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Position Specification


									Position Specification
Director of Operations and Venues
Olympic Park Legacy Company

October 2009    FINAL
Private and Confidential


The Role

Candidate Profile

Terms and Conditions

Selection and Recruitment Process

Application Instructions


Appendix 1                          Diversity Monitoring Questionnaire
Position Specification



The Olympic Park Legacy Company aims to create a lasting legacy from the London 2012
Games by developing the Park to become, in time, a new and prosperous metropolitan area of
the city.

Who we are

The Olympic Park Legacy Company is the public sector, not-for-profit company, responsible
for the long term planning, development, management and maintenance of London’s Olympic
Park site.

Established in May 2009, three years before the Games, the Olympic Park Legacy Company
is set up for the long term and success will be measured over 25 years and beyond.

What we will achieve

   A diverse and dynamic community which is connected to its neighbours and which acts as
    a catalyst for the economic regeneration of the Lower Lee Valley and East London.

   A “must see, must return” destination which celebrates the energy and memory of the
    Olympic Games in its world class sporting venues and facilities and which are shared by
    elite athletes, local people and visitors alike.

   A place for unique cultural and leisure events and attractions, centred around impressive
    urban parklands and waterways.

How we will do it

With our Founders in Government and with London’s Mayor we will work closely with the five
Host Olympic Boroughs, local business and community groups, the Thames Gateway
Development Corporation, Lower Lee Valley Regeneration and many of the other public and
private sector companies and organisations concerned with delivering economic, social and
environmental development within the Olympic Park site.

We will use our public assets to lever in and secure private investment.

We will establish standards for the quality of design, construction, planning and management
which will ensure a sustainable and long term legacy for the Park.

                                                          Russell Reynolds Associates | 2 | P a g e
Three Phases of Delivery

Between Now (Oct 2009) and 2012

   Planning and Preparation – working with the Olympic Delivery Authority and LOCOG and
    other partners on detailed plans for the venues, the site infrastructure, the management
    and maintenance of the park post Games and starting to market the Park to investors.

2012 - 2014

   Reinstatement of the Park after the Games – working with the ODA and other partners on
    the transformation of some venues and infrastructure, opening up parts of the Park for
    community use and some early attractions and events

2014 – 2019

   Long term development of the Park – completion of the first five years programme after
    the Games. Communities being established within the Village and around the new housing
    developments , new businesses set up providing new jobs, venues, including the stadium,
    attracting a variety of uses and being well used by local residents and attracting world
    class sporting facilities.

   The Park is a “must see, must return” destination for many of London’s visitors and is
    being seen as an emerging and attractive metropolitan area of the capital.

The Legacy

In summer 2012, the eyes of the world will be on London as we host the Olympic and
Paralympic Games. The sporting events, and the cultural festivals that accompany them, will
be an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike...the greatest show on
earth in the heart of one of the world's greatest cities.

But the impact does not stop in 2012. The legacy of hosting the Games - the difference this
will make to the lives of people across London and the UK - will last long after the sound of
cheers has faded.

Although currently one of the largest infrastructure projects underway in the UK, in less than
four years the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be over, and the process of bringing their
legacy to life will begin.

The physical legacy of the Games will be greatest in East London. Five major sports venues,
the Olympic Village, and the International Broadcast Centre/Press Centre will be converted for
legacy uses while the Olympic Park will be adapted for long-term use as a public park. Over
time, it will be fringed by new mixed-use neighbourhoods offering homes, jobs, shops and
cultural and leisure facilities for local people. The new energy generated by this transformation
will help boost economic revival across East London. A commitment of a lasting legacy of
social, physical and economic regeneration was at the heart of London's bid for the Games,
and has underpinned the design of the Olympic Park and the Olympic venues.

The Olympic Park Legacy Company has been created to provide a focal point for securing the
right expertise, accountability and leadership for the Olympic Park legacy, taking forward early

                                                           Russell Reynolds Associates | 3 | P a g e
legacy development and transformation decisions. It plays a key role in building investor and
community confidence and developing a robust business plan for the development envisaged
in the evolving Legacy Masterplan Framework and for the management and marketing of the

The redevelopment and regeneration of the Olympic Park is one of the largest, most ambitious
and longest-term regeneration tasks this country has ever embarked upon. At the heart of this
project is the creation of new communities centred on the Olympic parkland and venues.

The tasks involved will broadly comprise:

   The business planning and marketing of the Olympic Park, venues and commercial
    opportunities leading up to 2012;
   The management of the Olympic Park and venues after 2012;
   The redevelopment of sites in the Olympic Park used for temporary facilities during the
    Games, and their integration with retained venues;
   Working with partners to secure economic and social benefits and improvements in the
    areas of deprivation surrounding the Olympic Park.

