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    Keeping PGA of BC members informed                                                   May 1, 2009

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    PROFESSIONAL GOLFERS'                       Want something posted in E-News? Please send job
      ASSOCIATION OF BC                         postings (including compensation range), items for sale
                                                and other news of interest to Communications & Member
       ATTENTION HEAD                           Services Coordinator Stacy Reykdal at the PGA of BC
    PROFESSIONALS & HEAD                        office (stacy@pgabc.org).
        IS JUNE 1, 2009

            2, 2009

            2009 PGA OF BC
             TOURNAMENT                          TRAINWEST MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING INC.
                                                 HEAD TEACHING PROFESSIONALS: NEW
          2009 EMPLOYMENT                        CANDIDATE MEMORANDUM DEADLINE IS
                                                 JUNE 1, 2009
           DUE JUNE 1, 2009
                                                 The deadline for new candidates to apply to
        A REMINDER FROM THE                      attempt the Playing Ability Test is June 1, 2009.
               BOARD                             By that date, candidates must submit their resume, a
                                                 $25 payment, and a Memorandum signed by their CPGA
           SMARTKII HAS A                        Head Professional confirming their employment for the
        SOLUTION TO INCREASE                     2009 season.
                                                 Candidates who do not meet the June 1 deadline
                                                 will NOT be eligible to participate in this year's
                                                 Playing Ability Test.

                                                 The 2009 PAT is scheduled for August 4- 5 at
BEYOND H2O(TM) IS                 Royalwood Golf Club near Chilliwack, with the Retry
                                  date being August 6 for those who fail to pass the main
      OF THE
  PROFESSIONAL                    Candidates must be 18 years of age, have a high school
     GOLFERS'                     diploma, and be working under a CPGA Head
ASSOCIATION OF BC                 Professional or Head Teaching Professional to be eligible
                                  to apply (averaging minimum 35 hrs/week over 6
                                  months between February 1st and November 30th,

                                  To meet the June 1st deadline efficiently, write a credit
                                  card # and expiry date on the Memorandum signed by
                                  the Head Professional and fax together with the
                                  candidate's resume to 604.303.6765. The $25 payment
                                  may also be made via cheque payable to the PGA of
                                  British Columbia.

                                  Full application packages will be mailed out AFTER June
                                  1st to those who have met the June 1st deadline
 The Professional Golfers'
 Association of BC (PGA of
  BC) is proud to announce
 BEYOND H2O(TM) as the            A mandatory orientation/interview must be attended
 Official Water of the PGA        before the Playing Ability Test (usually scheduled in the
            of BC.                month of July - details of interview dates to follow in the
                                  June application package). Those Candidates who have
                                  attended an orientation session in the past are not
The PGA of BC is very pleased
                                  required to attend again.
 to be affiliated with BEYOND
 H2O(TM) as this partnership
  will benefit the association    The second & final application deadline date is July 31st.
  and its members at every        By that date, fully completed application packages and
   Tournament this season.        associated fees must be received by the PGA of BC
"Having seen a demonstration
 of the purity of their product   DEADLINES ARE ABSOLUTE - NO EXCEPTIONS
relative to many other bottled    WILL BE MADE.
     waters on the market,
 BEYOND H2O(TM) is clearly        If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
     the water we want our        Stacy Reykdal at the PGA of BC office.
  members to be associated
                                  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CANDIDATE
     with," said PGA of BC
  Executive Director Brian
    Butters. "We're looking
  forward to having BEYOND
                                  2009 TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS
 H2O(TM) water at all of our      HOTEL ROOM BOOKING DEADLINE MAY 2,
       events this year."         2009
                                  The PGA of BC TaylorMade adidas Golf
A lot of people tend to forget    Tournament of Champions is fast approaching as is
 how important hydration is       the deadline for booking the guaranteed room rate at
when they are out on the golf     the Official Hotel of the event.
 course all day. Even though
the benefits of hydration are
                                  Rooms must be booked by Saturday, May 2nd to
    well established, most
                                  guarantee the rate for the PGA of BC at the Coast Plaza
   athletes still experience
 dehydration during training      Hotel & Suites in downtown Vancouver.
     and competition.
                                  The deadline to enter the 2009 Tournament of
 Hydration status is a critical   Champions is May 15 at 12:00 pm.
 determinant of the athlete's
   physiological capacity to      Information and entry forms can be found at
 train, compete, and recover      www.pgabc.org under the Tournaments & Events
   successfully. Even slight      section.
  dehydration (e.g., a 1- 2%
  loss in body weight) has a
                                  TaylorMade adidas Golf and the PGA of BC are very
      negative effect on
                                  excited about this year's event being played on Monday,
  physiological function and
                                  May 25th, at Capilano Golf & Country Club, one of
performance. As dehydration
                                  the premier courses in Canada.
becomes greater, so does the
      negative impact on
         performance.             Don't miss out on a wonderful day!
                                  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE TOURNAMENTS &
    The fact that athletes        EVENTS SECTION OF THE PGA OF BC WEBSITE
     regularly encounter
 dehydration during training      2009 PGA OF BC TOURNAMENT
   and competition makes          REGISTRATION NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE
  adequate fluid intake the
    number one nutrition          2009 PGA of BC Championship registration is now
intervention for all athletes.    available online. Entry forms may be completed and
 The simple truth is that no      submitted via the PGA of BC website at
other nutritional intervention    www.pgabc.org
comes close to providing the
   performance-enhancing          Online entry forms may be found in the Tournaments
    effects of staying well       & Events section of the website. The online entry forms
hydrated with perfectly pure      are secure and will enable you to register as before, but
hydrating water like Beyond       without the hassle of downloading and faxing forms to
          H2O(TM).                the office.

