate Material                    Vice
Strokes, The         First Impressions Of Earth
Strokes, The         Is This It?
Sturgis, Scott       In A Haze                                 Positron!
Sublime              40 Oz. To Freedom                         MCA
Sugar Ray            14:59                                     Atlantic
Sugar Ray            Floored                                   Atlantic
Sugar Ray            Lemonade and Brownies                     Atlantic
Sugar Ray            Sugar Ray                                 Atlantic
Talking Heads        Sand in the Vaseline                      Sire / Warner Bros.
Tears For Fears      Best of                                   Mercury
Techno Animal        Brotherhood of the Bomb                   Matador
T.H.C                Consenting Guinea Pig                     Fifth Colvmn
Timberlake, Justin   Future Sex/ Love Sounds
Tinfed               Hypersonic-Hyperphonic                    Re-Constriction
Tinfed               Synaptic Hardware                         Primitech
Tinfed               Tried and True                            Hollywood
Third Eye Blind      A Collection                              Elektra / Rhino
Third Eye Blind      Blue                                      Elektra
Third Eye Blind      Out of the Vein                           Elektra
Third Eye Blind      Red Star – EP                             Assembly
Third Eye Blind      Third Eye Blind                           Elektra
Tool                 Aenima                                    Zoo
Tool                 Undertow                                  Zoo
TV on the Radio      Return to Cookie Mountain
Tweaker              The Altercation of All Things Uncertain   Six Degrees
Two Lone Swordsmen   Stay Down                                 Matador
Two Minute Sinatra   Evaporate                                 Jarrett
U2                   All That You Can’t Leave Behind           Island
U2                   Best of: 1980-1990                        Island
U2                   Zooropa                                   Island
Unitus               Unitus                                    D-Trash Technologies
UNKLE                End Titles                                Mo’ Wax
UNKLE                Never, Never Land                         Mo’ Wax
UNKLE                Psyence Fiction                           Mo’ Wax
UNKLE                War Stories                               Mo’ Wax
Uranium 235          Cultural Minority                         SPV
Urge Overkill        Saturation                                Geffen
V / VM               The Green Door                  
Vampire Rodents      Clockseed                                 Re-Constriction
Vampire Rodents      Gravity’s Rim                             Fifth Colvmn
Vampire Rodents      Lullaby Land                              Re-Constriction
Vampire Weekend      Vampire Weekend
Vaughn, Viktor       Villain                                   Sound-Ink
Velvet Revolver      Contraband                                RCA
Veruca Salt          American Thighs
Veruca Salt          Eight Arms to Hold You
Veruca Salt          IV
VHS or Beta          Night on Fire                             Astarlwerks
Violent, Johnny      Shocker                                   Mosh
Violet Daydream      Meow                                      Self-Released
Virgos Merlot        Signs of a Vacant Soul                    Atlantic
Virus 23             Virus 23                                  Funky Mushroom
VNV Nation           Matter and Form
VNV Nation           Of Faith, Power And Glory
VNV Nation           Praise the Fallen                         Wax Trax / TVT
Voltaire             Almost Human                              Projekt
Waiting for God      Quarter Inch Thick                        Re-Constriction
We Are Scientists    Brain Thrust Mastery
Webb Brothers        Maroon                                    Atlantic
Weezer               Weezer (blue)                             DGC
Weiland, Scott       12 Bar Blues                              Atlantic
Weiland, Scott       Happy in Galoshes
White Collar Crime   Their Laws are Dimwit Greed               Soft Skull
White Rabbits        Fort Nightly
Wilco                Yankee Foxtrot Hotel                      Nonesuch
Williams, Robbie     Greatest Hits
Word              Word                                       Rope-A-Dope
Wu-Tang Clan      Forever                                    Loud
Yelle             Pop Up
Yorke, Thom       The Eraser                                 Capitol
Zeromancer        Eurotrash                                  Cleopatra

Various Artists   Ape Sounds                                 Mo’ Wax
Various Artists   Attack Patterns                            Apocalypse Magazine
Various Artists   Attitude                                   Tigerbeat6
Various Artists   Ignorance is a Bliss                       Audio Chocolate
Various Artists   Black Box                                  Wax Trax!
Various Artists   Boston Elektro 101                         Sinless
Various Artists   Brick Smack                                Dross:Tik
Various Artists   Certified Dope: Vol. 3                     Wordsound
Various Artists   Chemical Warfare                           Invisible /
Various Artists   Clear and Present Danger                   Digital Hardcore / Invisible
Various Artists   Culture Shock: Transmission 05             Culture Shock Magazine
Various Artists   Cyberpunk Fiction                          Re-Constriction
Various Artists   Cyberflesh Conspiracy                      Re-Constriction
Various Artists   The DFA Remixes                            Astralwerks / DFA
Various Artists   DIY-Fest Compilation Vol. 1                Digital Hardcore
Various Artists   Don’t Fuck With Us (3xCD)                  Digital Hardcore
Various Artists   Energy Records: 1997                       Energy
Various Artists   Fascist Communist Revolutionaries          Fifth Colvmn
Various Artists   Forced Cranial Removal                     Fifth Coluvmn
Various Artists   Global Lounge Sessions                     Deep Touch
Various Artists   Harder Than The Rest                       Digital Hardcore
Various Artists   Ignorance Is Bliss                         Audio.Chocolate
Various Artists   Industrial Baby!                           Delinquent
Various Artists   Industrial Madness                         Cleopatra
Various Artists   Invisible Route 666                        Invisible
Various Artists   Kid 606 and Friends: Vol. 1                Tigerbeat6
Various Artists   KompPosi001                                Positron!
Various Artists   KompPosi002                                Positron!
Various Artists   Murder Sounds                              Ambush
Various Artists   Newer Wave                                 21 Circuitry
Various Artists   Nod’s Tacklebox o’ Fun                     Re-Constriction / Cargo
Various Artists   Open Up and Say … @<%_|^[!]                Tigerbeat6
Various Artists   Paws Across America: 2002                  Tigerbeat6
Various Artists   Paws Across America: 2003                  Tigerbeat6
Various Artists   Radio 4 & Small Sins on Tour 2006          Astralwerks
Various Artists   Requiem For a Dream                        NoneSuch
Various Artists   Rising Tide                                D-Trash Technologies
Various Artists   Rivethead Culture                          Re-Constriction
Various Artists   Scavengers in the Matrix                   Re-Constriction
Various Artists   The Science of Sleep                       Astralwerks
Various Artists   Search and Destroy                         CFET
Various Artists   Shut Up Kitty                              Re-Constriction
Various Artists   Silicon Warfare                            Arts Industria
Various Artists   Solesides: Greatest Bumps                  Quannum
Various Artists   Songs f/ the Wasteland: Mission Tribute    Re-Constriction
Various Artists   Spawn: OST                                 Immortal / Epic
Various Artists   Stones Throw Sampler                       Stones Throw
Various Artists   Technotic Effect                           Re-Constriction
Various Artists   There Is No Time                           Ras DVA
Various Artists   Thugs n’ Kisses                            Re-Constriction
Various Artists   Torture Tech Overdrive                     Re-Constriction
Various Artists   TV Terror                                  Re-Constriction
Various Artists   V for Vendetta                             Astralwerks
Various Artists   Wish You Were Queer: Tribute to Ministry   Invisible
Various Artists   Xen Cuts                                   Ninja Tune
Various Artists   You've Got The Fuckin' Power               Digital Hardcore

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