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									           Session 1
           What’s New?
New halFILE and e.halFILE Features
          in Version 2.2
 halFILE version 2.1 Status

• 191 companies have been updated
• 12 more are on the schedule
• Others will be scheduled upon request or
      Version 2.2 Status

• Version 2.2 is “out the door”
• Beta site program has been successful
• Installation and table changes handled by
  the halFILE Update Service
        Version 2.2
There’s “new”…

And there’s “really new ”
         Search Features
Hit List Features:
 • Option to show matching data on search hit list
 • Option to show all multi-entry data on the
   search hit list
 • Reference documents are shown next to
   original document and are marked and color-
 • Append searches and Cross Name searches
   are identified by “Search #” row
         Search Features
Hit List Features:
 • Publish marked hit list items to html or comma-
   delimited files
 • Option to e-mail marked items as individual
 • Option to select pages to e-mail

 more in…   Session IV – halFILE Bug Spray
        Search Features
Hit List Features:
 • Starter searches
 • Fallout Report
        Search Features
Hit List Features:
 • Send to halTRACK

 more in…   Session VI – On the Right Track
         Search Features
Reporting Features:

• Quicker, easier reports design procedure
• Schema.ini used to automatically format date
  and numeric fields
• Option to print brief report of Hit List
  Information only

   more in…   Session II – Crystal Reports
       Search Features
User Features:
   • Cached pop-up lists for large
     tables such as Subdivisions
   • Image zoom keyboard hot keys
         Index Features
User Features:
 • Added ability to index a selected document in a
   basket from Basket Status menu
 • Identified “No Image” baskets to prevent a
   basket from holding image documents and
   non-image documents
 • Supports new feature where baskets can be
   assigned to a user
 • Support Copy from Search module and Paste
   to Index Base Edit fields
 • Show Lot/Block comments on Base Edit form
        Index Features
Security Features:

 • User security can be set to restrict
   update of existing records
 Review Documents in a Basket

Administrative Features:

 • View-Statistics menu to show summary of
   documents in basket
 • View-Refresh menu to reload basket
Review Documents in a Basket

User Features:

 • File-Transfer menu to move all or selected
   documents to another basket
 • Index a selected document using the Index
 • Edit-Select menu to highlight documents by
  halFILE Administrator
Set up Features:

• Tools-Options menu is available to
  configure options that previously required
  editing an .ini file
• Found in the Administrator, Search, Index,
  and Scan
    more in… Admin   Training Class III
   halFILE Administrator
halFILE Update Service:

 • One-time registration process via the
 • Everyone needs to be out of the system
 • One PC performs the update. Other stations
   get updated when halFILE is launched.
 • Requires high speed connection
   halFILE Administrator
Control Features:

• File-Baskets provides ability to assign a user
  to a basket
• File-Baskets creates new baskets in a
  standard location by default to streamline the
• File-Database includes new Review Layout
   halFILE Administrator

Security Features:
• User feature settings menus to apply settings
  to all users or to all databases for a user
• Transaction logging option (Administrator
   halFILE Administrator

Reporting Features:

 • Can now set up Crystal Reports and run them
   from Reports menu
 • Tool – Options : Administrative Reports menu
 • Several reports distributed with halFILE 2.2

   more in…   Session II – Crystal Reports
      halFILE Manager

• Service to clear locked licensed
• Shows only baskets assigned to the
  user plus baskets that any user can
          Scan Modules

• Prompt when clicking DONE button to
  prevent inadvertent stapling of all
  images to one document
• Support for UNC basket paths
• If .tmp files found in folder, user is asked
  if they wish to import them

           more in…   User Training I
    Auto Archive Features
• Now configured in the Administrator (Tools-
  Archive Setup)
• Easier configuration with default settings
• Added all baskets option
• Support for database level as part of folder
• Supports overflow drive
• Can disable the Archive icon on the halFILE
  Manager toolbar
   Send to halFILE Icon
Send to halFILE in system tray has been
replaced with expanded send to halFILE
menu inside Microsoft Office applications,
Windows Explorer, and other 3rd party
       e.halFILE 2.2
New Application Features
  Search Criteria Features
• Multiple Text Search
  – Names
  – Subdivisions, Blocks, Lots (title)
  – Sections, Townships, Ranges (title)
• Cross Name Search
• Reference Search
  – Related docs appear under primary doc
  – Default setting option
 Search Criteria Features

• Smart-Name Search
• Top Link to another web page
• Web page display of County and
  Plant Certification Date (title)
• Review Subdivision Base Edit (title)
            Hit List Features
•   Append Search
•   Options to Check All or Uncheck All
•   Enter address and e-mail checked items
•   Missing Images
    – Notification via column indicator
    – E-mail list of missing images
    – Run report of missing images
• User Defined hit list template based on
     Document Features

• Update document information
• Place document information in new
  Browser window
          Report Features

• Enhanced personalization options:
  – Report display same as hit list display
  – Display Base Edit comments, certification
    date, search criteria, subdivision name (title)
      Starter/Fallout System

• Create and store “sets” containing multiple
  search criteria
• Run multiple searches (based on criteria “set”)
  and display composite hit list
• Create Starter record in your database
• Edit, copy, close, and re-open
• Easy recall for “gap” or “date down” searching
• Fallout reporting

• Image Retry
• Web Based e.halFILE Configurator
  – Define or Modify Server, Browser, Other
    File Locations and Settings
  – Define or Modify Rate Plans
  – Review Database Settings and Options
    (view only - edit in halweb.ini)
           Upload Features

   • Upload and index using e.halFILE
   • Send to halTRACK

more in…   Session VI – On the Right Track

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