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Olympics Strategy and Action Plan


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									  The London 2012 Olympic
Games and Paralympic Games

    The Strategy for Waltham Forest

1. Introduction
The London 2012 Olympic bid stated that hosting the Olympic Games and
Paralympic Games would provide a lasting legacy for future generations in
health, homes, jobs and sport, and improve the social, physical and economic
landscape in one of the poorest and most deprived areas of London.

Waltham Forest will realise some of the benefits that the Games bring simply
from our involvement in hosting an event of this nature. However, if we want
to achieve specific outcomes a proactive, joined up and concerted effort is

This strategy builds on existing work and plans. It aims to realise the
opportunities that arise as a result of hosting the games to ensure that the
benefits for residents of Waltham Forest are maximised as we approach

2. The Waltham Forest Vision
The Community Strategy 2005-2012 sets out the following long term vision for
Waltham Forest based on the needs and aspirations of residents.

Waltham Forest will be a safer, cleaner and healthier borough, benefiting
from it’s wealth of diversity, where everyone is able to reach their

Although not Olympic specific, this vision underpins the work being done in
Waltham Forest as a result of the Games coming to London.

3. Olympic Priorities for Waltham Forest
Whilst a range of programmes and projects will be delivered in Waltham
Forest to enable the borough to achieve the 6 goals below, four priorities have
been identified and agreed by the Olympic Strategy Group that will drive
developments over the next 3 years.

Priority 1 – Securing Economic Benefits
The creation of the Olympic Park will speed up the regeneration of East
London and the Thames Gateway, and create business and employment

We need to ensure local businesses and residents are able to access these
opportunities by providing, in partnership with organisations such as the
Learning Skills Council (LSC), the London Development Agency (LDA) and
the East London Business Alliance (ELBA), support, training and skills
development programmes. Access to contracts and jobs are a high priority if
Waltham Forest is to secure an economic legacy from the Games.

Priority 2 – The Protection and Enhancement of our Environment
The Olympic Park is a major development but only one project within the

Thames Gateway regeneration programme which will change the physical
landscape of east London dramatically.

Waltham Forest is one of the 5 host boroughs and will be impacted by the
construction of the Olympic Park. We must challenge any Olympic Park
development proposals that could have a detrimental effect on the
environment and infrastructure in Waltham Forest and lobby for physical
enhancements. We need to minimise any disruptions that may occur in
Waltham Forest and ensure that all developments benefit our residents.

Priority 3 – Community Cohesion
The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games give us the opportunity to
bring people together from different communities to share positive
experiences and gain a greater understanding of each others way of life.

We need to use the Games as a catalyst to create a sense of community
pride that goes beyond culture, race, religion, class and origin. We need to
engage and involve our residents, celebrate our diversity and enhance
existing community, cultural and arts events.

Priority 4 – Links to the Paralympics
The Paralympic Games is the ultimate international competition for world-
class athletes with a disability; it is the pinnacle of disability sport. Waltham
Forest will host the Paralympic Tennis and Archery competitions in 2012.

Waltham Forest has a good record of provision of sporting opportunity for
disabled people from inclusive leisure facilities to a range of disability sports
programmes and clubs. We want to build on our experience by creating
further opportunities for participation, by opening pathways into elite disability
sport and ultimately strengthening the borough‟s association with the
Paralympic Games.

4. Olympic Goals
Research from previous Olympiads, borough consultation events, the
Community Strategy, Local Area Agreements and other borough plans have
all helped to inform the direction of the Olympic Strategy.

This process has yielded 6 Olympic Goals for the borough to strive towards.

These Goals have clear links to objectives in our Community Strategy but
must add value to these to ensure benefits are maximised for the residents of
Waltham Forest.

1. Sustainable employment and business development

2. Educational attainment and aspiration

3. Improved health and quality of life

4. An improved environment

5. Improved and integrated infrastructure

6. Pride in the borough – community cohesion

To achieve these Goals existing work and projects have been identified that
will be enhanced if they are done in the context of the Olympics. Similarly,
new opportunities that arise only because the Games are happening have
also been recognised.

