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Public Address
Yoice Alarm

                            50 Years
                            o                o
                 of sound engrneerrng

Fo; Ccmpanlos Dcaot
                can       that thoy
havoDoon tho cuttlngodgocl ent
          il                                                                                and
                                                                                    Charles John
marlot fcr half a conturn lot alcno                                                      receiving
                                                                                   Billett      an
                                                                                    award export
thet Invclvlng tho last mcvlrir                                                         achievement.
ccnotantllchanglng   DuDllc  addross
tochnclcgl.  Hcvovorthls tcer Audlr
Ccmmunlcatlcns 0affrcnUaldonr
ncu pelt cf tho succoooful grcuD
rro coloDrrtlng tholr Gcldon

                                                                              This led Audix into a major role with the BBC
   The Company was formed shortly after the                                   in terms of both local and main network radio
   secondWorld War in 1947by CharlesBillett                                   systems. udi x soon establ i shed pri nci pl e
                                                                                        A                         a
   in Camberwell,South London,and was origi-                                  that w as to serve the C ompany w el l i n the
   nally named Audix BB Ltd. After a short time                               years to come - flexibilityof system build.The
   Au d ix ex pandedan d n e e d e d a m u c h l a rg e r                     Broadcasting side of the business  becamewell
   manufacturing site. lt was this need to expand                             know n for suppl yi ngeverythi ng- even the
   that prompted the move to Stansted Essex.
                                          in                                  "On Air" lightover the studio door!

   The Company'smain focus in the early stages
   w a s o n m a n u f a c t u r e de q u i p m e n t w i t h t h e
                                                                              As the Company'sname becameincreasingly
   e mphas is educ a ti o na n d s c h o o l s .On e o f
                    on                                                                                                           develop-
                                                                              synonymouswith good technological
   t h e i r p r i n c i p a lc l i e n t s a t t h i s t i m e w a s t h e   m e n t a n d s o l i d c u s t o m e r s u P P o r ti n t h e
                                                                              U K - s o t h i s l e d t o p r e s t i g i o u sc o n t r a c t s
                                                                              overseasand awards for expoft achievement.
   However in the early 1970's            CharlesBillettwas
                                                                              This naturallysnow-balledinto those market
   j o i n e d in t he Com p a n yb y h i s s o n , J o h n ,a n d
                                                                              areaswhere customerswere most in need of
   Audix started their very successful             move into
                                                                              turn-key packages       with a high level of technical
   B r o a d c a s t i n gA t t h i s t i m e t h e b o o m i n
                                                                              support such as the front line African states,
   Independent        LocalRadiowas in its infancy           and
                                                                              Middleand Far East.
   Audix soon becamea dominant player in the
   designand supplyof completestudio packages.

  V                             yean
          faaory Sansted theearly ofexpansion.
        The    at     during

                                                                                           A     The         in the
                                                                                                      headquarten 1980\.

