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                                                            V O L U M E    2 ,    I S S U E   2                                     J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 9

                                                                             Editor: Brittani Blough Assistant Editor: Patty Beam

Interviews     Pg. 2-3
                                                                     New Year’s resolutions, they can be a pain, but everyone has one. Now
Dribble Team Pg. 4
                                                            that 2008 has ended, and a new year has come around, people are realizing what

Girls Soccer                                                they would like to improve upon for the upcoming year. Whether they’ll admit it or
               Pg. 5
                                                            not, most people really do have a resolution or even a few. A resolution could be
Best Friends   Pg. 6                                        anything, from bringing up that math grade, to going on a diet, or possibly even
Boys                                                        helping your parents out some more around the house. I have asked a few people
               Pg. 7
Wrestling                                                   about their resolutions, and here is what I found.

Boys           Pg. 8
Basketball                                                           Q. What was your New Year’s Resolution?
                                                                                 Mrs. McDowell (secretary)
                                                                                         “I really don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions be-
                                                                                              cause you just break them.”

                                                                                 Emily Mishler (8th grade)
                                                                                         “I have made a resolution to apply myself more in

                                                                                 Heather Walker (7th grade)
                                                                                         “My resolution was to stop texting so much.”

                                                                                 Zach Maluchnik (6th grade)
                                                                                         A. “I wanted to bring up my grade in math and I did.”
VOLUME    2,   ISSUE   2                                                                PAGE      2

      I interviewed one teacher from each grade. I asked them each five questions and here
they are: What made you become a teacher? What is your favorite thing about teaching? When
did you start teaching? What school did you go to in high school? Who was your favorite

      For the fifth grade I interviewed Mr. Feathers. He is the fifth grade math and science
teacher. Both of his parents were teachers and he just followed the flow. He loves the experi-
ence when a kid achieves a goal or an assignment. He has been teaching since 1979. He went
to Conemaugh Township and his favorite teacher is Mr. Greninger.

       In sixth grade I interviewed Mr. Shank who teaches math. He enjoys working with kids
because they keep him young. He loves working with young people and has been teaching
since 1977. He went to             Conemaugh Township and his favorite teacher is also Mr.

       I interviewed Mr. Boyd for seventh grade. He teaches history. He became a teacher be-
cause his parents were both teachers. He loves when kids understand what he is teaching. He
started in 2000. He went to North Star and his favorite teachers were Mr. Ott and his father,
Mr. Boyd.

         For eighth grade I interviewed Mrs. Shaffer. She teaches civics and likes working
with kids. She said “My favorite thing is different every time. It is constantly changing.” She
has been working here since 1984. She went to North Star and her favorite teacher was Betty
                                                                                       PAGE     3

      For the special/extra curricular classes I interviewed Mr. Danel. He is the boy’s gym
teacher and he loves working with kids. His favorite thing about teaching is kids. He went to
Forest Hills and his favorite teacher was Mr. Celmer.

      The last person I interviewed was our principal, Mr. Kiesnowski. Both of his parents
were teachers, he likes the experience of working with kids, and has been teaching since 1995.
He went to Brentsville District High School and his favorite teacher was Mr. Madison.

      Now you know what, why and where the teachers think and went to for school.

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VOLUME   2,   ISSUE   2                                     PAGE   4

                          The Lady Cougar Dribble Team did
                          an outstanding job this year. They
                          performed at the UPJ Mt. Cat Classic
                          Basketball Tournament, Boswell Jay-
                          cees Basketball Tournament, for the
                          UPJ Women, Juniata Women and at
                          several North Star Varsity Girls
                          games. Members of the team are
                          Samantha Carmean, Melinda
                          Greeley, Hannah Novak, Courtney
                          Schrock, Hannah Schrock, and
                           Kristen Thompson.
                                                                                   PAGE   5

Girls Soccer
By: Brittani Blough

        This year I interviewed Racheal Dill to get some answers about our girls
soccer team. I asked her four questions . They were:

What was the final season record?
      Not sure, but we lost more than we won.

How many girls were on the team?
     About 17

Who was the team captain?
     No one, except Krista Valentine went up to flip the coin.

