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                                                                                                                          the wave of trauma
                                                                                                                           is about to crest.

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 comparable system.        mass unemployment. But         a dramatic transformation       they had had sex while          people are bracing.
                              it is arriving—fast.         from a poorly equipped         intoxicated, which they
                                                              peasant army to a               later regretted.
                                                            sophisticated military.

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        a digest of significant world news from the PhiladelPhia TrumPeT staff • for the week of march 22-28, 2009

                            the great american spectacle
                                     e are  living through history in    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Senate Commit-
                                      the making. Not the good kind      tee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Chairman Chris
                                      of history. More like Nero-        Dodd are both outraged. Congress is outraged. Journal-
                            fiddling-while-Rome-burned history.          ists are outraged. The Baltimore Sun reports: “A Financial
                               The kind of history we are seeing         Outrage.” The Washington Post: “Outrage Over AIG.” The
                            now is an empire in terminal and rapid       Financial Times: “Summers ‘Outrage’ at aIG Bonuses.”
                            decline. As the greatest single nation           A recent Gallup poll found that almost 60 percent of
                            in history disintegrates, like Rome and      Americans said they were personally “outraged.” America
                            hundreds of other empires before it, the     is outraged.
        roberT morley
                            public spectacles and orchestrated cir-          Yes, politicians have stirred up a hornet’s nest of rage.
          columnisT         cuses for the masses keep getting bigger.    But what is all the rage about?
           Public spectacle number one: Lies, lots of them.                  Most recently, it is the fact that aIG is paying $165 mil-
           “We’ll see the recession coming to an end probably this       lion in bonuses to its employees—after accepting taxpayer
       year,” predicted Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke            money to stay afloat because some of those employees got
       on March 15. The recovery will begin in 2010 “and it will         greedy and irresponsible.
       pick up steam over time,” he said.                                    A little outrage goes a long way in distracting from the
           President Obama confidently said, “We will rebuild, we        lies, and from the bigger issues.
       will recover, and the United States of America will emerge            That $165 million is only 0.09 percent of the $180 billion
       stronger than before.”                                            in taxpayer money that politicians forked over. And aIG was
           But what else are they supposed to say?                       contractually obligated to pay it. The government knew
           That the Fed slashed interest rates to less than 2 percent    about the bonuses when it gave aIG its first bailout; it could
       in 2002, knowing it would create a massive bubble, but do-        have legally stopped them then. It had the chance again
       ing it anyway to make politicians happy? That the resulting       after the second bailout. And the third, and the fourth.
       pop and debt deflation is sucking the economy into a black        Now, all of a sudden, comes outrage! And don’t forget the
       hole? That the Fed’s proposed cure, the only one left in its      multibillion-dollar bonuses over at Goldman Sachs, Mor-
       arsenal—fiat money creation—will destroy the life savings         gan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank of America and other compa-
       of its responsible citizens, the people who tried to invest for   nies that have taken taxpayer money to stay afloat.
       their retirements?                                                    Flying beneath all the rage were three bombshell news
           Bloated government and unsustainable deficit spend-           items that should have ignited outrage, but were lost in the
       ing has saddled the nation with gargantuan debts that will        big media commotion over an amount of money equivalent
       never be repaid. Social Security is a busted bank, robbed by      to a rounding error in the recent pork-laden, self-interest
       politicians who spent the trust fund money. Medicare and          spending fest also referred to as the federal budget.
       Medicaid benefits will be slashed because politicians made            Amid the hubbub, aIG conveniently disclosed where all
       unsustainable promises to buy votes. Taxes will probably be       the taxpayer money it had received disappeared to. Sur-
       doubled—then tripled when foreign creditors cut America           prise, surprise: aIG turned out to be a front for funneling
       off. America soon won’t be able to provide the level of           more taxpayer money into the big Wall Street and foreign
       services that Americans have come to look upon as consti-         banks in what essentially amounts to a second stealth
       tutional rights.                                                  backdoor bailout: $12.9 billion to Goldman Sachs, $11.9
           Is that what you say?                                         billion and $4.9 billion to France’s SocGen and bnp Paribas
           That we are on our way to becoming a nation of beggars?       respectively, $11.8 billion to Germany’s Deutsche Bank, and
           You won’t hear these words come out of any public of-         $8.5 billion to Britain’s Barclays. And so on. Why are U.S.
       ficials—not because they are not true, but because the truth      taxpayers bailing out foreign banks?
       would cause panic among a populace that has been wooed                Also lost in the tumult was the fact that the national debt
       to sleep by the sweet lullabies of politicians.                   hit a record $11 trillion last week. It only took 5 months for
           Public spectacle number two: Outrage, and lots of it.         politicians to add $1 trillion to the debt—the fastest jump in
           President Obama is outraged. Ben Bernanke is outraged.                                               see sPecTacle page 10
                                        The TrumPeT weekly March 28, 2009 •   2   ny daily news | march 27