  T h e p u b l i c a d d r e s sa n d
  broadcasting       sides of the                                                                          ln later years, this solid
  Com pany gr ew a s tw o                                                                                  foundation of airport
  distinct parts of a thriving                                                                             expertise and service
  b u s i n e s s .B y t h e m i d                                                                         was to earn Audix sever-
   1970's this was to                                                                                      al major overseas   airport
  change. Audix had also                                                                                   projects,including  Macau,
  developedas a major                                                                                      St Lucia,Abu Dhabi,
  supplierto OEM organi-                                                                                   as w el l as key i nvol ve-
  sations            such          as                                                                      ment in the UK's
  Redifusion,Marconi and                                                                                   independent  airportssuch
  P l e s s e y ,a n d m a n y o f                                                                         as Birmingham and
  these suppliers used                                                                                     Manchester.
  Audix products on their
  large prestigiousinstalla-
                                               ,ll          3Owatt
                                                      Anearly            amplifier at     work.
                                                               tnnsistorised made theStansted
  tions, such as the newly
  created               National
  Exhibition Centre in
                                                                                                                 ersat Heathrow's
  Audix moved into direct participationon major                                                                  Audix\                in
  publicaddressinstallations              during the mid nine-                                                                   'golf
                                                                                                                 the 1970's.Each      ball'
  teen seventies          with the recruitment of several                                                               a number angled
                                                                                                                 contained     of
  k ey s y s t em sen g i n e e rs . 1 9 7 5 th e C o mp a ny                                                    column       and were
                                                                                                                      loudspeaken a
  acquiredtheir         first direct project to supplypublic                                                     majorfeature Terminalfor
                                                                                                                            of      3
  a d d r e s se q u i p m e n t a t L o n d o n H e a t h r o w                                                 over
                                                                                                                    twenry      The
                                                                                                                            years. over-
  Airporc'sTerminal3. As a resultof this success-                                                                hanging       were
                                                                                                                        galleries finally
  ful installationAudix secured further contracts                                                                          off
                                                                                                                 partitioned for security
  to supplyupgrades Terminal I and Terminal2,
                              to                                                                                 reason $e eady
                                                                                                                      in            Ihit
  Gatwick Airport and later the new Terminal 4.                                                                  reduced acoustic
                                                                                                                         the        space
  Within a very short spaceof time, Audix enjoyed                                                                        high
                                                                                                                 enabling definitionAudix
  a l m o s t t o t a l d o m i n a t i o no f B r i t i s h A i r p o r t                                                     to be
                                                                                                                       loudspeaken used.
  Authority Airports such as Glasgow, Edinburgh
  and Prestwickas well as Heathrow, Gatwick and
Audixamplifier            the
virtues good
      of   sound          and
                                                                                        The early success airports led to the
a                                                                                       recruitment of  project engineersand
                                                                                         designerso supplemen the skilled
                                                                                         production workforce, many of whom
                                                                                          have remained loyal to the Company
                                                                                          to the present day. Personnelwere
                                                                                           no longer designated purely to man-
                                                                                           ufacturingor  product development,
                                                                                            but to the key area of turn-key

                                                                                             As the Company grew so too did
                                                                                             their developmentof a substantial
                                                                                              export busi ness. 1982 A ud ix
                                                                                              achievedthe Export Award.

                                                                                                  Major projects at this time
                                                                                                  includedOman broadcasting,                a
                                                                                                   contract valued at t2.2 million
                                                                                                   i n 1 9 8 5 a n d l n d o n e s i aS t a t e
                                                                                                    broadcasting 1988valuedin
                                                                                                     excess {6 million.

                                                                          l?nmf eN Aadfr-
                                                                          Tannoy,founded in 1926,had a long and
                                                                          c e l e b r a t e dh i s t o r y a n d t h e c o m b i n a t i o no f
                                                                          T a n n o y ' sa c o u s t i ce x p e r t i s e a n d t h e A u d i x
                                                                          engineering       know-how soon proved a formida-
                                                                          ble combination.           Guy Fountain,         the founder of
                                                                          Tannoy had opened a factory in Norwood,
                                                                          London,manufacturing               loudspeaker       systemsand
                                                                          tantalum alloy rectifiers from where the
                                                                          "Tannoy" namederives.

                                                                          During the SecondWorld War the opportuni-
                                                                          ties for expansionincreasedenormouslyand the
                                                                          Ministryof Defenceinstalled Tannoyloudspeak-
                                                                          ers at countlessRAF basesboth in the UK and
                                                                          around the world and when Tannoy insistedthat
                                                                          their productsdisplayed the companylogo, the
                                                                          MOD agreed.
           A               equipment from 1980!.
                   Audix         nnge the
                                                                                                             Soon after the war, the
                                                                                                             B ri ti sh H ol i day C amp
Another tenure of the                                                                                        market bl ossomedas
A u d i x s u c c e s ss t o r y i s                                                                         Billy Butlin ordered
the manufacturingof                                                                                          Tannoyloudspeaker
essentiacore-products                                                                                        systemsin all his new
on which systemreliabili-                                                                                    camps. Pathe News
ty depends.                                                                                                  carried pictures of the
                                                                                                             r e b u i l d i n go f b o m b e d
T h e 1 9 8 0 ' ss a w A u d i x                                                                             bases contrasting with
Communications from      go                                                                                  the sight of
strength to strength both                                                                                    campers"- and clearly
i n m a n u f a c t u r i n ga n d                                                                           visibleon all the loud-
product support. The                                                                                         speakerhorns was the
te chnic al ex per t is ea n d                                                                               name Tannoy. This
d e d i c a t i o no f t h e s t a f f                                                                       e n s u r e dt h a t T a n n o y
securedgreater and more                                                                                      b e c a m et h e g e n e r i c
prestigiousprojects. The                                                                                     name for l oudspeake r
ability of Audix engineers                                                                                   systems       worldwide.