What were the name(s) of coach(s)?
      Coach Kat and Coach Kristie

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VOLUME        2,   ISSUE     2                                                                                PAGE     6

Best Friends
By: Brittani Blough

When hanging out with my friends I began to wonder what other peoples’ friends are like. So I went around the middle
school and interviewed some of them and I asked them all of the same questions.

The first person that I interviewed was Zack Maluchnik. I asked him the following questions.
Q. Who is your best friend?
  A. Nolan Pritts
Q. How long have you known him?
  A. We’ve been friends since 3rd grade
Q. What do you look for in a best friend?
  A. great person to be around
Q. Do you and Nolan have any nicknames for each other?
  A. Putts and Zack

Jacob Zehner.
• Aubrie Koontz, Haley Smith, Alexis Miller, and Brittani Blough
• 3 years
• Kind, caring
• Jp, Sharpay, and Brittani-Brittani

Next I moved onto 7th grade.

Kelli Putman
• Kristen Thompson
• Since 4th grade
• Respect, truthfulness
• Depends

Corey Fritch
• Have a lot of best friends, but I do have Luke Lepley
• All my life
• Trustworthiness
• Lepatitus
Last I hit the 8th grade hallway, and asked a couple of students.

Aubree Stoy
• Jacob Preston Zehner! Morgan Lyons, and Brittani Blough
• Whole life, and 2 years
• Personalities
• Jp and Britt

Alexis Miller
• Brittani Blough, Lauren Long, Alexia Acosta, Lauren Walker, Jacob Zehner, Haley Smith, Heather Walker, and
Melissa Baker
• Ohh, a while
• Trust, loyalty, nice
• Amilla, by Lauren Long, and Sam by Brittani Blough
                                                                                                PAGE     7

25 wrestlers and 6 managers made up our jr. high wrestling team this year. 9th Graders: Brett Benedict, Seth Benny,
John Blough, Ryan Horner, Cory Miller, Lance Shawley, Gearmo Smeak, and Tanner Revak. 8th graders: Jonathon
Burkett, Jared Christner, Austin Conner, Tyler Moffe, Tayte Mostoller, and Brady Shroyer. 7th graders: Levi Albright,
Corey Fritch, Colton Gennett, Thomas Hocket, Kevin Horner, Luke Leply, Thomas Miller, Jacob Scrimager, Greg
Sivits, Nick Stahl, and Shane Supanick. 6th grade: equipment managers, Mike Baker, Shawn Costas, Hunter Connor,
Dakota Warner-Maze, Tevin Mostoller, and Jonathan Thomas. This year’s wrestling coach is Patsy Codispoti and assis-
tant coaches are Chad Codispoti and Aaron Delano.

      We went to some of the boys wrestlers and I asked them the following questions: When did you start wrestling?
How many matches have you won so far this year?

6th Grade
         I interviewed Jonathon Thomas and Tevin Mostoller. Jonathon has been wrestling since 2000 and has won three
times so far. Tevin started in kindergarten and has won 2 or 3 times this year.

7th Grade
       I interviewed Colton Gennett and Luke Lepley. Colton has been wrestling since kindergarten and has won five
matches. Luke has been wrestling since 2000 and has won four matches.

8th Grade
        I interviewed Brady Shroyer and Austin Connor. Brady has been wrestling for two years now and he has won
eight matches and Austin started in 2000 and has won six matches so far.

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VOLUME     2,   ISSUE   2                                                            PAGE    8

                                     Boys Basketball
This year our 2008-2009 boys basketball team is made up of: Joey Berkebile, Josh Bloom, Ronald Buxton,
Tim Davis, Jacob Dinsmore, Matt Kodrin, Logan Livchvar, Kyle Louthan, Brandon McGarvey, Brady
McVicker, Rusty Miller, Cory Olivas, Nolan Pritts, Brantley Rice, Dalton Rice, Andy Robatin, Bruston
Shaffer, Branden Steele, Tony Strasiser, Max Volk, Nash Walker, and Dakota Wilson. They all did a very
great job. Look for a recap on this year’s basketball season in our next issue.

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