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									Company Profile
SecuTech is an avant-courier in information security. SecuTech provides complete security utilizing its innovated
technologies to intellectual property and digital rights, authentication, and offers a full set of products including
hardware keys, USB tokens and OTP. An expert in security software and license management technology, SecuTech
Solution Inc. is a dynamic and innovative company that is constantly growing and changing to meet customer needs
and expectations.

By developing advanced solutions to battle software piracy, SecuTech helps you win the fight against illegitimate use
of your products. In addition to providing license management software at competitive prices, SecuTech delivers
exceptional customer service and support. With increasing concerns of software piracy and license distribution,
SecuTech has dedicated itself in developing the best Software License Management Systems in the market.

SecuTech is dedicated to be the best provider of security services and solutions used to protect digital rights,
providing the most innovative and secure solutions. Its reputation is built upon a comprehensive line of products
satisfying the security needs for software vendors, system integrators, government and officials.

Core Product Offerings
With comprehensive product line, SecuTech serves customers worldwide,

UniKey® - A complete family of hardware based Digital Rights Management solutions, meeting software publishers'
protection and licensing needs;

UniToken®– A USB-based smartcard device and Token Management Software for strong user authentication and
identity management;

Company Dedication
SecuTech offers superior products & services and creates solutions tailored specifically for each customer's unique

SecuTech fulfils the personal and professional aspirations of our people.

Through the mutually beneficial relationships that are based on the achievement of common goals, SecuTech
nurtures the shared sense of beginning and growing together.

Through the profits derived from the community, SecuTech strives to return our economic, social and intellectual
contributions in full value.

Corporate Culture
We fully embrace people and idea from all around the world. We operate with honesty and integrity. We have an
environment of open communications. Reliability is a key attribute. We believe that customers should be able to
count on us, as we count on one another. Building on these principles allows us to performwell as a team, achieving
execution of the company’s business objectives.
Customer Dedication
SecuTech maintains outstanding levels of support and customer satisfaction through self help and assisted-help

Self Help-While we pride ourselves on fast and accurate responses to customer questions and problems, SecuTech
provides an array of resources to enable you to find answers and resolve problems on your own, without having to
contact Technical Support.

Assisted Help-SecuTech provides real-time support when you are unable to address a problem successfully on your
own or have a question that is not answered through Self-Help resources.

Migration --All currently existing dongle customers will get fully Support of migration to SecuTech’s product range.
You can now take advantage of all of the features of Premier Support at no additional charge. Best of all, you don't
have to do anything to begin to utilize all of the benefits of SecuTech's Premier Support.

Tailored for new users -- SecuTech also offers value-added, premier integration services to completely new users.
SecuTech can tailor integration projects to fit client needs.

Customization-SecuTech provides the opportunities and facilities to make your own hardware key and software, as
well as providing the facilities for OEM casing and labeling.

Support Dedication
     24x7 access to the SecuTech Support Team

     No charge for return to the factory and repair of hardware products

     Within 24 hours lead time for 200 units under

     Life time warranty for hardware.

Manufacture Dedication
SecuTech is committed to:

     A total quality management philosophy based on the international standards.

      Providing competitive, error free products and services on time, by adopting a process-based model for
continuous improvement of the quality management system.

     Maintaining product integrity and compliance with regulatory requirements

     Exceeding the expectations of our customers.

     Achieving total customer satisfaction.

We operate a highly comprehensive product test and verification system throughout our manufacturing processes,
including in-depth performance assessment and assurance across our diverse product range.

SecuTech is committed to supplying products that conform to Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). According
to the RoHS Directive, the following six substances should be phased out of many electronic components by July 1st,
2006: .
        Hexavalent chromium
        Polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs)
        Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs)

R&D Dedication
With a commitment to stay at the forefront of the industry innovation, SecuTech invests heavily in Research and
Development (R&D) to offer a wide range of advanced solutions and value-added products to its customers.

SecuTech has a group of excellent R&D personnel, each R&D personnel have considerable experience in related

The in-house Research and Development (R&D) team forms the basis of technical prosperity and cost-effective
customized solutions. Our R&D Department is intricately involved in studying market trends and responding to
current needs of the industry -- be it product research, innovative product development, strategic market alliance,
analyzing evolving industry trends or keeping abreast with relevant process technology.

R&D team works in close collaboration with our sales and marketing to create and offer practical solutions designed
to help customers achieve their strategic objectives and run their businesses better and more cost effectively.

Take Advantages
        Driverless—reduces the huge workload of technical support team for Dongle Not Found.

          Real time clock inside-- This function is based on a real time clock deposited in the dongle indicating the
specific time (hour, minute, second) and date (day, month, year). UniKey time is as well as for network environment
without limitation for end users.

        Customization—Your own case, logo and interface

        Technical support—responsive, responsible, reliable

SecuTech Customers
SecuTech gains more exposure and reputation in the market

Since the business launching , SecuTech has been widely accepted and accumulated reputation from customers with
its product-UniKey software protection dongle by powerful function, solid quality of hardware and in-time, considerate
technical support.