5. Scale of the Olympics
The London Olympic Games will start on Friday 27 th July 2012 and run until
Sunday 12th August, followed by the Paralympic Games from Wednesday 29 th
August until Sunday 9th September.

The Olympic Park in east London lies at the heart of London's plans for the
2012 Games, and includes most of the venues, the Olympic Village, and the
media and broadcast centre. Other sites across London and the UK will be
used, including Lord‟s Cricket Ground, Wimbledon, Wembley Stadium,
Regent‟s Park, and Old Trafford. The development associated with the 2012
Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is on a scale that can be hard to

   o The Olympic Park (670 acres) is slightly larger than Hyde Park (625
   o The 9 venues need to have 169,000 seats put in them
   o 9,000 new residential units will be built
   o 7,000 fulltime equivalent workers will be required to build the Olympic
     Park and post-Games legacy development.
   o The Olympic Park will have ten rail lines and three stations; a train
     carrying spectators will arrive every 15 seconds, transporting 240,000
     people an hour.

In addition, the Stratford City development will be adding a retail centre the
size of Bluewater and a business centre the size of Canary Wharf onto the
edge of the Olympic Park.

It is this significant scale that gives the project the opportunity to be truly
transformational for the surrounding area. And, of course, the deadline for
delivery is immoveable and – in regeneration activity terms – relatively close.

6. The Olympics in Waltham Forest
In June 2006 the final Masterplan of the Olympic Park was released following
approval by the IOC and the relevant sports governing bodies and federations
(See image 1, page 5). In this plan Waltham Forest will host facilities for
Paralympic Tennis and Archery and following the Games 2 hockey pitches

would be relocated to Waltham Forest to form a new and permanent Tennis
and Hockey complex. The legacy developments in Waltham Forest will offer
the opportunity for a mix of other sporting facilities on this site that can be
used by local communities.

As well as competition venues, training facilities will be required for the
athletes. During the bid phase London 2012 worked with the Local Authorities
including Waltham Forest to identify potential sites. The new SCORE facility in
Leyton, the Waltham Forest Pool and Track and the Lea Valley Ice Rink have
been identified as possible venues however further sites in Waltham Forest
are being considered.

Image 1 - The Olympic Masterplan – 7th June 2006

7. Delivery bodies
Partnership working underpins the delivery of the 2012 Olympic and
Paralympic Games at an international, national and level.

Image 2 – Structure to deliver the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) is
responsible for the preparation and staging of the 2012 Olympic Games and
Paralympic Games and direct liaison with the International Olympic
Committee (IOC).

7.2 ODA
The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) is the delivery body responsible for
ensuring delivery of Olympic venues, infrastructure and legacy for London

7.3 The Olympic Board
Both LOCOG and the ODA report into the Olympic Board, which is made up
of representatives of the Games key stakeholders: LOCOG, the British
Olympic Association (BOA), the Greater London Authority (GLA) and the
Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

7.4 The 5 Boroughs
The five “host boroughs” – Waltham Forest, Newham, Hackney, Tower
Hamlets and Greenwich – worked together throughout the bid period to

support the Games and achieve local benefits. This alliance is continuing and
is strengthened by the appointment of a five borough Executive Director who
is the direct link between the boroughs, LOCOG and the ODA. His role
includes managing a joint team, acting as a single voice of the boroughs and
driving those programmes that will be most effective as joint efforts.

7.5 Waltham Forest
At a local level Waltham Forest will constitute an Olympic Strategy Group with
representation from organisations in the public, private, voluntary and
community sectors. This Group will drive the Olympic Strategy forward and
will ensure that it contributes to the objectives of the Waltham Forest
Community Strategy

The Community Strategy is the borough‟s highest level plan and has been
agreed through the Local Strategic Partnership. It has the following 5

1. Decrease crime and improve the safety and quality of the environment.
2. Improve the health and wellbeing of local people.
3. Improve learning opportunities to help individuals achieve their potential.
4. Improve the local economy and infrastructure.
5. Increase community understanding and participation.

8. Time lines
The development of the Olympic Park is just one major development in
London, however the integration of all the regeneration projects is critical to
ensure not only a successful Olympiad but also a sustainable legacy.

London has 6 years to prepare for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The
dates are set therefore there cannot be any slippage. London must deliver.