  "We're very pleased to be       Championship information, including conditions of
  associated with the PGA of      competition, entry fees, and suggested hotels, may be
    BC," said Jim Leung,          found by clicking the specific event link on the
          Director of             Tournaments & Events page.
     Communications of
 Beyond Yours Marketing           If you encounter any problems or have any other
 Inc. "It's a perfect fit, with   questions regarding the new system, please feel free to
the exposure that the PGA of      contact Brent Barr, Tournament Coordinator, via
    BC provides, Beyond is        email at brent@pgabc.org or call the PGA of BC office at
    geared up to introduce        604.303.6766.
BEYOND H2O(TM) to an array
                                  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PGA OF BC WEBSITE
   of golf professionals and
                                  TOURNAMENTS & EVENTS SECTION
 health-conscious individuals
 who want only the very best
       for their bodies."         2009 EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION
                                  FORMS DUE JUNE 1, 2009
   Beyond H2O(TM) joins a         The last day for all members to confirm thier
     distinguished list of        employment for the year is June 1, 2009. By that
    companies with their          date, all members must have sent in their 2009
corporate sponsorship of the      Employment Verification Form to the PGA of BC office.
  PGA of BC. The PGA of BC
looks forward to a successful
2009 golf season with Beyond      In BC, the specified season is from February 1 to
   H2O(TM) as an integral         November 30. Apprentices and Class 'A' members must
    member of the team.           work an average of thirty-five hours a week for a six-
                                  month period during this specified season. The last six
     About Beyond Yours           months of the season go from June 1 to November 30.
       Marketing Inc.
 Beyond Yours Marketing Inc.      Apprentices who have not secured employment for the
(Beyond) is a leading bottled     season by June 1, 2009 will be suspended and will lose
      water provider and          credit for the 2009 employment year. Suspended
   manufactures a premium         apprentices who wish to continue their CPGA
     hydrating water called       membership will be able to apply for reinstatement after
   Beyond H2O(TM). Beyond         September 1, 2009 to take effect January 1, 2010.
     H2O (TM) undergoes a
 rigorous 12-step purification
                                  Class A members who do not send in an Employment
   process to remove every
                                  Verification Form by June 1, 2009 will fall into the
    possible impurity and is
                                  Unattached category and may stay Unattached until
    remineralized with trace
                                  May 1, 2011.
  minerals. This results in an
ultra hydrating, perfectly pure
   water with a smooth and        For those members who have not yet received their
                                  2009 CPGA membership card please submit your PGA
   natural taste. For further
 information on Beyond H2O        of BC Members' Contract and 2009 Employment
           (TM) visit             Verification Form. Both forms need to be received by
                                  the PGA of BC office before member cards are mailed
    BEYOND H2O(TM)                You may download the two forms mentioned above
       WEBSITE                    from the PGA of BC website and may be faxed to the
                                  office at (604) 303-6765 or scanned and emailed to

                                  Any address, phone number or email changes
                                  MUST be reported to the office by email to
                                  stacy@pgabc.org or call the office at (604) 303-

                                  The 2009 Employment Verification Form and
                                  Member's Contract can be downloaded by clicking on
                                  the link in green below, or by going to the website at
                                  www.pgabc.org , click on the Members Only icon, click
                                  on Forms, and then click on "2009 Employment
                                  Verification Form" or "PGA of BC Member's Contract".

                                  If you have any questions or concerns please contact
                                  Stacy Reykdal at the PGA of BC office.
                                  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE 2009
                                  EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION FORM AND PGA OF
                                  BC MEMBERS' CONTRACT

                                  A REMINDER FROM THE BOARD
                                  The PGA of BC Board of Directors wishes to remind all
                                  members of the importance of being accurate and
                                  honest in all communications with the office.
                                 An incident came to light recently involving an
                                 apprentice professional and a head professional who
                                 had signed and submitted Employment Verification
                                 Forms that did not accurately reflect the apprentice's
                                 employment situation.

