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					                          Olympic Legacy Board
                      Minutes of meeting held on 20 February 2009

        The Olympic Legacy Board met at the Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
Offices on 20 February 2009.

                    Angus Campbell, Dorset County Council - Chairman
                Simon Raynes, Dorset Strategic Partnership - Vice-Chairman

West Dorset District Council
Robert Gould

Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
Anne Kenwood
Howard Legg

David Jenkins, Chief Executive, Dorset County Council
Tom Grainger, Chief Executive, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
Miles Butler, Director for Environment, Dorset County Council
John Nash, Director for Children’s Services, Dorset County Council
Sarah Reeves, Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Dorset County Council
Gary Fooks, Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager
Simon Williams, General Manager – Regeneration and Sustainability, Weymouth and
Portland Borough Council
Fiona Belton, Senior Democratic Services Officer, Dorset County Council

Rupert Best, Chair of Dorset CLA

      1.       An apology for absence was received from the Rt Hon Jim Knight MP.

        2.     The minutes of the meeting held on 24 October 2008 were confirmed and

Involving you, equality and diversity in Dorset
       3.1    The Board received a presentation from the Corporate Diversity and Inclusion
Manager, Dorset County Council which aimed to describe this key area of work and
demonstrated how it was proposed to fit in to the Olympic Legacy work. The presentation is
attached as an appendix to these minutes.

        3.2   The Chairman thanked the Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Manager for her
presentation and noted that work was ongoing within all the authorities, especially in relation
to the achievement of Level 3 of the equality standard.

                        Olympic Legacy Board – 20 February 2009

Children and Young People’s Partnership Board
        4.1    The Director for Children’ Services, Dorset County Council updated members
of the Board with progress so far. He commented that at present there were 25 schools
who were registered with the Get Set website and proportionately the greatest interest was
in the secondary sector with 8 out of 20 schools, although only two in Weymouth and
Portland. The Director planned to return to future meetings of the Board to provide members
with regular updates along with a clear school engagement strategy to develop the
curriculum legacy. It was envisaged that all schools would be involved in targets 3,4,7,9 and
10 of the legacy themes.

        4.2     In response to a member’s question relating to the proposed Portland
Academy, the Director advised that a Statement of Interest had not yet been received and
that at present there was no agreed sponsor. To satisfy the Regional Development Agency
(RDA) the new school at Osprey Quay combining Brackenbury and Underhill must be built
by September 2011.

      4.3   Governors at St George’s Primary School remained resolutely opposed to the
scheme and would need to be accommodated in some sort of trust arrangement.

       4.4    The Chairman thanked the Director for attending and applauded the
connections between Children’s Services and the legacy themes. Discussions now needed
to take place around which officer from that Directorate would support the Dorset 2012
Legacy Manager.


Weymouth and Portland – 2012 and Regeneration Programme
       5.1   The Chief Executive, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council presented a
report which explained the range of projects that were underway and planned within
Weymouth and Portland in the lead in to 2012, illustrated arrangements already in place and
demonstrated resources committed to the planned investments.

       5.2     The Director for Environment, Dorset County Council confirmed the level of
co-ordination between the Borough Council and the County Council and that they were in
the process of producing a publicity leaflet to alert the people of Weymouth and Portland of
work going on within the Borough.

       5.3    With reference to the unsuccessful Sea Change bid, the Borough Council had
been invited to resubmit for a smaller £1m fund by the end of June 2009. The Dorset
County Council’s Olympic Transport Package bid to the DfT had yet to be determined.

        5.4     The Director for Environment, Dorset County Council confirmed that £18m
had been set aside and that they were in the process of proving the value for money part of
the package. There was some uncertainty about the detailed modelling process that the DfT
insisted on although this was thought to be a similar process to that of the Weymouth Relief
Road project.

       5.5      The Chief Executive, Dorset County Council noted that in spite of the
Government saying that in times of recession infrastructure should be improved, there was
no relaxation in the procedural hoops set by them.

                         Olympic Legacy Board – 20 February 2009

From Carnival to Opening Ceremony and Beyond
        6.1   The Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager gave a short presentation about a
proposed festival of carnivals which would take place in the week between the Olympics and
the Paralympics. Venues for these carnivals had not yet been announced but there would
be five venues cross the country.

       6.2      In response to a question about the decision-making for carnival venues, the
Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager explained that Keith Carne from the Festival of Carnivals was
being lobbied by Culture South West for Weymouth and Portland to be one of the five
carnival sites.

       6.3    The Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager explained that whole communities could
be engaged through carnivals and one big carnival event was being planned in the week
before the Olympics. An initial feasibility review on the potential for a regional 2012 Carnival
in Weymouth had been prepared by ArtReach Events Ltd.


Update on 2012 Legacy Developments
      7.1    The Board considered a report by the Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager which
updated them on 2012 legacy developments.

        7.2     The Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager presented his report in detail drawing
attention to items of particular interest.

        7.3    Members agreed that in view of the economy and recession there needed
extra reinvigoration to keep the profile high. It was noted there had been some difficulty in
acquiring a business lead for the DSP Board.

