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									         Bothell Passport
Where to Apply for a Passport in Bothell, Washington
U.S. Passport Service Guide       

Links                 American citizens who live in Bothell have a few options
                      when it comes to applying for a United States passport.
New Passport
                      These include: local passport application acceptance
Passport Renewal      facilities, a regional passport agency and experienced
Child’s Passport      expediters. A list of places where residents of Bothell,
                      Washington can apply for a United States passport is
Fast Passports
                      provided below.
Passport FAQ
Travel Visas          Bothell Passport Offices

 Fired Travel Agent   Applying at a local passport application acceptance facility
    Gets Revenge      is only required if you are submitting application form DS-
                      11 in order to get a new passport. Other passport services
                      such as renewals, name changes and extra visa pages can
                      be obtained by mail.
                      City of Bothell Municipal Court
                      10116 NE 183rd St.
                      Bothell, WA 98011
  Download Your       (425) 487-5587
   Copy Today!
                      KCCSC – Northshore
                      10808 NE 145th Street
                      Bothell, WA 98011
                      (206) 296-9840
                      To locate passport offices in another city visit the
                      Washington passport office page.

                      Seattle Passport Agency

                      Regional passport agencies serve American citizens who
                      need to obtain passports fast. You can apply at Seattle
                      Passport Agency if your departure date is in 14 days or less.
                      Applicants who also need to obtain a travel visa can

     U.S. Passport Service Guide –
U.S. Passport Service Guide       

                      schedule an appointment if their departure date is up to 28
                      days away.
                      To apply at the one of these agencies, schedule an
                      appointment by calling toll-free at 1-877-487-2778. The
                      addresses of the two passport agencies are given below.
                      Seattle Passport Agency
                      Henry Jackson Federal Building
                      915 Second Avenue, Suite 992
                      Seattle, WA 98174-1091
                      Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., local time, M-F

                      Professional Passport Expediting Services

                      If you need to obtain a passport in two weeks or less but
                      are unable to travel to a regional passport agency, you can
                      get a professional passport expediter to submit the
                      application for you. Expediters are experienced in getting
                      passport applications processed quickly, even as fast as the
                      same day.

                      Visit the U.S. Passport Service Guide’s directory of
                      professional passport expediters or, if you are in a hurry,
                      apply online for express passport expediting.

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