                                 Disciplinary action was taken against both the
                                 apprentice and the HP in this case.

                                 Employment Verification Forms and other documents
                                 submitted to the office are key elements to the
                                 successful administration of the Association's business.
                                 Please ensure that all information provided is accurate
                                 and true.

                                 The Board of Directors thanks all members for your
                                 consideration in these matters.

                                 SMARTKII HAS A SOLUTION TO
                                 INCREASE GOLF CART SECURITY

                                 In our April 16, 2009
                                 issue of E-news, we
                                 printed a story from
                                 the golf business wire
                                 about the high
                                 incidence of golf cart
                                 vandalism taking
                                 place on golf courses.
                                 To protect your carts from extensive damage (see photo
                                 below), SmartKii has a product to deter potential
                                 vandals from destroying golf carts.

                                 The SmartKii System allows authorized access only -
                                 from one golf car, to an entire fleet, allowing you to
                                 walk away and know that your car or fleet is completely
                                 secure from theft and misuse.

                                 With their versatile systems, you can enable one or
                                 multiple ignition systems remotely with the push of a
                                 button on the programmed remote, or directly from the
                                 pro shop computer with their new wireless PC-
                                 Activation technology.

                                 Their SmartKii, with patented control system, will
                                 enable or disable all types of equipment within a
                                 distance of up to 400 feet. Your equipment will operate
                                 only when you want it to, avoiding off-hour vandalism
                                 and associated damages.
stacy@pgabc.org info@pgabc.org
     http://www.pgabc.org        At the end of a business or golf day, simply deactivate
                                 your golf car or fleet, and/or equipment, until you
                                 return the next morning and reactivate them with your
 604.303.6766 1.800.667.4653
SmartKii, or office computer.

"Mr. Butters, your cart is now ready for you. Please
drive to the first tee."


The Canadian PGA has launched the 2009 edition of
the Consumer Lesson Program, a unique partnership
with Callaway Golf Canada that will help golfers of all
skill levels become more involved in the game of golf
and the Canadian PGA professionals who help
administer it. Through this program, both organizations
will help grow and promote the game to golfers and
ensure that their golf experiences will be positive.

Last year the program was a great success with over
600 Canadian PGA professionals enrolling in the
program and over 2,500 consumer redemptions across
the country.

The CPGA Lesson Program offers a free 30- minute
golf lesson with a registered and accredited CPGA
professional for golfers who purchase a set of irons or
driver from the 2009 Callaway Golf lineup.

The CPGA/Callaway Golf Lesson Program website
for CPGA members to enroll is now up and running
at www.cpgalessons.ca

Simply click on "Create New Account" and the wizard
will walk you through to build your profile.


If you participated in the program last year:
Log on to www.cpgalessons.ca and ensure your contact
information is current. It is important to update your
teaching location(s) for the 2009 season so that
payment is delivered without error. Please note: you will
be required to update this information in two separate
portions of our profile, even if your teaching address
and delivery address are identical.

For more information, click on member benefits in
the Members side of the website at


As of April 30, 2009

Robert Tipton has transferred to BC from the Manitoba
zone and is now the Head Professional at St. Andrews
By The Lake

Burke Lauder has resigned from the Canadian PGA

Griffin Gilmore has resigned from the Canadian PGA

Curt Gammage has transferred to the BC zone from
Ontario and is at Nicklaus North Golf Course as a
Teaching Professional

Jamie Heath is no longer at Westwood Plateau Golf

Brent Marsh has transferred to the Ontario zone and is
now an Apprentice Professional at St. Andrews East Golf

As of April 22, 2009

Tony Vogel is no longer the Head Professional at
Garibaldi Springs Golf Resort and moves to the
Unattached category

Andrew Wintraub has moved to Musqueam Golf &
Learning Academy as a Teaching Professional

Aaron Redlich's reinstatement application has been
approved and he is now an Apprentice Professional at
Marine Drive Golf Club

Paul Takano has transferred from the Ontario zone to
BC and is an Apprentice Professional at Golden Golf &
Country Club
                                         Peter Stellato has returned to The Dunes at Kamloops
                                         as an Associate Professional

                                         Doug Riome's reinstatement application has been
                                         approved and he is now at Riverway Golf Course as an
                                         Associate Professional

                                         Jay Park's reinstatement application has been
                                         approved and he is now an Apprentice Professional at
                                         Guildford Golf Club

                                         Andy Girling moves into the Unattached category

                                         Sandra Comadina is no longer on a Leave of Absence
                                         and returns to McCleery Golf Academy as a Teaching

                                         CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE AT

                                         Assistant Professional
                                         Northview Golf & Country Club

                                         Assistant Professional
                                         McCleery & Langara Golf Courses


                                         Golf Buddy Canada

                                         Click here to view careers listed in the Members
                                         Only section at www.pgabc.org

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