b e c a m e l e g e n d a r ya n d
                                         Audix                  the


By 1989 A udix ha d a c q u i re da l o n g s tri n g o f
world-scale contracts such as the prestigious
lnternationalConvention Centre in Birmingham
and the completeradio networksin Indonesia.

In 1989Audix Communications   becameparc of
the TGI Group which emergedfrom the man-
agementbuy-out at Goodmansand Tannoy and
grew quicklyinto a powerfulspecialist

                                                                      A                                 byTannoy, partof theTGI
                                                                          Aninnovativeof loudspeaken
                                                                                   use                         now
                                                                              and            with
                                                                                      company Audix.
                                                                          group a sister

     Alt hough f or m a n y y e a rs a n e v e n l y b a l a n c e d                                                           prestigious
     b u s i n e s s i t h e q u a l c o n t r i b u t i o n sf r o m b o t h
                   w                                                                                                      StanstedAirport
     public addressand broadcasting, advent of            the                                                             projectwith its
     TGI placeda natural emphasis the former,
                                 on                                                                                                chal-
                                                                                                                          lenging con-
     where much of the group's strengthscould be
                                     side of Audix
     brought to bear. The broadcasting
                                                                                                                          Tannoy    loud-
     itself becamethe subject of a management                                                                                   - the
                                                                                                                          speakers first
     out and continueson the same site under the                                                                          c o m b i n ep u b l i c
                      banner and is a successful
     Audix Broadcasting                                                                                                            and
                                                                                                                          address voice
     and growing companyin its own right.                                                                                              at
                                                                                                                          any airporr

                  Did you know ?
          The inAudix stood British
            BB      BB for                was
                                  hod existing
          becouse time clmplnir.s use
               otthis new

                                                                                 '   Therevolutionary V32lystem
                                                                                                   Vector                  matrix
                                                                                                                   switching     with its
                                                                                     unique                                suite
                                                                                                               re-configuntion andcom-
                                                                                                           voice lire
                                                                                          with intemational and alarm
                                                                                     pliance rigid                          standards

A           of      headquarten One the ina long ofmajor
    l'linistryDefence       atBristol. of latest    line      Audix
    projects, eleven                     audio data
                       buildings complex and cable
                              over                             and
    providing          voice
                           alarm public
             comprehensive and          address       inallareu.

     Today Audix hasa very clearfocus on Customer
            with its day-to-daysupport of the most
     enviableinstalledbasein the UK. Softwarebased
     productshave replacedmuch of the hard-wired
     s o l u t i o n s .T h e r m i o n i cv a l v e sh a v e c o m e a n d
     gone.Transistorssuperceeded integratedcir-
     c uit s and c able l o o ms b u i l t u p o n n a i l -b o a rd s
     confined history.But the well-laidprincipleof
     ingenuityand manufacturing
     that Audix will remain in the top flight of UK
     audiocompanies manyyearsto come.
                                                                                Mosfetx 60wattpower
                                                                                    (4      )         - the  technology
                                                                                                 amplien cunent

Audlr ls a marlrct            In
                      loedor 0ound      and
S c m m u n l c a t l c r oh o C u s t c m o r
0orvlco toamholps HooD Ucrld
                        tc       tho
roncunod   lntornatlcnal       Ccnvontlcn
Controtunod lc           porlGctlcn  ulth
rGiulergoru|co mdntonenco
             ild        Ylolto.
A look at the organisation behind the design and
installation of the complex sound systems at the ICCBis
rewarded with a unique insight into a most remarkable
British company as it celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

                                                                 A                             Doug         Pointer,
                                                                                           Gould, l{oble,
                                                                       L-R Phil [olpitts,
                                                                       Steplnnie and }|anir
                                                                             tnnce Ghn

                                                                      The f2.5M turnkey contract for
                                                                      s o u n d a n d c o m m u n i c a t i o na t
                                                                      ICCB was awarded to Audix in
                                                                      the faceof intensecompetition.

