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									                                                   JESSE KENDALL
                  123 Elm Street ▪ Miami, FL 33183 ▪ H (305) 555-5555 ▪ C (305) 444-4444 ▪

                                     EXCEPTIONAL ATHLETIC TEACHING AND COACHING
Versatile and highly experienced candidate with an exemplary performance record in physical education and sports training. Expert in
teaching and developing diverse physiology curricula for several grade levels. Demonstrated capacity to teach, motivate, and direct
students while maintaining high levels of interest and athletic achievement. Adept at creating lesson plans that reach students with
unique learning styles and physical abilities. Excellent communicator who stresses accountability, social interaction, critical thinking,
and problem solving skills.

                                                    ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS

ABC High School, Miami, FL
Phys-Ed Teacher / Coach, 20xx-20xx
Currently serve as Director of the Ice Hockey Program, managing 40 players on two teams, and fill additional roles of Varsity Coach,
Middle School (MS) Cross-Country Coach and Sailing Trip Coordinator. Previously coached soccer for Junior Varsity (JV) and different
levels of MS, JV, and developmental golf, Varsity and MS ice hockey, and MS lacrosse. Continually seek methods to reduce costs,
maximize efficiency, enhance safety, and improve quality of various athletic programs.
      Coached MS Cross-Country Team to be league champions with an undefeated season.
      Implemented highly successful changes to the Sailing Program, improving transportation and safety.

BCD High School, Miami, FL
Physical Education Teacher / Coach, 20xx-20xx
Assisted with all aspects of recruiting players and coaching the men’s basketball team for a two-year college with enrollment of 560
students. Contributed to achieving one of the best performance records in the school’s history during that time. Served as the radio
color commentator for the local station covering all of Miami City high school’s boys’ and girls’ basketball games.

CDE High School, Miami, FL
Gym Teacher / Coach, 20xx-20xx
Guided physical development of boys and girls in grades 9-12 as the only physical education teacher in the school. Added value as the
Head Coach of the boys’ basketball team and girls’ track program. Promoted team commitment, and motivated and encouraged
students to reach their optimal performance levels. Conceived and established the girl’ track program, which started with four girls the
first year and grew to a team of 30, ultimately winning the conference championship in 20xx and 20xx.

                                                     ACADEMIC BACKGROUND

                                     Bachelor of Arts in Education – XYZ UNIVERSITY, Miami, FL
                                        Associate of Arts – XYZ JUNIOR COLLEGE, Miami, FL

                                                 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
                    Continuing Education at XYZ State University and XYZ University • Driver’s Education Degree
               Certified to Teach Physiology, Physical Education K-12, and Social Studies K-8 • Coaching Certification

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