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                       Jennifer McKee - senior grant specialist

    Special Bulletin: 2009 Government Stimulus Grants are Available!

    President Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus plan to help the economy. The bill combines $281 billion
    in tax cuts for individuals and businesses with more than a half-trillion dollars in government spending. The
    money would go for infrastructure, health care and help for cash-starved state governments, among scores of
    programs. Seniors would get a $250 bonus Social Security check.

    You Need to Act Now to Beat the Crowd!
    We are expecting that government agencies will be overwhelmed by new grant applications in the next few
    months. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible! This is the only way to get your grant checks in a
    timely manner!

    How to get Your Money from the Government!
    Many Americans never apply for Government Grants, mainly because of three reasons: 1, They simply don't
    know that grants are available for them. 2, Finding the right Grants is a very time consuming. 3, There
    numerous forms that need to be filled out, which makes the application process very complicated. Grant
    amounts can range from around $10, 000 to over a $100,000. The grants are available for all residents of the
    United States. These grants were designed to help everyday Americans, like you!

    We recommend using the grant writing program from Government Grant Solutions They help you find all the
    grants you can apply for and automatically fill out most of the forms for you. Simply follow these two steps:

      1. Go to Government Grant Solutions and find out if you qualify for the program.

      2. Once you qualify, simply follow the instructions.

    Quick Facts:
    All United States citizens and legal residents are eligible to apply for grants. Grant application is free of charge.
    There is no limit for how many grants you can apply for.

    Grants are available for:

           Unemployment Help
           Mortgage and Rent Payment
           Vehicle Loan Payments
           Credit Card Debt Medical Bills
           Personal Items, Food, Clothing
           Small Business Startups                      Page 1 of 2
American Grants                                                                                                                                                 2/18/09 4:43 PM

             and for many other needs

    Most of the government agencies don’t offer direct deposit into your bank account so you will have to wait at
    least a few days for the checks to arrive. Some people get them in days others have to wait for weeks.

    Check Your Eligibility Now!

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