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									                                                  JESSE KENDALL
                 123 Elm Street • Miami, FL • H: 305-555-5555 • C: 305-444-4444 •

                                             SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT
Proven executive with a commitment to student growth, development, and academic excellence. Oversight of 775 students, 130
staff, and an annual budget in excess of $7.2 million. Exemplary leader focused on providing students with a rigorous and
challenging education, along with the confidence, tools, and skills required to build and advance toward a framework of
success. Shape the District’s values, visions, and goals. Lead the District in the development of policies and programs that
challenge and motivate students toward lifelong achievements and enhance positive educational experiences.

                                               NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS

    •   Increased TAKS test scores across the District by 41% in two years, the largest increase for the region.
    •   Successfully passed an $8.4 million bond, the first bond of its kind within the community.
    •   Wrote and procured more than $6 million in grants. Another $1.9 million is in progress for tennis courts and a
        wastewater management project for schools in the District.
    •   Gained media coverage for facilities and other improvements, including an athletic track through a Nike grant.
    •   Supported and contributed to the team achievements of Florida State Championships with three school districts.
    •   Nominated by the School Board for the Superintendent of the Year.

                                              PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND

ABC School District, Miami, FL                                                               20xx-Present
Head the overall operations of a 2A school district, including personnel development, facility management, curriculum
approval, and technology management with an annual budget of $7.2 million. Manage student achievement and development of
775 enrolled students through 130 faculty/staff members.

Student Achievements:
    • Advanced each school TEA rating within the District from “Acceptable” to “Recognized” with a future achievement of
        “Exemplary District” expected.
    • Boosted TAKS test scores of the District by 41% in two years, the largest increase for the region. ABC beat the state
        average 52% of the time, increased to 72%, and again to 93%, the largest increase of all 42 schools.
    • Reduced tardiness and absences through increased visibility and heightened student accountability; rode all bus routes,
        walked hallways daily, and attended classes weekly.
    • Upgraded Special Education by initiating additional programs; lowered rankings from 20% to 16.6% and increased
        inclusion significantly.
    • Ensured that every grade within the elementary schools had at least one ESL-certified teacher.
    • Performed a full curriculum audit; aligned with state standards. Analyzed test scores, broke down the TAKS objectives,
        and executed benchmark testing throughout the year.

Fiscal Management:
    • Decreased the tax rate and successfully passed an $8.4 million bond simultaneously.
    • Executed the first successful bond election, receiving a five-to-one ratio.
    • Drove a fund balance increase from $823,000 to $1.5 million.
                                                  JESSE KENDALL
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   • Authored and procured a Nike grant to build a new track, with ABC becoming the only school district in the state of
        Florida and one out of eight nationally to receive the Nike funding.
   • Wrote/obtained the Learn and Serve grant in the amount of $20,000 to fund landscaping initiatives throughout the
   • Received the Florida Educator Excellence grant from the Governor in the amount of $40,000 for use at the high school.

    • Executed a complete athletic program overhaul, which resulted in the decrease of coaching staff from 14 to 10 and an
         increase in athletic program performance.
    • Renegotiated soft drink contracts to reduce cost and facilitate the purchase of new scoreboards, 25-second clocks, and a
         new tunnel for the sports teams.
    • Reached the play-offs in 20xx for all sports but one; the only 2A school district within the state able to achieve this
         level for two years.

BCD School District, Miami, FL                                                                    20xx-20xx
Controlled operational procedures of a school with 97 employees, 550 enrolled students, and an annual budget of $3.5 million.
    •   Developed financial emergency strategy; reduced staff by 42 and resolved a $1.2 million deficit in an 18-month period.
    •   Selected by the Board to make fiscally responsible cuts after the Board approved budgets in the red for eight years.
    •   Presented to the legislative session twice, communicated District improvements to Felipe Alanis, the Commissioner of
        Education, and lectured at the East Texas Leadership Academy, which included a state senator and a state
        representative as attendees.
    •   Achieved an “Exemplary School” rating.

Gause Independent School District, Gause, Texas                                                   20xx-20xx
Supervised a K-6 school with 42 staff members, 120 enrolled students, and an annual budget of $1.2 million.
    •   Authored and procured a grant for $2.2 million.
    •   Boosted enrollment levels by 25% in a two-year time frame.

B.S. in Education, XYZ State University                                                                 20xx
Master of Education, XYZ University                                                                     20xx
Mid-Management Certification, XYZ University                                                            20xx
Superintendent Certification, XYZ State University                                                      20xx

                                            PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS
●   Member, Florida Association of School Boards              ● Association for Supervision and Curriculum
●   STAR, Steering Committee                                    Development
●   Students Transfers-Across Rural Florida                   ● South East Florida Leadership Academy Member
●   Florida Association of School Administrators              ● Gulf Coast Cattleman’s Association
●   Tri-County Special Education Co-Op Board Member           ● President, ABC Youth Association

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