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									Culture, Communities and Business Services Overview and                  AGENDA ITEM 7
Scrutiny Committee:
27th November 2008


1.0     Matter for consideration

1.1     That the Committee consider an update on the Council’s Sport and Leisure Blackpool
        Olympic Plan.

2.0     Recommendation(s)

2.1     To note report, asking any relevant questions in relation to its content and making
        recommendations as appropriate.

3.0     Summary of key issues

3.1     Introduction

3.1.1 The announcement by the Olympic Committee in Paris in 2005 that London had been
      awarded the 2012 Olympic Games heralded the start of a new era for sport in this
      country. This journey commences with the increase and widening of the base of
      participation in sport and physical activity and the achievement of unparalleled levels of
      success on the international sporting stage to make Great Britain the most active and
      successful sporting nation in the world.

3.1.2   The government is considering a games legacy that delivers an enduring boost for
        British sport and in particular, young people’s physical activity, by encouraging
        thousands of volunteers from sports clubs across the United Kingdom and beyond. In
        addition to its impact on sport and the physical regeneration of East London, the
        government is expecting the Olympic Games to achieve at least £1.9 billion in
        economic benefit for the UK with over 850,000 visitors spending upwards of £650

3.1.3   The focus on young people is appropriate, as according to the Olympic Charter
        (established by Pierre de Coubertin), the goal of the Olympic movement is to
        contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport
        without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, requiring mutual
        understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.

3.1.4   This emphasis on youth has been embraced by London 2012, with the vision of the
        Games being:

        “To stage an inspirational Games that captures the imagination of young people
        around the world and leave a lasting legacy.”

3.1.5   The Games creates a wealth of benefits, with the potential to leave a key legacy
        across the nation in culture, sport, volunteering, business and tourism.
3.2     Blackpool Vision

3.2.1   Blackpool’s Culture and Communities Directorate has been a key player in the
        development of the regional framework. As the Olympic Games and the Paralympic
        Games are the world’s greatest celebration of sport and cultural diversity, it is
        important to provide Blackpool residents with the opportunity to connect with this
        experience and generate positive memories that will last a lifetime.

3.2.2   The Council’s vision, in respect of the Olympic Games:

        “Blackpool has a long and proud sporting heritage, which we will draw on to contribute
        to the finest Olympic Games and Paralympic Games the world has ever seen”

3.2.3   To fulfil this vision, we will utilise the strength, determination and competitive spirit of
        local communities, which in return will derive the maximum sporting health, social and
        economic benefit and provide residents with every opportunity to engage with the
        pride, passion and spirit of the 2012 Olympic Games.

3.3     Local Context

3.3.1   Blackpool has a strong local sporting community and boasts in excess of 120 sports
        clubs, groups and associations, many of whom have a long and proud sporting history.
        These clubs, groups and associations not only play a key role in the development of
        sporting opportunities for the local community but also promote the town’s sporting
        profile at county, regional, national and international level.

3.3.2   The recent success of Blackpool based teams and competitors contributes to the
        sporting profile. In particular, Shelly Woods’ success in winning a Silver and a Bronze
        medal at the Paralympics, has raised the profile of Blackpool in respect of the Games.

3.3.3   Blackpool has a proud tradition of hosting many successful and high profile sporting
        events. In 2008, in excess of 100 sporting events were hosted in Blackpool, which
        include the following:

              Great Britain v France Gymnastics – Junior’s and Women’s;
              International Blackpool Cyclefest, including junior, men’s, women’s and elite
               circuit racing with a 50 mile Fylde Coast Road Race;
              European Beach Volleyball Championships at St Chad’s Headlands on the
              National Lead Climbing Championships at Bancroft Park;
              Tour of Britain – Final Stage start;
              National “Nationwide” Disability Athletics Championships at Stanley Park;
              Lancashire Youth Game at Stanley Park; and
              National Annual Easter Hockey Festival at Stanley Park and venues across the
               Fylde Coast.

3.3.4   These events and festivals provided a significant impact on both the profile of
        Blackpool and the local economy. For example, the Easter Hockey Festival achieved a
        secondary spend of in excess of £120,000 on accommodation alone.

3.4     Steering Group

3.4.1   Blackpool’s Olympic Steering Group has now been established with six key legacy
        themes identified as follows:
                       Business                                Events
                       Enterprise and                          Leisure
                       Business                                /Tourism
                       Development                             Services

                                           for the 2012
                                           Steering Group        Cultural
                         Education,                              Olympiad
                         Skills and                              Cultural
                         Volunteering                            Services/
                         Children and                            Tourism
                         Young People/                           Services
                         Culture and
                         Communities         Tourism and
                                             the Visitor

3.4.2   A number of projects and programmes have been identified and are scheduled to
        commence in 2009. These include the following:

              Blackpool’s Olympic Youth Games;
              Blackpool’s Olympic Excellence Card;
              Blackpool’s Olympic Education Programme;
              Blackpool’s Olympic Major Events Programme;
              Blackpool’s Olympic Disability Coaching Programme;
              Blackpool’s Cultural Olympiad Programme;
              Blackpool’s Olympic Volunteering Programme.

3.4.3   In addition to the above, the Steering Group are considering and exploring the
        following in relation to the Olympics:

              Attracting teams to use Blackpool as a training camp;
              Business Development Opportunities;
              Attracting visitors/spectators to the town;
              Skills development linked to sport and the Olympics;
              Blackpool’s Corporate Olympic Games.

3.5     Key Outcomes of Blackpool’s Olympic Programme

3.5.1. The key outcomes of the Olympic programme are as follows:

              Increased Participation in Sport and Culture;
              Increased numbers achieving excellence;
              Increased numbers volunteering and gaining skills;
              New Visitors/Tourists;
              New Business Development.

3.6     Next Step
3.6.1   The Steering Group are aiming to formally launch Blackpool’s Olympic Plan in January

4.0     Witnesses / representatives

4.1     As requested by the Committee members, the following persons have been invited to
        attend the meeting to speak on the matter:

         Chris Simcock, Head of Sport and Physical Activity

Relevant officer:
John Blackledge, Assistant Director of Leisure Services
Tel: (01253) 4768430, e-mail:

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