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                  Is a blogspot that will keep you informed and educated on our rights, health care, loss of rights, what is going on in Washingtion,
                  Senators and information to educate those unaware of what is going on, in what we once called America.

        MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2010                                                                                       Followers

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      Every American should watch this video and remember the few, the proud
      the chosen ones who fought and still fight for our freedom.
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      Don't Miss Hillsdale College Free Lesson on our
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      Constitution. This town hall will discuss how
                                                                                                               ▼ 2010 (10)
      those principles have been undermined, and how                                                            ▼ February (1)
      they can be recovered.”                                                                                      The Few the Brave the Proud;

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      By: Paul Quincy

      Did you say free? Yes, I said free. Hillsdale College is a great higher
      education facility. Four out of Five Students each year graduate with a 4.0
      avg. That is 80%. Yes, you heard me right, 80%. It is one of our higher
      educational facilities that understand the rights of the American people
      and how slowly they are being taken away. One of the few higher
      educational facilities that are far from left. Great people come from this
      school with 4.0 avgs. The students do not get that grade for being far left
      or far right. It is from being well educated on our basic conservative
      standards and rights.

      On January 30, 2010 this once in a lifetime experience will come your
      way!!!!! I urge you as fellow Americans not to miss out on this event. This
      seminar will be a hosted online, teaching all WE THE PEOPLE what we
      should know and learn about our Constitutional Rights as Americans.

      These students of Hillsdale College pay big bucks for their learning. Now
      YOU have that same chance to learn about our Constitution for free.
      Understand how our rights are being violated and taking away to move
      this country to a socialist one.

      You will be able to understand what this crazy, unable to touch the
      American People Congress has been doing.

      Go to: www.hillsdaletownhall.com and register to be in this spectacular
      event. Don’t miss out. Rush Limbaugh recommends it highly too.

      Below is more informaton;

      Hillsdale College to Host Constitution Town Hall

      Hillsdale College’s Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and
      Citizenship, located in Washington D.C., will host “Reviving The
      Constitution,” a Constitution Town Hall, in Chantilly, Virginia, from 9 a.m.
      to 3 p.m. EST on January 30, 2010. The event will also be available

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WeThePeople                                                                            3/6/10 10:03 PM

      “At a time when the Constitution is largely ignored in Washington, it is
      vital for citizens to remember its enduring principles,” said Hillsdale
      College President Dr. Larry P. Arnn. “This town hall will discuss how those
      principles have been undermined, and how they can be recovered.”

      The town hall will consist of a panel of constitutional scholars making brief
      presentations, followed by questions from both present and online
      participants. Topics to be covered include:

      • The Declaration of Independence and the Principles of Free Government

      • The American Constitution

      • The Constitution and the Civil War

      • The Progressive Attack on the Constitution

      • American Government Today and What Citizens Can Do to Revive the

      “The Constitution is not just the domain of judges and lawyers,” said Kirby
      Center Director Dr. David J. Bobb. “It is the responsibility of all Americans
      to understand and uphold it, and our aim with this town hall is to help
      equip citizens to do so.”

      This event is open to the media. Further information and registration
      instructions can be found at constitutiontownhall.com.

      Hillsdale College Town Hall Meeting

      Saturday, January 30, 2010

      9 a.m. - 3 p.m. EST

      TV Worldwide Studios

      4206-F Technology Court

      Chantilly, VA 20151

      Hillsdale College was founded in 1844 and has built a national reputation
      through its maintenance of a classical core curriculum and its principled
      refusal to accept any federal or state taxpayer subsidies. It also conducts
      a large outreach effort that promotes civil and religious liberty, including a
      monthly speech digest, Imprimis, with a current circulation of 1.8 million.

