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									South East Regional Governing Body Forum
Meeting Minutes
Subject              Regional Governing Body Forum

Location             Caversham, Main Conference Room                                                Dat     16.10.2006
Chair Person         James Hinves, BCU                                                              Tim     10am –to- 3.15pm
Email Address
Present               Sport England –                       NGB –
                      Alex Copeland (AC),                   Christine Benning (Athletics)
                      Simon Walker (SW),                    Tom Duggen (badminton)
                      Hannah Bladen (HB),                   James Hinves (Canoeing)
                      Matthew Letten (ML) – Minute taker,   Josie Heferman (Cycling)
                      Julie Edwards (JE)                    Andrew Willems (Golf)
                      Helen Price (HP)                      Helen Bushell (Gymnastics)
                                                            Lynn Potter (Gymnastics)
                      Other-                                Jade Moulden (Dance and Exercise)
                      Paul O’Hare (Berkshire CSP)           Helen Wynn (Netball)
                      Emma Forward (Skills Active)          Sarah Birch (Rowing)
                      Mark Scarth (Sports Coach UK)         Clive Cashell (Rugby)
                                                            Paul Wren (Sailing)
                                                            Karen Woolland (Swimming)
                                                            Wesley Bush-Harris (Table Tennis)
                                                            Mark Roche (Cricket)
                                                            Roy Page (Cycling)

                                                                                                    Pag     1

     Item                                                                                       Action
 1   Apologies:
      NGB:                                        Other:
      Clare Cooper Rugby                          James Emmett (Skills Active)
      Andy Hooper Sailing                         Jess Cook (EFDS)
      Guy Malpas Sailing
      Amanda Bate Rugby Union Women
      Dylan Evans Football
      Hayley Scott softball
      Karen French Judo
      Ed Leverton, Cricket

 2   Minutes from previous meeting:                                                             It was felt due to the
     The previous minutes were not ready, so cannot be approved at this time.                   changing landscape that
                                                                                                these minutes are not
                                                                                                essential. James Hinves will
                                                                                                now try and pull together a
                                                                                                quick summary only.
 3   Sport England Update
     HB outlined the emerging context of Sport England’s new strategy. HB made a                Sport England to continue to

51a Church Street, Caversham, Reading RG4 8AX
T 0118 948 3311 F 0118 947 5935 E
 Meeting Notes
 Subject                South East NGB Forum

                                                                                                            Pag     2

     Item                                                                                              Action
     commitment to keep NGB regional colleagues fully up-to-date with timescales                       keep all NGB Regional
     and details of the strategy launch and roll out of the underpinning delivery plan.                officers up to date, and
     Questions raised:                                                                                 possibly arrange another
          Are the NGB’s being consulted? – Yes, this has been taking place at                         meeting with NGB officers in
            nation level with NGBs across a range of sports and themes of the new                      next 2 month if required, as
            strategy                                                                                   part of new strategy launch.
          How will the sport plans and commissioning process work? - The
            process is being worked up at national level in consultation with NGBs
          Will the CCDP fund be part of the restructure? What funding is available
            and how this will be distributed is still being worked up in consultation
            with NGBs? - It is expected this detail will emerge with the launch of the
            strategy, likely to be early to mid June 2008

 4   CSP Update
     Apologies from Campbell Livingston
     The CSP Update (By Sheena Pitchford and Paul O’Hare) can be accessed here:
 5   Olympics
     Julie Edwards (JE) outlined the following:                                                        All NGBs to continue to feed
          1. The structures in place to deliver London 2012                                            in any Olympic work
          2. The South East Partnership for the 2012 Games                                             (national or Regional) into Eli
          3. The Sport Working Group                                                                   and Chris so that it can be
                 Membership                                                                           reflected in regional sport
                 The Sport Working Group Action Plan can be found here:                               group action plan.
                   _south_east/south_east_national_governing_bodies_forum.htm                          Sheena to add section to
                       The South East offer for 2012 Games can be found:                              future CSP update around

                    Meetings
                           - Pre-games will be an opportunity for NGBs to link in
                              when national teams come to train.
                           - Legacy Trust – Creating a legacy to continue interest
                              generated by the 2012 Olympics
         4. NGB Involvement – Can contribute to updates by passing on information
            to Ely or Chris.
     JE asked if anyone was aware of any 2012 initiatives that had been launched by

51a Church Street, Caversham, Reading RG4 8AX
T 0118 948 3311 F 0118 947 5935 E
 Meeting Notes
 Subject                South East NGB Forum

                                                                                                          Pag   3

     Item                                                                                              Action
     their governing body or were in the pipeline. There were no specific responses
     but everyone agreed to feed details to Eli or Christine as and when they
     JE asked Sheena Pitchford if a 2012 CSPs update section could be added to the
     NGB Forum Update. This was agreed.

