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             ENERGY STAR Quantity Quotes Request Form
             Step 3: Complete the Product Request Form
             Purchase Request for ENERGY STAR Qualified CFLs
             Please complete as many fields as possible with as accurate information as you can provide. Suppliers will use this information
             to determine what type of bulk purchase contract they can offer your organization.

                     Are you buying light bulbs for military housing or other buildings in connection with ENERGY STAR OPERATION
                     CHANGE OUT? Let suppliers know by including "OCO" in the name of your request.

             Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

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             * Request Name:


              Purchaser Location: Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910

              *Purchaser Organization Name:
              To get the best quotes, please consider sharing your organization name with suppliers.
                  Yes, please share my organization's name as it appears in my user profile.
                  No, please withhold my organization's name from suppliers.

              1. *Type of Response Requested:
                  I would like detailed information on product(s) and pricing
                  I need only contact information, as I plan to contact suppliers directly

              2. Delivery City:
              3. *Delivery State:
              4. Delivery Zip Code:

              5. *Contract Duration Enter the dates in the format MM/DD/YYYY.
              Because prices change over time, you may get more favorable pricing by choosing a contract end date closer to the
              present day.

              6. *Industry

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Bulk Purchasing - Initial Request Form                                

              If "Other", please elaborate:

              7. *Project Description:
              Requests with detailed project descriptions typically receive more and better responses from suppliers.

              8. *Total Order Quantity:
              There are no minimum order quantities required. However, purchasers typically get better prices on larger

              9. *Will the Total Order Quantity be shipped in one shipment? (if no, complete below)
                  Yes     No
              Schedule of Order Release (if known at this time):

              Quantity of Order Release (if known at this time):

              10. *Will the Total Order Quantity be delivered to one location? (if no, complete below)
                  Yes     No
              Number of Delivery Locations:

              Delivery Locations(s) Description/Comments:
              Use this field to elaborate on your delivery requirements. Do you need the supplier to deliver single products to
              individual units? Do you have centralized locations where the supplier can deliver a large shipment of products?
              Please use the space below to provide this type of information to the suppliers. It will help them better respond to
              your request.

              11. *Responses Due by:
              After this date, suppliers will no longer be able to respond to your request, but suppliers who have already
              responded will be allowed to continue conversations with you through this Web site. You must give suppliers at least
              5 days to respond, but we recommend you give them at least 7 days.

              Enter the date in the format MM/DD/YYYY

              Find more information about CFLs at

              1. * Model Type

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Bulk Purchasing - Initial Request Form                                  

              Choose all model types that may apply. Consider the possible lighting applications of the end-user when selecting an
              ENERGY STAR qualified CFL model type. Bare-spiral CFLs are most common and will fit most lighting applications.
              Bare-mini-spiral models are small enough to fit in most flush mounted ceiling fixtures and ceiling fans with light kits.
              Covered CFLs are better for specialty applications where the CFL is likely to be exposed. For instance, covered
              A-lines can be used in table lamps, hanging pendant lights, ceiling fans, or outdoor enclosed fixtures; covered globes
              are designed for use in bath bars or other decorative fixtures; covered reflectors are most commonly found in
              recessed can fixtures. Make sure to review the manufacturer’s information on the best application for the product you

                    Bare-twin Tube
                    Bare-triple Tube
                    Bare-quad Tube
                    Bare-circline            Bare-mini-spiral    Bare-spiral             Bare-twin Tube        Bare-triple Tube
                    Covered A-line
                    Covered Bullet
                 Covered Candle
              (medium base only)
                    Covered Globe
                    Covered Reflector
                                             Bare-quad Tube      Bare-circleine          Covered A-line        Covered Bullet
                    Covered Post