Middle east                                                                       israel’s Hypocritical
       resIdent barack
       Obama used the
       occasion of the                                                            WIth benjamIn Netanyahu set to become
Islamic New Year on                                                               Israel’s prime minister, critics around the
March 20 to release a                                                             world are proclaiming the death of the
videotaped message                                                                peace process. And the fact that Avigdor
on the Internet ap-                                                               Lieberman—who has called for all Israeli
pealing to the Iranian                                                            citizens (not just Arabs) to swear a loyalty
people and leadership                                                             oath and supports population transfers
to reconcile with the                                                             with the Palestinians—may become Isra-
U.S. The U.S. president                                                           el’s foreign minister has only exacerbated
spoke of “a new day”                                                              the fervor of these predictions.
for American-Iranian                                                                  In this analysis, it is the incoming
relations and a “com-       iranian President ahmadinejad refuses to              conservative government of Israel which
mon humanity” that          acknowledge u.s. President obama’s overtures.         poses a threat to regional stability, not Pal-
binds the two peoples                                                             estinian rejectionism or the machinations
together. In response, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said world powers had                  of Iran and Syria and their proxies Hamas
now been persuaded that they could not block Iran’s nuclear progress.             and Hezbollah. The height of this think-
Robert Gibbs, the U.S. president’s spokesman, said further steps to               ing was apparent at Tuesday night’s White
entice Iran to engage in dialogue have been planned. Tehran, however,             House press conference, when Agence
will only agree to dialogue with Washington as a means of buying time             France-Presse reporter Stefan Collison
and hiding its true goals. What’s more, as former U.S. Ambassador to              asked President Obama, “How realistic
the UN John Bolton writes, Iran will see dialogue “as confirmation of             do you think those hopes [for Middle East
U.S. weakness and evidence that its policies are succeeding.”                     peace] are now, given the likelihood of
   A former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard told U.S. intel-            a prime minister who is not fully signed
ligence officials that Iran had financed North Korean moves to develop            up to a two-state solution and a foreign
a nuclear weapons program on Syrian soil, the Associated Press report-            minister who has been accused of insult-
ed March 19. Gen. Ali Reza Asghari, a former Iranian deputy defense               ing Arabs?”
minister who defected to the U.S. in February 2007, provided a detailed               When was the last time a journalist
account of Iran’s sponsorship of Syria’s nuclear weapons program. This            asked the leader of a democratic country
revelation and other intelligence reports confirm that both the North             whether Muslim states’ not being “fully
Koreans and the Syrians were helping Iran develop a nuclear weapons               signed up” to the existence of Israel and
program on Syrian soil, which led to the Israeli airstrike that destroyed         having ministers in its employ who “in-
a top-secret nuclear reactor in Syria in September 2007.                          sult” Jews threatened Middle East peace?
   Iran’s plan to consolidate its influence in Iraq by establishing a federal         Examples of such anti-Jewish hatred
Shiite zone in the oil-rich south of Iraq suffered a setback with the Iraqi       abound. Mustafa Tlass, who served as
provincial elections in January, according to Stratfor. Now, in order to re-      Syria’s defense minister for many years,
tain its influence in Iraq, Stratfor says, Iran’s plan is to “shore up support    once published a book alleging that Jews
among the various Iraqi Shiite parties, stick to its usual tactics of playing     use the blood of Gentile children to make
Shiite rivalries against each other and use its commercial, intelligence          their unleavened bread. The Iranian gov-
and religious links to diversify its support base” (March 25). To this end,       ernment promotes Holocaust denial. Turn
with Iraq’s December national election in mind, two of the most powerful          on state-sponsored television throughout
political figures in Iran recently visited Iraq. On Wednesday, Iranian Par-       the Muslim world and you’re bound to see
liament Speaker Ali Larijani met with Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq’s top        the most outrageous slanders about Jews,
Shiite religious leader. Earlier this month, Iranian Assembly of Experts          plenty of them aimed at impressionable
Chairman Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani led a 105-person delegation to              children.
Iraq, where he met with a host of Iraq’s top figures including al-Sistani             It’s worth pointing out here that the
and the country’s three other grand ayatollahs, and the Iraqi president           people decrying the new Israeli government
and prime minister. Continue to watch Iran’s involvement in Iraq as the           are the same ones who constantly call for
U.S. winds down its military presence in that country.                            the United States and Israel to “engage”
   In Afghanistan, the government has begun preliminary negotiations              with every rogue state and terrorist outfit
with the al Qaeda-linked Haqqani network, the terror group respon-                in the region. If the Syrian Ba’ath Party,
sible for the majority of suicide bombings in the country, according to           Hamas’ Islamists and the mullahs of
the Christian Science Monitor. Meanwhile, following Washington’s                  Tehran are all worthy of our engagement,
indication that it would welcome Iran’s assistance in Afghanistan,                surely we can deal with the likes of Netan-
Iran’s foreign minister visited the country on March 20 to 21 in a dem-           yahu and Lieberman. … [W]hatever his
onstration of Tehran’s influence there. Stratfor asserts that Iran is likely      faults, Lieberman is hardly as extreme as
trying to revive the Northern Alliance, a coalition of Afghan minorities,         the people with whom Israel must one day
to counter the Taliban—which would throw a spanner in the works for               make peace. He does not advocate the de-
Washington’s plans to negotiate with the Taliban.                                 struction of Iran, as its leaders do of Israel.
                                                  simon maina/afp/getty images
                                                                                 hudson new york,
                                       The TrumPeT weekly March 28, 2009 •   3   khaled abu Toameh | march 24
 world Tribune | march 19                                                        On campus: the
israel’s chief of staff                                                          pro-palestinians’
comes Home early                                                                 real agenda
    sraelI chIef of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi cut short his visit to         durInG a recent visit to several university
    Washington after getting an extraordinarily cool reception from the          campuses in the U.S., I discovered that
    new U.S. administration. Last year, [he] had no problem setting up           there is more sympathy for Hamas there
meetings with top officials in the U.S. government.                              than there is in Ramallah. Listening to
   On his current trip to Washington, Ashkenazi sought to meet the               some students and professors on these
administration of President Barack Obama, but most officials were un-            campuses, for a moment I thought I was
available. A statement to by the Israel Defense Forces          sitting opposite a Hamas spokesman or a
spokesman attempted to downplay the snubs. But diplomatic sources                would-be-suicide bomber.
said Ashkenazi failed to obtain access to any Cabinet member, including              I was told, for instance, that Israel has
Defense Secretary Robert Gates. The Israeli military chief, who sought           no right to exist, that Israel’s “apartheid
to discuss the Iranian nuclear threat, was also unable meet his counter-         system” is worse than the one that existed
part, Adm. Michael Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. …          in South Africa and that Operation Cast
   Ashkenazi obtained an appointment with National Security Adviser              Lead was launched only because Hamas
James Jones. But the sources said the meeting was to focus on U.S.               was beginning to show signs that it was
demands for Israel to ease military restrictions in the West Bank and            interested in making peace and not because
Gaza Strip. …                                                                    of the rockets that the Islamic movement
                                                                                 was launching at Israeli communities.
                                                                                     I was also told that top Fatah operative
                                                                                 Marwan Barghouti, who is serving five
 sTePhen flurry | columnist                                                      life terms in prison for masterminding
                                                                                 terror attacks against Israeli civilians, was
the War With no name                                                             thrown behind bars simply because he was
                                                                                 trying to promote peace between Israelis