      MEDIA CONTACT: Joseph Cella

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WeThePeople                                                                             3/6/10 10:03 PM


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      Martin Luther KIng a Republican?
      By: Paul Quincy

      Martin Luther King, Jr, his father and grandfather were all Republicans.
      That's right, Republicans. It was not until he was jailed as stated in the
      bio of this great man below, that his wife Corretta King struck a deal with
      the Kennedy's in order for them to gain more black support to win in thier
      campaigns. Mrs. King wanted her husband released from jail and that the
      Civil Rights Act be put into law. It was not until Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr,
      accepted this to be released from jail that he became a "de-facto"
      Democrate, but still held Republican views. This may surprise a lot of you
      but it is the truth. Listed below is his bio: Take time to read and celebrate
      the vision this man had.

                                     Martin Luther King, Jr., (January 15, 1929-
                                     April 4, 1968) was born Michael Luther King,
                                     Jr., but later had his name changed to
                                     Martin. His grandfather began the family's
                                     long tenure as pastors of the Ebenezer
                                     Baptist Church in Atlanta, serving from 1914
                                     to 1931; his father has served from then
                                     until the present, and from 1960 until his
                                     death Martin Luther acted as co-pastor.
                                     Martin Luther attended segregated public
                                     schools in Georgia, graduating from high
                                     school at the age of fifteen; he received the
                                     B. A. degree in 1948 from Morehouse
                                     College, a distinguished Negro institution of
      Atlanta from which both his father and grandfather had graduated. After
      three years of theological study at Crozer Theological Seminary in
      Pennsylvania where he was elected president of a predominantly white
      senior class, he was awarded the B.D. in 1951. With a fellowship won at
      Crozer, he enrolled in graduate studies at Boston University, completing
      his residence for the doctorate in 1953 and receiving the degree in 1955.
      In Boston he met and married Coretta Scott, a young woman of
      uncommon intellectual and artistic attainments. Two sons and two
      daughters were born into the family.

      In 1954, Martin Luther King became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist
      Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Always a strong worker for civil rights
      for members of his race, King was, by this time, a member of the
      executive committee of the National Association for the Advancement of
      Colored People, the leading organization of its kind in the nation. He was
      ready, then, early in December, 1955, to accept the leadership of the first
      great Negro nonviolent demonstration of contemporary times in the United
      States, the bus boycott described by Gunnar Jahn in his presentation
      speech in honor of the laureate. The boycott lasted 382 days. On
      December 21, 1956, after the Supreme Court of the United States had
      declared unconstitutional the laws requiring segregation on buses,
      Negroes and whites rode the buses as equals. During these days of
      boycott, King was arrested, his home was bombed, he was subjected to

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WeThePeople                                                                              3/6/10 10:03 PM

      personal abuse, but at the same time he emerged as a Negro leader of
      the first rank.

      In 1957 he was elected president of the Southern Christian Leadership
      Conference, an organization formed to provide new leadership for the now
      burgeoning civil rights movement. The ideals for this organization he took
      from Christianity; its operational techniques from Gandhi. In the eleven-
      year period between 1957 and 1968, King traveled over six million miles
      and spoke over twenty-five hundred times, appearing wherever there was
      injustice, protest, and action; and meanwhile he wrote five books as well
      as numerous articles. In these years, he led a massive protest in
      Birmingham, Alabama, that caught the attention of the entire world,
      providing what he called a coalition of conscience. and inspiring his "Letter
      from a Birmingham Jail", a manifesto of the Negro revolution; he planned
      the drives in Alabama for the registration of Negroes as voters; he
      directed the peaceful march on Washington, D.C., of 250,000 people to
      whom he delivered his address, "l Have a Dream", he conferred with
      President John F. Kennedy and campaigned for President Lyndon B.
      Johnson; he was arrested upwards of twenty times and assaulted at least
      four times; he was awarded five honorary degrees; was named Man of
      the Year by Time magazine in 1963; and became not only the symbolic
      leader of American blacks but also a world figure.

