The World's Most Admired Companies List of Industry Champions

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					World's Most Admired Companies Industry champions
These companies are the most admired in their sector, according to their peers. Company 3M Aetna Aflac Alcoa Altria Group Anheuser-Busch Aramark Archer Daniels Midland AT&T Avnet Bank of America Bank of New York Mellon BASF Berkshire Hathaway BMW Caterpillar Cisco Systems Continental Airlines Costco Wholesale Dun & Bradstreet EMC EMCOR Group* Exxon Mobil FedEx Fortune Brands FPL Group General Electric Goldman Sachs Group Google Graybar Electric Henry Schein Herman Miller Host Hotels & Resorts IBM Integrys Energy Group Intel International Paper Industry Medical and Other Precision Equipment Health Care: Insurance, Managed Care Insurance: Life and Health Metals Tobacco Beverages Diversified Outsourcing Services Food Production Telecommunications Wholesalers: Electronics Megabanks Superregional Banks (U.S.) Chemicals Insurance: Property and Casualty Motor Vehicles Industrial and Farm Equipment Network Communications Airlines Specialty Retailers Financial Data Services Computer Peripherals Engineering, Construction Petroleum Refining Delivery Household Products Electric and Gas Electronics Securities Internet Services and Retailing Wholesalers: Diversified Wholesalers: Health Care Furniture Real Estate Infotech Services Energy Semiconductors Forest and Paper Products Overall score 6.96 7.39 6.68 7.05 8.01 7.50 6.62 7.06 7.05 6.97 6.69 6.78 7.06 7.78 6.50 7.61 7.36 7.71 6.92 6.98 7.63 7.55 7.79 7.56 7.81 6.80 7.44 7.75 7.73 8.08 6.84 7.83 6.59 7.55 7.94 7.57 8.56

Intuit Jacobs Engineering Group* Johnson & Johnson KB Home Kindred Healthcare Landstar System Marriott International Martin Marietta Materials McDonald's Medco Health Solutions Nestlé Nike Occidental Petroleum Pactiv Penske Automotive Group Procter & Gamble Robert Half International Simon Property Group Spectra Energy Sysco Tesco Toyota Industries Union Pacific United Technologies Visa Wal-Mart Stores Walt Disney Washington Post Xerox

Computer Software Engineering, Construction Pharmaceuticals Homebuilders Health Care: Medical Facilities Trucking Hotels, Casinos, Resorts Building Materials, Glass Food Services Health Care: Pharmacy and Other Services Consumer Food Products Apparel Mining, Crude-Oil Production Packaging, Containers Automotive, Retailing Soaps and Cosmetics Temporary Help Real Estate Pipelines Wholesalers: Food and Grocery Food and Drug Stores Motor Vehicle Parts Railroads Aerospace and Defense Consumer Credit Card and Related Services General Merchandisers Entertainment Publishing: Newspapers, Magazines Computers

7.41 7.55 7.31 6.58 6.36 6.64 8.22 6.80 7.72 7.68 8.08 8.02 8.04 7.27 6.59 7.69 6.70 6.59 6.61 7.98 7.11 6.84 7.97 7.30 6.98 7.29 8.53 7.34 7.28

From the March 16, 2009 Fortune Magazine Issue * This year companies whose industry scores are equal when rounded to two places will receive the same rank, i.e., they will tie. In cases of ties, companies are listed in alphabetical order. To View the Entire List Click Here

Description: The World's Most Admired Companies List of Industry Champions from the Fortune Magazine Top Companies List to be published in the March 16th 2009 Issue