2006     Launch of the official London 2012 logo & brand
2007     Channel Tunnel rail link to Stratford ready
2008     Beijing handover to London
2009     World Gymnastics Championships staged at O2 Arena (Millennium
2010     East London Line extension finished
         London 2012 Olympic Volunteering Programme started
2011     Aquatics Centre, Velopark and Main Stadium completed
         Pre Games test events
         Heathrow's new Terminal Five completed
         Tickets go on sale
2012     Games staged from 27 July – 9th September

9. Consultation and Communication
During 2005 and 2006, consultation events were held for residents including
specific events for local business leaders, partners and young people to
inform the direction of the Olympic Strategy. These various audiences raised
a wide range of issues and ideas, but several strong key themes were drawn
     Statutory agencies have a number of roles and responsibilities to
       realise benefits and respond to risks.
     There are a number of impacts that are outside the direct control of
       local agencies.
     The importance of sustaining benefits from the Games well after 2012.
     The need to communicate with and engage the local community in the
       Games development and associated activities.
     The need to link to existing concerns (employment, health, business)
       as well as develop new possibilities (improved sports and cultural

Consultation will be ongoing as views and ideas will be needed to influence
and inform decisions on the Olympic Masterplan and the Olympic Legacy

We recognise how important it is to involve and engage local communities in
order to stage a successful Olympic and Paralympic Games and to create a
legacy that meets the needs of local people. Therefore, a Waltham Forest
Olympic Communications Plan is being drawn up which will identify processes
and mechanisms to ensure effective two-way communication can take place.

10. How to get there?
The Olympic Strategy Group have responsibility for the Strategy however,
they are reliant on the support of a vast range of partners and organisations to
ensure it is delivered.

Regular contact, communication and consultation with the London Organising
Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) and the Olympic Delivery
Authority (ODA) is paramount and structures at the 5 borough level have been
established to ensure that this takes place.

In Waltham Forest an Olympic Team has been set up whose purpose is            to
support and implement the decisions of the Olympic Strategy Group,            to
communicate and engage with the local community and all stakeholders,         to
co-ordinate the boroughs response to Olympic developments in order            to
maximise the benefits arising from hosting the Games for residents            of
Waltham Forest.

11. Targets and Milestones

A number of the actions and projects that appear in this Strategy link into
existing council plans and borough strategies which in turn have specific
detailed action plans with agreed milestones and targets. To ensure that this
Strategy is delivered the Olympic Strategy Group have a responsibility to
monitor these action plans are make sure that the targets are met.

For those „new‟ actions and projects that have arisen as a result of London
winning the bid to host the Games in 2012 detailed action plans with defined
targets will drawn up to underpin delivery of the Strategy

12. Objectives and actions
Objectives and actions or projects have been identified that need to be delivered within the next 3 years if the Goals within this
strategy are to be achieved.

12.1 Sustainable employment and business development
Construction and staging of the Games will provide a large number of employment opportunities, and the potential for new
businesses to enter the market or to grow. There is a strong pledge from the delivery agencies that these should benefit residents
and businesses in the East London area.

Objective                         Actions                                                                                Time line
To    ensure    businesses    in 1. We will work in partnership with the other Olympic host boroughs to                 2006 to 2009
Waltham Forest are able to fulfil     create and implement the ‘Legacy 5OB’, a local labour & business
the    requirements    of    the      support programme to enable businesses to access opportunities
opportunities presented to them       provided by the 2012 Games.
by the London 2012 Olympic and
Paralympic Games.                 2. We will develop a Waltham Forest Enterprise Strategy, which will                   2006 to 2009
                                      include a review of services and local business leadership and skills,
                                      to identify and provide the mechanisms to upskill the workforce in
                                      Waltham Forest in preparation for the 2012 Games.

                                       3. We will work in partnership with the other Olympic host boroughs to           2006 to 2007
                                          develop a 5 borough bid to the Local Enterprise Growth Initiative
                                          (LEGI) which will provide investment to encourage enterprise and
                                          boost local incomes and employment opportunities.

