A Night of by tyndale


									                                       A Night of:
                                 Macabre Poetry

                                  By: Zach Hennis
Open In On: Ext. House-Night

P.O.V Through the Poet’s eyes.

We see him walking up to the door.

He tries to open the door, but it is locked.

He walks backwards until we can see the upstairs windows.

Suddenly a light upstairs is turned on.

The Poet begins walking to the side of the house.

He walks up to a sliding door.

He opens up the sliding door and walks into the house.

Cut To: Int. House-Upstairs Bedroom

The CAMERA pans around the bedroom. There is no one in the room.

The CAMERA movies into the bathroom that is connected to the bedroom.

We hear the shower running.

Suddenly the shower is turned off.

We see the shower door open. A hand reaches out and grabs a towel that is hanging on a
towel rack. The hand pulls the towel back into the shower.

Moments later Emmie Grant steps out of the shower with the towel covering her up.

She walks by the CAMERA.

The CAMERA pans around.

Emmie Grant walks into the bedroom and out of CAMERA view.
Moments later a towel is thrown by the bathroom door and moments after that we see
Emmie Grant walk past the bathroom door with a shirt and a pair of shorts on.

The CAMERA pans out of the bedroom and follows Emmie Grant.

She walks down a set of stairs.

She walks out of CAMERA view.

The CAMERA pulls back and steps into-

P.O.V Through the Poet.

The Poet walks down the stairs and walks in the direction that Emmie Grant walked in.

The Poet stops in a doorway.

We see the kitchen, and past the kitchen, is the living room.
We see Emmie Grant sit down on the couch with her back to us and turn on the

The Poet walks towards her.

Cut To: P.O.V. on Emmie Grant-Front

We see the Poet slowly approaching her from behind.

When the Poet stands right behind her, he just stands there motionless.

Moments Later he grabs Emmie Grant with both hands around the throat and starts to
strangle her.

Emmie tries to fight him off, but his grasp is too strong.

Moments later, Emmie’s body goes limp. She is dead.

The Poet stands over her body for a moment.

The Poet walks away.

Moments later the Poet returns with a knife.

He slits both of Emmie’s wrists.

Fade Out:
Fade In On: Same House-Same CAMERA position.

Only the house is now a crime scene.

A flash goes off as a cop takes a picture of Emmie’s body.

The CAMERA pans around the house.

The CAMERA stops on two cops- Sheriff Riley and Deputy Mahoney.

                                      Sheriff Riley
                  I want you to go get Liss from the Library, right now.

                                    Deputy Mahoney
                                     Alright Sheriff.

We see the Sheriff walk into another room and Deputy Mahoney walks out the front

Cut To: Ext. Amity Library-Day

We see the Deputy pull up in his car.

He gets out and walks quickly to the Library door.

Cut To: Int. Library

We see Bernard Liss sitting in his office looking through a book.

The Deputy walks into the doorway and knocks.

                                      Bernard Liss
                                  Oh, come in, come in.
                                       Have a seat.

                                   Deputy Mahoney
                        No thanks. The sheriff needs to see you.

                                         Bernard Liss
                                        Why, what for?

                                   Deputy Mahoney
                               He need you to examine…

                                       Bernard Liss
           Alright, Alright. I can’t go anyway. Who would watch the books?
                                     Deputy Mahoney
                          Mr. Liss, the sheriff has ordered you…

                                        Bernard Liss
                    Oh well, It’s not like anyone comes here anyway.

Bernard stands up, gets his coat and puts it on, then walks out of the office with the

Cut To: Int. Emmie Grant’s House.

We see cops still combing over the house.

The CAMERA pans by the front door as Bernard Liss and the Deputy walk in.

Deputy points.

                                     Deputy Mahoney
                                       Over here.

                                   Bernard Liss
       I don’t know why you want me to help you on this; I won’t be of much use.

Bernard Liss and the Deputy walk up to the Sheriff.

                                      Sheriff Riley
                                      Ah…Mr. Liss.

                                       Bernard Liss

                                      Sheriff Riley
                      There’s something I want you to take a look at.

                                      Bernard Liss
   I have already guessed that, judging by the way you invited me to the crime scene.

                                       Sheriff Riley
                                   Just follow me, Liss.

The Sheriff leads Bernard Liss into the room of Special Interest.

The CAMERA pans directly behind the Sheriff, Deputy, and Liss.

We can see that there is writing on the wall.
The CAMERA cuts in front of the three so we can see the writing clearer.

Bernard Liss reads it out loud.

