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ASPIRATIONS          5 year OUTCOMES                     INPUTS                                     OUTPUTS                              Lead Agency/    Timeline
Objectives           Measurement Indicator               intervention/key task/milestones           over next 12 months                  partnership
                     within 5 year Business Plan         over next 12 months
A) Increase in       1) Successful delivery of two           Participation :                        Agreed delivery priorities and       NGBs/CSPs/Sp    Througho
sports               legacy venues in the region :           NGB roll out of whole sport plans in   support through CSPs in the          ort England.    ut
participation to                                             the East of England from 2009-         region with each of the 46 funded                    2009/10
August 2012          2) 1) WWCSC : To ensure                 2013 contributing to growth in         NGBs with subsequent
(Sports              funding package to deliver              participation, sustained               implementation of their plans
contribution         venue is in place.                      participation in sport and pathways    commenced.
nationally of 1m                                             to excellence. (Measure will be
adults doing         3) To provide a national                active people survey and whole
more sport by        standard facility that raises           sport plan targets). Measure A, 8,
2012).               the profile of Sport in the East        9,10
                     of England and is accessible
B) Stimulate         to both community groups
investment into      and elite athletes post 2012.           Implementation of Playground to        Delivery of talent identification    YST/EFDS/Spo    Througho
the region’s         To deliver a throughput of              Podium in the region. Measure A        days in school sports partnerships   rt              ut
sporting             72,000 visits per annum once            and 7                                  that feed CAADCs.                    England/NGBs    2009/10
infrastructure       the facility is fully operational                                                                                   and awarded
                     and open to the community.                                                     Announcement of agencies             lead delivery
C) Increase cross                                                                                   awarded tender to deliver the        agents.
sector working       4) 2) Mountain Biking Legacy                                                   CAADCs – March 09.
and regional         indicator to be identified
recognition of the   following further dialogue with                                                Round 1 delivery of CAADCs in
role of sport in     key stakeholders.                                                              June 2009 in the following
meeting other                                                                                       counties – Bedfordshire, Essex,
agencies             5) 30% of Legacy Trust                                                         Hertfordshire.
agendas              regional programme to
                     involve sport volunteering and                                                 Round 2 delivery of CAADCs in
D) Raise the         commissioning of at least 2                                                    Cambridgeshire and Suffolk in
profile of East of   major sporting events in the                                                   Academic Year 09/10
England as a         region
region for sport                                                                                    Timing of roll out in Norfolk
                     6) Engagement and retention                                                    subject to ongoing dialogue
                     of 66,987 young people aged
                     5-16 undertaking five hours of                                                 Tenders for round 2 to be
                     sport and physical activity per                                                awarded 6/7/09.
week between 209-2011              Support the implementation of the     April 09 Sport Theme Group          COVER/Sport        Througho
(County by county targets          regional legacy trust programme       meeting a member of project         Theme              ut
set)                               through joining up delivery and       partnership presents to the group   Group/County       2009/10
                                   placement vehicles for the project.   to inform them of how to engage.    partners.
7) Playground to Podium            Measure A, D and 5                    To have agreed approach for
target – round 1 – 390 young                                             partners in counties to signpost
disabled people attending                                                sporting volunteering
CAADCs and a further 195                                                 opportunities with 30% of year 1
attending ASA development                                                throughput engaged in sport
programmes. 70% of the                                                   related volunteering.
young people attending the
                                   Investment and overseeing of          Year 1 programme reported           CSPs Delivery      Througho
CAADCs will have a
                                   delivery of Sport Unlimited           against.                            and local          ut
physical/sensory impairment.
                                   programme (5 hour offer). Measure     Year 2 delivery plans confirmed     delivery           2009/10
                                   A, C and 6                            for all 6 counties.                 partners/Sport
8) A reduction in post 16                                                Implementation of yr 2 delivery     England
drop-off in at least five sports                                         plans taken place with targets      managed
by 25% by 2012-13.                                                       tracked in each county.             investment
9) A quantifiable increase in      Role out of new ESF £1.3m             Programme roll out to deliver       ACER/SkillsAct     Througho
satisfaction levels of those       investment in to Sporting skills in   (subject to applications and        ive/CSPs/Colle     ut
taking part in sport. (national    the region. Measure A.                delivery) 254 coaching level 1,     ge West Anglia,    2009/10
satisfaction survey being funded                                         305 level 2 and 81 level 3          SEEVIC
through Sport England)                                                   awards. Wider training              College, West
                                                                         programmes for Facility             Suffolk College,
10) Improved talent                                                      Operations, Health and Fitness -    Bedford
development systems in at                                                Level 2 and Level 3 Gym             College,
least 25 sports.                                                         instructors, Community              Cambridge
                                                                         Development ie CSLA related to      Regional
                                                                         community sport                     College, North
                                                                         Equality - sportscoachUK            Herts
                                                                         workshops.                          College/18

                                   Profile :                             Sport England to meet with          Sport              Mtg early
                                   Support the development for a         project manager in Essex to         England/Essex      in 2009
                                   legacy plan for the Mountain Biking   discuss progress and agree ways                        and
                                   Centre in Essex. Measure B, D and     in which region can support                            subsequ
4                                      development of legacy going                           ent
                                       forwards.                                             action to
                                       Develop promotion of cycling                          be
                                       through work on Tour of Britain in                    determin
                                       relation to major events.                             ed.

Support the development of the         Convene sports development            LVRPA/Sport     Througho
sports development legacy plan for     legacy group through LVRPA            England/BCU/    ut
Canoeing at the WWCSC.                 involving relevant key                Herts           2009/10
Measures A, B, D and 2 and 3           stakeholders.                         RFW/Essex
                                       Develop implementation                2012 Legacy
                                       programme.                            Plan.
To secure two major sporting           To secure Great Swim for next         Sport           Throughp
events in the East of England –        three years.                          England/Relev   ut
Great Swim and Tour of Britain for     To progress application for           ant County      2009/10
2009/2010 using contributions from     funding through Legacy Trust          Council/Local
the Legacy Trust project and to        regional board.                       Authority
work with health partners to                                                 Partners/EEDA
                                       To deliver yr 1 Great Swim.
maximise the benefits of the                                                 /Regional
proposed mass participation events.    To maximise sports development
                                                                             Legacy Trust
 Measure A, D and 5                    from the event in partnership with
                                       key stakeholders.
                                       To review event in autumn 09 and
                                       plan for 09/10.
                                       To secure cycle town race
                                       programme venue(s) in 09/10 and
                                       To progress negotiations on leg
                                       of Tour of Britain for 2012 going
                                       into Stratford.
                                       To ensure that economic impact
                                       of events is completed.