         ood neWs for Iran—America’s “war on terror”                             and Palestinians. Furthermore, I was told
         just ended.                                                             that all the talk about financial corruption
            By definition, the war on terror was                                 in the Palestinian Authority was “Zion-
 always a misnomer. You can’t fight a war against a                              ist propaganda” and that Yasser Arafat
 military tactic without identifying the people and                              had done wonderful things for his people,
 the ideology behind it. But that’s exactly what the                             including the establishment of schools,
 United States and Britain embarked upon after 9/11.                             hospitals and universities. … On one
 Then-President George Bush said before Congress,                                campus, for example, I was condemned
“Our war on terror begins with al Qaeda, but it does                             as an “idiot” because I said that a major-
 not end there.”                                                                 ity of Palestinians voted for Hamas in the
    As we have written from the very beginning, it should have begun             January 2006 election because they were
 with radical Islam, headed by Iran—the world’s leading state sponsor of         fed up with financial corruption in the
 international terrorism. But because of politically correct paralysis and       Palestinian Authority. On another cam-
 reluctance to offend an entire religious movement, the U.S. government          pus, I was dubbed as a “mouthpiece for the
 opted for a fuzzy definition.                                                   Zionists” because I said that Israel has a
    To be fair, though, President Bush did identify Iran as one of three         free media. ...
 nations in the “axis of evil.” He also told Congress that the war would             Over the past 15 years, much has been
 not end “until every terrorist group of global reach has been found,            written and said about the fact that Pal-
 stopped and defeated.”                                                          estinian school textbooks don’t promote
    Unbelievably, these words are now seen as bluster—cowboy diplo-              peace and coexistence and that the Pales-
 macy, Bush’s many critics charge. Today, the force of appeasement               tinian media often publishes anti-Israel
 in the United States is so strong that even the term “war on terror” is         material.
 considered inappropriate and unnecessarily offensive.                               While this may be true, there is no
    Eager to shed the “cowboyism” of its predecessor, the new U.S. ad-           ignoring the fact that the anti-Israel cam-
 ministration quickly unloaded the “war on terror” strategy. On the day          paign on U.S. campuses is not less danger-
 of his inauguration, President Obama promised that the United States            ous. What is happening on these campuses
 would “seek a new way forward” with the Muslim world. His interview             is not in the frame of freedom of speech.
 with Al Arabiya days later conveyed a similar message: the Muslim               Instead, it is the freedom to disseminate
 world—including Iran—could expect a friendlier, softer approach from            hatred and violence. As such, we should
 the United States.                                                              not be surprised if the next generation of
    Last week, in his videotaped New Year’s greeting to Iran, President          jihadists comes not from the Gaza Strip or
 Obama envisioned a “new day” for American-Iranian relations. He                 the mountains and mosques of Pakistan
 spoke of a “common humanity” that bound the United States to Iran,              and Afghanistan, but from university cam-
 whose leaders, by the way, deny the Holocaust and seek the destruction          puses across the U.S.
                                        The TrumPeT weekly March 28, 2009 •   4   der sPiegel | march 20
 of Israel and America.
    Obama’s reference to “the Islamic Republic,” as opposed to the Irani-
                                                                                  Merkel dictates
 an people—which is how President Bush addressed their nation—gives
 the mullahs legitimacy and indicates a willingness to negotiate directly
                                                                                  the eu crisis
 with the clerical dictatorship.
    Judging by Iran’s response, however, the overture has been an
 embarrassing failure. In his speech last week, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad               the closInG document agreed on by European
 simply ignored the U.S. president’s remarks. He said world powers had            Union leaders gathered in Brussels reads like
 now been persuaded that they could not block Iran’s nuclear progress.            a German wish list. Chancellor Merkel was
    Last Saturday, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said            able to convince the EU to focus on financial-
 President Obama had “insulted” Iran from the beginning and that there            market regulation—and to resist new stimu-
 would be no changes in U.S.-Iranian relations unless the president               lus programs.
 made “real changes.” Obama’s supporters “chant the slogan of change,                 Chancellor Angela Merkel, Foreign Minister
 but no change is seen in practice,” he said as his supporters chanted            Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Finance Minis-
“Death to America.”                                                               ter Peer Steinbrück looked immensely pleased
    In fact, Washington’s language has been dramatically revised. For             with themselves at the Friday press confer-
 the past month, President Obama has carefully avoided using the                  ence that closed this week’s European Union
 term war on terror. And just three days after Khamenei’s rebuff, new             summit in Brussels. It’s remarkable how far
 verbiage became official. On Tuesday, White House officials and the              the world has come in two years, Steinbrück
 president’s speechwriters received a memo saying the “global war on              said. Much of the agenda promoted in vain
 terror” should be replaced with “overseas contingency operation.”                by Germany in early 2007—when Berlin held
    Forget the war on terror—prepare for overseas operations that                 the rotating presidency of the G-8—has now
 may or may not happen. It doesn’t exactly light a fire in your bones.            become consensus, he pointed out smugly. …
    For the English-speakers who shape policy and opinion, there seems                The European Council makes its priori-
 to be little or no interest in investigating such monumental ideological         ties clear in the 22-page document, especially
 shifts in foreign policy. At Barack Obama’s press conference on Tues-            when it comes to the financial crisis. Much of
 day, there was not one question about Iran’s rapid pursuit of nuclear            it is dedicated to the Europeans’ demand for
 weapons or the newly labeled Overseas Contingency Operations. The                increased regulation of the financial markets,
 president, however, did say this: “When it comes to Iran, you know, we           with passages devoted to economic stimulus
 did a video, sending a message to the Iranian people and the leadership          looking truncated by comparison. “Consider-
 of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And some people said, Well, they did            able fiscal stimulus,” worth €400 billion, has
 not immediately say that we’re eliminating nuclear weapons and stop              already been committed to the EU’s overall
 funding terrorism. Well, we didn’t expect that. We expect that we’re go-         economy, the Council says—and placing this
 ing to make steady progress on this front.”                                      point high in the document seems intended
    President Obama is a big believer in the “philosophy of persistence.”         to quell criticism from the U.S. that Europe
 But a persistent, patient philosophy of repeatedly extending an olive            has been too tentative. Merkel once again
 branch to Iran plays right into the hands of the mullahs. All they need          emphasized that Europe has “more than
 in order to make steady progress on their front is just a little more time.      fulfilled” its aims.
                                                                                      But the EU has avoided pledging any
                                                                                  further stimulus measures. Instead, the
                                                                                  document asks the bloc’s 27 member states to
 financial Times | march 23                                                       return “to positions consistent with sustain-
                                                                                  able public finances as soon as possible.” That
netanyahu in surprise                                                             long-time obsession of Germany’s, the Growth
                                                                                  and Stability Pact—which requires EU states
deal With labor                                                                   to ensure that public debt does not exceed 3
                                                                                  percent of gross domestic product—is to re-
                                                                                  main the standard for European economies. …