We use National Instruments LabView to develop our applications and it has been quite straightforward to use the dll
functions provided with the dongle. After creating a small LabView library, using UniKey has become quite
easy.Deploying stand alone applications (.exe) to customers, also posed no problems at all. The main advantage is,
undoubtedly, the lack of driver to operate the dongle. No need to install another piece of software, one less potential
source of problems, therefore no hassle for final users and no "headaches" for us.

--Company CTO, Italy

Things have been going very smoothly with Unikey dongles. I'm a happy customer!

--Company President, USA
Pagrindinis SecuTech raktų privalumas - nereikia specialių draiverių. Juos lengva naudoti ne tik programuotojams,
bet ir galutiniam naudoto. Taip pat svarbu pabrėžti aptarnavimo kokybę ir lanktumą. Visos iškilusios naudojimo
problemos buvo išspręstos greitai ir tiksliai.

-- Company Business Development Director, Lithuania

Wir benutzen den Unikey Dongle seit einigen Jahren für unser professionelles Audio-Meßsystem "WinAudioMLS". Es
handelt sich hierbei um ein größeres C/C++ Projekt zur Echtzeit Signalanalyse unter Windows. Die Integration des
Dongles stellte kein Problem dar. Die Unterstützung durch das Unikey Team war hervorragend. Durch den attraktiven
Preis können wir das System auch in preissensitiven Bereichen einsetzten.

-- Dr. Frank, Germany

I used a parallel port dongles for last few years. But was having various issues with it. On top of that, nowadays
hardware comes without serial and/or parallel ports. It forced me to look for an USB dongle and I came across
SecuTech. I requested demo kit from SecuTech. Since then till date, I am extremenly happy with their product and
support. UniKey USB dongle has very high memory capacity. It's driverless. I earlier used to keep end user, license
and service contract specific information in encrypted binary file. Now all such information is moved to dongle. API
to access dongle is very intutive and easy to use. So far, I have not noticed any issue with the API as well as the
dongle. Another advantage of this dongle is, one dongle can be used to copy protect multiple softwares modules.

-- Company Managing Director, India

Secutech kilidi çok kullanışlı ve çok uygun fiyata. Ayrica destek çok hızlı ve tam. Teşekkürler.

-- Company President and CEO, Turkey

Your technical support team is real good and really responsive, thank you!

-- Software Engineer , Italy

We have good impression of your product, & proved satisfactory. We are also pleased with your positive attitude
towards response & problem-solving.

-- Mr. A M Al Nemer, UAE

I really appreciate the help I received from technical support while integrating UniKey dongle into my product.
Although not many of dongles are currently in use, I'm execting more demand in a few months.

-- Mr. Alexei Smirnov, USA

SecuTech Goes Green-- We recycle, do you?
SecuTech has started a global plan to “Go Green” and environmental protection is an important part of SecuTech’s
business practices. From the earliest stages of product design through manufacturing, use, and recycling, we take
care to keep our activities and our products environmentally sound.

Many other steps have been taken to ensure that our global offices comply with the new company standard to “Go
Green”. Some of these initiatives include:
       Using the least paper,

       All of these items can go green recycling bin

       Using less electricity;

       Living green

       Thinking green

SecuTech has made a firm commitment to the community. We support world care organizations, and encourage
employee involvement in assisting those in need. SecuTech involved in a number of NGO organizations focused on
the animal welfare and better life.

Asiatic Black Bears (Moon bears) are incarcerated in tiny wire cages with rusting metal catheters implanted in their
abdomens through which bile is extracted for use in traditional medicines. There are more than 7,000 bears
imprisoned in cages on over 200 farms across China. Moon bears can expect to live up to 30 years in the wild, but
life expectancy falls to 10-12 years for caged bears. Bear bile is illegal throughout the European Union.

Project Hope is a public welfare undertaking, initiated and organized by the China Youth Development Foundation
(CYDF), which enlists extensive support from home and abroad to assist dropout students and those at risk of
dropping out to continue schooling in China’s rural, poverty-stricken areas.                  SecuTech Solution Inc.
Fax: 888-259-5852 ex 0             Email:
Worldwide: +1-888-259-5825        Brazil: +55-11-2165-7077                      France: +03-44-54-96-39
Japan: + 81-3-5524-3391           India: +91-2322-227-8890                      Dominica: +809-683-5000
Iran: +98 21 8873-9224            Netherland: +31 (0)57869-3205                 Portugal: +351-210-107260
Indonesia: +62-21-5574-9779       Turkey: +90-216-527-00-33                      Serbia: +381-11-26-52-395
Vietnam: +84-4-625-1-0355

                    ©2009 SecuTech Solution Inc. All rights reserved. UniKey, UniToken and UniKey logo are registered trademarks of SecuTech Solution Inc.
                    All other products and brand names mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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