Investment Infrastructure :            Work with NGBs in the region          Sport           First six
Harness investment into sporting       through their whole sport plans to    England/NGBs/   months
capital facility developments in the   fully understand facility needs and   CSPs            of
region through supporting NGBs         to cross reference with recently                      financial
with joining up their investment       published facility strategy in the                    year.
resources with local                   region for currency.
government/education and other
community stakeholders and             CSPs to continue engagement
maximising the community access        with BSF process in their
afforded by the building schools for   respective counties. Sport
the future programme. Measure B        England to continue to support
                                       through guidance/advice/strategic
                                       planning information.

Develop Regional protocol for          Completion of scoping work as to      Regional 2012    Througho
PGTC activity and develop regional     further support required in region.   co-ordinator     ut the
delivery programme for PGTC            Analysis of responses and agreed      and County       year.
promotion                              action plan for the year              PGTC leads.
Measure D
                                       2 x PGTC workshop events
                                       delivered April/October
                                       Ongoing advocacy and promotion
                                       at key events – ie Sport Accord.
Complete facility improvement          Completion of 9 local authority       Sport England    Througho
service work with 9 authorities in     evidence based facility strategies.   and 9            ut
the region by 31.3.10. Outcome                                               authorities.     2009/10
each with an adopted facility
strategy in their area. Measure B

Cross sector working and               Meet with East of England             Regional 2012    Througho
regional recognition of role of        Business Group in April 2009 and      Communication    ut
sport in meeting other agencies        agree further ways to engage          s team/Sport     2009/10
agendas :                              business in supporting work of the    Theme Group
                                       foundations.                          partners/Sport
Continue to promote the work of the    Work with the NRE 2012                England/Sports
6 foundations in the region through    communications team to promote        Aid
business engagement                    the foundations to at least one
opportunities. Measure C               major business event in 2009/10
                                       having delivered to the Ideas
                                       conference in March 09.
                                       County to continue local
                                       advocacy and promotion.
                                       To develop at least 2 case
                                       studies promoting the work of the
                                       foundations through the regional
                                          2012 communications team.
Continue to support through the           Counties continue to roll out        CSPs/Sport       Througho
duty to co-operate LAA targets in         delivery plans.                      England/region   ut
local government – NI8 increasing         Dissemination of Active People       al Cultural      2009/10
adult participation in sport, NI57        Survey Data in December 2009.        Agencies.
Children and Young People
                                          Establishment of regional Culture
engaging in 5 hours of PE/Sport per
                                          and Sport Improvement Network
week and NI6 Volunteering, NI110
                                          and implementation of support
Positive Activities for young people.
                                          programme for LAA 2 delivery.
Measure A

To engage with the Cultural theme         To ensure time at April 09           Sport Theme      Througho
group and Cultural Olympiad               meeting to discuss findings.         Group            ut
opportunities and effectively use the     To promote sporting opportunities    members,         2009/10
learning from the physical activity       to sport theme group from cultural   Regional
legacy research that was carried          programme.                           Cultural
out, in particular the use of the                                              Programmer.
                                          To ensure Sport engaged in
demonstration effect for sport (and
                                          activity on open weekend in July
festival effect for Physical activity .
Measure A, C (specific
interventions to be included further
to meeting with regional cultural

ASPIRATIONS           5 year OUTCOMES                        INPUTS                              OUTPUTS                            Lead Agency/    Timeline
Objectives            Measurement Indicator within 5         intervention/key task/milestones    over next 12 months                partnership
                      year Business Plan                     over next 12 months
A) Deliver an         1) Number of people                    Ensure East of England profile in   A ceremony forum                   Creative        April 09
imaginative and       participating in the Cultural          Ceremonies including Opening                                           Programmer,
compelling Cultural                                          and Closing Ceremonies and                                             LOCOG
Olympiad across
                      Olympiad using the 2008                Torch Relay
the East of           numbers as a baseline (36,000 in       Measure A 8
England               2008 at Launch Weekend)                Engagement with major projects
                                                             Measure A,B,C,D 1, 6, 7,11, 12
B) Achieve higher
levels of             2) Number of events delivered          Artists Taking the Lead
engagement in         as part of the Cultural Olympiad
culture across the    using 2008 numbers as a                                                    Project press launch               Creative        Mar –
East of England       baseline (61 events held as part                                           Regional panel                     Programmer,     Oct 09
                      of the Launch Weekend)                                                     Submission process                 ACEE
C) Strengthened                                                                                  Shortlisting process
capacity within the                                                                              Interviews
cultural sector       3) Number of Live Sites and                                                Announcement of regional
                      number of viewers/contributors. (1                                         commission
D) Deliver a clear    in year 1 achieved, cumulative         Stories of the World
demonstration of      target by 2012 - 4)
how culture can                                                                                  Proposal from East of England      Creative
support               4) Number of Inspire Marks                                                 submitted to MLA                   Programmer,     April 09 –
development of        awarded. (5 in year 1 achieved,                                            Support for delivery partners      MLA             Mar 10
stronger              cumulative target 40 by 2012)                                              (subject to bid success)
communities, and
support delivery      5) Value of investment in Inspire      Unlimited                           Agreed strategy for how the
across other          Marks (currently £994,000)                                                 region can engage in the
agendas                                                                                          programme and cross theme          Creative
                      6) Regional involvement in all 10                                          opportunities                      Programmer,     Mar 09 –
                      national major projects.                                                   Support for regional bids          ACEE, Culture   Mar 10
                                                                                                                                    and Sport
                      7) Percentage of investment in                                                                                Theme Groups,
                      Major Project activity in the region                                                                          Sport England
                      (£40 million currently aligned         Film Nation                         A regional event for (how many)
                      nationally for the delivery of these                                       film partners to plan engagement
                      programmes)                                                                in Film Nation                     Creative
                                                                                                 Increased applications to the      Programmer,     May 09 –
                                                                             Firstlight programme for young       UK Film         Mar 10
8) Regional involvement in                                                   filmmakers                           Council,
ceremonies including Torch relay                                             Participating films shown on the     Screen East
for 2012, opening and closing                                                Live Site
ceremonies for Olympic and
Paralympic Games.                                                            A regional event bringing together
                                       Discovering Places – Open Up to       heritage and tourism partners
9) 30% of Legacy Trust regional        Nature                                (how many)to plan engagement
programming to involve cultural                                              in Open Up to Nature
volunteering                                                                 An Open Up to Nature regional        Creative        May 09 –
                                                                             project based on sustainable         Programmer,     Mar 10
10) 4 major cultural events in the                                           environments and transports          Natural
region through the Legacy Trust                                                                                   England EH,
Events Fund                                                                                                       MLA. NT and
11) Additional investment by the
cultural agencies into 2012 activity
(2008 figures as a baseline)