The Olympic Park Legacy Company

The London Development Agency (LDA) has been co-ordinating the partnership planning the
legacy programme. This partnership already includes all the key public sector bodies, the five
host boroughs, the Mayor of London, the Olympic Delivery Authority, UK government
departments, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the
Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and the London Thames Gateway Development
Corporation. Getting the plans right and turning them into reality will be a matter for a wide
grouping of local communities, businesses, investors and other stakeholders from across the
public, private and voluntary sectors. The Mayor of London and Government have established
the Olympic Park Legacy Company specifically to meet this challenge.

The Company is being called upon to initiate and take forward issues of massive importance
for the regeneration of East London, and London's Olympic legacy. It is required to balance
objectives of timely development, quality outcomes, commercial value and socio-economic
benefit. It is the objective of the Government and Mayor that the Company should operate with
the right balance of autonomy and accountability to deliver its challenging role. The strategic
direction, parameters and priorities for the Company will reflect the collective desire for the
project to deliver the development of the former Olympic site as a high quality, sustainable
mixed community as well as securing long term development of the venues and parklands in
ways which provide national and local sporting and cultural value commensurate with their
Olympic heritage. These objectives will include community involvement, design quality, and
sustainability objectives.

Functions of the Olympic Park Legacy Company

The tasks involved in delivering a lasting legacy in the Olympic Park can be summarised as
follows. The balance of activities will vary over time, but expected pre-2012 priorities are
highlighted with an asterisk.

                                                          Russell Reynolds Associates | 4 | P a g e
Olympic Park development

   Development strategy and preparation of development briefs.
   Exploration and examination of innovative ways of securing private sector investment and
    cost/tax efficiencies.
   Negotiation of development agreements and joint ventures.
   Master planning co-ordination, preparation of planning applications, transport and
    sustainability assessments.
   Design advice and guidance (through planning, development and delivery phases)
   Venue and Parklands business planning.
   Construction project management and monitoring (including transformation works)

Olympic Park operations and stewardship

   Park 'animation' (immediately post Games and medium/long term).
   Facilities management and operations venues, infrastructure and parkland.
   Land and estate management and maintenance.
   Examination and potentially trialling of innovative means of delivering regeneration.
    objectives and securing sustainable local/regional "ownership" of commercial opportunities
    and social facilities through community-based schemes.

Marketing and promotion

   Strategic marketing of the Olympic Park investment opportunities.
   Promotion of the Lower Lea Valley as a location of choice.
   Engaging local communities in the development of the Olympic Park and encouraging and
    facilitating community programmes based around the Park facilities.
   Stakeholder information and management.

Social, community and economic programmes

   Working with partners to ensure that the Games and redevelopment of the Olympic Park
    help the Lower Lea Valley become a location of choice and catalyse wider regeneration
    and economic development.

   All of these functions will need to reflect commitments to promote equalities, diversity and
    sustainable development.

                                                          Russell Reynolds Associates | 5 | P a g e
The Site of the Olympic Park

The Lower Lea Valley

The Olympic Park is placed at a pivotal point in both the Thames Gateway and the Lower Lea
Valley. It covers an area on both sides of the River Lea stretching from Hackney Marshes in
the north to the River Thames in the south. This area, traditionally disconnected by rail, river
and road links, presents one of the largest regeneration opportunities in Europe.

The valley is surrounded by five boroughs and contains both the Olympic Park and Stratford
City developments, offering an almost unique opportunity of achieving a lasting legacy of
social, physical and economic regeneration from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The vision is the transformation of the Lower Lea Valley into a vibrant, high-quality,
sustainable mixed-use city district that is fully integrated into the urban fabric of London and
set within an unrivalled landscape. Local people will benefit from the reduction of
worklessness, particularly among the most disadvantaged, and local businesses will be
supported to enable them to better take advantage of the opportunities presented by the 2012
developments and beyond.

Designing the Olympic Park

The physical legacy of the Games will be greatest in East London. Five major sport venues,
the Olympic Village, and the International Broadcast Centre and National Press Centre will be
converted for legacy uses while the Olympic Park will be adapted for long-term use as a public
park. Over time, it will be fringed by new mixed-use neighbourhoods offering homes, jobs,
shops and cultural and leisure facilities for local people. The new energy generated by this
transformation will help boost economic revival across East London.

