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									                                                 JESSE KENDALL
      123 Elm Street • Miami, FL 33183 • Home: (305) 555-5555 • Cell: (305) 444-4444 • E-Mail:

Accomplished business executive with demonstrated success in operations management. Proven expertise and strong
ability to improve processes, maximize productivity, and introduce system efficiencies. Skilled in effective leadership with
focus on total organizational coordination to manage resources, provide innovative concepts and ideas, supervise high-
performing teams, and oversee staff. Demonstrated success in all functional aspects of project and fleet management,
modernization, long-range planning, and integration of process optimization programs. Core competencies include:

  •   General Management                         •   New Business Development                        •   Budget Management
  •   Contract Negotiations                      •   Supply Chain Management                         •   Staff Leadership
  •   Project Management                         •   Training and Development                        •   Public Relations
  •   Research and Analysis                      •   Relationship Management                         •   Customer Service
  •   Policy Development                         •   Strategic and Tactical Planning                 •   Problem Resolution

                                            SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS

          Expert hands-on comprehensive experience in sales/marketing initiatives, product management, and
          development organization, as well as operations and marketing through collaboration and execution.

          Efficiently managed operational strategies and directed enterprise-wide market research projects flawlessly while
          consistently delivering desired results and contributing to revenue-producing activities.

          Repeatedly produced sustained revenue and growth in dynamic and changing markets.

                                             PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

ABC Concepts, Inc., Miami, FL                                                                20xx – Present
Senior Service Operations Manager
Direct and manage a $2 million service center budget, forecasting, planning, and execution of national and local
initiatives, including cost, quality, service, and personnel key performance measures. Serve as mentor and trainer for
compliance and continuous improvement programs. Oversee multi-facility productivity management, OSHA regulations,
workers’ comp liability, and accident risk management. Partner with sales to ensure proper execution of sales initiatives.
Lead service and sales team meetings on local and regional levels. Resolve upstream/downstream customer service
problems. Produce quarterly and annual executive reports for regional and national operations. Create local recognition
programs for individuals and service team.

          Eliminated contract labor cost in service centers by aligning schedules with daily volume fluctuations.
          Lowered expense per revenue and courier costs through staffing realignment.
          Cut overtime by an average of 50% over the past ten months.
          Reduced average delivery of product time from 11.2 to 4.0 hours and average pickup from 15 to 8.9 hours.
          Dropped total cost per placement from $137 to $115 and labor from $77 to $59, exceeding expectations.
          Implemented initiatives into the VAC Distribution Center, which reduced VAC asset pickup time by 24 hours;
          produced A and B level service on distribution dashboard.
          Dramatically reversed failing service center audit scores to passing levels within three months.

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BCD Chips, Inc., Miami, FL                                                                     20xx – 20xx
Senior Service Operations Manager
Oversaw $30 million annual budget, sales forecasting, national operations planning, and execution. Managed business
process planning for one-year operational goals; focused on corporate-given productivity targets of $200,000 to $400,000
per year. Led team of 40 Western state drivers, administrators, and managers as well as 100 warehouse and 40
manufacturing team members. Developed Six Sigma Lean national best practices for logistics and new communication;
successfully implemented in traffic centers nationally. Maintained tractor trailer asset management of 40+ vehicles with
contractual lease and repair negotiations.

       Produced cost per unit reduction of three cents by negotiating with local and national vendors to secure lower
       prices for equipment, fuel, and transportation.
       Reduced service complaints by 35% while maintaining service levels at 99.9%.
       Lowered accident rates from 6.94 to 2.03, injury rates from 5.43 to 1.74, and quality gap by institutionalizing
       proper data recording processes.
        Increased cube capabilities from 4,400 to 4,600, resulting in a reduction of one run per week; generated an
        additional savings of $73,000 annually via network optimization changes.
       Achieved regulatory audits scores of 100% on DOT audits for two consecutive years.

CDE Stores, Miami, FL                                                                        20xx – 20xx
Service Operations Manager
Partnered with senior executives, peers, and team members; oversaw a successful operating system conversion using
change agent techniques to ensure a smooth transition. Acted as subject matter expert; collaborated with training
manager and human resources to train all team members in new operating system. Served as member of the Target
Corporation accuracy team. Researched, identified, and resolved company-wide service level issues. Oversaw production
control, accounting, volume, and budget forecasting. Obtained OSHA compliance.

       Significantly increased service level from 47% to 98% standard.
        Exceeded budget UPH goal by 14%, saving $21,000 over the budget on third shift.
        Streamlined departmental problem-solving process by collaborating with other divisions to correct
        upstream/downstream distribution center issues.
       Boosted morale in department and distribution center by developing and implementing employee recognition and
       performance management program.
       Created cross shift consistency and increased department units per hour by 29% via process changes.

EFG Corporation Miami, FL                                                                      20xx – 20xx
Service Operations Manager
Directed fast-paced, detail-oriented, and multi-tasked operations related to training and management of personnel.
Managed employee production, reviews, scheduling, quality, safety, training, and development. Undertook financial
matters regarding operations in handling of hazardous material with thorough knowledge of DOT regulations. Oversaw
dispatching, load planning, freight consolidation, load tracking, and carrier freight pricing. Tracked over, short, and
damaged product. Maintained fleet management responsibility for 100+ tractor trailers.

       Decreased labor per revenue costs 60% by successfully reorganizing three unprofitable operations.
        Increased level of service opportunities by effectively negotiating with vendors and customers.


                                 Bachelor of Science, Behavioral Science and Health
                                               University of XYZ, 20xx

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