      At the age of thirty-five, Martin Luther King, Jr., was the youngest man to
      have received the Nobel Peace Prize. When notified of his selection, he
      announced that he would turn over the prize money of $54,123 to the
      furtherance of the civil rights movement.

      On the evening of April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of his
      motel room in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was to lead a protest
      march in sympathy with striking garbage workers of that city, he was
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      Fort Hood and Political Correctness, Radical
      Terrorist Should Be Called Out Without Fear From
      Thier Superiors

      By: Paul Quincy

      In an interview published on Al
      Jazeera's Web site, radical Muslim
      cleric Anwar al Awlaki says that Maj.
      Nidal Hasan, charged with killing 13 in last month's Fort Hood massacre,
      asked for guidance about killing American military personnel in his very
      first e-mail.

      Awlaki claims that Hasan initiated the e-mail correspondence with a
      message on Dec. 17, 2008. "He was asking about killing U.S. soldiers and
      officers," says Awlaki. "His question was is it legitimate [under Islamic

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WeThePeople                                                                               3/6/10 10:03 PM


      The Al Jazeera questioner asks for confirmation that Hasan forwarded this
      query nearly a year before the shooting

      Yes," responds Awlaki. "I am astonished. Where was American
      intelligence that claimed once that it can read any car plate number
      anywhere in the world?"

      Today, January 17, 2010, Congressman, John Carter from Texas on Fox
      News informed us that he was unhappy with the the report that came from
      the Pentagon.

      An independant report from the Chief of Navel Operations states that there
      is something obvisiously wrong in the report from the Pentagon when two
      important words are left out. "Radicial Islamic."

      Congressman John Carter (R) states that this report shows that Political
      Correctness has gone to far.
      He also stated that thier should be a whistlerblower act to cover our
      soldiers. He is correct. The fear of being court marshalled, punished or
      not being promoted due to Polictial Correctness runs amuk in the military.

      The Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates only did a 50 page report!
      Although it may be somewhat accurate the two little words Radical
      Islamic" was not mentioned at all.

      If someone regardless of race, or religion starts showing signs in our
      military of being a radical and go unreported due to be called a racist,
      then we are in sorry shape.

      This is just another sign of how our Administration does not take terrorism
      seriously. Wake up America. We the People want to be protected. Our
      government has failed us with this issue. We can not shake and bow and
      kiss the rings of Leaders around the world who hate us. When will this
      Admisitration wake up and smell the coffee? They are completely out of
      touch with We the People.
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        SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 2010

      Do You Want a Person Who Allows Child
      Molesters Go and State There Are No Terrorist?

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WeThePeople                                                                                 3/6/10 10:03 PM



      By: Paul Quincy

      Massachusetts is two days away from either stunning the country with one
      of the biggest upsets in political history or electing the presumed
      Democratic successor to the late Edward Kennedy's long-held seat in the
      U.S. Senate.

      The sudden ascent of Republican state Sen. Scott Brown in the polls has
      thrust the Senate race into the national spotlight due to its potential impact
      on the national health care legislation pending in Congress and for what a
      Republican victory in such an overwhelmingly liberal state could portend
      for Congressional Democrats at the start of a midterm election year

      It seems that Martha Coakley covered for the brutal rape of a 23 month
      old baby, a toddler, with a hot curling iron. The Massachusetts police
      officer, Keith Winfield, allegedly had an ally to help cover up this heinous
      crime, Martha Coakley. If Coakley would not act in the best interest of the
      public on such a crucial issue because she owes political favors, she has
      failed. Shouldn't Coakley be voted against, and shouldn't Coakley be
      criminally prosecuted for acting in a conspiracy to try and cover up

      I don't know anything about Coakley's rival in the special Massachusetts
      election, Jan. 19, 2010, for US Senator, Scott Brown. So, I don't think it
      should be a question of Republican or Democrat rhetoric, it should be
      about not knowingly electing a publicly corrupt official. I am asking
      Massachusetts voters to vote for Scott Brown, a vote against Martha
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        FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2010

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WeThePeople                                                                            3/6/10 10:03 PM

      Eric Holder Dismisses the Black Panther Party
      from Voter's Intimidation Suit
      By Paul Quincy

      This article first will explain what the Black Panther Party Stands for. It is
      documented below. Then we will get into the dicussion about how Eric
      Holder dismisses the criminal complaint against the Black Panthers, who
      on November 4, 2008, in Philidelphia intimated voters.