                                                                      The fi nal handoverand trai ni ng
                                                                      p r o g r a m m e sw e r e r e a l i s e db y
                                                                      the Audix Commissioning
                                                                      E n g i n e e r sm a n y o f w h o m h a d
                                                                      worked hard and long to make
                                                                      finalconnections site. on

           A                        Centre
                             Convention viewed
               ff', International
               from         Square.

  V   Audix
          cmmissioning    L-R    l{urse,
                   Engineen. Steve         Hansen,
         Cloughly, Swain, Gilder,
      Paul     Rob                Ano.
                       Shane Stewart

                                                             A                   most              Concert in
                                                                                             advanced Hall the
                                                                            Europe's acoustically
                                                                     heart theICCB.

                                                                              The buildingprogrammewas professionally
                                                                              managedby Douglas-Turner, consortium
                                                                              of two companiesbringinga combinationof
                                                                              skillsto the highestprofile constructionpro-
                                                                              ject in the industry.

                                                                              Deadlines were short and the need for close
                                                                              control on all main contractors' activitiesa
                                                                              major factor in the successful
                                                                              ti me.

    A        under      alongside l{lA5 theheart Birmingham.
          ICCB construction    the    in       of

                                                                                                          staff. Laura
                                                                                        procurementlinancial L-R
                                                                              Administration,    and                 Stone,
                                                                          Y                    Peter Angela
                                                                                   Ranson, Clark, }lusk,
                                                                              Patrica   John                Dower.

In size, the ICCB equates to eleven
major projects all rolled into one.

HallOne:Large tlreatre 1,5fi)delegates.
HdlTwo: Syrnphony sadng2,000
                   Hall,              people.
Hdl Three:Larye  multipurpose odribitionspace.
Hdl Four:Multipurpose  halland sage.
Hdl Five:Audltorium 250deleg'ates.
HallSbcDMslble  hallbr meetjns presenadons.
Hdl Seven:DMsible hallbr presentations purposes.
HallEW Largp   hallwithdrrcecontrolpoints.
Hdl Ninq Full        facility hospitrlity
                            br           events.
HdlTen:DMslble   confrrence break-out
                            and           suite.
HallEleven:DMsible space aro controlrooms.
Central            mall
       Atrlum.Main andcirculation      aneas.

                                                                         The ICCB Soundand Conference
                                                                         C o m m u n i c a t i o n sp a c k a g ei n v o l v e d
    Asembly at workL-R Trevor
           safl                  Bridgc
                             Dower,        Paula Joan    Gavin
                                      Payton, Hall, Virtue   Williamson, Audix in the building       and wiring of over
    I'lary           Barnes.
                Barban                                                   forty equipmentracksand the manufac-
                                                                         ture of large quantities of attendant
                                                                         amplifiers and control equipment.

                                                                                Also the procurement and installation
                                                                                of sound mixing desks,conferenceand
                                                                                si mul taneous nterpretati on systems,
                                                                                CCTV equipment,Theatre comms and

                                                                                All systemswere designedto work in
                                                                                sympathywith an overall requirement
                                                                                for safe and rapid evacuationfrom any
                                                                                area in a criticalemergency.

