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123 ELM STREET ⋅ MIAMI, FL 33183 ⋅ 305-555-5555 ⋅ JKENDALL@NOTMAIL.COM

Insightful leadership developer with experience creating curriculum and courses to transform business professionals
into top-performing employees. Entrusted with supervising international training operations for largest fast-food
operator. Skilled at performing needs assessment and devising strategic plans to meet those needs. Outstanding
Project Manager who accomplishes complex assignments on time while controlling costs. Areas of expertise include:

        Product Management ⋅ Instructional Design ⋅ Training Facilitation ⋅ Organizational Development ⋅ Budgeting
          Evaluation and Metrics ⋅ Knowledge Management ⋅ Change Agent ⋅ P&L Management ⋅ Communications
                       Vendor Contract Negotiations ⋅ Staff Management ⋅ Financial Management


INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER _________________________________________________________________________ 20XX – 20XX
Developed training that pertained to operations and financial and human resource management for ABC University.
Created solutions to resolve issues concerning professional development, credentialing, quality, growth, and
acquisition and company culture. Managed two employees. Interfaced with all levels of management, including
executive. Led remote team in streamlining program updates. Oversaw and designed leadership and personal
development curriculum to build integrated capabilities of Field Managers and support and franchise employees.
Facilitated programs for restaurant support center team. Monitored cultural business function trends.
Noteworthy Contributions
    ◘    Achieved numerous awards, including Golden Bar Award for Total Rewards Course, Building People Capability
         Award for HR College, YU Rock Award for transitioning international YU curriculum to U.S. divisions, Platypus
         Award for ensuring One System perspective in development of Operations College and Operations College for
         Non-Operators, and Building Diversity Award for Recruiting Excellence College.
    ◘    Produced three complete training solutions for Operations Team through spearheading global training project.
    ◘    Built awareness of new HR tools and processes by developing HR curriculum for four classes of HR leaders,
         benefit professionals, internal communications managers, and recruiters (10,000+).
    ◘    Grew manager proficiencies needed to motivate teams by producing training program with average feedback
         scores of 4.75%.
    ◘    Reduced travel expenses by $300K through growing capability of Internal Business Unit training teams to
         execute YU courses self-sufficiently.

INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER / PROJECT MANAGER _________________________________________________________ 20XX – 20XX
Served as Project Manager and Instructional Designer for company-wide annual compliance training; included analysis,
design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Acted as Administrator for learning management system;
provided user account maintenance and support to meet licensing requirements. Collaborated with compliance office
to analyze and develop training needs and successfully implement effective training programs. Conducted executive-
level classroom training and facilitated training sessions via Web conferences.
Noteworthy Contributions
   ◘ Achieved 95% completions on required annual compliance training both years under management.
   ◘ Designed, developed, and implemented Web-based training via learning management system,
   ◘ Implemented e-mail system upgrade training across all business units.
   ◘ Successfully planned, managed, and executed a company-wide portable device security program.


        Master of Science in Interactive and New Communication Technologies ▪ Expected Graduation 20xx
        Bachelor of Science in Instructional Systems (GPA: 4.0) ▪ 20xx
        Certificate in Human Performance Technology ▪ 20xx
        XYZ State University, Miami, FL

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