Work on the post-Games planning for the area is already well underway and you can find out
more by exploring

The finalised plans for the Park will deliver a world-class model of sustainable urban
regeneration, leading to a new piece of London within the Lower Lea Valley. The plans
envisage a district which responds to its context and the traditional growth patterns of the city,
whilst delivering a contemporary urban environment that is flexible enough to adapt to future
opportunities and challenges.

To achieve this, the current proposal is to create six new neighbourhoods within the Park that
expand into the existing, surrounding neighbourhoods. Together these neighbourhoods will
create a thriving new heart for East London.

The new neighbourhoods will be informed by the character of existing local places to ensure
that there are no divides between old and new. They will each have a broad mix of housing
sizes, ownership and rental options.

The six neighbourhoods in the emerging legacy plans are:

   Stratford Waterfront – a distinctive waterfront location adjacent to Waterworks River and
    Stratford City;

                                                           Russell Reynolds Associates | 6 | P a g e
   Olympic Quarter – a focus for sport, education and housing around the Main Stadium;
   Old Ford – a family housing area focused on the waterways of the Hackney Cut;
   Hackney Wick East – a learning, living and working neighbourhood;
   Stratford Village – a family neighbourhood area to the north of Stratford City;
   Pudding Mill Lane – a mixed employment and housing area in a unique waterfront setting.

For more information:

                                                        Russell Reynolds Associates | 7 | P a g e
The Role - Director of Operations & Venues
Post 2012 the Olympic’s various venues will go on to form a vibrant and lasting legacy of the
Games. A key part of this legacy will be to establish an operations function that can run and
manage the venues to the highest standards and in a commercially attractive manner. The
new role of Director of Operations & Venues has been created to fulfil this task.

Reporting to the CEO and a key member of the Corporate Management Team, this individual
will be an outstanding leader who will ensure strong and effective stewardship and
management of all operational aspects of the Olympic Park.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Establish a team of high quality individuals to develop both the planning and execution of
   the operations function.

2. Evaluate appropriate operating models for each of the venues as their new purpose takes
   shape post 2012, developing proposals for the most cost effective and efficient models
   spanning all aspects of operational management.

3. Analyse all alternatives including outsourcing all or parts of operations, as well as looking
   at potential partners across the full range of venues. These include all aspects of facilities
   management such as catering, ticketing, admissions, health & safety, security, sports
   venues, infrastructure and parkland.

4. Work closely with the Estate Planning and Commercial Marketing functions in particular to
   deliver creative operational solutions, whilst meeting regeneration objectives to secure
   sustainable outcomes for the Olympic Park and all its venues. This may involve securing
   sustainable local/regional “ownership” of commercial opportunities and social facilities
   through community based schemes.

5. Ensure the continuing management of the park as an integrated and high quality location
   for social, sporting, business and community use.

In addition, as a key member of the Corporate Management Team of OPLC, key
accountabilities are:

1. To provide strategic managerial leadership of the Company, shaping the development and
   delivery of plans, strategies, resources, services, and reviews of effectiveness, in
   collaboration with the Chief Executive and other members of the Corporate Management

2. To lead and direct the services, staff, service and corporate programmes of work and
   responsibilities allocated to the role from time to time, ensuring they deliver agreed
   outcomes on time, within budget and within the Company’s policy priorities and

3. To lead and promote cross boundary working to achieve the most effective delivery of the
   Company’s objectives, plans and corporate work programmes.

                                                           Russell Reynolds Associates | 8 | P a g e
4. To be an effective ambassador and advocate for the Company, building a positive
   reputation and relationships with Founder Members, stakeholders and partners, local
   people, local businesses, voluntary sector, regional authorities, government and others, to
   promote the interests and strategic aims of the Company.

5. Support the Board and the Chief Executive by contributing to all corporate policies and
   strategic decision-making, including the development of vision, values, strategies,
   priorities and plans that translate into practical and effective action.

6. Ensure the effective development and delivery of the Company’s corporate plan, overall
   policy direction, strategic decision-making and management, as a member of the
   corporate management team and as a member or leader of multi-disciplinary project

7. Promote and provide collaborative working, mutual support for the corporate leadership of
   the Company, its staff, its services, its stakeholders and partners to ensure the delivery of
   the Company’s objectives, policies, probity, resource and management standards and

8. Through personal example, open commitment and clear action, a positive working
   environment and relationships, ensure the delivery of the Company’s commitment to
   sustainability, valuing diversity and equality of access and opportunities.

9. Ensure the effective delivery of the functions, resources and responsibilities allocated to
   the role from time to time, and undertake a personal workload of corporate and strategic
   projects to achieve the policy and service objectives of the Company.