12) Investment levered into cultural
agency led activity                    Region-wide promotion of the          Surgeries held in each county        Creative        Mar 09 –
                                       Inspire Mark                                                               Programmer,     Mar 10
13) Continued employment and           Measure A, B, C, D, 1, 2, 4, 5, 11,   6 Inspire Marks awarded to the       county leads,
regional support for the post of       12                                    region in 2009                       Culture Theme
Creative Programmer                                                                                               Group
                                                                             Regional activity within 2
                                                                             national Inspire Marked
                                                                             Collation of key data from
                                                                             evaluation reports

                                       Regional engagement in Open           Support for counties wishing to      Creative        Mar –
                                       Weekend: 24-27 July 2009              take part                            Programmer,     Oct 09
                                       Measure A, B, 1, 2, 11, 12            Effective communication about        Culture Theme
                                                                             Open Weekend through Culture         Group, county
                                                                             Theme Group and e bulletins          leads
                                                                             Increased number if events taking
                                                                             place in each county
                                      A 2009 case study document
Boost local ownership of the          Open Weekend activity at the          Creative          Mar 09 –
Norwich Live Site                     Live Site                             Programmer,       Mar 10
Measure A, B, 1, 2, 3                 Increased engagement from             Live Site
                                      cultural agencies, content            Coordinator
Influence the positioning of future   Involvement in the review and         Creative          Apr –
regional Live Sites                   future planning for phase 2 with 4    Programmer,       Sept 09
Measure A, B, 1, 2, 3                 locations wishing to secure a Live    Live Site
                                      Site                                  Coordinator,
                                      A second Live Site secured for        LOCOG,
                                      the region                            County leads
Ensure wide cultural engagement       Volunteering opportunities            Creative          Mar 09 -
in Legacy Trust/ ESF skills           developed across the cultural         Programmer,       Mar 10
development programme                 sector                                Regional
Measure D, 9                                                                Advisory group,
                                                                            COVER, CLIP
Support the development of            Inspire Mark projects linked to all   Creative          Mar 09 –
Inspire Mark projects linked to the   successful events                     Programmer,       May 10
Legacy Trust Events Fund                                                    Regional
Measure A, B, C, D, 10                                                      Advisory
                                                                            Group, ACEE,
                                                                            Sport England
Explore how the Cultural              A plan for Cultural Olympiad          Creative          Sept 09 –
Olympiad can add value to the         activity developed for each venue     Programmer,       Mar 10
two regional venues in                                                      HCC, ECC,
Broxbourne and Hadleigh                                                     EH*
Measure A, B, 1, 2, 4

Develop an agreed set of              A shared set of priorities for        ACEE, Sport       Mar 09 –
priorities with cultural agencies     London 2012 and the Cultural          England, EH,      Sept 09
Measure A, B, C, 2, 4, 11, 12, 13     Olympiad                              MLA and
                                      Continued support for the             Screen East
                                      Creative Programmer post

                                      Development of The People’s
                                      Record                                MLA               Mar 09 –
                                                                                              Mar 10
                                      Headline plans finalised
                                      supporting the development of         ACEE              Mar 09 –
                                    2012 plans from Aldeburgh                            Mar 10
                                    Music, UK Centre for Carnival
                                    Arts and Norfolk and Norwich
Identify opportunities for cross    A feasibility study for regional     Creative        May 09
regional high profile projects      involvement in An Ancient            Programmer,
Measure A, B, 1, 2, 3, 4            Timeline with Dame Evelyn            BBC

                                    30 Bandstands involved in            Creative        26/27
                                    Bandstand Marathon 2009              Programmer,     Septemb
                                                                         Superact,       er
                                                                         county leads,
                                                                         Culture Theme
Ensure effective communication      Monthly e bulletins                  Creative        Mar 09 –
about the Cultural Olympiad         A case study document                Programmer,     Mar 10
Measure A, B, D, 2, 4, 6, 8         Regularly updated East of            Culture Theme
                                    England Cultural Olympiad pages      Group,
                                    on the London 2012 site              Communication
                                    A clear communications plan          s Theme Group
Ensure the Cultural Olympiad        Increased registration for Get Set   Creative        Mar 09 –
offers opportunities for the        through Cultural Olympiad Activity   Programmer,     Mar 10
delivery of other themes                                                 county leads
Measure A, B, D, 1, 2, 4            An Inspire Mark project delivering
                                    for the Physical Activity Legacy     Creative        April 09 -
                                    Plan                                 Programmer,
                                                                         Sport and
                                                                         Health theme
Promote CompeteFor as a             An event for creative and cultural   Creative        By Oct
business opportunity for regional   businesses                           Programmer,     09
creative and cultural businesses    Increased numbers of creative        Business
Measure C                           and cultural businesses              Theme lead
                                    registering on CompeteFor