                              The Black Panther: [off-site
                              link] Articles from 1968-69

                          In October of 1967, the police
                          arrest the Defense Minister of
                          the Panthers, Huey Newton, for killing an Oakland cop.
                          Panther Eldridge Cleaver begins the movement to "Free
      Huey", a struggle the Panthers would devote a great deal of their attention
      to in the coming years, while the party spreads its roots further into the
      political spectrum, forming coalitions with various revolutionary parties.
      Stokely Carmichael,
      the former chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
      (SNCC) and a nationally known proponent of Black Power, is recruited into
      the party through this struggle, and soon becomes the party's Prime
      Minister in February, 1968. Carmichael is adamantly against allowing
      whites into the black liberation movement, explaining whites cannot
      relate to the black experience and have an intimidating effect on
      blacks; a position that stirs opposition within the Panthers. Carmichael
      explains: "Whites who come into the black community with ideas of
      change seem to want to absolve the power structure of its
      responsibility for what it is doing, and say that change can only
      come through black unity, which is the worst kind of paternalism.....
      If we are to proceed toward true liberation, we must cut ourselves off
      from white people..... [otherwise] we will find ourselves entwined in the
      tentacles of the white power complex that controls this country

      Eric Holder is seen above being sworn in to Protect the legal rights of our
      citizens. On November 4, 2008 elections 3 Black Panthers were outside a
      voting poll with a weapon, swinging it and intimdating voters, mainly white
       voters or anyone who was not going to vote for President Obama. They
         directly violated Fedreal Law of Voters Rights of the Voter Right Act.

          They were charged accordingly during the Bush administation. Now

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WeThePeople                                                                              3/6/10 10:03 PM

       yesterday a panal of 15 Democrates along with our Attorney General just
          dismissed this important case. Thier were 14 Republican's against
      dropping this suit. They asked for all documents pertaining to this Federal
           Violation. They were dismissed again by Eric Holder and the 15
          Democrates. They were not allowed to even read the complaint.

          He is compelled to pursue legal action against all who violate Federal
           Law, especially when it comes down to having Black Panthers with
                        weapons intimadating "We the People."

        There were over 208 complaints filed with regards to voter intimidation
                                 and/or Voter fraud.
         These men stood at voting booths waving thier night sticks and it has
       been recorded which is in direct violation of Fedreal Law. What does our
                      Attorney General do? Drop the suit!!!!!!!

       Now lets compare this great decsion again our Democrates and Attorney
       General have made. I once informed all that there are three branches of
       government. Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judical Branch.
       When they sleep together there are no more checks and balances. This
                  has been shown throughout this Admistration.

         I would dare to say if the KKK stood outside a Voting Booth, or White
       Supremist Group, they would be hauled off and the left wing news medial
        would make a spectial of this. Not to mention they would be prosecuted
        to the fullest extent of the law. There would be FBI, ATF, all gathering
         evidence against those who intimidated those who wanted to vote and
                                    broke Fedreal Law.

       But our Attorney General dismisses this suit? He states by dismissing this
        important Federal Case that it is ok to intimidate people as long as the
             vote goes thier way. Don't worry you will not be prosecuted.

       This is what we have running our country. I am not racist by any means.
                But compare the two and come to your own conclusions.

          We the People need to vote these people out of office and ensure
        midterm elections are held without intimidation. YOU and only YOU can
          make a difference on how this country is going to be runned. I feel
        ashamed that all this back door, shaking hand deals are going on right
         under our noses. WE THE PEOPLE need this to stop and your voice
                                  needs to be heard.