Key Result Areas

1. Accountable to the Chief Executive and Board, for the leadership, strategic direction and
   cost-effective achievement of agreed outcomes for all allocated services and

2. Motivate and inspire staff and create a positive, performance culture within services under
   direct leadership, in which staff have a clear sense of purpose, know what they are
   accountable for, receive regular feedback, and are developed to provide excellent service
   standards and contributions.

3. Through effective leadership of direct reports, ensure the delivery of services at the
   highest quality that meet agreed objectives, time-scales and budgets.

4. Monitor the achievement of objectives, providing regular reports on budget, human
   resources and performance in line with agreed timescales, and ensuring that opportunities
   for continuous improvement are identified and resourced.

5. Ensure that all service policies, plans and budgets are developed and implemented within
   the framework of agreed priorities for the Company.

6. Ensure the provision of full and accurate information, research analysis, and policy advice
   to the Board, the Chief Executive, the corporate management team and decision-making
   bodies on matters relating to services and responsibilities under direct leadership.

                                                          Russell Reynolds Associates | 9 | P a g e
Candidate Profile
Candidates will have prior experience of leading the operations of large scale venues and / or
sophisticated multi site service organisations and of negotiating contracts to supply elements
of the operations mix, including catering, security, ticketing, etc. Whilst this could have been
gained in a sporting context, this is not mandatory, and the OPLC is interested in talking to
potential candidates from a range of backgrounds, including other multi-site leisure/hospitality
companies including those in sectors such as visitor attraction, museums, retail, hotels and

First class leadership and management ability and outstanding people skills with a strong a
deep rooted service orientation are critical. This must be matched by the strategic vision and
business acumen to evaluate and recommend the commercial viability of appropriate
operating models, as well as the operational skills required to secure contracts and manage
suppliers and staff in the front line, on a day-to-day basis.


    Degree (or equivalent); MA desirable.
    Evidence of continuing professional development


a) A proven track record of outstanding operational leadership in a large-scale multi-site
   service orientated environment accustomed to best-in-class, innovative operational
   planning and delivery.

b) Robust strategic thinker with strong business and financial skills to devise and recommend
   cost effective operating models appropriate for large scale venues, infrastructure and
   parkland projects. Ability to maintain a clear overview of issues affecting the current
   thinking of the company.

c) This must be combined with hands-on and deep experience of leading and managing
   complex and significant operations functions across multi-site/multi-use sites.

d) Strong team leader and proven experience in developing a dedicated and high
   performance team across a complex multi-site organisation. Must be committed to
   achieving results through the development of others. Strong evidence of establishing a
   positive performance culture, that delivers effective performance and continuous service
   improvement, especially in challenging environments

e) A clear understanding and knowledge of the workings of the OPLC, including its legal,
   financial, social and political context, its processes and the current issues faced in
   delivering its objectives.

f)   Well-developed project management skills and the ability to lead and/or work in multi-
     functional teams to create improvement in service delivery or corporate working.

                                                         Russell Reynolds Associates | 10 | P a g e
g) An extensive record of success in change management including leading organisational
   change and creating organisational development programmes, and demonstrable success
   in working with trade unions.

h) Successful leadership and delivery of major corporate projects through promoting
   collaborative, cross boundary strategies, partnerships and working relationships to
   optimise quality and performance improvements.

i)   Successful development and implementation of strategies, policies and performance
     management systems that translate organisational ambitions into real achievements.

j)   A record of success in communicating and engaging with a wide range of internal and
     external bodies, building partnerships and productive working relationships and positively
     promoting organisational reputation and interests.


a) An enthusiastic and effective ambassador for the Company, its stakeholders and partners,
   who can generate ideas to improve quality of services, processes and the image of the

b) An effective champion for the Company’s values, promoting and modelling its preferred
   culture, behaviours, attitudes and relations with its staff, stakeholders, partners and others.

c) Personal and professional demeanour, probity, integrity and credibility which command
   the respect and confidence of the Board, the senior managers and staff of OPLC, its
   external partners and other stakeholders.

d) An inclusive team worker who can foster partnerships, work collaboratively across
   boundaries and achieve performance and results through others.

e) A corporate player and strategic thinker who can work in accordance with Company’s
   agreed policies, procedures and plans and all relevant legislation

f)   A strong and effective leader, who leads by example and is an effective communicator,
     determined, positive and approachable.

g) A robust individual, resilient enough to cope with the demands of the role.

h) Agree personal performance objectives and targets with the Chief Executive, and
   participate in regular performance appraisal.

Terms and Conditions
To follow.

Location: Stratford, East London.