ASPIRATIONS          5 year OUTCOMES                 INPUTS                         OUTPUTS                                             Lead            Timeline
Objectives           Measurement Indicator           intervention/key               over next 12 months                                 Agency/
                     within 5 year Business Plan     task/milestones over next                                                          partnership
                                                     12 months
Improve Health       1. Contribution towards         Refresh of 12 month action     Continuation of RPAC post and refresh of            Department      2009/
and Wellbeing by        successful delivery          plan for regional physical     priorities will allow RPAC to                       of Health       2010
                        against the Legacy           activity coordinator (RPAC)    ▪ establish and deliver the NRE health theme        East of
                        Action Plan (LAP)            post. Measure A, B, C, 1, 2,   group                                               England
A.   Increasing
                        national target of ‘2        3                                                                                  regional
     adult                                                                          ▪ develop further links between health, sport and
                        million more people in                                                                                          public health
     participation                                                                  culture 2012 theme groups
                        England to be more                                                                                              directorate
     in physical                                                                    ▪ encourage adoption of health and physical
                        active by 2012’ – work to                                                                                       (DH East)
     activity (PA)                                                                  activity legacy research recommendations, in
                        establish baseline and
     for physical                                                                   particular linking to Inspire Mark opportunities
                        method of monitoring for
     and mental                                                                     ▪ encourage the 2012 link through existing
                        the East of England
     health                                                                         networks and partnerships, in particular
                     (2 million LAP target to be                                    challenging PCTs to be involved in local delivery
B.   Halting the     measured via Active People      Refresh of regional physical   Revised regional physical activity strategy will    DH East         2009/
     rise in         Survey – baseline taken from    activity strategy, Active      include                                                             2010
     childhood       2008)                           East. Measure A, B, C, 1, 2,   ▪ the NRE 2012 health legacy plan and
     obesity         (Impact of National PA Plan     3                              associated actions
                     programmes will be
C.   Increasing      monitored through indicators    Workplace health 2012          Development of High Five (an initiative inspired    SHA with DH     2009/
     cross-sector    measured through the Health     High Five initiative           by 2012) – extent of delivery to be confirmed in    East support    2010
     working and     Survey for England)             launched across NHS East       project development
     the                                             of England. Measure A, 3
     contribution                                    Continuation of national       Specific links to 2012 encouraged through           NHS Norfolk     2009/
     of other        2. Contribution towards the     Healthy Town Programme         ▪ RPAC sitting on project steering group            with            2010
     themes to          delivery against the         pilot (in Thetford). Measure                                                       Breckland
                                                                                    ▪ exploration of an Inspire Mark project within
     health and         regional Improving Lives;    A, B, 1, 2, 3                                                                      Council
                        Saving Lives pledge,                                        their portfolio
     specifically       ‘We will halt the rise in    Regional launch of             ▪ Regional Change4Life launch event;                SHA;            Event: 22
     mental             obesity in children and      Change4Life (C4L) social       ▪ Engagement process undertaken with each           RPAC and        May
     health and         then seek to reduce it’      marketing programme and        2012 county working group (via RPAC or county       DH East         2009;
     social                                          subsequent use of C4L.         health rep) to promote Change4Life in                               Ongoing
     inclusion       (Childhood obesity              Measure A, B                   conjunction with local delivery of 2012                             use of
                     measured by NCMP at PCT                                        initiatives.                                                        toolkit
                     level and NI 56 targets which                                  ▪ Continued development and dissemination of
are in all LAAs)                                             the C4L ‘Promoting Activity Toolkit’ – regional
                                                             DH teams are jointly planning an Inspire Mark
                                                             application for the toolkit
                              Regional cycling action        Regional Cycling Action Plan to include               DfT and          2009/
3. To promote active travel   plan. Measure A, C, 3                                                                Cycling          2010
                                                             ▪ 2012 Olympic mountain biking venue
   routes (walking and                                                                                             England with
   cycling) into and around                                  ▪ active travel (cycling) provision around the two
                                                             Olympic venues                                        DH East
   the 2 Olympic venues in                                                                                         support
   the region                                                ▪ Tour of Britain regional venues and potential
                                                             around the elite event of promoting everyday
(measure of use of active                                    cycling via use of the ‘festival effect’
travel routes to be locally   Research project into the      ▪ Development of regional dance project               Youth Dance      2009/
determined at venue)          effect of dance on obesity     including establishing metric with Culture            England          2010;
                              in children and young          Theme group                                           East; NRE
                              people. Measure B, C, 1, 2     Project to include                                    Culture
                                                             ▪ RPAC and/or Cultural Programmer on steering         theme group
                                                             group to identify specific links to 2012
                                                             ▪ exploration of Inspire Mark use for project
                                                             ▪ link of dance to the Cultural Olympiad through
                                                             provision of final project performances – extent
                                                             of delivery (number of performances and
                                                             participants) to be confirmed in project
                              Regional portfolio of          Project criteria included a focus option of           Regional         Start
                              Healthy schools physical       ‘support the 2012 games’                              Healthy          Sept
                              activity pilot projects.       (Essex ‘carrying the flame’ project – metric          Schools          2008;
                              Measure B, C                   locally established)                                  team; DH         End July
                                                                                                                   East             2009
                              Utilise findings from 2012     Use of the 2012 health and physical activity          Sport theme      2009/
                              health and physical activity   legacy research findings to                           group; culture   2010
                              legacy research. Measure       ▪ encourage cross-sector working between 2012         theme group;
                              A, B, C                                                                         st   county
                                                             theme groups of health, sport and culture – 1
                                                             joint discussion meeting planned for April 2009       groups
                                                             ▪ explore the mass participation aspect of PA
                                                             (through sport and culture) around the Tour of
                                                             Britain and Great Swim within the region using
                                                             the ‘demonstration effect’ and ‘festival effect’ –
                                                             extent of delivery and metrics to be confirmed in
                                                             project development with sport/culture theme
and county groups

   ASPIRATIONS         5 year OUTCOMES                    INPUTS                            OUTPUTS                           Lead          Timelin
   Objectives          Measurement Indicator within       intervention/key                  over next 12 months               Agency/       e
                       5 year Business Plan               task/milestones over next 12                                        partnership
                                                          develop East of England           website in place and linked to    EET           through-
   A. an increase      1. a 3%; in business and           Tourism’s consumer website as     other key sites, including                      out the
    in international    international visitors, in line   the digital shop window for, and to the                         year
    and business        with the projection for London    Olympics visitors to the region   region’s destination
    visitors                                                                                management system
                       2. domestic tourism in the East    continued promotion of the site
   B. long-term         to exceed the average rate of     as the website for visitor        achieve at least 1 million
    growth in the       growth for the other English      information for the East,         unique visitors per annum to
    value of            regions                           including for the 2012 Game       the East of England Tourism’s
    domestic                                                                                consumer website:
    tourism C. to                                         Aspirations 1, 2 and 3  
    improve the
    visitor                                               Measures A and B                  achieve a growth of at least
    experience,                                                                             25% in unique visitors per
    including                                                                               annum to the bespoke
    travel, for the                                                                         Olympic area on East of
    Games that                                                                              England Tourism’s business to
    builds the                                                                              business website: achieve at
    market for                                                                              least 1 million unique visitors
    tourism for the                                                                         per annum to the East of
    longer-term                                                                             England Tourism’s consumer