    srael’s center-left Labor party on Tuesday backed a proposal to join              The EU representatives will travel to Lon-
    the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, in a move that will allow               don bearing what might be called German
    the leader of the right-wing Likud party to govern without the help           priorities. “We have the chance now to tame
of extremist fringe groups.                                                       wild growth on the financial markets,” said
   The deal, brokered in all-night talks between Mr. Netanyahu and                Foreign Minister Steinmeier. “We should not
Ehud Barak, the Labor leader, had faced stiff opposition from many se-            let it go by.” …
nior officials and grassroots members of the center-left party. … For Mr.
Netanyahu, securing the Labor Party and its 13 deputies as members
                                                                                    “does germany consider itself a member of
of his governing coalition marks a crucial victory. From the moment he
                                                                                    the eu on parity with every other nation in
was asked to form the government, the Likud leader made it clear that
                                                                                    the bloc? or does it consider itself the leader
he did not want his administration to rely exclusively on the support of
                                                                                    of the eu, with the right to make its own
right-wing, far-right and religious parties—an alliance that might lead
                                                                                    rules, which the rest of europe must then
to friction with the U.S. and other allies.
   With Labor on board, Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition will control 66 seats
                                                                                                          —Trumpet, february 2009
in the 120-seat Knesset. This means he will no longer be obliged to find
                                        The TrumPeT weekly March 28, 2009 •   5   ron fraser | columnisT
partners beyond those it has already signed up: Labor, the far-right
Yisrael Beiteinu party and Shas, which represents Israel’s ultra-ortho-
dox religious community.
   For Mr. Barak, the deal means that he can continue as defense min-
                                                                                  champion spy!
ister. Under the draft agreement, Labor will also be given the industry,          Germany Is positioning
agriculture and welfare portfolios. The deal promises that the next               itself to lead the EU to
Israeli government will work towards a peace deal with the Palestinians           divorce itself from depen-
and honor all the country’s previous international agreements, includ-            dence on the U.S. for intelli-
ing with the Palestinian Authority. It is not clear, however, what impact         gence obtained by extrater-
these clauses will have on Mr. Netanyahu‘s long-standing opposition to            restrial sources. Germany
an independent Palestinian state.                                                 has suddenly become the
                                                                                  leader in the art of space-
                                                                                  age international spying.
                                                                                      Apart from the global edge that

                                                                                  such a development gives to Germany
                                                                                  in the field of defense and security,
                                                                                  what ought to be of additional concern

        merIca has not trusted any other nation                                   to the Anglo-American alliance is the
       with its research into anti-terrorism tech-                                revelation as to which nation has been
        nology—until now. On March 16, the U.S.                                   Germany’s partner in the development
and Germany signed a treaty on scientific and                                     of this state-of-the-art spy technology.
technological cooperation in the field of civil                                   “Moscow played a key role in support-
security. The two countries will spend €10 to                                     ing the development of the satellite-
20 million on four major projects by 2012. More                                   based system that will foster the trend
importantly, German scientists will gain access                                   toward independence from Washing-
to America’s top-secret laboratories, where                                       ton” (ibid.).
America tests its latest counterterrorism tech-                                       With the aid of Russia, and
nology, and vice versa. “Such openness would              mirek ToPolanek         without much fanfare, Germany
have been previously unimaginable,” Spiegel Online wrote. “Until now,             has suddenly propelled itself into a
the Americans have kept their efforts to develop new security tech-               leading global position in satellite-
nologies secret.” America kept these technologies secret for a reason:            empowered military surveillance.
Security technologies are a matter of national security.                          “Having launched a new reconnais-
   Monday, Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany announced                    sance satellite-based system, the
before parliament his “irreversible” decision to resign. Then, on Tuesday,        German Bundeswehr is celebrating
the government of the Czech Republic narrowly lost a no-confidence vote—          its enhanced capacity for carrying out
meaning the ruling coalition is on its way out. The economy played a              independent military operations. The
major role in the fall of both these governments. Gyurcsany first revealed        sar-Lupe system, which had achieved
his intentions of stepping down last Saturday, saying that he was ready to        full operational capability at the end
make way for a new government to lead the country out of the financial            of 2008, has catapulted the German
crisis. Center-right Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek lost a no-confi-        Armed Forces into a position of world
dence vote amid a media scandal, though American think tank Stratfor re-          leader in radar-based reconnais-
ports that “Ultimately, it was Prague’s handling of the economic crisis that      sance, according to a high-ranking
brought Topolanek and his government down” (March 24). As the crisis in           officer. With this ‘new instrument at
Europe intensifies, so too will the opportunity for a strong European leader      its disposal’ Berlin can, ‘at its own
to step into the breach, an event specifically foretold in biblical prophecy.     political volition, gather exclusive and
   Europe and the U.S. do not see eye to eye on the financial crisis. On          global data independently.’ This new
Wednesday, ahead of the G-20 meeting next week, Czech Prime Minis-                reconnaissance capacity has drasti-
ter Topolanek, who still holds the European Union’s rotating presidency,          cally reduced its ‘dependence on
called America’s stimulus plan “the road to hell.” Although many in               other countries’ in the field of secu-
Europe have condemned Topolanek’s remarks, they highlight major dif-              rity policy. … The spy satellites will
ferences in Europe’s and America’s views on the crisis. America wants             not only provide information to the
Europe to spend its way out of the problem with a U.S.-style stimulus             Bundeswehr but also to the foreign
package. Britain is trying to persuade Europe to sign on to this idea.            intelligence service” (German Foreign
But Europe, especially Germany, is wary of it. Unlike America, German    March 6, emphasis mine).
Chancellor Angela Merkel sees better regulation, not more spending, as                Manfred Fuchs, ceo of the lead con-
the solution. Many European leaders, such as French President Nicolas             tractor responsible for developing the
Sarkozy, agree. Watch for Europe to try to impose its will on the U.S. at         sar-Lupe project, Bremen-based ohb
the upcoming G-20 summit.                                                         System AG, declared that, on the radar
   German Chancellor Merkel called for nato to be reorganized and to              level, “Germany is world champion.
draw closer to Russia on Thursday. “nato needs to adapt its strategy to           There is no comparable system” (ibid.).
meet new challenges,” said Merkel in a parliamentary address in the run-              On the eve of nato’s summit next
up to the alliance’s 60th-anniversary summit on April 3-4. Watch the              week, suddenly Germany becomes a
upcoming nato summit for a change in the alliance that favors Germany.            force to be reckoned with.
                                             FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/GEtty ImAGEs
                                           The TrumPeT weekly March 28, 2009 •   6   vince cable, daily mail | march 23
    eu observer | march 24
                                                                                     a Vast Human
  brown calls on eu to                                                               tragedy unfolds
  lead Way Out of financial                                                          I never thought Britain would suc-

