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									                                           JESSE KENDALL
              123 Elm Street • Miami, FL 33183 • (H) 305-555-5555 • (C) 305-444-4444 •

Caring, patient, and enthusiastic professional committed to providing stimulating instruction. Skilled classroom manager;
adept at delivering lesson plans that reach students with unique learning styles. Excellent communicator who stresses
accountability, social interaction, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Dedicated to making every student feel
important and heard. Proven ability to excel in chaotic situations while maintaining composure and sense of humor.
Computer proficiency in Macintosh and Microsoft Office applications.

                          CERTIFICATION: Miami Department of Education Substitute License

                                                 TEACHING EXPERIENCE

ABC SCHOOL, DISTRICT ###, Miami, FL                                                                        20xx – Present
ASSISTANT TEACHER / SUBSTITUTE TEACHER: Enhance classroom productivity and create a favorable learning
environment for a highly selective New York City K-8 public school focused on educating intellectually gifted students.
Observe and track student performance, providing extra assistance to help children master assignments and reinforce
learning concepts. Coordinate instructional efforts with teaching staff. Distribute, collect, and review tests and homework
assignments. Improve academic performance by working closely with students in all content areas. Accompany the class to
clusters and conduct daily read alouds.
Key Achievements:
   •   Offered annual position after only two months of employment as a temporary Assistant Teacher replacement.
   •   Recommended by the Assistant Principal to assist a parent who needed after-school child care and homework
       assistance, services that are not normally permitted for Assistant Teachers.
   •   Highly requested as a substitute by several teachers in grades K-4.
   •   Designed a class Web site for family / teacher communication. Updated the site daily with curriculum, special
       events, educational links, and homework assignments.
   •   Looped with students from grades 2 to 3; researched best practices and created summer curriculum to ensure
       continuity of learning.

BCD SCHOOL, DISTRICT ###, Miami, FL                                                                       20xx – 20xx
ASSISTANT TEACHER: Instructed inclusion class, utilizing diverse instructional methods and resource materials to
emphasize individual learning capabilities. Key player in child study team meetings; recommended appropriate programs
for special education students. Modified tests and assignments to meet personal needs of special education students.
Developed and implemented behavior modification contracts and incentive plans for students.
Key Achievements:
   •   Awarded Governor’s Teacher of the Year honors; recognized for using creative and effective instructional
       techniques, establishing positive classroom environment and student rapport and igniting a love of learning.
   •   Persuaded administrators to implement reading workshop approach in classrooms. Organized a trip for the
       principal, assistant superintendent, early literacy specialist, and language arts program coordinator to observe a
       similar program in Miami City schools. Trained and coached teachers to execute the program.
   •   Researched, wrote proposals, and secured $2500 in educational grants for innovative instruction: use of Jeopardy
       game- show equipment for engaging instruction, leveled libraries to support reading workshop instruction, and
       published children’s author to teach writing to third graders.
   •   Composed original lyrics, choreographed, and directed a school safety assembly set to popular music.


Graduate Studies (GPA: 4.0), XYZ UNIVERSITY, Miami, FL                                                     20xx – Present
Completed Courses: Arts and the Early Childhood Curriculum, Child Development and Progressive Childhood Education,
Literature for Younger Children, Multicultural Perspectives in Social Studying in Early Childhood Education, Intergrading
Seminar in Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Science, Education, UNIVERSITY OF XYZ, Miami, FL                                                  20xx – 20xx
   • Social Chair, Sigma Delta Tau Sorority

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