To ensure the employment               1. We will work in partnership with the other Olympic host boroughs to           2006 to 2009
opportunities that arise following        create and implement the ‘Legacy 5OB Olympic Job Brokerage’, a
the award of the 2012 Olympic             one stop shop, based in Leyton, for ALL jobs relating to the 2012

and   Paralympic    games    to      Games.
London are maximised        for
Waltham Forest residents.         2. We will work in partnership with the other Olympic host boroughs and        2006 to 2009
                                     the London Development Agency (LDA) to shape and implement the
                                     Local Employment & Training Framework (LETF) which will help
                                     local people and businesses access the future job and contract
                                     opportunities that the 2012 Games bring to London.

                                  3. We will work in partnership the Waltham Forest Better                       2006 to 2009
                                     Neighbourhoods Initiative to deliver ‘WorkNet’, an integrated
                                     Employment and Skills project of the focussing on priority groups to
                                     ensure accessibility to the job opportunities arising form the 2012

                                  4. We will work in partnership with the other Olympic host boroughs, the       2006 to 2009
                                     Greater London Assembly (GLA), the London Development Agency
                                     (LDA) and Jobcentre Plus (JCP) to deliver the ‘City Strategy Pilot’
                                     which aims to deliver more effective employment and skills support
                                     services to ensure residents are best placed to take up job
                                     opportunities offered by the 2012 Games.

                                  5. We will investigate the feasibility of establishing a Construction          2006 to 2007
                                     Academy in Waltham Forest that would provide training in the various
                                     construction disciplines to provide residents with the appropriate skills
                                     to take up job opportunities offered by the 2012 Games.

12.2 Educational attainment and aspiration
The language of the 2012 bid combines a focus on young people‟s potential and the transformation of our area of London. In order
that our young people can be in a position to take advantage of the changing environment in which they will enter adulthood, we
need to support them to attain relevant and high-level qualifications.

Objective                       Actions                                                                           Time-line
Use the London 2012 Olympic 1. We will develop a Waltham Forest Youth Ambassadors scheme                         2006 to 2009
and Paralympic Games to inspire     which will engage young people in the promotion and development of
young people and equip them         Waltham Forest‟s involvement in the 2012 Games.
with the skills to achieve.
                                2. We will work in partnership with the other Olympic host boroughs to           2006 to 2009
                                    create and deliver a 5 Borough Talent Academy which will identify
                                    talented young sports people and provide the training and support
                                    network to enable them to fulfil their potential and compete at the
                                    2012 Games.

                                     3. Using the 2012 Games as a catalyst we will work in partnership with      2006 to 2009
                                        Secondary Schools in Waltham Forest to deliver the Sports Search
                                        product which encourages physical activity by matching sports to
                                        students physical and attitudinal profiles and offering sign posts to
                                        local activity and clubs.

                                     4. We will work in partnership with the schools and colleges in Waltham     2006 to 2009
                                        Forest to develop a Schools Olympic Strategy which will identify
                                        and drive a series of co-ordinated Olympic related projects in our
                                        educational establishments.

12.3 Improved health and quality of life
The health improvement effect of major Games is not a direct or inevitable one, and the “Olympic effect” will not reverse some of
the significant health problems in Waltham Forest. However, the Games provide us with an opportunity deliver a more powerful and
attractive message on the benefits of physical activity.

Objective                            Actions                                                                         Time-line
Use the London 2012 Olympic 1. We will work in partnership with Newham and Leyton Orient                            2006 to 2009
and Paralympic games as a                Community Sports Project to develop and deliver Olympic related
catalyst     to    encourage     and     sporting opportunity and physical activity within an Olympic Action
motivate residents in Waltham            Zone which targets, within Waltham Forest, young people living in
Forest      to      increase   their     Cathall, Cann Hall, Leyton and Lea Bridge wards.
participation      in    sport   and
physical      activity    and   lead 2. We will produce and deliver a Disability Sports Strategy which will         2006 to 2009
healthier lifestyles.                    be a plan of action to create and co-ordinate opportunities for disabled
                                         people to participate in sport and physical activity as well as provide
                                         pathways through to excellence and the Paralympic Games.