                                                                                            achieve a growth of at least
                                                                                            25% in unique visitors per
                                                                                            annum to the bespoke
                                                                                            Olympic area on East of
                                                                                            England Tourism’s business to
                                                                                            business website:

Promote the East through a          media marketing campaigns         EET    through
series of major Olympics-           and website material                     out the
related national marketing                                                   year
campaigns, highlighting the         walking and cycling micro-sites
region’s tourism assets,            with minimum of 500 unique
including its culture and           visitors per week
sporting events

EET’s two national campaigns
in 2009/2010 will promote
walking and cycling in the East,
linked the Olympics

   Aspirations 1 and 2 and 3

   Measures A and B

Promote the region through          launch two regional awareness EET/EEDA   through-
partnerships with its air and sea   campaigns in the year                    out the
ports                                                                        year
                                    continuation of 2008 gateway
further development of              signage projects at Stansted
partnerships with at least two of
the region’s gateway operators      development of campaigns
                                    with other gateways, including
   Aspirations 1, 2 and 3           Harwich, Norwich, and Luton

   Measures A and B

Work to ensure substantial          journalists visits                EET    through-
national and international media                                             out the
coverage of the region before,      positive media coverage of the           year
during and after the Games          region, related to the Olympics
                                    tourism opportunity
Proactive targeting of national
and international media and         increase in journalists visits to
development of resources for        the region
visiting journalists
                                    the number of Games-related
   Aspirations 1 and 2              articles on the region (up to 50
                                    by 2010)
   Measures A and B

develop partnerships with           progress towards target of 10       EET/EEDA   through-
international tour operators that   partnerships by 2012                           out the
promote the East as a visitor                                                      year
destination                         progress towards the region
                                    being featured in operators
secure partnerships with tour       programmes in 2012 and after

   Aspirations 1 and 2 and 3

   Measures A and B

encourage accommodation             agreement reached and               EET/EEDA   through-
providers to participate in a       number of hotels                               out the
regional fair price programme       accommodation providers                        year
for the period of the Games         indicating they will take part

development of an agreement
with regional branch of the BHA

   Aspirations 1 and 2 and 3

   Measures A and B

develop information services for    increased awareness by              EET        through-
potential hotel developers in the   developers of opportunities in                 out the
region                                the East                                         year

continue to develop the               number of visitors to the site
bespoke website for hotel
developers launched in 2008

    Aspirations 1 and 2 and 3

    Measures A and B

develop strategies with the           website providing travel         EET and         through-
region’s train operators for a        information and relevant links   EEDA with       out the
positive passenger experience         developed                        support and     year
for the Games                                                          engagement
                                      agreement of strategic actions   from counties
undertake strategic advocacy          with First Capital Connect,
and discussion with operators         National Express Group and
highlighting the legacy business      Cross Country Rail
benefits of working together to
improve the passenger
experience for the Games

develop EET’s website to
support passengers in making
their plans to travel to the

    Aspirations 1 and 2 and 3

    Measures A and B

encourage the region’s                number of gateways to            EET             through-
seaports and airports to take         participating                                    out the
part in customer service                                                               year
initiatives, including training and   training delivered, including
skills development opportunities   specialist programmes for
                                   international and special
deliver Welcome to Excellence      needs visitors
courses, with newly developed
special programmes, and
promote the courses the

   Aspirations 1 and 2 and 3

   Measures A and B

encourage travel to the region’s   progress towards agreement       EEDA and   through-
two Olympics venue by low          on a low carbon actions          EET        out the
carbon forms of transport                                                      year
                                   website has advice and
explore strategies with the        information on low-carbon
venue and the with ODA and         travel options
                                   practical commitment to
use passengers information
                                   provision and promotion of low
pages on EET’s website to
                                   carbon travel to the venues
encourage and provide
information about low-carbon
travel to the Games                advice and information on low-
                                   carbon travel options
   Aspirations 1 and 2 and 3

   Measures A and B

support the development of a       funding agreements in place      EEDA       through-
small number of events which       for 2 sporting events and 4                 out the
have the potential for growth      arts/cultural events                        year
into major attractions
                                  business plans developed and
agree funding of £500,000         assessed, funding agreed
(from the Legacy Trust ( for a
strategic portfolio of projects