                                                          Russell Reynolds Associates | 11 | P a g e
Selection and Recruitment Process

The Olympic Park Legacy Company has appointed Russell Reynolds Associates to assist in
the recruitment process.

Application instructions are set out in the next section.

Indicative Timetable (to be confirmed)

Date                                           Action
Monday, 2nd November                           Advert closes
Week commencing Monday, 9th November           Long List Meeting RRA/OPLC
Weeks commencing Monday, 16th November,        Candidates: RRA preliminary interviews with
23rd and 30th November                         candidates
Week commencing Monday, 7th December           Short List Meeting RRA/OPLC
Weeks commencing Monday, 7th and 14th          Candidates: Potential Informal (“fireside”)
December                                       meetings with key stakeholders / executives
Weeks commencing Monday, 14th                  Candidates: Final Interview with Selection Team
Week commencing Monday, 21st December          Target to finalise appointment

                                                            Russell Reynolds Associates | 12 | P a g e
Application Instructions

Please submit your full application to either of the following addresses:

By email: 

By post to:         Russell Reynolds Associates
                    24 St James’s Square
                    London SW1Y 4HZ

Applications should quote reference 0909-045L in the subject line. Documentation should
include the following:

   A short covering letter of no more than two pages explaining why this appointment
    interests you and how you meet the appointment criteria as detailed in the candidate

   A CV with educational and professional qualifications and full employment history, giving
    details where applicable of budgets and numbers of people managed, relevant
    achievements in recent posts and latest remuneration. It is also helpful to have day time,
    evening and mobile telephone contact numbers and preferred e-mail address for all
    correspondence, which will be used with discretion.

   The completed Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form found at Appendix 1. This form will
    not be disclosed to anyone involved in assessing your application.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Monday, 2nd November 2009.

If you have any problems with the application process, please call +44 (0) 20 7830 8052.

For an informal discussion on the role, please contact one of the following:

Katie Thomas         Tel: +44 (0) 20 7343 3609       Email:
Patrick Johnson      Tel: +44 (0) 20 7830 8052       Email:
Jonathan Lee         Tel: +44 (0) 20 7198 1858       Email:

Russell Reynolds Associates: and


    1. Diversity Monitoring Questionnaire


                                                          Russell Reynolds Associates | 13 | P a g e
Olympic Park Legacy Company                                                         Appendix
Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

We are committed to the promotion of diversity and equal opportunity in our recruitment
and employment policies, practices and procedures.

To help us implement and monitor the effect of polices we would encourage you to
complete this form as fully as you can. The information you provide will be treated in the
strictest confidence and will be used only for statistical monitoring and is not used as part
of the interview selection process.

Post Applying for
Are you:          Male                    Female                 Transgender
16 – 24       25 – 34        35 – 44       45 – 54        55 – 64
Ethnic Origin
Which groups do you identify with? Where appropriate, please tick ONE box in Column A and
ONE box in column B. These groups are based on the 2001 census.
         Column A                                 Column B
British or Mixed
English                      Bangladeshi
Irish                        Indian
Scottish                     Pakistani
Welsh                        Any other Asian background (specify if you wish)
(specify if you wish)        Black
                             Any other Black background (specify if you wish)
                             Any Chinese background (specify if you wish)
                             Mixed Ethnic Origin
                             Asian and White
                             Black African and White
                             Black Caribbean and White
                             Any other mixed ethnic background (specify if
                             you wish)
                             Any white background (specify if you wish)
                             Any Other Ethnic Background
                             Any other background (specify if you wish)

                                                         Russell Reynolds Associates | 14 | P a g e
Sexual Orientation
 Lesbian               Gay         Bisexual            Heterosexual Prefer not to say

Religion/Belief (these categories are based on the 2001 census)
Please state your religion and/or belief:
Christian-including Church of England,
Catholic, Protestant and all other
Christian denominations
Any other, please state:

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines a disability as a physical or mental
impairment, which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on your ability to carry
out normal day to day activities. An amendment in 2005 means certain conditions are also
covered at the point of diagnosis, not when they begin to affect day to day activities.

Do you consider yourself     Yes                        No
to be disabled?

Are there any considerations in relation to any of the information that you have
provided in this form that we can take into account for making interview
arrangements? This might include any special adjustments you require if you are
disabled, anything that might be related to your religion that might affect when
interviews are held or what facilities might need to be available for you.
Please outline in the box below.

I confirm that to the best of my knowledge, the information given in this
monitoring form is true and correct.

I hereby give consent to the collection, storage and processing of my personal

                             Thank you for completing this form

                                                       Russell Reynolds Associates | 15 | P a g e

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