                                                                                     cumb again to mass unemployment.
                                                                                     But it is arriving—fast. Two million
                                                                                     now. Three million at the end of the

         n an unusually pro-European speech on Tuesday, UK prime minister            year (if we are lucky).
         Gordon Brown insisted that Britain was one of the EU’s key play-                One in 10 of the workforce. And
         ers and that the 27-nation bloc was in a unique position to lead the        that doesn’t include those forced on to
    way out of the global financial crisis by re-inserting “a strong sense of        part-time working or training courses,
    values” in the financial markets.                                                or the many older people and mothers
       “I stand here today proud to be British and proud to be European,”            with children who would like to work
    Mr. Brown told meps in Strasbourg. The UK has often been subject to              but who aren’t recorded as unem-
    criticism for not being sufficiently involved in EU affairs, notably due to      ployed.
    its opt-outs from various EU areas such as justice and home affairs or               There is a human tragedy unfolding
    the common European currency.                                                    before our eyes. … A constituent told
        But the British premier stressed that he was “representing a country         me last week, in a state of shock, that
    that does not see itself as an island adrift from Europe but as a coun-          a few weeks ago he thought he was in
    try at the centre of Europe; not in Europe’s slipstream but firmly in its        a safe job with an income of £600 a
    mainstream.”                                                                     week. Now he is unemployed and try-
        He also said the EU was “uniquely placed” to provide world leader-           ing to live on £60-a-week Jobseeker’s
    ship in finding a way out of the “international hurricane that is sweep-         Allowance. … Once his savings have
    ing the world.” The bloc has a long history of cross-border cooperation          been depleted, he can apply for income
                                                  and “a strong sense of values”     support and other benefits for his fam-
                                                  it can bring to the markets,       ily. … He had no idea how he was going
“well, now i think i can see what may be          he added.                          to keep his mortgage serviced. He is
the very event that is going to trigger [the         “I propose that we in           well qualified and may get another job
unification and empowerment of europe], and       Europe take a central role” in     soon. Most won’t.
that is the economic situation in the world.”     setting up “a new principled           The consequences of large-scale
                  —mr. armstrong, July 7, 1984    economy for our times,” Mr.        unemployment will be profound and
                                                  Brown said. …                      painful. The biggest casualties will be
                                                                                     among two-earner households, where
                                                                                     one has lost a job but both incomes are
                                                                                     needed for the mortgage. They cannot
    bbc | march 25                                                                   get housing benefit and, unless they
                                                                                     have payments insurance or a very

   czech pM attacks Obama                                                            tolerant bank, they are on the road
                                                                                     to the loss of their home. No wonder

                                                                                     unemployment, particularly when pro-
                                                                                     longed, can lead to stress and mental

         he czech prime minister has condemned U.S. President Barack                     I really worry about the youngsters.
         Obama’s economic recovery plans as “a way to hell.” Mirek Topo-             As many as half of graduating students
         lanek was speaking in the European Parliament, in his capacity as           will emerge this year without jobs to
   current holder of the EU presidency.                                              go to. Some can do research or train
       Hours before his remarks, President Obama appealed for all coun-              as teachers. But many will join an
   tries to bear the burden of spending to stimulate the world economy.              angry army of graduate unemployed.
   Mr. Topolanek said the biggest success of last week’s EU summit was its           Less-educated teenagers face even big-
   refusal to copy the U.S. example. His intervention comes 10 days before           ger obstacles: always last in and first
   the G-20 summit meeting in London and coincides with a visit to New               out of a job. Some will be drawn into
   York by UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who has called for a “world-              crime. …
   wide fiscal and monetary stimulus.” …
       Mr. Topolanek … said the United States was not taking “the right                “ephraim shall be desolate in the day of
   path.” He attacked the U.S.’s growing budget deficit and the “Buy                   rebuke: among the tribes of israel have i
   America” campaign, saying “all of these steps, these combinations and               made known that which shall surely be.
   permanency is the way to hell.”                                                     ... ephraim is oppressed and broken in
      “We need to read the history books and the lessons of history and the            judgment, because he willingly walked after
   biggest success of the (EU) is the refusal to go this way,” he said. …              the commandment.”
       bbc correspondent Jonny Dymond says his comments are not quite a                                               —hosea 5:9, 11
   full-frontal assault on U.S. economic strategy—but they come pretty close.
                                       The TrumPeT weekly March 28, 2009 •   7   joel hilliker | columnisT

                                                                                 Keep the ghetto Out
asia                                                                             of your bedroom
     he role   of tactical nuclear weapons in the Russian navy may
      become more prominent in the near future. Senior Russian naval             pornoGraphy used to be
      officer, Oleg Burtsev, told state-run television on Monday that the        more difficult to get—con-
Russian navy may fit new, less powerful nuclear warheads to existing             fined to the other side of the
types of cruise missiles. “There is no longer any need to equip missiles         tracks, hiding in the no-go
with powerful nuclear warheads,” said Burtsev. “We can install low-              zones of the city. The shame
yield warheads on existing cruise missiles.” These low-yield, tactical           used to be prohibitive. Now
nuclear warheads have a much shorter range than strategic nuclear                pornography lurks in your
weapons, but are intended for use within a theater of battle. The Rus-           home—right inside your
sians claim that an arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons is necessary             computer. All you have to
to counter a massive nato advantage in conventional weapons. Watch               do is click.
for Europe’s reaction to Russia’s growing military power. How Europe                 Two out of three 18-to-34-year-old men
responds to Russian ambition is more important, from a prophetic                 use Internet pornography at least once a
perspective, than the growing power of Russia itself.                            month. A survey published last month by
                                                                                 New Scientist found that the states that
                                                                                 consume the most online porn tend to be
                                                                                 the more conservative and religious. The
bbc | march 26                                                                   anonymity and accessibility offered by the
                                                                                 Internet is proving too great a temptation.
china fury at u.s.                                                                   Pornographers know how addiction
                                                                                 works. They distribute “softer” versions