                                        Bernard Liss
                            “And the cloud that took the form
                           (When the rest of Heaven was blue)
                                 Of a demon in my view.
                                 I just wanted you to see,
                              Who I am, and who I could be.
                        For all you know I could be an equestrian,
                           To start to know, ask the librarian.”

Cut To: P.O.V. on Bernard Liss, Deputy, and Sheriff.

                                      Bernard Liss
               (sarcastically) Ah… I see why you asked me to come here.

                                        Sheriff Riley
  Look, Liss, This is serious. It’s not everyday a murder like this happens in this town.
                       What does that mean? (pointing to the wall)

                                      Bernard Liss
                 (Looking at the wall) Well, it seems that this is a poem.

                                      Sheriff Riley
                              So we’re dealing with a poet?

                                      Bernard Liss
                                        Sort of.

                                    Sheriff Riley
                       What do you mean, sort of? I need a clear…

                                      Bernard Liss
The first three lines are from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “Alone”. The rest he made up on
                                         his own.

                                    Sheriff Riley
                         Why would he want you to figure it out?

                                      Bernard Liss
It’s simple. He needed to be heard. He needed someone to figure out the meaning of the
  poem. This is quite an easy one. He’s Alone. He wants someone to be occupied with
                         what he’s doing so he won’t feel alone.
                                        Sheriff Riley
                                         Thank you.

The Sheriff starts to walk away.

                                      Bernard Liss
                              Oh. Sheriff? Can I leave now?

The sheriff turns to Liss.

                                        Sheriff Riley
                                 Yeah, Yeah. Get outta here.

The sheriff turns back around.

                                        Bernard Liss

The sheriff turns to Liss.

                                        Sheriff Riley

                                        Bernard Liss
                                        I need a ride.

The sheriff sighs.

                                        Sheriff Riley

                                      Deputy Mahoney
                                       Yeah sheriff?

                                      Sheriff Riley
                             Give Mr. Liss here, a ride home.

                                      Deputy Mahoney
                                         Will do.

The Deputy and Bernard Liss walk out of the house.

The CAMERA follows them as they get in the Deputy’s car and speed away.

Cut To: Ext. Amity Library-Day
Bernard Liss gets out of the car and shuts the door.

                                        Bernard Liss
                                     Thanks for the ride.

                                      Deputy Mahoney

The Deputy drives off.

Bernard Liss watches him, then turns and walks into the library.

Cut To: Int. Amity Library

Bernard Liss walks around the library, straightening books.

The CAMERA follows him.

A few moments later, Bernard Liss walks into his office and sits down on his desk.

When he sits down he notices something strange on his desk. A piece of paper with
words spelled out in blood.

P.O.V. Through Bernard Liss.

We see the poem on the desk.

Bernard Liss reads it out loud.

                                         Bernard Liss
                        “Lo; Death has reared himself a throne.
                               In a strange city lying alone.
                              Far down within the dim west,
                 Where the good and the bed and the worst and the best.
                        I’ll stay; I’ll let you figure out the rest.”

P.O.V. on Bernard Liss

He leans back in his chair.

He begins to ponder.

                                        Bernard Liss
                              Ah. The poem is “City by the Sea”.
                                       But what city?
He stands up from his chair and begins to walk around his office, thinking.

A few minutes later…

                                         Bernard Liss
                              It isn’t a city at all. It’s the pub.

Bernard Liss grabs his jacket and runs out of his office.

Cut To: Int. Amity Pub

The CAMERA pans around the pub.

We see bikers, women, and all other kinds of people.

Cut To: P.O.V. on Front door.

We see Bernard Liss rush into the pub.

He begins to frantically look around the room.

He walks up to the bar.

                                        Bernard Liss

The Bartender doesn’t hear him.

                                        Bernard Liss

Sam the Bartender hears him. He walks over to Bernard.

                                What can I get you Bernie?

                                   Bernard Liss
         Have you seen anyone kinda…you know… out of the ordinary tonight?

                           Not anymore than what I usually see.

Bernard Liss slaps the bar counter and walks away.

He stops walking and looks around the pub again.
He fixes his eyes on the bathroom.

He begins fighting his way through the crowd.

He finally reaches the bathroom.

He takes a look around to see if anyone is watching him.

He walks into the bathroom.

He walks just inside the doorway to make sure no one else is in the bathroom.

He then turns and locks the door.

He begins walking slowly and checking all the stalls.

He gets to the last stall.

He is tentative to open it.

He finally does open it and lying in the stall is the dad carcass of a 30 year old man.

On the side of the stall we can see some writing.

Bernard turns away from the body about ready to throw up.

He finally builds up enough guts to look back in the stall.

He reads the note out loud.