                                                                          ICCB features250 pagingzones,fully inte-
                                                                          grated w i th the fi re detecti on system s
                                                                          over elevenevacuation   zones.
                                                                          A data highwaywith local area networks is
                                                                          usedto ensureoverall flexibility use.
                                                                          E l even32 w ay matri ces serve the w i de
                                                                          variety of loudspeakers every potential
                                                                          listeningpoint, both staffand public.
                                                                          With the absence f fire sounders, he
                                                                                             o                   t
                                                                          loudspeakers have a vital dual role and are
                                                                          monitoredcontinuously strict compliance
                                                                          to international

A   This                clearly
       cut-away               shows many
                                  the  facilities
    options              one
                  allunder roof.
         available-                                                   The     installation
                                                                      at theNIAS

                                                                       T h e a d j a c e n tN a t i o n a l I n d o o r A r e n a f o r
                                                                       S p o r t ( N I A S ) a n d s e v e n n e w h a l l sa t t h e
                                                                       National ExhibitionCentre, operatingunder
                                                                       the samemanagement,             were also equippedby
                                                                       Audix Communications.

                                                                       The NIAS featured a singlecentral cluster of
                                                                       loudspeakers  coveringall seatedareaswith
                                                                       top quality sound.Audix were subsequently
A     The engineering L-RJeremy lanTwemlow, Williams, Penson,
                   team.      Bus,       Antony    lan    John
                                                                       commissioned supplythe Indoor Arena in
      l'larchant, Stapleton.
                                                                       Manchester  (Nynex).

                                                 In theworkshop,L-R
                                                 Brett, AlanWillis,
 A      Comprehensive manuah pro-
                    Workshop      were                  Lee,
                                                 David Richard
duced Audix    engineering in accordance
                       staff           with      Rolfe.
                requirements witha particular
strictspecification      and
emphasisafter support opentor
         on     sales              tnining.

The ICCB. NIAS and NEC contracts
demandedprofessional             project manage-
ment. The Client rightlyexpectedto be
fully versed in progressboth on site and
a t t he f ac t or y at a l l p o i n ts d u ri n g th e
extensive, fast track contract period.

Es t ablis hedeporti n g p ro c e d u re sw e re
a d h e r e d t o t h r o u g h - o u t ,a n d i n s t a n t
communications          with all parties,both in
formal and informalsettings,             madea vital
contributionto the overallsuccess.

                                                                                                        ,   L-R.     lteel,
                                                                                                               Gordon Charles       Eilan     Gordon
                                                                                                                               Turner., Butcher,   fiddy,
 A small                  at       of
             of prescutting theaward contnc[                                                                               Dennis Marion
                                                                                                                  Robinson, Salter, Ovenon.

                                                                The ICCB contract
                                was awardedto Audix amidst a blazeof                                                         (entre,
                                                                                                            The       Exhibition opented jointman-
                                                                                                               National                 by
publicity.Long before then, the salesteam had been working                                                                                    Audix
                                                                                                            agement theICCB t{lAl,and conaining
                                                                                                                  with      and
with the American Consultants,                       Artec. Advisingon matters                                   in seven halh.
                                                                                                            systems new
r e l a t e d t o t h e t e c h n i c a ls p e c i f i c a t i o nis c l u d i n gE u r o p e a n
wiring practice,British Standards                  relatingspecifically fire and to
emergency         voice alarm,discussing               variousoperational            options
usingthe latesttechnologyavailable,                      providingbudgetary            guide-
l i n esand liais ing r te c h n i c as u b m i s s i o n s .
                        ove                    l

                                                                                                        N a m e s a n d f a c e s c h a n g ei n t i m e , b u t
                                                                                                        throughout thei r l ong hi story A udi x has
                                                                                                        continued to demonstratea level of
                                                                                                        c o m m i t m e n t a n d t e c h n i c a le x c e l l e n c e
                                                                                                        secondto none.The uniqueblend of skills
                                                                                                        t h a t l a i d s u c h g o o d f o u n d a t i o n s ,a p p l y
                                                                                                        themselves ith equalvigour to the
                                                                                                        projectsof the future.

                                                                                                                 sales L-R.
                                                                                                    Part theAudix team. Alan
                                                                                                       of                       Bond,
                                                                                                    Danen                  Debbi
                                                                                                          |(itchener, Strong
                                                                                                                  John        Cnwte,
                                                                                                       Green, Bowes.
                                                                                                    Karl      James

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