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        WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2010

      The Campaign Against Harry Reid

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WeThePeople                                                                          3/6/10 10:03 PM

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      A Message from One US Senator who works for
      the people
      Dear Friends,

      Thank you to those of you who’ve signed my petition against the
      Democrats’ health care bill.

      I am leading the Republican charge to open health care reform
      negotiations to public scrutiny and challenging Senate Leader Harry Reid
      (D-NV) to allow C-SPAN to televise the closed-door negotiations going on
      between Senate and House Democrats and the White House.

      During the presidential campaign in 2008 President Obama said of health
      care reform, “… we’ll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN so that
      people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents,
      and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the
      insurance companies.”

      Yet, that is not what has happened. Instead, the Democrats are
      negotiating this 2,000 + page bill among themselves and locking
      Republicans and the American people out.

      I’m working to change that. Read the letter my Republican colleagues and
      I sent to Senator Harry Reid.

http://wethepeoplepoliticaltruths.blogspot.com/                                         Page 10 of 15
WeThePeople                                                                              3/6/10 10:03 PM

      Meanwhile, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has
      called into question the savings Democrats claim would result from their
      bill and has pointed out that health care costs under the bill will actually
      increase by more than $200 billion.

      Of the purported “savings” in the bill, the report uses terms like
      “unrealistic”, “doubtful”, and “difficult to obtain,” as well as saying that the
      bill could lead to “price increases, cost-shifting, and/or changes in
      providers’ willingness to treat patients with low-reimbursement health

      That’s why I will continue to oppose the bill and will do all I can to see it
      defeated, along with all 39 of my Republican colleagues in the Senate.

      If you want to know what you can do to help, in addition to contacting your
      elected representatives again, there’s only one additional thing I know of
      we can do: help deny the Democrats their 60-vote, filibuster-proof majority
      in the Senate.

      One week from today Massachusetts will elect a new Senator in a special
      election. Like me, Republican State Senator Scott Brown vehemently
      opposes the Democrats’ health care legislation and will vote to stop it,
      work to send it back to the drawing board and try to enact real reform that
      will lower costs without spending trillions of dollars and raising billions in
      new taxes we can’t afford.

      Please help us defeat this bill by visiting Scott Brown’s website and
      making an online donation to his campaign today. I have sent a
      contribution to him, and I hope you will consider doing the same.

      The polls have shown the race in a dead heat. The Wall Street Journal
      says of him, “Mr. Brown … has been running against Washington’s
      blowout spending and has called for a freeze on the wages of federal
      employees.” And, “The mere fact that Democrats have to fight so hard to
      save Ted Kennedy’s seat shows how badly they have misjudged America
      by governing so far to the left.”

      In an editorial the Boston Herald noted, “… if you’re not happy with the
      status quo, if you think the way business is being conducted on Capitol
      Hill today is a disgrace and an affront to taxpayers, then you probably
      agree it’s time for a change. Scott Brown can single-handedly deliver on
      that kind of change and the Herald is pleased to endorse his candidacy in
      the race for U.S. Senate.”

      I couldn’t agree more, and I hope that you do also.

http://wethepeoplepoliticaltruths.blogspot.com/                                             Page 11 of 15
WeThePeople                                                                         3/6/10 10:03 PM

      Thank you again for getting involved and helping us make a difference. I
      sincerely appreciate your interest and support.


      John Thune

      U.S. Senator
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      Windfall Tax and Double Standards
      By: Paul Quincy

      Do you remember the windfall tax and how the democrat’s preached that
      extra wealth from the “bad rich oil guys” profits should be taken?
      Remember? On February 2, 2007 Hillary Clinton was calling for the 45.2
      Billion profit the oil companies made should be taxed on that profit.