Military report                                                                  of fornication, often for free, because they
                                                                                 know minds will become more and more
                                                                                 numb to it, build up a “tolerance,” and then

      eIjInG has reacted angrily to a Pentagon report on China’s military        want something a bit more perverse the
       power, which claimed it was altering the military balance in Asia.        next time. This is why pornographers pro-
       A Foreign Ministry spokesman called it a “gross distortion of the         duce more and more perverted and extreme
facts,” and urged an end to “Cold War thinking.”                                 Internet sex; it’s not that people have natu-
   In its annual report to Congress, the Pentagon said China was develop-        rally perverse sexual appetites. They learn
ing “disruptive” technologies for nuclear, space and cyberwarfare. It could      it. And often, they can’t stop.
be used to enforce claims over disputed territories, the report said. …              Society has come to portray pornogra-
   The Pentagon analysis said China was developing weapons that                  phy as exciting, fun, trendy—even healthy.
would disable its enemies’ space technology such as satellites, boost-           That’s a sick lie. Men, who make up three
ing its electromagnetic warfare and cyber-warfare capabilities and               out of four Internet porn users, waste hours
continuing to modernize its nuclear arsenal. It also noted a build-up of         viewing increasingly worse forms of degra-
short-range missiles opposite Taiwan, despite a significant reduction in         dation. Work and home life bend and warp
tension between the two in recent months. …                                      to fit the habit. “The men … who become
   China’s armed forces are undoubtedly undergoing a dramatic                    hooked on this bilge are often miserable
transformation from a poorly equipped peasant army to an increasingly            about it,” wrote Mona Charen in the Na-
sophisticated modern military, the bbc’s defense and security corre-             tional Review. Psychiatrist Norman Doidge
spondent Rob Watson says. …                                                      said, “Pornographers promise healthy
                                                                                 pleasure and a release from sexual tension,
                                                                                 but what they often deliver is an addiction,
                                                                                 tolerance, and an eventual decrease in

africa, latin aMerica
                                                                                     The effects are devastating. Relation-
                                                                                 ships suffer. Men lose the ability to relate

     rench    presIdent Sarkozy visited the Demo-                                with and respect women. They lie about
      cratic Republic of the Congo on March 26 and                               their addictions and deceive their wives,
      offered one concrete suggestion to help bring                              families and friends. Healthy emotion
peace to Central Africa: Share the mineral wealth.                               evaporates. Women feel betrayed. Trust
French nuclear firm Areva “has taken advantage                                   shatters. Families fracture.
of the visit to sign a deal to exploit uranium in DR                                 Christ said that “whosoever looketh on
Congo,” the bbc reported. President Sarkozy says that                            a woman to lust after her hath committed
his plan for the Congo’s wealth—and that of other                                adultery with her already in his heart.” God
African nations on his agenda—is meant to help                                   outlawed this behavior because it makes
bring peace to central Africa. The reality, though, is     sarkozy               our lives miserable. The horrible effects of
that the deals are intended to benefit France and Europe. As the Trum-           pornography supply ample and vivid proof
pet has stated many times, expect further EU involvement in Africa as            that the spiritual law of God is as much in
the global race to secure African resources continues.                           effect today as the physical law of gravity.
                                       The TrumPeT weekly March 28, 2009 •   8   daily mail, uk | march 25

                                                                                 exit churchill,
anglo-aMerica                                                                    enter twitter
     he federal   gov-
      ernment wants                                                              prImary schools could ditch traditional
      more control                                                               lessons in favor of teaching children
over the economy. On                                                             how to use social networking sites such
Thursday, Treasury                                                               as Twitter, it emerged yesterday. In the
Secretary Timothy                                                                biggest education shake-up for 20 years,
Geithner proposed                                                                pupils would no longer have to learn about
sweeping federal                                                                 the Romans, Vikings, Tudors, Victorians
controls over financial                                                          or the Second World War.
institutions. This new                                                               Instead, under the blueprint for a new
authority would give                                                             primary curriculum … they would have to
federal regulators the                                                           be able to master websites such as Wiki-
power not only to over-                                                          pedia, as well as blogging and podcasting.
see the activities of gi-
                            u.s. secretary of the Treasury Timothy geithner      Compulsory sex education will start from
gantic global financial     testifies during a hearing.                          5 and children as young as 9 will be taught
institutions, but also to seize them and shut them down if they are near         to make “informed decisions” about taking
the point of failing and deemed too big to fail, the Washington Times            drugs and drinking alcohol.
reported. “To address these failures will require comprehensive reform—              As swathes of prescribed knowledge
not modest repairs at the margin, but new rules of the road,” Geithner           in science, history and geography are
said. If adopted, the measures would check massive and heretofore                stripped back, schools will be encouraged
unregulated hedge, private equity and venture capital funds and set the          to put a big emphasis on Internet skills,
precedent for yet more federal control of the failing American economy.          environmental education, healthy eating
Both the government and the free market, however, have been and will             and well-being.
be completely unable to save a system based on selfish human nature.                 “English” will cover “media texts” and
    On Wednesday, Secretary Geithner retracted a comment he made                 “social and collaborative forms of com-
that sent the value of the dollar plunging within 10 minutes. In re-             munication” alongside traditional works of
sponse to a proposal by China’s central bank to replace the dollar as            literature. These should include “e-mails,
world reserve currency, Geithner said that “we’re actually quite open            messaging, wikis and twitters.” Wikis, as
to that.” Though White House spokesman Robert Gibbs responded by                 in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, are
saying the administration expects the dollar to stay the world’s reserve         information databases that rely on being
currency for “a long, long time,” and the dollar regained most of its            edited by the public, regardless of whether
losses against the euro and other currencies, later in the day a meager          they have any specialist knowledge in the
turnout for a treasury bond auction sent interest rates up and raised            subject being discussed. …
fears that the United States may not be able to sell its $2.5 trillion of            Robert Whelan, deputy director of the
debt this year. The Times reports that investors were also scared by             Civitas think tank, … said: “This is yet
congressional budget plans that would double the debt the Treasury               another step on the journey to drain all
has to sell in the next five years to nearly $12 trillion.                       academic content from the school cur-
    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Secretary of                riculum and to replace discrete bodies of
State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that Congress should increase            knowledge, which have been organized
spending on border security. Clinton promised Mexico $80 million in              under subject headings for hundreds of
Black Hawk helicopters. Due to border drug wars raging between heav-             years, with a lot of social engineering and
ily armed drug cartels and law enforcement, more than 1,000 lives have           flabby attempts at feelgood philosophy.
already been lost in 2009.                                                           “These proposals will only serve to in-
                                                                                 crease the educational apartheid between
                                                                                 the state and independent sector, because
                                                                                 the latter will retain traditional subjects.”
Times | march 25                                                                     Pointing out the need for greater his-
                                                                                 torical education, not less, he said he had
rising threat of dirty                                                           recently asked a group of pupils in their
                                                                                 late years at primary school when Shake-