   Aspirations 1 and 2

   Measures A and B

ASPIRATIONS           5 year OUTCOMES                        INPUTS                                 OUTPUTS                           Lead Agency/   Timeline
Objectives            Measurement Indicator within 5         intervention/key                       over next 12 months               partnership
                      year Business Plan                     task/milestones over next 12
Using the London        1. FEI/HEI sports coaching and       Raise awareness of the skills and      Articles in EESCP and partner     EESCP          Througho
2012 Games as a       training skills to generate a 5%       employment opportunities               newsletters                       Skills theme   ut
catalyst for          year-on-year student increase in       through 2012 through                   Promotion of Olympics through     group          2009/10
employment and        those entering the sport                                                      skill events
skills                employment sector.                            Partner newsletters and                         nd
                                                                                                    First event on 2 April 2009
opportunities, not                                                   publications
just to support       2. Engagement of not less than                Attendance and hosting         Programme of events / briefing
delivery of the       10% of FEIs/HEIs with the work                 of events                      opportunities to be identified
                                                                                                    through the year.
Games, but also       opportunities afforded by PODIUM.             Press
to create a lasting
legacy through        3. 70% companies based within the      Theme group to produce a               4 e –news letters                 EESCP          Througho
new jobs, skills      region that are registered on          quarterly skills and employment                                                         ut
and a learning        CompeteFor to complete a Skills        update for circulation amongst                                                          2009/10
culture, and          Health Check                           partners (Measure A-F)
creating more
innovative ways       4. 70% of organisations based in
for delivering        region and registered on               Ensure opportunities associated        EESCP to meet with AUEE /         EESCP /        Througho
these                 CompeteFor committing to the           with the Olympics are promoted         Grads East to discuss and agree   AUEE/          ut
opportunities to      Skills Pledge/Jobs Pledge              to graduates in the East of            a planned approach.               GradsEAst      2009/10
all sections of the                                          England using the Grads East
community.            5. Contribution toward the Leitch      programme (A+B)
Specifically:         targets through the companies
                      undertaking a Skills Health Check      Identify colleges and universities     Permanent displays in targeted    EESCP/ACER     Througho
A. Generating         and committing to the Skills Pledge    within each local authority to offer   institutions                                     ut
sustainable           supported by Train to Gain. (is this   maintained displays that project                                                        2009/10
employment            a realistic measurable indicator       the skills and employment
through new job       don’t measures 3 and 4 above           projects, targets and opportunities
opportunities         articulate this?)                      to businesses (B)
created for the
Games and             6. 200 graduates delivered through     Target Institutions and
afterwards as a       the Personal Best programme (          organisations’ closely located to
by-product of the     links to volunteering theme)           the EoE venues
Games.                                                       for Cycling and White Water
                      PB regional plans and assurance
                                                             rafting and those delivering
B. Developing        templates agreed by PBNSG                aspects of the skills programmes
and creating new
skills in the East   % PB graduates that are supported into
of England           further work, volunteering or training
                                                              Promote the new business                 Meet with EEDA lead for              LSC / EEDA /      Througho
workforce that                                                opportunities created through the        Competefor to agree targeting of     BLE               ut
will benefit         7. Opportunities provided in the
                                                              Olympics to businesses through           companies registered and                               2009/10
people in their      development of 2012 venues in the
                                                              the integrated brokerage service.        published
jobs up to 2012      East of England:
                                                              (B-E)                                    Target setting and contact Plan
and beyond.          - Apprenticeships
                     - Unemployed
C. Promoting a       - Upskilling workforce
culture of                                                    Promote training opportunities for 14-   Reduced number of NEET young         Skills Active     .
learning new         We will be clearer as we progress        19 NEET using ‘pull’ of the Olympic
                     towards 2012, what impact                                                         people, specifically in venue        /Essex/
skills in the East                                            Games (A+B)
                     innovation in employment, driven by                                               location areas.                      Hertfordshire
of England
workforce            work on 2012 Games, will have on         Promote Sport NSA learning activities    Increased participation rates of     Skills Active     Througho
through the ethos    employment and skills levels as the      that reach 14-19yr olds (C-E)            young people, specifically in        /Essex/Hertford   ut
of sporting          longer term legacy for employment                                                 venue location areas.                shire             2009/10
excellence and       is hard to estimate with any
                     accuracy.                                Participation                            Programme launch events March        EEDA /            Througho
                                                                                                       and April                            COVER             ut
                     The Thematic Delivery Plan will          Delivery of The Legacy Trust                                                                    2009/10
D. Creating a                                                 Volunteering into Employability
wider and lasting    contribute towards a number of                                                    4 Board meetings
                     other previously published               programme (C)                            4 Team East meetings 2 Area
impact by
                     Government ambitions and targets;                                                 Advisory panels evidenced by the
innovating and                                                                                         minutes
demonstrating        * in England, by 2020:
                        * 95% of the working age                                                       400 Warm up participants
new and effective                                                                                      20 Silver participants
ways of              population to have
                                                                                                       180 participants engaged in job
promoting                  Functional literacy(Level1l and                                             searching/further learning
workforce            numeracy (Entry                                                                   70 participants in Volunteering on
development and            Level 3) skills;                                                            leaving programme, 80 in work on
engaging people          * More than 90% per cent of the                                               leaving
in the workforce.    working age                                                                       38 participants in work 6 months
                           population qualified to Level 2;                                            after leaving the programme
                         * 68% per cent of the working                                                 2 Warm up level activities held
E. Through                                                                                             2 Bronze level activities held
improving the        age population
                           Qualified to Level 3;                                                       Online open day
skills of the                                                                                          Website refresh
workforce,               * 20% of young people                                                         4 Meetings held at delivery hub
increasing           undertaking an
                                                                                                       12 Case Studies and case study
business                   Apprenticeship.
                                                                                                       evidenced to EEDA
opportunities for
tourism, media,
sport and related
sectors, including                                                                               LSC/ ACER          Financial
the potential for     Delivery of the LSC ESF Sports        Programme delivery targets for                          year
inward                and leisure and Construction          year 1 -750 participants with 80%                       09/10
investment and        programmes (A-F)                      achieving a qualification
throughout the
East of England.      Follow the PB Assurance Template      Additional funding for the NVQ       EESCP / LSC /      July
                      and Regional Manual guidelines o      element of PB sourced.               COVER /            2009.
                      develop a Personal Best programme
F. Support the                                                                                   ACER
                      in the region .(C)
development of a                                            Inspire Mark achieved for the PB
workforce             Application for the inspire Mark to   programme
(employed and         be completed
volunteer) with
the right skills in
the right place at
the right time to                                           Programme running within the         COVER/ ACER        Commen
construct the         Delivery of a Personal Best           region                               /LSC / JCP         cing
2012 Games            programme in the region.(C)           25 full graduates of the PB                             Septemb
venues in the                                               programme                                               er 2009
East of England
                      Businesses registered on              Agreed targets for                   Business Link     Throughou
                      CompeteFor targeted by                Skills Pledge                        East               t 2009/10
                      Brokerage for Skills Health           Jobs Pledge
                      Checks, skills and jobs pledge        Local Employment partnerships
                      and train to gain support.
                                                            Outputs achieved under Train to
                                                            gain - number of individuals
                                                            trained and units/ qualifications
                      Develop wider progression             FE/HE group established to           Aim Higher         Througho
                      accords between FE and HE             develop Olympic related accord       Groups             ut
                      outside traditional university and                                                            2009/10
                      college local partnerships to
                      improve progression from Level 3
                      to HE (B-E)
                      Ensuring that the Integrated          Rollout of IES Trials in all areas   LSC/JCP IES        Througho
                      Employment and Skills trials access   with Olympic related opportunities   District Groups    ut
                      opportunities created through the
                                                            integrated into local plans,                            2009/10
                      Olympics, using the volunteering
programmes to support individuals   specifically in venue location
toward employment. (A-F)            areas

Promote apprenticeships within      National Apprenticeship Service       NAS             Througho
the context of the Olympics to      (NAS) include Olympic related                         ut
employers and individuals. (A- F)   opportunities into business and                       2009/10
                                    marketing plans
Linking language skills             Regional Language Network to          RLN             Througho
development between Olympic         establish links with transport hubs                   ut
Training Camps, Transport Hubs      to develop plans for language                         2009/10
and venues and exploring the link   training
between customer service,
language and culture. (B-F)