                                          Bernard Liss
                                 “They make my ears very sore,
                                  Being here splashed in blood.
                             Don’t worry this place will never flood.”

He stands for a few Seconds.

                                          Bernard Liss
                             You bastard. You’re going to the church.

Bernard runs out of the bathroom.

The CAMERA follows him.

He runs over to the pay phones.
He dials the Sheriff’s number.

                                        Bernard Liss
                                       Hello, Sheriff?
                                        It’s Bernard.
                                       I’m at the pub.
                                   I found another body.

He hangs up the phone.

Fade Out:

Fade In On: Int. Amity Pub

The Pub is now a crime scene.

Cut To: Int. Bathroom

We see the sheriff and Bernard Liss standing next to the stall.

There is an officer taking photographs of the body.

                                     Sheriff Riley
                    We have the makings of our very own serial killer.

                                       Bernard Liss
                                 It would appear that way.

                                      Sheriff Riley
                    So what does this new “poem” mean to you Liss?

                                      Bernard Liss
                     I don’t know sheriff. I haven’t figured it out yet.

                                       Sheriff Riley
                                      You better be…

                                       Bernard Liss
 Look Sheriff! If you don’t mind, I’d like to go back to the library and figure this out for

The Sheriff sighs deeply.

                                       Sheriff Riley
               Fine, Get Out. Just get a hold of me when you figure it out.
Bernard Liss leaves the bathroom.

The CAMERA follows him.

Bernard walks out the front door.

Cut To: Ext. Amity Pub-Night

We see Bernard get in his car and drive away.

Cut To: Ext. Church- Night

We see Bernard Liss pull up to the church.

He turns his head and looks at the church.

He puts his head down like he doesn’t want to go in the church.

Moments later he gets out of his car and slowly walks into the church.

Cut To: Int. Church

P.O.V. on Front of Bernard Liss.

He looks around the church.

P.O.V. Through Bernard.

He fixes his eyes on the Preacher’s podium.

He runs to the podium and looks behind it.

Instead of a body, there is a note attached to the podium.

Bernard detaches it and reads it.

                                      Bernard Liss
                                 “I caught you looking,
                                   Now I am seeking,
                                   I want to kill more,
                                  But one isn’t enough.
                                 I need a place where I,
                           Can kill two birds with one stone.”
                           Writing our own poems now, I see.
                 You could at least make them a little more challenging.
                      It shouldn’t be hard to find you in the park.
Cut To: Amity-Grove Park-Night

We see car lights coming into the park.

It’s Bernard Liss.

He speeds to the middle of the park.

He pulls to a sudden stop.

He quickly gets out of his car.

He runs deeper into the park.

The CAMERA follows him.

He comes up on a little statue in the park.

Beside the statue there is a bench.

P.O.V. Through Bernard Liss.

We see a little note attached to the bench.

P.O.V. on Bernard Liss.

He sees the note and runs over to the bench.

He picks up the note.

The Note is read aloud.

                                       Bernard Liss
                                  “The rush of the kill,
                                 The silence of their will.
                                  I give you two more,
                           But if you’re already looking for,
                                      A few others,
                     Look up to the sky and head back to your books.
                                     You must look.
                            Look in the poems for the next.”

Bernard pockets the note.

He looks up.
P.O.V. on Bernard Liss-Overview.

A few drops of blood fall on his face.

P.O.V. Through Bernard Liss.

We see two dead bodies hanging in the tree.

P.O.V. on Bernard Liss.

He runs out of CAMERA view.

Cut To: Ext. Library-Night

We see Bernard Liss come to a squealing stop in front of the library.

He hops out of his car and runs into the library.

Cut To: Int. Library.

Bernard Liss runs to the poetry section of the library.

The CAMERA follows him.

He begins grabbing every book off the shelf, quickly searching through it, then throws
each one to the ground. He moves from shelf to shelf.

Finally after a long search, a piece of paper, a note, falls out of a book. The note falls to
the ground.

Bernard Liss tosses the book over his shoulder.

He bends over and picks it up.

                                       Bernard Liss
                                       Here you are.
                          Let’s see what you have to say this time.

Bernard Liss opens the note and read it.

P.O.V. through Bernard Liss
                                          Bernard Liss
                                 “Sheriff, Deputy, and officers,
                                     Come few in this town
                              Shouldn’t be hard to take them down.
                                          Three or four,
                                  I’ll watch their blood pour.”

P.O.V. on Bernard Liss

He has a worried look on his face.

He drops the note.

He watches it as it floats to the ground.

Bernard Liss gets his senses back.

He runs out of the library.

Cut To: Ext. Amity Library-Night

We see Bernard Liss run to his car, get in, and speed away.