bomb attack on uK                                                                speare lived, and the answer came back as
                                                                                 “50 years ago.”
                                                                                     Sean Lang, senior lecturer in history at

      terrorIst attack on Britain with chemical, nuclear or biological           Anglia Ruskin University and secretary of
      weapons is now “more realistic” because of the increasing theft of         the Historical Association, said: “This is
      materials used to make a dirty bomb, the government warned yes-            part and parcel of a general trend both at
terday. The Home Office disclosed that serious work was under way … to           primary and secondary level to downgrade
protect Britain against the use of a roadside bomb or other home-made            knowledge, as if all you need is techniques,
weapon of the kind used against troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.          and knowledge is just stuff you get from
   As the government published an updated counterterrorism strategy,             the Web.” …
                                                                getty images
                                       The TrumPeT weekly March 28, 2009 •   9   ambrose evans-PriTchard | march 26
the danger facing the country was highlighted with the claim that more
than 20 Britons monitored by Pakistani intelligence have returned to
                                                                                 u.s. backing for
Britain. The men are believed to have spent time with radical militant
groups linked to al Qaeda and the Taliban. All the suspects are aged be-
                                                                                 World currency
tween 17 and 23 and have apparently created “sufficient suspicion” for
Pakistan’s intelligence service, the IsI, to believe that they pose a danger
                                                                                 stuns Markets
to Britain, according to Sky News. …                                             u.s. treasury Secretary Tim Geithner
   The government outlined the threat facing Britain from new technol-           shocked global markets by revealing that
ogies and the splintering of terrorist groups in a 167-page document ….          Washington is “quite open” to Chinese
Terrorists will have access to new technology and could become capable           proposals for the gradual development of a
of conducting more lethal operations, the report said. “Contemporary             global reserve currency run by the Interna-
terrorist organizations aspire to use chemical, biological, radiological         tional Monetary Fund.
and nuclear (cbrn) weapons. Changing technology and the theft and                    The dollar plunged instantly against the
smuggling of cbrn materials make this aspiration more realistic than it          euro, yen, and sterling as the comments
may have been in the recent past,” it said. …                                    flashed across trading screens. David Bloom,
                                                                                 currency chief at hsbc, said the apparent
                                                                                 policy shift amounts to an earthquake in geo-
                                                                                 finance. “The mere fact that the U.S. treasury
wall sTreeT journal | march 25                                                   secretary is even entertaining thoughts that
                                                                                 the dollar may cease being the anchor of the
uK bond auction fails for                                                        global monetary system has caused conster-
                                                                                 nation,” he said.

first time in 14 years                                                               Mr. Geithner later qualified his remarks,
                                                                                 insisting that the dollar would remain the
                                                                                 “world’s dominant reserve currency ... for a

      he uk government failed to find enough buyers in a bond auction            long period of time,” but the seeds of doubt
      for the first time in 14 years, underscoring the market distortions        have been sown.
      caused by the Bank of England’s latest efforts to revive the UK                The markets appear baffled by the con-
economy. …                                                                       fused statements emanating from Washing-
    Investors and analysts attributed the failure to uncertainty over how        ton. President Barack Obama told a news
the Bank of England will implement its policy of “quantitative easing,”          conference hours earlier that there was no
in which the bank buys bonds with freshly created money. That money              threat to the reserve status of the dollar. “I
is supposed to make its way into the banking system, increasing banks’           don’t believe that there is a need for a global
ability to make new loans. …                                                     currency. The reason the dollar is strong
    U.S. treasuries also had a rough day; an auction of a record $34             right now is because investors consider the
billion in five-year treasury notes turned in a surprisingly poor result.        United States the strongest economy in the
Sentiment was soured by the gilt auction earlier in the day. The results         world with the most stable political system in
cast a shadow on central bankers’ attempts to tame a rise in yields. The         the world,” he said.
selloff also reflected renewed concern about the U.S. ability to persuade            The Chinese proposal, outlined this week
foreign investors to fund its growing deficit.                                   by central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan,
                                                                                 calls for a “super-sovereign reserve currency”
                                                                                 under Imf management, turning the Fund
                                                                                 into a sort of world central bank.
TelegraPh | march 26                                                                 The idea is that the Imf should activate
                                                                                 its dormant powers to issue Special Draw-
“binging” girls                                                                  ing Rights. These sdrs would expand their
                                                                                 role over time, becoming a “widely-accepted

Make britain among                                                               means of payments.” Mr. Bloom said that any
                                                                                 switch towards use of sdrs has direct implica-

Worst in europe                                                                  tions for the currency markets. At the mo-
                                                                                 ment, 65 percent of the world’s $6.8 trillion
                                                                                 stash of foreign reserves is held in dollars.