Delivery of ‘Bridging the Gap’      Programme running in the region       Herts College   Through
2012 related security sector                                                              out
programme                                                                                 2009/10
Supporting WorldSkills 2011 to      Agreed plan to raise awareness        .LSC / ACER     Througho
maximise the contribution it will   of WorldSkills                                        ut
make in promoting skills for 2012                                                         2009/10
Games (B-E)

ASPIRATIONS         5 year OUTCOMES                      INPUTS                              OUTPUTS                             Lead Agency/   Timeline
Objectives          Measurement Indicator within 5       intervention/key                    over next 12 months                 partnership
                    year Business Plan                   task/milestones over next 12
                                                         Regional Role                             Maintain % of contracts      EEDA/          Ongoing
A Facilitate the    1. East of England businesses to                                                awarded to the Region’s      Business
flow of             win 5-10% of value of total          Ensure effective representation            businesses between 9 –       Link/
information to      procurement opportunities from       for businesses and business                11%
                                                                                                                                 County Leads
businesses in the   London 2012 Games                    support at a national level
East of England                                          primarily via   London     2012
                    2. Maximise opportunities for        Business Network but also:                8% (20,724) of Business                     Ongoing
B Establish         businesses in the region from two                                               Stock to be registered on
business support    Olympic venues in the region                                                    CompeteFor
                                                               Nations   and    Regions
needs for East of
                    3. Maintain funding for CompeteFor                                             Increase      CompeteFor
businesses to                                                                                                                                   Ongoing
                    website (currently until 2012)                                                  publication levels to over
engage in                                                      BERR Business Support               50%
procurement                                                     best practice Group
opportunities                                                                                      Establish baseline for %
form the London                                          Measure A                                  of businesses registered                    Q3 2009
2012 Olympic                                                                                        on CompeteFor engaging
and Paralympic                                           Provide information, support and           in      wider      public
Games                                                    a conduit to the national agenda           procurement
                                                         for:                                       opportunities
C To encourage
                                                               County Theme leads                 Establish baseline for
investment and
                                                                                                    businesses, engaged with
                                                               Industry          specific          CompeteFor, confidence                      Q3 2009
                                                                organisations                       in engaging with public
                                                                                                    procurement process
                                                         Measure A, 1

                                                         County Opportunities

                                                               Influence the regional and
                                                                national support agenda
      Financial support for local
       promotional initiatives

      Engage local businesses
       in the Olympic agenda

Measure A, 1

Regional Interventions


      Continue    to    promote
       CompeteFor via Business
       Link,   County     Theme
       leads and industry lead

      More effective use    of
       East of England landing
       page on CompeteFor to
       advertise       support

      Examine needs of SMEs
       post        CompeteFor

      Development of a better
       offer  to   Companies
       already published on

Measure B, 1, 2, 3

Regional venues

      Scope       opportunities
       presented by two regional

      Develop    clear     cross
       theme coherent message
       regarding opportunities

      Promote      opportunities
       throughout the region

Measure 3

Reshape    Business   Theme
Group    (BTG)   to   reflect
demands of changing business

     Rotate BTG meetings
      throughout the region
    4 meetings per year
    Widen representation to
      include businesses
    Meetings to focus on
      operational rather than
      strategic detail
    Ensure LOCOG/ODA
      representation at a least
      1 meeting pa.
    One joint skills/tourism
      meeting pa
Measure A, B

Strengthen          Regional
Communications Plan

To ensure:

      Closer   coordination of
       events   throughout the

      More effective sharing of

      Better    promotion      of
       regional successes

Measure A

Maximise export and inward
investment for business in the
East     of    England      from
international opportunities

Work with UKTI to maximise the
offer from region PGTC

Ensure       that   CompeteFor
companies are fully aware of
additional support opportunities
available from UKTI

Measure C

Develop a strategy for regional
sports technology to engage
with Technology09

      Collate information on
       East of England Business
       providing            sports
       technology        at      a

      Develop       promotional
       strategy           which
       corresponds to LOCOG
       guidelines on promotion

      Develop regional display
       stand for Technology09

Measure C

ASPIRATIONS           5 year OUTCOMES                          INPUTS                               OUTPUTS                              Lead Agency/     Timeline
Objectives            Measurement Indicator within 5           intervention/key                     over next 12 months                  partnership
                      year Business Plan                       task/milestones over next 12
A To inspire more     1 Number (tbc) of graduates              Completion and Release of            Regional volunteering strategy       England          April
people to be more     delivered through Personal Best          Regional Volunteering strategy                                            Volunteering     2009
involved in their     programme                                Measure A, 4                                                              Development
local communities                                                                                                                        Council
as a result of 2012   2. 1300 participants via Legacy                                                                                    (EVDC)
                      Trust volunteering project for culture   Launch of Regional Legacy Trust      Promotional material for
                      and sport                                                                                                          EEDA/COVER
                                                               Volunteering into Employability      recruitment onto programme
                                                               programme Measure A, 2
                      3. 2000 Games volunteers to come                                                                                   See also Sport
                      from the East of England                                                                                           theme action
                                                               Recruitment onto programme
                      4. Increase in number of volunteers
                      in the East of England region
                                                               Feed into LOCOG                      LOCOG communication to               NRE with         During
                                                               communications out to individuals    individuals expressing interest in   county area      2009/10
                      5. Number of sporting volunteers         that have expressed an interest in
                      (as measured through active people                                            2012 Games time volunteering         support
                                                               volunteering for the Games to        from East of England
                                                               direct them to local initiatives
                                                               Measure A, 3, 4
                      6. Numbers for formal volunteering
                      (as measured through Place
                      Survey)                                  Personal Best Steering Group         Scoping study and                    EESCP leading    During
                                                               identify regional approach for PB    recommendations                      with LSC,        2009/10
                                                               delivery in East of England                                               EEDA, JCP,
                                                               Measure A 1                                                               SkillsActive
                                                               Volunteering into Employability      1 day conference x no. of            EESCP Skills     April
                                                               conference                           delegates attending                  and              2009
                                                               Measure A, 3, 4                                                           Employment
                                                                                                                                         theme group
                                                               Influence the LOCOG                  NRE engagement with LOCOG            NRE Chairman     During
                                                               volunteering strategy/policy to      Volunteering team, Mayors office     NRE Project      2009/10
                                                               encourage the use of local           etc.                                 manager
                                                               volunteers at local venues
                                                               Measure A, 3, 4