      Obama on April 10, 2007, and his other socialist companions stated the
      same throughout the election process. All we kept hearing is those bad
      rich oil boys need to pay a windfall tax. They have been known to say
      people are suffering, we need to tax that windfall and spread it around.

      Well to our surprise, the Federal Reserve made 52.1 Billion dollars. Not
      out of fuel but from the tax payers. But yet no one dares threaten the
      Feds. No complaints heard about their windfall. Double standards?

      At least Exxon Mobile and other oil companies did their jobs, or the
      people who worked for them got paid for doing their job to pay for their
      mortgages, food, heat, clothes, etc.

      What has the Feds done? Nothing but spend our money foolishly on
      programs that have been proven not to work. I don’t see Hillary or Obama
      taken windfall taxes from the Feds and spreading it around. Why?
      Because it effects them directly.

http://wethepeoplepoliticaltruths.blogspot.com/                                        Page 12 of 15
WeThePeople                                                                                 3/6/10 10:03 PM

      The Feds got us into this mess with home foreclosures in real estate. If
      you are AIG or Bank of America you did not escape this real estate
      bubble. Yes, there were bail outs, but not like Fannie and Freddie who
      the Feds just loved to bail out.

      Charlie Reingald who has 50 employees in the Whitehouse along with
      Senator Dobbs and others do not pay taxes. Charlie Reingald owes 812,
      917.00 in taxes. Were is the yelling and holding the feet to the fire on
      these guys? Robert Crumum another friend of Washington does not have
      to pay his taxes owed. Want to know why? Because it has been stated by
      Whitehouse he helps the poor.

      We have become a nation of law not men. When this happens we are a
      doomed nation. Our forefathers fought hard for these corrupt, double
      standards not to happen. What do you think? Think hard, fast, and get
      these people out of office. We the People come first. When our leaders do
      not listen to the voice of the people we are a land of lost.
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        TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2010

      Do You Value Your Rights? Who is Paying?
      By: Paul Quincy

      Do you as an American value your rights? Well, in this transparent
      administration, the "first” to called and sworn to transparency is however,
      not. It seems to this blogger that our rights as Americans are being traded
      behind close doors of the White House. This is also confirmed by News
      and other new media and organization sources other than mine. One for
      example is the www.thenationalrightto work.com. This organization is
      headed by Mark Mix from the state of Virginia, which is a right to work
      state. You say what are you getting at? It is about the everyday deals
      made behind the close doors of “our transparent government” that
      promised you the world. In fact, what they promise is deception, corruption
      and unconstitutional . The deception continues and shows no signs of
      stopping soon. Which leads me to this first article on Health Care and

      What day is Union day at the White house? Everyday is Union day at the
      Whitehouse. Not to mention all the deals being made about your health
      care among other things without your knowledge or ignoring our call as
      citizens of this once great county. Don't get me wrong, it still is the best
      country in the world but, not for long. Let me explain below on what I am
      trying to inform, warn and educate you on.

      Pretend in your mind, a pie. Now out of that pie certain people are taxed
      by their wealth.

      Now we are going to cut up that pie and try to show you in a step by step
      way to understand what the Whitehouse and Unions are doing about our
      health care.

http://wethepeoplepoliticaltruths.blogspot.com/                                                Page 13 of 15
WeThePeople                                                                             3/6/10 10:03 PM

      The top 1% pay 40% of taxes out of that pie in taxes (bad rich people);

      The top 2%-10% pay about 55% of taxes out of that pie;

      The next 50% pay one eighth of taxes out of that pie;

      The bottom people of that pie pay about 3% of taxes out of that pie.

      Now Michele Obama was quoted as stating but put into a paraphrase

      “ In order for more social programs and health care to be ascertained
      people would have to give up a piece of the pie.”

