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									Jesse Kendall
123 Elm Street • Miami, FL 33183 • 305-555-5555 • jkendall@notmail.com

Committed, goal-driven operations and logistics manager offering more than 16 years of experience in aircraft maintenance,
flight operations, ground support operations, and airspace management. Broad-based subject matter expert with certifications in
aviation safety and accident investigation. Recognized expert in FAA and OSHA regulations, ground safety, procedures, and in-
flight emergency management. Superior trainer and mentor with a wealth of background developing and delivering high-impact
training programs for security operations, disaster preparedness, terror threat awareness, use of force, firearms, and non-lethal
weapons. Leader respected for exercising sound judgment in fast-paced, high-pressure, fault-intolerant environments. More than
3000 hours of flight time in fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Secret Security Clearance.
Core Competencies
  •   Ground & Aircrew Evaluation                  •   Operational Risk Management              •   Ground Safety
  •   Aircraft Maintenance                         •   Federal Aviation Safety                  •   Team Management
  •   Rotary & Fixed Wing Aircraft                 •   Disaster Preparedness.                   •   Training Programs
  •   Policies & Procedures                        •   Accident Investigation                   •   Air Traffic Control

ABC GLOBAL, Miami, FL                                                                                20xx – Present
Logistics Operations Manager: Manage five departments with 55 employees. Control the crew’s production and cost statistics,
ensuring that they are within set limits.
      •   Hired as department head to launch the Fulfillment and Distribution department and later promoted to Operations
          Manager, directly reporting to the President/CEO.
      •   Implemented employee recognition and incentive programs, which increased retention and maintained turnover at 10%.
      •   Changed the layout and logistics of the warehouse to accommodate a smooth flow of production, doubling output with no
          additional staff and increasing net profits by over $300,000 per year.
      •   Revised the logistics of the shipping containers and shipping method, reducing the overall size and void within each order,
          decreasing costs on all ends, and saving more than $1 million.

BCD SHIPPING, Miami, FL                                                                                20xx – 20xx
Logistics Operations Manager: Troubleshot all shipping issues, working with third-party vendors to create shipping solutions.
Performed market research to find new vendors and products.

      •   Researched and carried out a software solution that streamlined orders from receiving to shipping, producing 30% more
          with the current staff and generating a 25% increase in revenue.
      •   Created a quality control procedure that resulted in an accuracy rate of 99.999% for over five years.
      •   Negotiated with shipping vendors to reduce costs by more than $350,000 per year and negotiated costs on all raw goods
          and materials, lowering costs by 10% per year.
      •   Instituted a letter/mail shop that currently generates $500,000 in annual sales.

EDUCATION                          Bachelor of Science in Business Management, 20xx, 3.96 GPA University of XYZ, Miami, FL
TRAINING                 Fire Science, XYZ Community College, 20xx / Real Estate License, XYZ Association of Realtors, 20xx

CREDENTIALS                                                                                    Basic Wildland Firefighting, 20xx
                                                                                       Hazardous Materials/First Responder, 20xx
                                                                                              Firefighter Operations I & II, 20xx
                                                                              Arizona Department of Health Services – EMT, 20xx
                                                                                                 National Registry of EMT, 20xx

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