       7.4     The Chief Executive, Dorset County Council advised members that an advert
would shortly be published to try and address this issue. He stressed the importance of
having a figure-head from the private sector to ensure engagement.

           7.5    The Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager advised members that Liz Lean PR was
still willing to add her support to the communications work. Members were eager to have all
help and participation in this area but shared concerns about giving exclusivity to one
contact. The offer was to be welcomed as long as it included everybody.

        7.5    The Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager updated members on the Wreck to Reef
project. The group were now developing a business plan that would require the scrutiny,
support and influence of the Legacy Board.

        7.6    In relation to the 2012 shooting events, the Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager was
exploring other ways of lobbying for the events to be held in Dorset. The Chairman agreed
to send a letter of support to the Deputy Director of UK Legacy at the Department for
Culture, Media and Sport.

       7.7    The Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager advised that he had written to the
Community Strategy Delivery Group and a bid had been submitted for £15k for the Team
Dorset website and the Spirit of the Sea project.
                         Olympic Legacy Board – 20 February 2009

       8.1     That the imperative of injecting fresh impetus into the themes related to the
       economy, including the need for strong and visionary leadership, the production of a
       challenging action plan, the development of an ‘economy team’ ethos, and renewed
       and reinvigorated commitment from all sectors be recognised.
       8.2     That work on the delivery of economy and business growth aspects of the
       Legacy and MAA, including further investigation of a sub-regional economic
       development team be continued.
       8.3     That Legacy Board members champion and support the Wreck to Reef
       8.4     That the Legacy Board write to Alan Bucknall to support the bid by Southern
       Counties Shooting to host the 2012 shooting events.
       8.5     That the ‘Transport’ theme be renamed ‘Communications’ and that
       Technology and Connectivity become part of that theme.
       8.6     That the Legacy Board identifies additional funds to support the further
       development of the Team Dorset website.

2012 Beacon Award
       9.1    The Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager updated members on the final presentation
in London on 21 January 2009. The outcome would be known on 3 March.

       9.2   The Chairman and the Chief Executive from Weymouth and Portland
Borough Council had been in attendance to hear the presentation and commented on the
enthusiasm and effort made by everyone concerned.


The BT SW Board Meeting – 19 February 2009 and the Legacy Opportunities
       10.1 The Dorset 2012 Legacy Manager updated members on a recent meeting
with BT. This was an initial approach to BT to set out the responsibilities of being an Olympic
sponsor and to try and understand the opportunities that were available. There were three
main points of action:

                   •    A lot of disruption to put in infrastructure – thinking about the best
                       technical solution to get over Ferrybridge
                   •   Activity in the London Boroughs – need to find out what relationships
                       were developing there
                   •   Strategy for communications in Dorset – not just for Weymouth and

       10.2 Discussions had not really started in these areas as yet and it would be for
the Board to say to BT what was wanted in Dorset.

       10.3 The Director for Environment, Dorset County Council commented it had been
a very useful event. Key players were in attendance and were working alongside LOCOG,
who were also present at the meeting.

        10.4 With reference to the level of broadband connectivity, BT Openreach had the
responsibility for putting the superfast, fibre optic infrastructure down and this would include
hotels officially designated for the Olympics. A strategy would be needed which stated which
places would benefit from extensions of this network. A business case would also need to
be prepared.
                         Olympic Legacy Board – 20 February 2009

       10.5 It was agreed it would be helpful to gain advice from BT on the best way to
put a case forward.


Correspondence from Rupert Best
       11.1 The Chairman had invited Rupert Best, Chair of the Dorset Branch of the
CLA, to the meeting following a letter he had recently sent to the Chief Executive of Dorset
County Council which highlighted several issues arising from a recent seminar.

        11.2 Areas discussed included broadband, mobile phone coverage, local
purchasing, support from Olympic sponsors, Olympic training camps, tourism, technology,
culture, roads, regulations, priorities and leadership.

       11.3 With regard to local purchasing, the Chief Executive, Dorset County Council
reminded members of the legal constraints against favouring local suppliers, but outlined the
work that continued to be done to alert local businesses to tendering exercises, and to help
put them in a strong position to obtain local authority business.

       11.4 The Chief Executive, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council advised that
there was an enormous amount of pooling of authorities’ efforts with regard to tourism and
good progress was being made.

        11.5 The Chief Executive, Dorset County Council commented that Dorset had a
very special natural environment and that safeguarding Dorset’s unique environment was
one of the County Council’s top priorities, strengthening Dorset’s economy was another.
Getting the balance right was what everyone was trying to achieve. It was noted that Dorset
was the first Olympic venue to be ready ahead of schedule, and that Dorset local authorities
and other organisations could derive considerable satisfaction from the fact that Dorset local
authorities had been shortlisted for Beacon status for their Olympic legacy work.

       11.6 In summary, Mr Best suggested that there were people and businesses,
outside of local government, who wanted to help and could positively contribute.


Date of Next meeting
       12.   That the next meeting of the Board held in Committee Room 2 at Weymouth
       and Portland Borough Council Offices on Friday, 1 May 2009 starting at 2.15pm.

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