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					                                                           MANSFIELD DISTRICT COUNCIL

                       Report of the Executive Mayor
                               7 April, 2009

                       RENAMING OF SHERWOOD BATHS


1.1. The report makes the case for the renaming of Sherwood Baths to recognise
Rebecca Adlington’s success at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


To be resolved by Council

That Sherwood Baths be renamed The Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre


3.1. Sherwood Baths is undergoing a major £5m redevelopment and will be
reopened to the public in January 2010. The new facility will include an extended six
lane main pool, refurbishment of the pool hall, larger gym, improved changing
provision, disabled access and reception area, and improvements to the energy
efficiency of the building through the installation of a ground source heat pump and
biomass boilers to reduce the carbon footprint.

3.2. Following Rebecca Adlington’s success at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it is
considered appropriate that the facility should be renamed in her honour in
recognition of her outstanding achievements and to demonstrate the district’s pride
in her triumphs; to provide a lasting acknowledgement of the role played by our local
swimming programme in her swimming development; and to inspire our community,
particularly our younger residents, to work hard to achieve success.

3.3. Rebecca started her swimming career as a six year old on the Council’s
swimming lesson programme at Sherwood Baths before joining Sherwood Colliery
Swimming Club. At nine years of age she was talent - spotted into the Nova -
Mansfield Development Squad rapidly progressing through the ranks to the
Mansfield ‘A’ Squad, before moving to train with the Nova Squad in Nottingham aged
14 years.

3.4. In 2003 she won silver medals at the European Youth Olympics in the 400
metre and 800 metre Freestyle and, in 2004, went on to win the gold medal at the
European Junior Championships in the 800 metre Freestyle. In August 2008, she
became double Olympic Champion, in both 400 metre and 800 metre Freestyle,
breaking the 800 metre World Record that had stood for 14 years.

                                                               MANSFIELD DISTRICT COUNCIL

3.5. Rebecca’s Olympic achievements placed Mansfield firmly on the sporting
world map and the district received, and continues to receive, significant media
coverage as a consequence of her association with the area. Since this time, she
has been a fantastic ambassador for the district.

3.6. The enormous turn out for the ‘Welcome Home’ open top bus tour in August
2008 is evidence of the feel good factor generated throughout the district by
Rebecca’s successes and lends support to the renaming proposal. It is a golden
opportunity to inspire even more of our young people to work hard and achieve
success, whether in sport or in other walks of life.

3.7. Rebecca’s consent to the renaming proposal has been obtained and her
views have been sought with respect to any naming preferences; she has requested
that ‘Rebecca’ rather than ‘Becky’ is used in the name and has confirmed that she
would personally prefer the name ‘The Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre’.

3.8. A Times Online article (December 2008) reported that the New Local
Government Network was advocating for achievers to be commemorated locally
arguing that this enhances community cohesion. By naming public places after
successful citizens, areas are given a unique identity and local pride is enhanced.
Celebrating achievements is also a strong sign that areas are proud of their heritage
and is an opportunity to enlighten newcomers and tourists.

3.9. It is acknowledged that the facility’s associations with the mining industry are
still strong within certain sections of our community and, therefore, to reflect the
origins of the facility whilst looking forward to the future, a ‘heritage’ project will be
undertaken as part of the redevelopment to reflect and celebrate its mining origins.
Although details have yet to be finalised a record of the redevelopment including old
photographs and historical links through museum and archives, and a record of
reminiscences, will be produced and will be displayed within the new centre.

3.10. An early decision about the renaming is required in order to incorporate
appropriate design elements into the redevelopment programme. In addition to
facility signage, other opportunities are being investigated in order to engage the
local community in the development of the new centre. One such proposal is for a
high quality relief sculpture on an external elevation developed in conjunction with ‘A’
level creative design students. Other, internal, design features will also reflect
Rebecca’s success and the facility’s mining heritage.


(i)       Agree the recommendations and rename the facility The Rebecca Adlington
          Swimming Centre.

         The facility will be renamed on its reopening in January 2010, and Rebecca’s
          achievements will be recognised in perpetuity, serving as an inspiration for
          residents of the district.

         Significant media interest will be generated on reopening, maintaining and
          furthering the profile of the district locally and nationally.

                                                                  MANSFIELD DISTRICT COUNCIL

(ii)       Do not agree the recommendations and retain the name of Sherwood Baths.

          The opportunity to celebrate the success of one of the district’s citizens will be
           missed and there will be no legacy of Rebecca’s achievements.

          Additional, profile raising, media coverage on reopening the facility will not be


There is no budget implication for the new signage or design elements as provision
has been made in the construction costs.


 Risk                Risk Assessment               Risk        Risk Management
 Council             Lost opportunity to           High        Support for the proposal
 reputation          rename the facility could                 has been established since
                     lead to negative publicity.               summer 2008.
                                                               Rebecca Adlington, her
                                                               family, Athlete Support
                                                               Manager and agent are
                                                               supportive of the proposal.
 Council             Negative publicity as         Low         High levels of public support
 reputation          consequence of removing                   for Rebecca demonstrated
                     ‘Sherwood’ link.                          since August 2008,
                                                               including ‘Welcome Home’
                                                               A number of community
                                                               engagement projects are
                                                               included in the
                                                               redevelopment including a
                                                               ‘heritage’ project which will
                                                               capture the origins of the
                                                               facility and memories of
                                                               residents over the years.


The redevelopment of Sherwood Baths contributes to the ‘revitalise’ priority by
increasing participation in leisure activity in order to improve health, address
inequalities and raise standards. Leisure opportunity also contributes to the creation
of sustainable communities and lifestyles by offering opportunities to help address
the aspirations of the community and improve quality of life.

                                                               MANSFIELD DISTRICT COUNCIL


The Towns Improvements Clauses Act 1847 empowers the Council to name streets
and number houses, and the Public Health Act 1925 provides that notice must be
given by a person before they name a street.

As the legislation is ‘silent’ with respect to building names, it is considered that the
decision to rename Sherwood Baths is reserved for Full Council.


(a)    Head of Paid Service –              No comments

(b)    Deputy Monitoring Officer –         No comments

(c)    Head of Financial Services –        No comments


Rebecca Adlington, her family, Athlete Support Manager and agent have been
consulted on the proposals and have given their consent.

Through the consultation in relation to the Sherwood Baths redevelopment, a view
has been expressed on behalf of a ‘number of regular swimmers’ (letter from M.
Cousins) that the new facility should retain its link with the mining industry and be
called The Sherwood Swimming Centre’, with Rebecca’s achievements being
acknowledged by naming the main pool ‘The Adlington Pool’.


Letter to Executive Mayor from M. Cousins, 15 February 2009.

Report Author         -      Mandy Mellor
Designation           -      Leisure and Cultural Services Manager
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