ASPIRATIONS           5 year OUTCOMES                       INPUTS                                 OUTPUTS                             Lead Agency/   Timeline
Objectives            Measurement Indicator within 5        intervention/key                       over next 12 months                 partnership
                      year Business Plan                    task/milestones over next 12
A To use the             1. At least 90% of schools and     Regular dissemination to county        At least 4 statistic updates (one   Nations and    During
London 2012                 colleges within the region to   leads of education updates and         per quarter if available from       Regions East   2009/10
games to inspire            be signed up to the ‘Get        registration statistics provided by    London 2012)
our young people            Set’ National Domestic          LOCOG via Nations and Regions
to be the best that         Education programme by          East
they can be                 2012                            Collation and sharing of best          Series of case studies and          Nation and     During
                         2. Numbers of schools and          practice examples in relation to       general best practice information   Regions East   2009/10
                            colleges logging                education and inspiration of           produced
                            ideas/activity as story map     young people (via NRE
                            content on the Get set          Communication programme)
                            website                         Feedback into LOCOG county             Feedback as appropriate             Nations and    During
                         3. Number of additional            concerns / issues in relation to the                                       Regions East   2009/10
                            county led initiatives linked   Get Set programme to enable
                            to the 2012 Games               enhancement of product offer
                            specifically aimed at           Provision of advise and guidance       Inspire Mark brand applications     Nations and    During
                            children and young people       to organisations to gain Inspire                                           Regions East   2009/10
                                                            Mark branding for county led
                                                            initiatives linked to education and
                                                            inspiring young people

   ASPIRATIONS         5 year OUTCOMES                       INPUTS                            OUTPUTS                          Lead Agency/    Timeline
   Objectives          Measurement Indicator within 5        intervention/key                  over next 12 months              partnership
                       year Business Plan                    task/milestones over next 12
   A) To increase      1) (Increased) levels of public                                         1 x Regional strategy document   NRE             April 2009
   public and          awareness, knowledge and              NRE Communication                 and online action plan Measure                   Roll out
   stakeholder         enthusiasm as measured by DCMS        Programme delivery                1,2,3,4,5                                        April 09-
   awareness of the    annual research                                                                                                          March 10
   London 2012                                               - Establishment of programme by   1 x Theme communication
   Games, the          2) (Increased) levels of PR and       April 2009                        support action plan to include
   associated          media coverage either generated       - Roll out April 09-March 2010    media relations and audience
   regional benefits   locally, regionally or led by LOCOG   (Measure A)                       specific communications
   and the                                                                                     Measure 1,2,3,4,5
   opportunities to    3) (Improvements in) the value and    NRE Communications Lead post
   get involved        overall satisfaction levels, among    maintained – recruitment on 2
                       stakeholders, for various             year contract employed by EET     4 x VIP regional visits          NRE core team   2009/2010
                       communication tools and events        completed                         Measure 2,3, 4                   working with    (July,
                       4) Positive feedback collation                                                                           NRE Exec and    October,
                                                                                                                                comms leads     November)
                       following NRE led events
                                                                                               4 x Regional Newsletters         NRE             Quarterly
                       5) (An increase in) website hits to                                     Measure 3
                       the London 2012 East of England
                                                                                               4 x Communications theme
                                                                                               group meetings Measure 3
                                                                                               2 x Olympic Park Tours           NRE             2009/2010
                                                                                               Measure 3

                                                                                               1 x Nations and Regions Day      NRE core team   24 July
                                                                                               Measure 2,3,4,5                  with NRE Exec   2009
                                                                                               12 x E-Shots Measure 3           NRE core team   Monthly
                                                                                                                                with support
                                                                                               12 x Executive Briefs            NRE Exec and
                                                                                               Measure 3                        comms group
                                                                                               Monthly update to London 2012
web content Measure 1,3,5

Minimum 12 x Blog updates to
2012 Website Measure 1,3,5

Minimum of 8 case studies
Measure 1,2,4,5

PR/Media Coverage linked to
key visits, events, projects etc.
Measure 2

2 x PGTC seminar Measure            NRE   April and
3,4,5                                     October 09

1 x consumer focused PR             NRE   Quarterly
campaign Measure 1,2,3,4,5

1 x stakeholder satisfaction        NRE   Feb/March
survey to evaluate comms tools            09

ASPIRATIONS         5 year OUTCOMES                     INPUTS                              OUTPUTS                                Lead Agency/   Timeline
Objectives          Measurement Indicator within 5      intervention/key                    over next 12 months                    partnership
                    year Business Plan                  task/milestones over next 12
To ensure the       East of England recognised          Refreshed regional strategy         Regional strategy document             NRE working    May 2009
East of England     nationally as a leading region in   released                                                                   with Theme
secures a lasting   responding to and securing legacy                                                                              leads
legacy from the     from the London 2012 Games          12 month action plans for FY        Online action plan document            NRE working    May 2009
2012 Games                                              2009/2010 for each key theme                                               Theme leads
across the                                              completed and released
Strategic themes                                                                                                                                  Nov/Dec
of:                                                     Commence 2010/2011 action                                                                 2009
Sport                                                   Review and revision of Economic                                            NRE project
Business                                                Impact study evidence base and                                             manager
Tourism                                                 establishment of legacy                                                    working with
                                                        measurement and monitoring                                                 NRE Exec
Culture                                                                                                                                           April 2009
Skills and                                                                                                                                        May to
Employment                                                                                                                                        June
                                                        - Scoping of project requirements
Health and                                                                                                                                        Aug /
Wellbeing                                               - Brief development                                                                       September
Volunteering                                            - Issue of ITT
Education                                               - Appointment of consultant
                                                        - Study revision and completion
                                                        - Release of revised evidence
                                                        LOCOG/Regional reporting            2 x 6 monthly reports                  NRE project    July and
                                                                                                                                   manager        January
                                                                                                                                   working with
                                                                                                                                   theme leads
                                                        Roll out of Inspire Mark            Inspire Mark Programmer in post        NRE Project    During
                                                        Programme                           Series of events to raise profile of   manager        2009/10
                                                                                            Inspire Mark
                                                            -   Appointment of Inspire                                             Inspire Mark
                                                                Programmer in               Case studies and information on        Programmer
                                                                accordance with DCMS        Inspire Mark branded projects
    funding provision
-   Dissemination of          Inspire Mark applications for
    information and best      projects other than culture
    practice (linked to NRE
    Comms programme)

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