                                       3. Using the 2012 Games as inspiration we will work in partnership with      2006 to 2009
                                          the Primary Care Trust (PCT) to deliver a series of interventions to
                                          reduce obesity, encourage healthy eating, and increase physical

12.4 An improved environment
The construction of the Olympic Park will be carried out to high quality design, build and sustainability standards. There is a both an
opportunity to demand higher design and management standards in Waltham Forest to match these, and a risk that if we do not do
so, Waltham Forest will appear as a “poor relation” of the new developments across its immediate borders.

Objective                     Actions                                                                                   Time-line
Use the London 2012 Olympic 1. Using the 2012 games as the catalyst we will develop and regenerate                     2009 to 2010
and Paralympic Games as the       Lloyd Park and Aveling Park to create a more accessible, functional
motivation to develop Waltham     and attractive Park for residents and visitors to Waltham Forest.
Forest into a borough where
people want to live, work and 2. We will strive to secure capital funding to invest in the boroughs                    2006 to 2009
visit.                            Leisure Facilities, ensuring that developments complement the
                                  variety of facilities within the Olympic Park.

                                        3. We will work in partnership with the Waltham Forest Better                  2006 to 2008
                                           Neighbourhoods Initiative to deliver a ‘Cleaner, Safer Greener’
                                           programme of work to improve the safety and environment in play
                                           areas, community spaces and transport nodes ahead of the 2012

                                        4. We will work with our housing partners to bring empty properties            2006 to 2009
                                           back into use, to improve housing conditions and create new homes
                                           through the use of a series of enforcement powers and grants ahead
                                           of the 2012 Games.

                                        5. We will review our plans for the Leyton area and the town centres of        2006 to 2009
                                           Leyton, Leytonstone and Walthamstow to ensure that they can
                                           provide an attractive environment in the light of the Olympics and
                                           Stratford City.

6. We will deliver a programme of capital development to create             2006-2009
   inclusive play facilities in a number of the boroughs key parks in the
   run up to the 2012 Games.

12.5 Improved and integrated infrastructure
The Games infrastructure will make a difference to the physical and socio-economic context in which Waltham Forest develops its
own regeneration plans.

Private sector housing – both rented and owned – is likely to experience significant price inflation. Opportunities for local residents
to work in and enjoy the Olympic Park and Stratford City will be limited without good transport access routes across the barriers of
the A12 and railway sidings. The Stratford City Development with its new retail, business and housing centre will be only 3½ miles
from Walthamstow Town Centre and will therefore impact on the nature of viable development there.

Objective                        Actions                                                                                Time-line
To ensure that infrastructure 1. We will work in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) to                         2006-2009
developments for the London          secure and lobby for public transport improvements for Waltham
2012 Olympic and Paralympic          Forest to ensure the Olympic Park is accessible for residents of the
Games positively interact with       borough during the construction, the Games themselves and in
existing plans and maximise          legacy.
accessibility for Waltham Forest

12.6 Pride in the borough – community cohesion
The Olympic and Paralympic Games give us the opportunity to create a sense of community pride that goes beyond culture, race,
religion, class and origin and can be used as a way of bringing together people from lots of different communities.

Objective                         Actions                                                                        Time-line
Use the Cultural Olympiad as the 1. Using the 2012 Games as the catalyst we will produce a Waltham              2006 to 2007
driver to recognise and challenge     Forest Volunteer Strategy which will provide co-ordination for the
inequalities,    celebrate    our     volunteer infrastructure, support and encourage volunteering and
diversity and ensure that we          provide pathways into training, employment and the official 2012
maximise accessibility to ensure      Volunteering Programme.
equality of opportunity.
                                  2. Using the 2012 Games as inspiration we will provide a borough wide         2006 to 2009
                                      Cultural Programme involving a series of events and programmes
                                      that celebrate the diversity of the Waltham Forest.

                                     3. We will increase resident engagement and promote social cohesion        2006 to 2008
                                        by working in partnership with the Waltham Forest Better
                                        Neighbourhoods Initiative which focuses on the most deprived
                                        areas in the borough and aims to improve liveability, improve health
                                        and decrease worklessness.

                                     4. Using the 2012 games as the catalyst we will work in partnership with   2006 to 2009
                                        the different Faith Communities in Waltham Forest to create and
                                        deliver a series of projects and activities that promote community


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