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					Voting Tally Chart
Kid Pix Deluxe

        Students select topics of interest to gather data.
        Students create a tally table using drawing tools.

        Ability to use the mouse to navigate and open programs and select tools.

Before the Computer:

1. Brainstorm with the students topics that they can make decisions
2. List the items on a chart.
3. Display an example of a tally chart and how to record data. Keep it simple with no more than
   four choices.
4. Working in pairs, instruct students to select a data item that they would like to use to gather
   information. Let the students draw a tally chart on a blank piece of paper.
5. Create a task card direction sheet or use the one in this lesson.

At the Computer:

1. Gather students in front of the computer or a TV with a computer connection.
2. Demonstrate the steps of creating a tally chart in KidPix.
3. Send the students to the computer in their pairs to create the chart. Emphasis the
   importance of collaborating and helping each other.
4. Display the task card for students to follow during the activity. As the activity proceeds, allow
   those that finished first the opportunity to help weaker pairs.
5. Students can print their work or save their templates for the extension activity.

Extension - Today's Tally

1. After the students have completed the tally, have them each save their chart with their initials.
2. Every morning open one tally sheet created by the students to use as Today's Tally!
3. Let the students individually vote by typing their name or clicking a special stamp to cast their
   vote. This is a great way to use the computer as a polling booth.
4. For a further extension, let students create a graph in Graph Club to display data in a bar or
   pie graph.

Standards and Benchmarks
       1.1 Draws pictures, models, and dramatizes to represent problems.
       1.2 Uses discussion with teachers and other students to understand problems.
       6.1 Understands that observations about objects or events can be organized and
           displayed in simple graphs.
       6.22 Draws conclusions from charts and data.

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