Cut To: Int. Police Station.

The CAMERA pans into the main area of the police station.

We see four cops, two of them being the Sheriff and Deputy, lying dead. The sheriff at
his desk, the deputy on the floor beside his desk, and the other two cops on the floor.

A few moments later Bernard Liss comes running trough the doors.

He sees the carnage.

                                        Bernard Liss
                                   Oh my… What’s going on?

Bernard Liss walks over to the Sheriff’s body. There is a note in his shirt pocket.

Bernard Liss seems very tentative to take it out.

He finally grabs it.

The note is splattered in blood.

Bernard Liss opens the note.
Before he starts to read it, he seems like he’s sick to the stomach because of all the blood
that is covering the note.

The note is barely legible.

P.O.V. through Bernard Liss

He read it out loud.

                                      Bernard Liss
                            “In spring of youth it was my lot
                            To haunt of the wide world spot
                          The which I could not love the less-
                              So lovely was the loneliness
                         Of a wild lake, with black rock bound,
                        And the tall pines that towered around.
                        But when the Night had thrown he pall
                               Upon that spot, as upon all,
                              And the mystic wind went by
                                 Murmuring in melody,
                              Then- ah then I would awake
                              To the terror of the lone lake
                          Death was in that poisonous wave,
                              And in its gulf a fitting grave
               For him who thence could solace bring to his lone imagining
                            Whose solitary soul could make
                               An Eden of that dim lake.”

P.O.V. on Bernard Liss

He looks up from the note.

He throws the note down and runs out of CAMERA view.

Cut To: Lake-Night

We see Bernard Liss drive up to the lake shore in his car.

He begins searching around for any signs of the Poet.

Suddenly we hear a voice come from woods.

It’s the Poet’s voice.
                                         The Poet
                                   Turn and face the lake.

Bernard Liss is hesitant to follow orders.

                                           The Poet
                                            Do it!

Bernard Liss does as the Poet wishes and faces the lake.

P.O.V. on side angle of Bernard Liss.

We see a gun slowly enter the screen.

The gun is pressed up against Bernard Liss’ back.

                                        Bernard Liss
                         So you’re the one that’s been doing all this?

                                        The Poet
                   Yeah, and you’re the last who knows about my sins.

Suddenly Bernard Liss turns and back-hand punches the Poet.

Bernard Liss runs off.

The Poet who is wearing a mask chases after him.

The CAMERA follows Bernard Liss as he runs from the Poet.

Bernard runs through the whole town.

He runs all the way back to the library.

Bernard Liss runs into the library.

Cut To: Int. Amity Library

There is no sign of the Poet.

Bernard Liss looks out the window.

P.O.V. through Bernard Liss.

The Poet is not in sight.
Bernard Liss runs back to his office.

He runs over to a locker in the corner of his office, opens it, and pulls out a shotgun.

He runs back to the window.

P.O.V through Bernard Liss

We see the Poet closing in on the library.

P.O.V. on Bernard Liss

He walks over to the front door.

He is standing in front of the door.

He takes a deep breath.

He pulls the door open.

The Poet stops in the middle of the street when he sees the shotgun.

Bernard Liss fires the shotgun.

It hit the Poet in the chest.

The Poet falls to the ground, dead.

Bernard Liss lowers the shotgun.

Out of nowhere all the people we thought were dead walk into CAMERA view.

Emmie Grant, the Sheriff, Deputy, the two people in the tree and all the others.

They all look down at the Poet’s body and up at Bernard Liss.

                                        Sheriff Riley
                        Bernard, this was… this, all of it, wasn’t real.

                                           Bernard Liss
                                       (In disbelief) What?

                                       Sheriff Riley
You’ve kept this library going for ten years on this day. We thought you deserved a little
                                     Bernard Liss
                       Then… then who’s that? (Pointing to the Poet)

                                    Deputy Mahoney
                       That’s Sam Johnson…you know the bartender.

P.O.V. on Bernard Liss.

He can’t believe what’s going on.

                                     Sheriff Riley
                 I have no choice Bernard, but to arrest you for murder.

Sheriff approaches Bernard Liss with handcuffs.

The Sheriff pulls the shotgun away and tosses it into some bushes.

He puts the handcuffs on Bernard.

                                      Bernard Liss
                                     I… didn’t know.

                                    Sheriff Riley
             I know Bernie…I’ll do everything I can to get you out of this.

Fade Out:

Fade In On: Int. Sanitarium-Padded room.

SuperImpose: Three months later.

We see Bernard Liss walking around the padded room.

Fade Out: To Black.

Roll Ending Credits.

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