 6   Coaching Summit Update
     Mark conducted an introduction to the UK Coaching Framework. Its aim is to be
     recognised as a world leading coaching system by 2016.
     The presentation can be accessed here
     Mark highlighted how the UK Coaching Framework is not just UKCC.
     The framework will hopefully bring the individual countries (of Britain) in line with
     each other.
     In recognition of some sports being able to go forward in the UK Coaching
     Framework, there are a number of Trailblazers. Resources are going to be
     focused where they will have the most impact.
     There will be more work with coaching managers and mentors instead of
     coaches, with a mentoring focus to improve coaching after initial qualification of
     There will be work toward the funding of a central licensing system for coaches.
     Mark asked two questions for the delegates to discuss in groups. The questions
     were as follows –

          1. What impact can you have on developing the system?
          2. What impact can you have on implementing the system?

     1. The Results for Developing:
     Mapping exercise (to show activity for need)
          How NGBs feed in
          Need
                           - Coach
                           - Managers
                           - Mentors
                           - Tutors
           Accountability of NGB, especially recreational sports

51a Church Street, Caversham, Reading RG4 8AX
T 0118 948 3311 F 0118 947 5935 E
 Meeting Notes
 Subject                South East NGB Forum

                                                                                                            Pag     4

     Item                                                                                              Action
     2. The Results for Impacting:
     Does the workforce plan reflect this?
     Developing system
           Are you questioning bottom up?
           Educate coaches on the ground
           Coaching activity sessions – Learning versus enjoyment.
     How do we monitor mentors?

     For Further information on UK Coaching Framework please go to:
     For Further information on Coaching Summit please go to:
 7   NGB Update
     Headlines:                                                                                        SW to feed through national
     Clubmark – Benefit packages need to be considered                                                 Sport England on current
     Benchmark/ numbers of coaches, volunteers, club pre whole sport plan                              issues that NGB face by
     Golf – have all country development in place                                                      there being no standardised
     Athletics – has a new Chief Executive                                                             benefit packages for
     Table Tennis – CCDP project funded in region, excellent project in Southampton                    clubmark clubs
     with revenue post to support capital CCDP funding.
     Cycling – C & C in place
     Rugby – Path Finders Project identified
     Rowing – New website:
 8   Extending Activities – 5 hour Children and Young People’s Sports Offer                            AC and SW to feed through
     AC overviewed Extending Activities on behalf on Liz Aitken                                        to Liz concerns that NGBs
     The presentation and briefing can be found here:                                                  have not been consulted   very much in relation to
                                                                                                       Extending Activity Plan
                                                                                                       developments. Although to
      Mark Scarth raised the point that 10 sessions are not enough to a form a                         make Liz aware that they
     habitual participation in a sport, studies show it takes 21 sessions for an activity              understand reason behind
     to become a habit. However it was pointed out that Year 1 is a learning curve                     this with the tight timescale,
     that will be heavily monitored, retention of the Young Person to continue to                      but ask for greater interaction
     participate will be reviewed throughout the M and E and if required changes can                   to be promoted in year 2.
     be made to year 2 and 3.

51a Church Street, Caversham, Reading RG4 8AX
T 0118 948 3311 F 0118 947 5935 E
 Meeting Notes
 Subject                 South East NGB Forum

                                                                                                             Pag     5

      Item                                                                                              Action
 9    Skills Active Update                                                                              EF to circulate information on
      Emma Forward outlined Skills Active, and invited NGB’s to attend the Skills                       ESF as it becomes available.
      Active Regional Workforce Meeting.
      ESF (European Social Fund) – Further funding has been secured, and both                           An NGB officer is asked to
      Olympic and Non-Olympic sports have access to the fund.                                           volunteer to attend Skills
                                                                                                        Active Workforce meetings
                                                                                                        with CSPs on24th June
 10   AOB                                                                                               NGBs are asked where
             SW Updated on Club and Coach fund :                                                       possible to keep regional
                 o all sports except three have had the application agreed in the                       client managers up to date
                    region; and                                                                         with progress as well as
                 o KPI reporting will now be done online every six months                               completing the online
             Funding Updates –
                                                                                                        Any NGB who requires
                   o    Sports Match has now come back accepting applications                           support in using Active
                                                                 People and Market
                   o    Big Lottery new fund is open aimed at young people                              Segmentation data and wish
                                           to have some mapping
                                                                                                        carried out, please contact
             HP – Active People data based on NGB profile update which can be                          AC who will arrange a
              found                                                                                     timeslot between yourself

                                                                                                        and HP (regional
                                                                                                        performance analyst)
 11   The next Regional Governing Body Forum will be held on the 14 August 2008.

51a Church Street, Caversham, Reading RG4 8AX
T 0118 948 3311 F 0118 947 5935 E

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