      rItaIn Isamong the worst European nations for “chronic” teenage            But the dollar makes up just 42 percent of the
      alcohol abuse, with girls binge drinking more than boys, according         basket weighting of sdrs. So any sdr purchase
      to the most detailed international study of its kind. The survey of        under current rules must favor the euro, yen
15- and 16-year-olds found that more than one in four, 26 percent, said          and sterling. …
that they had suffered an accident or injury because of their drinking.              Economists have toyed with such schemes
   More than one in 10, 11 percent, said that they had had sex while             before but the issue has vaulted to the top of
intoxicated which they later regretted. The same proportion admitted             the political agenda as creditor states around
that they had had unprotected sex under the influence of alcohol.                the world take fright at the extreme measures
   Teenage girls were more likely to binge drink than boys, and 55               now being adopted by the Federal Reserve,
percent admitted that they had had five or more alcoholic drinks at one          especially the decision to buy U.S. govern-
time in the previous month compared to 52 percent of boys. Overall 54            ment debt directly with printed money.
                                      The TrumPeT weekly March 28, 2009 •   10   brad macdonald | columnisT
percent admitted binge drinking, much higher than the European aver-
age of 43 percent, placing Britain fifth out of 35 European countries,
                                                                                 amid crises,
just behind the Isle of Man, Denmark, Portugal and Malta. More than
one in four British teens said that they had binged at least three times
                                                                                 a flash of clarity
in the past month, the survey found. …                                           tImes of trauma and tribula-
                                                                                 tion can sometimes spark
                                                                                 moments of profound clar-
                                                                                 ity. Perhaps you’ve expe-
sPecTacle from page 1                                                            rienced it. Amid frenzied
                                                                                 activity, stress and tension,
U.S. history. It took all of America’s history until 1982 to run up the first    sadness, even hopeless-
trillion in debt. The next two trillions only took four years each. Presi-       ness—something triggers it.
dent Bush then added the most debt by a single president in the history          Perhaps a song, a sentence, a
of the nation: $4.9 trillion. If President Obama’s projections are correct,      speech. Suddenly there is a glancing men-
he will run up as much debt in four years as President Bush did in eight.        tal flash. Momentarily, darkness departs
    The current federal budget projects that the debt will soar to $16.2         and the light of understanding dawns.
trillion—100 percent of gross domestic product—by 2012. But it will                  Solutions are born in such moments.
probably be even higher, because as Bernanke indicated, the govern-                  World conditions are ripe for you to
ment is projecting the economy will be out of recession by next year.            experience such a moment. Wall Street
    The debt numbers are getting so huge that China recently demanded            Journal columnist Peggy Noonan recently
that America guarantee it will not renege on its debts. On Saturday,             wrote about the “psychic woe beneath
President Obama was forced to issue the statement: “Not just the Chi-            the economic blow” pervading America
nese government, but every investor, can have absolute confidence in             (emphasis mine throughout). There are
the soundness of investments in the United States.”                              two parts to this psychological woe, says
    But perhaps the biggest news that got lost in the aIG-bailout noise was      Noonan.
the fact that the Federal Reserve announced that it was beginning to mon-            “One is that we have arrived at the first
etize the debt. This is huge, gigantic, almost-impossible-to-overstate news.     fatigue. The heart-pumping drama of last
    The Fed announced it would begin literally creating money out                September is gone, replaced by the drip-
of thin air to purchase U.S. treasuries—$300 billion worth. It is an             drip-drip of pink slips, foreclosures and
admission that things are so bad that the federal government might not           closed stores. We are tired. It doesn’t feel
be able to find enough foreign lenders to give it money. Therefore the           like 1929, but 1930. People are in a kind of
Federal Reserve will just create it.                                             suspended alarm, waiting for the future
    ”It is a step in the dark,” says Ian Shepherdson of High Frequency           to unspool and not expecting it to unspool
Economics. “We simply do not know how this will play out because                 happily.
there is no prior experience to use as a road map.”                                  “Two, the economy isn’t the only reason
    Shepherdson is wrong. There are hundreds of precedents. History              for our unease. There’s more to it. People
is littered with the wrecks of fiat paper money experiments. In 1716,            sense something slipping away, a world
the rogue John Law created the Banque Generale to buy up the debt                receding, not only an economic one but
of France. Four years later, the bank paper was worthless. John Law’s            a world of old structures, old ways and
money-creating experiment became known as the Mississippi Bubble.                assumptions. People don’t talk about this
But the livre is not alone. The Argentine peso, Russian ruble, French            much because it’s too big, but I suspect
assignat and franc, German mark, U.S. continental and Zimbabwean                 more than a few see themselves, deep
dollar are just some of the more famous failed currencies.                       down, as ‘the designated mourner …. “
    ”Bernanke has sent a giant sell signal to the rest of the world to sell          The world is coming unhinged. It’s hard
their treasuries to the Fed,” confirms Peter Schiff, one of a handful of         to talk about, it’s so big. Some few are
economists who predicted America’s current crisis. “This is going to be          coming to grips with it and are already in
a currency crisis. That’s what is coming.”                                       mourning. Others are reacting by buying
    When France went bankrupt following John Law’s fiat money ex-                guns, taking their cash out of the bank and
periment, Law commented: “Last year I was the richest individual who             putting it under the bed, moving to the
ever lived, today I have nothing, not even enough to keep alive.”                country, buying security systems, stocking
    The only difference this time is that the Fed is creating fiat digital       pantries, buying gold. The wave of trauma
money as well as paper money.                                                    is about to crest. People are bracing.
    Public spectacle number three: National naivety, and lots of it.                 Amidst these crises there is terrific
    With catastrophe plainly staring it in the face, America plunges             opportunity for profound understanding.
head first into the shallow waters. It’s as if the powers-that-be actually       These traumas, and mankind’s inability
believe that borrowing and spending can get America out of a problem             to solve them, reveal the deficiency of
caused by too much borrowing and spending. It is as if they believe that         the human mind. They are, if you think
creating money out of thin air can actually make people richer. And              about it deeply, and as Herbert Armstrong
to top it off, it is as if they actually believe that no one else can see the    taught for years, fundamentally spiritual
public spectacle that America has become.                                        in nature.
    Unfortunately, the exhibitions and circuses are only beginning,                  Doesn’t it make sense then, that the
because that’s what empires become when they are going down and                  ultimate solution might also be fundamen-
politicians don’t want people to know it.                                        tally spiritual in nature?

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