      Well lets say the top 1% want to give their piece of pie to charity. Or any
      other pieces of that pie want to give it donate it to charity. It is a flat NO
      from the government,. Why you ask? First everyone has to have a piece
      of the pie even though it is not cut fairly and cannot sustain what the
      President and other far left are doing and because in order for them to
      continue on this path of spending they have to get funds to pay back
      those that were already spent. Your tax dollars. They the government
      wants your piece of the pie to pay for the social plans and health care
      that the government is shoving down our throats. CHARITY DOES NOT
      WORK NOR WILL BE EXCEPTED. Those who are going to pay more
      taxes are the “bad guys” the top 1% for this health care. But yes we all
      are going to pay more down the line one way or another. The system can
      not and will not work as the Democrat’s seem to think it is going to. They
      already proven they can’t even make pie at this point and divide equally
      so each one pays the same. It cant work the way President Obama wants
      you to believe it can. Deceit, Deception and Corruption is the game that is
      being played with our lives.

       The redistribution of wealth and progressives are shoving health care
      down the throats of all americans. How are they going to deal with the
      poor? Not enough pie to go around ya know. It is a lie they are feeding
      us. That is why it is Union day is everyday at the Whitehouse. To make
      deals behind close doors and to sleep with each other so We the People
      will be hit by corrupt unions and pay for for this health care bill while they
      are exempt from paying at all. Fair? You decide. John Sweeny who is a
      Union Leader, socialist has been quoted as stating "Take from the Rich
      and Give to the Poor." Meanwhile his union is not effected. This is class

        If you are a union you will be protected under this health care bill, even
      if your not working but still in the union. If not you will be hit with 40% tax
      increase to pay. Look at who most of those Union Leaders are. They are
      democrates and secular progressives who want to make this country a
      social if not communist one.

      We have people who don’t want to be part of the pie. They have their own
      health care or are satisfied with what they have. But yet, the Whitehouse
      refuses along with “Prince Harry” and “Princess Pelosi” to listen to reason
      and the American people.

      Now you ask what does the Unions have to do with this? Well there are 6
      unions right now who have struck deals with their managers, Unions and
      Whitehouse to exempt them from the 40% tax YOU will have to pay on
      health care for them, those Cadillac plans we hear about. The Unions like

http://wethepeoplepoliticaltruths.blogspot.com/                                            Page 14 of 15
WeThePeople                                                                             3/6/10 10:03 PM

      GM who got into bed with the Feds is one example. Let me explain this
      one too.

      Pretend and close your eyes and see a plate of doughnuts on the table.
      Those doughnuts represent cars.

      Now for every car sold, the employees of those unions get 2 extra cars
      and the unions get one half of the two cars. Now we know this system
      cannot sustain itself since we already have seen the car companies
      asking for bail out money. But it continues to go on without anymore funds
      or cars available. Nothing, caput. Those working or not working for these
      companies but are retired are still getting those Cadillac health plans that
      run about 23,000 for a family of four. But guess what? They are exempt
      from paying the 40% tax due on the health care plan to all of us due to
      the back door deals made with this President. Unions date back to the
      Big Deal of the 1930’s. However, from 1930 to present the gap between
      separate enterprise and the everyday citizen remained left a a big gap
      between government in our lives. Every since the 1930 it has slowly
      progressed to the gap closing and now more government in our lives at
      this specific date and time. Were not even showing what is to come.
      When Unions get into bed to ensure government gave them the deals
      they want and exempt them from paying for their own health care and put
      the burden upon us we should be asking questions. Just like Thomas
      Jefferson did! He quoted “Ask questions boldly.” Now can you see
      who is paying for this ridiculous health care nightmare? WE THE
      PEOPLE. This is only one example of this ridiculous health care reform.

      The government can’t even bake pies or doughnuts right as stated above.
      Do you trust them with your health and telling us, We the People what is
      good or bad for us? Don't allow this to continue, inform and educate and
      the most important thing is to vote these people out of office.

      Posted by one voice at 4:27 PM                                      3 comments
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