                                             Covered Candle      Covered Globe           Covered Reflector     Covered Post

              2. Lumen Output
              The best way to select an ENERGY STAR qualified CFL to replace
              an incandescent bulb is to compare the light emitted, or lumen           Incandescent to ENERGY STAR
              output, of the products. Comparing the wattage using a 3:1 or 4:1        Qualified CFL Equivalency Chart
              ratio does not provide the full range of ENERGY STAR qualified           Incandescent Equivalent Qualified CFL
              CFLs that can meet your light output needs. For example, if you want     Wattage      Lumen Output (lumens)
              to replace a 60-watt incandescent that has a light output of 800
              lumens you may find suitable CFLs with wattages that range from 11       40W             Minimum lumen output: 450
              to 20 watts. A good rule of thumb is to always choose the ENERGY
                                                                                       60W             Minimum lumen output: 800
              STAR qualified CFL with the light output you need and the lowest
              wattage.                                                                 75W             Minimum lumen output: 1100

              Use the Incandescent to ENERGY STAR Qualified CFL Equivalency            100W            Minimum lumen output: 1600
              Chart to select the proper minimum and maximum CFL lumen output          150W            Minimum lumen output: 2600
              to replace an incandescent bulb. NOTE: Limiting the range of lumen
              output will help refine the results received from suppliers.

              Min                      Max

              3. Lifetime
              ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs have a minimum lifetime
              requirement of 6,000 hours, but can have rated lifetimes    ENERGY STAR Qualified CFL – Rated Lifetime Chart
              up to 15,000 hours. Choose a lifetime range to receive a

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Bulk Purchasing - Initial Request Form                                 

              variety of products, or choose the same minimum and
              maximum value to identify a specific lifetime. See the                                    Residential Use in
                                                                           ENERGY STAR Qualified
              ENERGY STAR Qualified CFL – Rated Lifetime Chart to                                       Number of Years
                                                                           CFL – Rated Lifetime
              estimate the lifetime of qualified CFLs.                                                  (Based on 3 hours/day)
                                                                           6,000 hours                  5 years
              Min                                                          8,000 hours                  7 years

              Max                                                          10,000 hours                 9 years
                                                                           12,000 hours                 11 years
                                                                           15,000 hours                 13 years

              4. Special Usage
              Only use this option when looking for an ENERGY STAR qualified CFL to fulfill a specific lighting application.
              Selecting a specific application will limit the model type, wattage and lumen output available.
                    Bug Lamp
                    Table Lamp Use
                    Torchiere Lamp Use
                    Hanging Pendant Fixture
                    Ceiling Mounted Fixture
                    Recessed Can
                    Ceiling Fan
                    Decorative/Vanity Use
                    Outdoor Floodlight
                    Outdoor Enclosed Fixture (post lamp, porch fixture)

              5. Color Correlated Temperature (CCT)
              Color Correlated Temperature is the perceived color of light. Many ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs have a color
              correlated temperature similar to soft white incandescent bulbs, 2700-3000K (Kelvin). ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs
              with a CCT above 3000K have a whiter or "cooler" light appearance, and a qualified CFL with a CCT outside
              2700-3000K must label the CCT on the product packaging. Selecting a specific CCT will limit the number of products

                    2500 – 2700K              CCT Chart
                    2700 - 3000K
                                              Kelvin Temperature Lighting Applications                            Light Description
                    3000 - 3500K
                                              2500 – 2700K        Homes                                           Warm White
                    3500 - 4100K
                                              2700 – 3000K        Homes, Restaurants                              Soft White
                    4100 - 5000K
                                              3000 – 3500K        Homes, Restaurants, Public Reception Areas White
                    5000 - 6500K
                                              3500 – 4100K        Homes, Libraries, Public Areas, Offices         Cool White
                                              4100 – 5000K        Homes, Offices, Classrooms, Retailers           Cool White
                                              5000 – 6500K        Medical Facilities, Jewelers                    Daylight

              6. Warranty
              There is a minimum two-year warranty for ENERGY STAR qualified residential lighting products. Select the length of
              warranty you prefer.

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Bulk Purchasing - Initial Request Form                               

                  2 years     Greater than 2 years      No Preference

              7. Additional Comments/Questions

             * Send my purchase request to the following suppliers
             To complete your purchase request, you must choose at least one supplier from the list below.

             Select All Unselect All

             NOTE: We will provide the suppliers with the city and state in which you are located. This is necessary to allow them to make a
             more informed response to your request.

                            U.S. Department of Energy             ENERGY STAR              Privacy Policy        Terms of Participation

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