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									JESSE KENDALL                                                                             

                     123 Elm Street ▪ Miami, FL 33183 ▪ Home: 305-555-5555 ▪ Cell: 305-444-4444

                                 INVENTORY CONTROL MANAGEMENT
      Seasoned, highly analytical, and resourceful candidate offering significant experience in all areas of materials
                                  management, inventory control, and staff leadership.

    Exemplary track record attained while managing inventory levels valued at up to $6.4 million.
    High-impact team player with proven ability to slash inventory variances and error rates through strong management
    practices and strict adherence to policies and procedures.
    Skilled verbal and written communicator who successfully manages inter-departmental coordination efforts to ensure
    seamless stock level maintenance at multiple locations.
    History of ensuring full compliance to OSHA regulations.

                                    INVENTORY MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE

ABC Company – Miami, FL
Inventory Control Manager                                                                                 20xx – Present
Develop and implement annual production, inventory, and transfer plans for a leading producer of specialty coating and
paint additive solutions for consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. Ensure new products and components are
defined and introduced into the material system and master schedule as per business objectives. Develop SKU forecasts
from bulk product forecasts.

Delivered Results:
    Achieved variance levels as low as 0.12%
    Directed efforts that slashed shipping errors over 86%
    Implemented protocols that notably increased employee accountability
    Successfully managed a SKU growth of over 400%.
    Credited with achieving an inventory variance of 0.12% on inventory valued at over $6.4 million in the Hudson, OH
    and outside shipping warehouses in 20xx; achieved less than 0.5% variance over an eight year period.

BCD Company – Miami, FL
Inventory Associate                                                                                          20xx – 20xx
Monitor finished goods inventory levels and schedule transfers to outside warehouses. Enter new item identification
numbers and product structures into the AS400 system. Create weekly production schedules of “make to stock” items
and amend production schedules to accommodate “make to order” requests.

Delivered Results:
    Selected to be a member of the AS400 Implementation Team; trained teams on ASI
    manufacturing, shipping, and inventory module utilization.
    Authored the physical inventory procedural instruction manual.

                                            EDUCATION AND TRAINING
                        Bachelor of Business Administration, University of XYZ, Miami, FL ▪ 20xx
                                                  Value Added Training
                  Predictive Index System ▪ First Aid / CPR ▪ Management Training ▪ Inventory Control

                                                 TECHNICAL SKILLS
                AS400 ▪ MS Word ▪ MS Excel ▪ MS Outlook ▪ Lotus WordPro ▪ Lotus 1-2-3 ▪ Lotus Notes

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