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               Minutes from the West London Sector Network Steering Group


Present                                                                          Action Points

Tom Buxton (TB), Sylvia Francis, Penelope Harrison (PH) Chair, Tessa
Buchanan Patel, Clair Scott Booth (CSB), Coreen Allen (CA), Rory Gillert
(RG), John Thirkettle (JT), Simon Lister (SL), Tony Jackson (TJ)


Julia Smith, John Carlin, Stephanie Yorath


Present      Atifa Ali-Khan (AAK)
Present      Zarina Khalid (ZK)

Minutes of last meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true record of the last meeting.

Sport England

Simon Lister, Director of Sport England, gave a presentation to the SG on
sport in West London. A summery of the presentation is as follows:

Sport England is lottery funded, a lot of the initial investment went into
buildings, however this has now developed into a community sport
programme. A programme called Active Sport was established to get young
people into sport and physical activity. Sport England developed a pan
London network, which was then broken up and the partnership was re-
designated into 5 areas, North London, South, East, West and central
London. The West London Partnership is based at Brunel University and
covers the same areas as WLN.

Sport England are looking for someone within the voluntary sector to come
on board of the West London Partnership of which Glaxo Smith Kline is the
chair. Local authorities are already represented. There is a job description
and a matrix of skills, SG could advertise this position through their mediums
or perhaps choose a representative to go for the position. “Leisure Futures”
are being tasked with writing a sport plan for west London, and participation
of sport is targeted to rise by 1% per year.
A MORI survey was conducted called the Active Peoples Survey, which
showed that low participation in sports and physical activity is correlated with
those in deprived areas. SL said he was happy to circulate a copy of the
MORI survey if requested to do so.

The legacy work for the 2012 Olympics and Para Olympics is the
responsibility of the Mayor of London, Sport England and West London
Alliance will help deliver the legacy. West London Alliance have produced
their own plan, SL is happy to circulate this plan on request.

Sport England’s goal is to forward physical activity and sport into
organisation’s plans and Local Area Agreements (LAA). The West London
Partnership aim to facilitate cross borough work, an example is to pilot a
cross-boundary leisure card. London Civic Forum (LCF) are leading on
volunteering with the Mayors office as part of the legacy plan. It was
suggested that local authorities work with the CVS to streamline ideas but the
LCF were not keen on this and wanted all ideas to go directly to them.

There is a need to get businesses in west London involved in the legacy
work. Glaxo Smith Kline will be sponsoring 20 locals who might be able to
join in the 2012 Games, Sport England will support this.

The delivery of the Games is split into three areas of work:

1. Buildings/facilities
2. Delivery of the event
3. Legacy of the games

It was suggested that the CVS could contribute to the Olympics by making a
good focus group if the CVS were willing to have a consultant come in and
discuss. The WLN could host this focus group for Sport West’s plan for West
London, inputting information on volunteering issues and infrastructure
information. It was arranged that perhaps AAK could meet with SL to discuss
further work. SL would also like to meet with West London CVS from each of
the boroughs.

Sport England are holding a Visioning Day on the 12th October at Hounslow,
one representative (AAK will collate nominations) should go to the meeting.
The focus of the meeting will be to develop this strategy, Local Authorities,
Government bodies and youth sectors will be involved.

Manager’s Report

The Manager’s report was presented to the steering group.


From August the Mayor’s role now includes skills for Adult.

There is a new skills plan to be developed in late October. The new skills
board is to also be developed, they are looking for high profile employers, a
representative from the voluntary sector should be a part of the board. LVSC,
LVSTC are lobbying the mayor’s office for a VCS rep to sit on the board.


Proposal for DAF 06/07

The DWP City Strategy pilot initiative will reach the hard to reach and aims to SF to circulate
increase employment to 80%, reduce child poverty by 50% and 100% by All to comment
2020. SF will circulate a copy of the strategy for all to give comments which
should be passed onto AAK by Wednesday next week.

All interested parties should come forward, AAK to include them in the
September meeting.

Phillip Morris

AAK had a meeting with Phillip Morris who wish to provide £100,000 of
funding to be redistributed across this year to work on domestic violence and
child poverty. Phillip Morris do not want to develop infrastructure, they want
to focus the money on the projects. Phillip Morris also stated they do not
wish to work with Health organisations, AAK to get more information on who AAK to follow up
Phillip Morris regard as “health organisations”. A follow up is required on
salary costs and how much they will fund.

Discussion held on the ethical basis of delivering smoking funds. Some SG
members objected, but stated that they would go with the majority. It was
suggested that VCO’s would decide on whether or not they would take the
money once told of the funds origin. WLN will have to make it clear where
the funding is coming from so that VCO’s can make an informed decision on
whether or not to apply.

Update from the Network Report

The Voluntary Network are going to do an event on the 5th December at
Watermans, which is geared towards volunteer coordinators. The even is by
invite only.


The decision will not be made now until the end of November.

ESF Project, Learning for Life

ESF project discussed, SG members asked to recommend groups for LiV.
Only organisations which are assessed by a licensed mentor will be awarded.

Representatives Reports

Sylvia gave a report on Training. IAG Strategic Board is being sorted out,
they want a regional board and have London West One to feed into that.
There is a meeting in September to update everyone on that.

The IAG website is: for those who want to view it.


London West Business want to work with Third Age, they are having difficulty
recruiting businesses.
PH brought up West London Transport Group, WLN needs a representative
on it. Tom will query with Environment Network for a representative. The
mayor is adamant that the tram will be going ahead, many studies have been
conducted on it, the cycle lanes will also be sorted out.

Budget Update/Reserves

WLN Account

AAK prepared a reserved policy, it was suggested we keep a pot for staff
reserves. WLN has £30K put aside for reserves, and £11K left to decide
what to do with it. AAL will allocate it to networks.
It was suggested that the last page, “In Bank & 7 Which” be added onto the
next quarter report so you can see the rise and fall over several quarters.

ALG funding is secured until June 2007 and reassessed on commissioning
basis, but this is unclear how/why/when.

Reserves Policy
                                                                                  AAK to amend
It was suggested that there should be a plan to suggest where left over
spend could be spent on. Reserves Policy should be much more precise.
There were worries about funding, when funding runs out and worries about
the cost of what redundancy will come to.

Despite funder’s not liking organisations holding reserves for 6 months, it was
suggested we do so; this should be brought back for the next meeting.

                      The meeting closed at 12.30pm.

              Date of next meeting:   Tuesday 10 October
                       Venue - West London YMCA