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					                                                                                               DONATION/PLEDGE FORM
                                                                                               Please return this completed form to the address below.
                 CAPITAL                   CAMPAIGN                                                                     You may fax to 415.703.0125.

 DONOR INFORMATION                (Please print clearly exactly as you wish to be acknowledged)

Name                                                                                Signature

Name                                                                                Signature

Street Address                                                                      City/State/Zip

Phone                                  Email                                                                         Please keep this gift anonymous

Make your gift a memorial or tribute.

  In Memory of                                                                       In Honor of


This gift will be matched by                                                                                              Matching gift form attached



 CHECK       Enclosed is my gift of $                                            payable to Holy Family Day Home

 PLEDGE I would like to pledge a total of $                                     Enclosed is my initial payment of $

             Please invoice $                      every            month(s)

 CREDIT CARD             Visa        Mastercard            American Express

 Account Number                                                                   Expiration Date

 Monthly Donation Amount $                                                        Single Donation Amount $

 Name on card    (please print)

 I authorize Holy Family Day Home to debit my credit card account.

 Signature                                                                             Date


                      You can also donate online. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. Federal Tax ID 94-1156492. Donations may also be made in the form of stock or
                      wire transfers. Please contact us to obtain the proper forms. We also have information on how to include Holy Family Day Home in your estate
                      plans. All donations are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the IRS. If you have any questions, please call 415.565.0504 x201 or email

                       299 Dolores St.         ·   San Francisco, CA 94103                ·   415.565.0504            ·

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